AI Dungeon: Carnival questline

Feb 20th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. This was generated using AI Dungeon, on a whim to do the "Carnival" quests they were running at the time. The output is a mixture of the AI's generation and my own nonsense, both in curating responses and tweaking what came out of it. Lines starting with "> " are always me, though.
  3. CW for a lot of kink nonsense once the zombie queen shows up. Hard vore, macro, TF, lesbians, the usual.
  5. ---------------------
  6. You are Bal, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the town where the Carnival celebrations are happening. It is very crowded, full of actors, travellers, and entertainers. Everyone is having fun. You hope to blend in so you can hide away from the world and rest.
  7. No sooner have you entered the town when a zombie bites your leg! Ouch!
  9. > You gasp and examine the wound, preparing one of the magical poultices you keep just in case. Zombie bites are no joke, and the last thing you need is an undead plague right now.
  10. You put the poultice on the bite and feel the pain subside a little, allowing you to move and act normally.
  11. Now to find out what is going on...
  12. You walk along the trail of scattered party supplies and bodies. You see a head lying under a nearby tree.
  14. > You wonder about how in the world things got this grim this fast. You grip your staff tightly and begin to follow the trail.
  15. You follow the trail to a nearby camp. You see people fighting off zombies with some great success. You also see a few dead zombies with their heads smashed in lying about.
  16. You enter cautiously. A woman with a knife cuts the throat of a zombie as it reaches for her.
  17. She turns and says "Oh, another one? I thought I heard someone else out there. Zombies have been swarming all over lately. I'm fighting them off as best I can but there's just so many of the damn things!"
  18. She hacks at a zombie's arm and it falls to the ground.
  20. > You spend a few moments admiring the beautiful woman, forgetting why you came here.
  21. The woman is around your age, late twenties, and has long brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She wears tight leather armor of a quality you've never seen before. It looks very comfortable yet still provides great protection. This is important, as her chest and hips are both enormous, giving her a lot of flesh to protect. She also wears a sword on her hip and a dagger tucked into her boot.
  23. > You remember yourself and your quest. "By any chance, do you have anything on you that's good for curing zombie bites? I'm worried I'll have to deal with that myself later."
  24. You feel a little silly asking that, but the woman merely smiles. "When you're surrounded by zombies as much as I am, you learn about different cultures and their unique ways of dealing with infection. Luckily for you I keep a few poultices around for emergency zombie bites."
  26. > You show your wound, sheepishly. "Yeah, I didn't know this place had a zombie problem until one snuck up on me. Do you mind?"
  27. The woman bursts out laughing, before composing herself. "You're a funny one. Most people would rather not stand around talking when there's a zombie on the prowl."
  28. She begins digging through her bag.
  30. > You sit down on a crate, flipping through your spellbook while you wait.
  31. The woman pulls out a jar of something and tosses it to you. "Here you go, one poultice. It should help with the pain and hopefully ward off any potential bad stuff. It should kick in within a few hours."
  32. You thank her and press it into the bite.
  34. > You thank the woman, asking for her name.
  35. "I'm Allleeeee," she says, drawing out the name.
  36. "Well, it's nice to meet you Allleee. I'm Bal."
  37. She sits next to you on the crate.
  38. "So what brings you here, Bal?" she asks.
  40. > You lean on your staff, smiling in a way you hope comes across as confident. "I was under the impression there was a party here, and it sounded like fun. Nobody told me it was a zombie jamboree, though."
  41. Allleee laughs. "Yeah, people have been having trouble with zombies lately. I've been doing my best to take them out. I used to hunt by myself, but it's a lot safer with someone watching your back."
  42. "Do many people come through here?" you ask.
  43. She looks at you like you've lost your wits. "It's a city," she explains, slowly, "There are always a lot of people here. That's also probably why there are so many zombies."
  44. "Oh, right," you reply, sheepishly.
  46. > You agree to help the woman, and suggest you follow where all these zombies seem to be coming from.
  47. Allleee looks at you for a second. "You know what? Sure. I could use some help. And it's not like I'm going to find anyone better."
