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  1. About Akuna:
  3. Akuna Capital is a young and booming trading firm with a strong focus on cutting-edge technology, data driven decisions and automation. Our core competency is providing liquidity as an options market-maker – meaning we provide competitive quotes that we are willing to both buy and sell. To do this successfully we design and implement our own low latency technologies, trading strategies and mathematical models.
  5. Our Founding Partners, Andrew Killion and Mitchell Skinner, first conceptualized Akuna in their hometown of Sydney. They opened the firm’s first office in 2011 in the heart of the derivatives industry and the options capital of the world – Chicago. Today, Akuna is proud to operate from additional offices in Sydney, Shanghai, and Boston.
  7. What you’ll do as a Junior Developer on the Data Infrastructure Team at Akuna:
  9. Akuna Capital is seeking Junior Developers to join our Data Infrastructure Team in our Chicago office. At Akuna, we believe that our data provides a key competitive advantage and is a critical part to the success of our business. Our Data Infrastructure team is composed of world class talent and has been entrusted with the responsibility of building and maintaining our data pipelines. Our pipelines start with gathering data from disparate sources across the globe and end with the generation of complex datasets used by our Trading, Quantitative and Support staff. Along the way, we build tools to access, validate and monitor the data in efficient and intuitive ways. At each step of our pipeline we choose the best tools and technologies available. In this role you will:
  11. Work closely with Developers, Quants, Traders and Support personnel to create and maintain datasets that play a key role in our business
  12. Design and build Scala/Python applications that provide performant access to our data
  13. Monitor and validate our data pipelines by building monitoring and analysis tools
  14. Gain exposure to the financial markets and trading through the development and use of our datasets
  15. Evaluate and select open source or proprietary tools required to meet our data requirements
  16. Qualities that make great candidates:
  18. Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. in technical field –  Computer Science/Engineering, Math, Physics or equivalent completed upon employment
  19. Demonstrated experience developing software on Linux using Python and/or Java
  20. Familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Flink/Spark/Kafka-Streams, or cloud technologies is a plus
  21. Ability to communicate complex technical topics in a clear and concise ways
  22. Passionate, pragmatic problem solver with the ability to independently pursue solutions to complex problems
  23. Understanding of the core concepts of distributing computing, database design, and data storage
  24. Legal authorization to work in the U.S. is required on the first day of employment including F-1 students using OPT or STEM
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