  48. You smile, and with that, the woman takes the lead.
  50. > You try to spend more time watching out for danger than staring at Allleee's generous backside, but only partially succeed. Hopefully the fireballs you can cast to take out packs of zombies is enough to make up for the fact that you're a complete gay disaster.
  51. You walk with Allleee through the city, and she starts telling you about herself. She's lived here all her life, though she remarks that she's just a scavenger, really. Most people are, in this part of the city. There's enough to survive on. Unless you count the zombies, but she doesn't talk about them much.
  52. "Why are there so many zombies here, anyway?" you ask.
  53. She sighs, kicking a can out of her way.
  54. "Poor public healthcare, honestly," she says. You wonder briefly if she's joking, but she continues, "It's a bleeding plague, you know how it goes. Someone finds out about a big group of people gathering, they infect one person, that person bites three people around them, and so on. We've been dealing with zombies on the down-low for the last twenty years, from what I understand, but there was a really major outbreak just as Carnival was starting."
  55. "That's terrible," you say. "Why would someone do that?"
  56. She laughs bitterly. "Reasons abound, sweetie. But don't worry about it. We're almost there."
  57. The two of you stand outside an absolutely enormous tomb. It's practically a castle, if you're being honest. "Like I said," Allleee says, gesturing at the massive structure, "we've been dealing with zombies for a long time, and we had to keep building up where we were putting all the bodies. Can't bury them around here, gotta shove them in stone boxes. Eventually we started using those stone boxes as building material, and we got THIS stupid abomination of a tomb." She sighs, gesturing vaguely towards a doorway large enough to tower over the both of you, "C'mon, let's see if this is one of those boss monster deals." You share a look, and nod.
  58. She picks up a stone from the ground and hurls it at the door. You hear a muffled yelp from the other side, and then a man's voice, "Who's there?"
  59. You glance at Allleee, who shrugs.
  61. > You holler, "A powerful wizard and her extremely hot companion!"
  62. You yell, "A powerful wizard and her extremely hot companion."
  63. You hear a chuckle, before the voice responds, "Well, it's nice to meet you both! Step right in, I have a gift for you." The iron bars swing open.
  65. > You groan inwardly. This is not going to be one of those fun surprises, you already know it.
  66. "Give me the key!" you cry.
  67. "Of course," Allleee says, tossing you the key and stepping back.
  68. You catch it, and quickly go to work opening the bars to the tomb. As soon as you do, a zombie in a tattered business suit stumbles out.
  70. > You bonk the zombie on the head with your staff.
  71. You swing your staff at the business zombie, but it's not fazed in the least. It claws at you, tearing off a piece of your clothes.
  72. Allleee fires a bolt of lightning from her finger tips, engulfing the zombie in its charge.
  74. > You stare dumbfounded at Allleee. "You never told me you were a wizard!" you cry, flabbergasted.
  75. "That's because I'm not," Allleee says, a wry grin on her face. "I'm a witch."
  76. You stare at her in disbelief, as she nods silently.
  77. "A witch?! You're not just a witch, you're a damn good one if you can do lightning."
  79. > You try to stifle your extremely gay desires for this increasingly-attractive woman as the two of you proceed into the tomb. You cast an illumination spell to light the way.
  80. The tunnels are surprisingly well-preserved, with no evidence that rats or other vermin have made them a home. No one's been down here for centuries, not since the ancient Kings had ruled the lands they now lay to waste.
  81. You and Allleee travel through the tunnels slowly and cautiously.
  82. In the dim light you can barely make out a shape in one of the tunnels. You reach for your sword.
  83. Allleee grabs your shoulder and shakes her head, pointing to the shape. Then, she makes a motion with her hand like cutting her own throat.
  85. > You nod cautiously at Allleee, and let her do her thing.
  86. She pulls out a small, round glass vial that's filled with a clear liquid. "I always keep some holy water on me," she says, unscrewing the top and tossing it aside. Then, with both hands she throws the vial at the shape.
  87. The vial shatters on contact, and the zombie lets out a pained scream as it begins to sizzle and burn.
  88. The zombie lets out an unearthly howl, never before heard by human ears.
  90. > You look to Allleee. "Was it supposed to be that loud?"
  91. She shrugs. "It's the zombie queen. I guess it just rarely finds something worth screaming about."
  92. The two of you continue through the tunnels, until you come across a massive golden chamber. The walls are covered with twisting, thorny vines that glow a faint blue. Inside this chamber sits a young woman in flowing white robes. From this distance, she is quite beautiful, with glowing skin and cherry-red lips. She sits upon a throne, fast asleep.
  94. > You point at the woman. "I think *that* is the actual zombie queen," you suggest, unhelpfully.
  95. "You're right," Allleee says. "I don't know what I was thinking." She pauses to think. "So, do you have any ideas?"
  96. You think carefully to yourself.
  97. Actually, you don't have any ideas.
  98. What do you want to do?
  99. The zombie queen is sitting on her throne, fast asleep with her head leaning against one of the throne's arms.
  101. > You shrug noncommittally. "I'm a wizard," you explain, "all of my solutions to problems are to apply way too much magic at the problem. I'm gonna try what any self-respecting wizard would, frankly." You begin chanting, charging up the biggest fireball you can muster.
  103. With a cry, you hurl the fireball as hard as you can.
  104. This doesn't go quite as planned; the fireball arcs into the distance, landing with a soft "fwoosh!" that sizzles in the air quite some distance away. You seem to have gravely misjudged how incredibly vast this golden chamber really is. The zombie queen remains asleep.
  105. The sound of the fireball landing seems to have awoken her, however. She sits up, and looks around with a start.
  106. She looks directly at you, with eyes blazing red. You feel an incredibly cold chill run through your veins, a literal "feeling" of death that runs through your body. You begin shivering and shaking, and it's all you can do to keep from collapsing on the floor. The zombie queen gets to her feet and lurches towards you.
  107. The full nature of your mistake becomes clear as you realize that this beautiful woman was much, much, *much* further away than you thought. As she starts to approach, she looms higher and higher in your vision. She must be hundreds of feet tall! Your mind reels at the sight of her; to her, you're not even visible. You're like an insect to her. She's going to step on you in the most horrifically painful way possible, crushing you without even noticing you were there.
  108. The queen stops, still quite some distance away, her red eyes blazing far above you. She looks down with a mixture of disdain and amusement.
  109. "Boy," she rasps. "Why do you disturb my slumber?"
  110. You try to speak, but your body is so overcome with terror that all you can do is emit a high-pitched whimper.
  111. "Speak up!" she commands.
  113. > You barely manage to cry out, "Nnnnot a boy!" you manage, "I'm a wizard! I'm a very beautiful and powerful sapphic force!"
  114. The queen chuckles. "You're a wizard, you say?"
  115. "Yes," you affirm. "A very powerful wizard."
  116. "Hmmm... You do not look like a wizard to me," the queen says. "I've devoured hundreds of wizards. You don't look a thing like them."
  117. "Have... have you really?" you say, terrified.
  118. "You're a thousand years too young to remember my heyday," the queen says wistfully, "but yes. I used to get wizards sent here all the time. They'd attempt to defeat me, and I'd feast on their magical power. I once ate an entire school of wizarding children... but enough about that. I haven't eaten in centuries."
  120. > You look fearfully at Allleee, hoping she's got a plan.
  121. Allleee gives you a quick nod, as if to reassure you that she has a plan. You take a deep breath, trying not to focus on the terror of the situation, and instead try to focus on your... feelings for Allleee.
  122. "I think you're beautiful," you say, looking at Allleee. "I love you so much."
  123. "I feel the same way," says Allleee. "I love you so much, and we're going to be together forever."
  124. "Especially given I'm about to eat both of you," the zombie queen observes. "I'm sure you're aware of that."
  125. "Ignore her," Allleee whispers. "Just focus on me."
  126. You catch on to Allleee's plan immediately. She's a witch, you're a wizard. Magic is fueled by homosexual desires and feelings, and with enough tension between the two of you, the magical energy should be powerful enough to stop even the extremely hot zombie queen. You stare deep into Allleee's eyes, thankful that the two of you found one another when you did.
  127. "What are you doing over there? Get over here!" the zombie queen commands.
  128. "We'll be with you soon, my love," Allleee says dismissively to the queen. "We're just... coming together... Connecting... Spirits wedded in body and mind..."
  130. > You mutter the sacred words of power, knowing precisely what has to be done. "akfjsdlk," you say, your tongue slipping into the ancient dialect of Bottom Keysmash, "cvnkdfgdiro!" Gay disaster energies begin to pour into Allleee's body,.
  131. "I feel... something," Allleee gasps, as her eyes start to water. "It's beautiful."
  132. "ghkdvvlfdkmldkhhhhhh," you say, the pride plain in your voice.
  133. "I feel... so... close... I'm going to..." Allleee's words trail off into a deep groan of pure bliss, and her eyes roll up into her head.
  134. For a moment, everything is quiet. Then, you hear the creak of leather being strained. It's working! You have sufficiently established the bond, and your kinks are manifesting. Allleee looks down at you, already twice her old height, smiling confidently.
  135. "Do you feel that?" Allleee asks.
  136. "I do," you say quietly, staring deeply into her eyes. "I can see it."
  137. "It feels so good," Allleee whispers, as her form begins to stretch upwards. "I'm almost out of my skin...!"
  138. "Now our kinks are manifesting," you say loudly over the sound of stretching leather.
  139. "Ah!" Allleee cries, as her face begins to twist and stretch into something more draconic. "I feel...! I feel...!"
  140. "You're doing great, sweetheart!" you encourage. You didn't expect TF to kick in this soon, but the two kinks synergize well enough that you shouldn't be surprised. Thank the maker, she's into dragons.
  141. "I feel... powerful!" Allleee roars, as her body begins to snap and crack, her armor shattering as she grows in size. "Ha! I can see you all so clearly! My senses have sharpened! Oh... Oh, my skin feels so tight..."
  142. "You're growing!" you say excitedly, as Allleee grows larger still. There're few things more beautiful than a dragon in the springtime of their life.
  143. "Ha!" grunts Allleee, twisting her head to look down at you. "You're so small...! How odd..."
  144. You look up at her, smiling meekly. "You're gorgeous, Allleee..."
  145. "I have never felt more me than I do right now," Allleee says, slowly extending a talon to gently brush against your cheek. "You did this to me. Thank you, Bal."
  146. You blush, nodding quickly. "Let's keep doing it, then. It's working."
  147. Allleee stares intently at you for a moment, before nodding.
  148. She looks meaningfully at the zombie queen, who has been completely flabbergasted by this utterly self-indulgent nonsense. She looks at you, and then at Allleee, and then back at you.
  149. "This... This is what I'm competing with?" the zombie queen asks, incredulously. "I thought wizards were supposed to be the old men with the pointy hats and the thaumaturgy, not... smutomancers? What in the seventeen hells has magic turned into while I was asleep??"
  150. "Like everything else in this world," you say, looking up at Allleee proudly. "Magic got a lot stronger once we queered it up a bit."
  151. Allleee smiles proudly down at you, opening her mouth to speak. There's a loud crack as her jaw stretches impossibly wide, several new teeth growing from her existing ones.
  152. "Do you think," she says, her voice coming out as a booming yawn, "that we should teach her highness about vore?"
  153. "We can definitely teach her not to interrupt when another woman is having her moment," you say, winking slyly.
  154. Allleee grins the toothiest smile either of you have ever seen at the zombie queen, her expression dripping with salacious intent.
  155. "I'm going to swallow you whole, princess," she growls.
  156. "That's... That's the sex act?" the zombie queen asks, her eyes twitching.
  158. > You cackle, nearly doubled over with laughter. "Sorry, your unholiness," you say, in between gasping breaths, "but while I can't speak for Allleee here, I'm pretty much ace. There's not going to be any fucking, she's just going to eat you."
  159. "Oh, thank the gods," the zombie queen says.
  160. "Vore isn't sex," Allleee explains. "It's about... Appetite. Hunger. Mortality. Fulfilling your most basic needs. There's nothing sexy about it."
  162. > You quickly interject that it can absolutely be sexy if that's what the participants want, but it does seem like Alleee is into more of the 'hard vore' side of things. This is going to be messy.
  163. "Yeah," Allleee says, her eyes narrowing. "Hard vore."
  164. "Do I have a say in any of this?" the zombie queen asks.
  165. "Not really!" you say. "Under normal circumstances, consent is paramount, especially in something as intense as this. However, in case all this has gotten you confused, you're the giant evil zombie queen, and we're the heroes. That part's not really roleplay, we're just using magic as a way to solve all our problems."
  166. "But this is roleplay," you add.
  167. "Yes," the zombie queen says, "but it's still not consensual."
  168. "Oh, it is," you say, confidently. "Just not for you."
  169. Allleee smiles at you, licking her lips. "Are we done with the setup, here? I'm not sure how much longer I can wait, she looks delicious."
  171. Some hold of the magic might be weakening, as you can see the zombie queen's expression go from confusion to indignant rage. "You insects!" she screams, "you forget your place! Neither you nor your overgrown lizard friend can stand against my power or my beauty!"
  172. She has a point; she's still much bigger than Allleee.
  173. "I'm not waiting around for that to happen," you say. "Alleee, eat her."
  174. "My pleasure," Allleee says, grinning. As the zombie queen continues to rage, Allleee darts forward. In a split second she's in front of the zombie queen. Her mouth opens impossibly wide, and she grabs one of the queen's arms and shoves it into her mouth. Her jaw snaps shut with an audible crunch.
  175. The zombie queen's expression is one of pure shock, her mouth hanging open. Allleee falls back to the ground, as she laboriously swallows an arm nearly as big as her entire body. She turns to you with a smile. "I think I'm going to enjoy this."
  176. "That's great, Allleee," you say. "Get the other one."
  177. Allleee tries to get up, but her now-bulging stomach is weighing her down. "Mmmm... in a second," she grunts, her body doing its best to digest before the zombie queen gets over the shock of having her royal arm ripped off and devoured in front of her.
  178. The zombie queen is recovering from the temporary shock, her face contorted into a mask of rage. "You... will... die!" she screams. She raises her other arm and points it at Allleee. A beam of frost emanates from her finger, hitting Allleee in the shoulder.
  179. You cry out in terror, and Allleee cries out in shock. But before anything else can happen, there's a gurgling noise, and you can see the arm-shaped bulge in Allleee's stomach soften and shrink. Her scales suddenly shift to a vivid, royal blue. She looks to the zombie queen with the smuggest expression you've ever seen as her body simply absorbs the blast.
  180. "Not sure what that was supposed to do to me, but I feel great!" She laughs. "Now I don't think you want to make me upset."
  181. The zombie queen's eyes open in shock as she realizes her attack hasn't harmed Allleee. Before she can even bring her arm back for another shot, Allleee's mouth opens impossibly wide again, and the queen's arm goes in up to the elbow. The crunch is far softer this time, and the expression of shock on the queen's face morphs into one of pain.
  182. "I've never felt better!" Allleee says, looking down at her stomach. "This is actually helping." She begins to slowly swallow the queen's arm.
  183. "No! Stop it!" the queen screams. "You bitch! I'll destroy you!"
  184. Allleee stops for a moment, looking up at the queen with a face that says she's confused by this statement. "What?" she asks innocently.
  185. "I said stop!" the queen cries. "You're destroying my arm!"
  186. "Oh, am I?" Allleee replies. "Well then I guess you'd better pull it back out then, shouldn't you?" She cocks her head to the side and sticks her tongue out at the queen in an extremely disrespectful gesture.
  187. She opens her mouth tauntingly, gesturing inwards. "Go on, just reach in there and-- oh, right, you're a bit short-handed!" she laughs at her own joke, as the disarmed zombie queen looks between her own stump of an arm and her bare shoulder.
  188. "Witch! I will destroy you, just you wait!" the queen screams.
  189. "Yeah, I don't think so," Allleee says with a smile. With a groan and a grunt of effort, she clenches some part of her, and you can see her bloated stomach soften further and shrink away. As it does, Allleee begins to expand, turning the devoured pieces of the zombie queen into a whole lot more mass for her own draconic body. Within moments, she has doubled in size, and her stomach is empty again.
  190. "There. Much better!" she says happily. "Now, you were saying something about me being a witch?"
  191. You can see the start of tears in the corners of the zombie queen's eyes, but... they're not from pain. She's... she's laughing. It's a cold, familiar laugh that chills you to the bone.
  192. "You've made a grave mistake, mortals," she hisses. "I'll tear out your soul and feast on it for all eternity."
  193. "Oh, dear." Allleee shrugs. "I suppose I'll have to kill you then."
  194. The zombie queen's laughter cuts off, and she glares at the both of you with unadulterated hatred. "You'll pay for this. I swear to all the dark gods, you'll suffer for this indignity."
  195. "Well, what are you waiting for?" Allleee smiles, gesturing to her with one clawed finger. The queen roars and charges, faster than you could've imagined possible. Her speed is matched by her strength, as she slams into the blue dragon, smacking her into the ground. Despite her size, Allleee's tough hide protects her from any real damage. The zombie queen is still larger than her, but the difference is nowhere near as pronounced as it was before.
  196. The queen's weight is thrown off by the force of the collision, and it takes her a moment to rise back up. Allleee seizes the opportunity, darting forward and ramming her clawed hand into one of the zombie queen's eyes. She howls in pain and rage as Allleee tears the orb from its socket, her destructive tendencies getting the better of her for a moment.
  197. "Witch... bitch... I'll... I'll..." The zombie queen can barely formulate a sentence as she tries to stare down her enemy.
  198. Allleee flicks her wrist, and the queen's eye flies into her hand. Hefting it in her palm, she looks at it curiously before popping it into her mouth and swallowing.
  199. "That was a good meal. Thanks for the eye, your highness." With that, she charges forward once more, baring her teeth. She tries to grab the zombie queen's head so she can sink her fangs into her neck, but the queen is wise to her plans. The pair rolls around on the ground for a moment, tearing up the earth with their roars of anger and pain. Eventually, Allleee manages to get on top, and she begins slamming the zombie queen's head into the ground again and again. Bone and flesh give away as blood begins to spill out onto the ground.
  200. With her foe weakened, she takes a moment to breathe, drawing upon your energy to give her strength. She turns and looks at you.
  201. "What's... happening?" you ask, feeling the drain on your energy.
  202. "Don't worry," Allleee pants, focusing on the task at hand, "this is going to be real fucking hot, and I just need some extra juice to make it work." You're not sure what she means, but you see her fangs extend as she rams them into the zombie queen's neck, drinking deeply of her blood. You watch, amazed, as the zombie queen's body begins to shudder and shake, flesh rotting and breaking apart.
  203. "Now!"
  205. > You don't really know what to do, so you fall back on the most reliable tactic you have and start chanting again. "lkjbmlsoaidnblfdhlkj!" you scream, at the top of your lungs, "asldjkvmlmroila;sdjkflsadj!!!"
  206. You feel a surge of power flowing through you as the zombie queen's body and Allleee begin to... melt. It's not really a word you can use, but it's the closest you can think of to describe it. You watch as their bodies break down, blood and flesh dripping off of them as they turn into a puddle of black goo. You wave your hands over it, focusing intently. Slowly but surely, the goo seems to take a more solid form. You can make out what looks like limbs, a torso, a head...
  207. Then, it bursts into flames. Yellow, green, blue, red, all colors of the rainbow. The fire is bright enough to make you squint, and it's hot enough to burn your face. You step back, waving your hand left and right in an attempt to get rid of the heat. It dies down quickly as the task is complete, leaving a humanoid form standing there.
  208. "Well?" Allleee asks, dusting herself off and looking herself over, "How do I look?"
  210. > You stare dumbfounded at Allleee, not fully sure what to expect now that the magic has ended. She's merged with and consumed the essence of the zombie queen, and her body clearly shows it.
  211. For one thing, she's grown. Allleee was never a short woman- you estimated her height to be around five and a half feet- but now she stands at just over seven feet tall. Her limbs are longer, neck thicker and torso wider. This growth hasn't come without a cost- while her body is more muscular, her hips have broadened and her bosom has enlarged. She's not quite as busty as the queen was, but she's definitely in front of you now. Your own gaze meets hers, and you see her new eyes; one blue and one green. She smiles at you, and her long tongue flits quickly over sharpened teeth.
  212. "How do I look?" she asks again, confidently.
  213. "You look... amazing," you answer honestly,
  215. > You ask what this means for the rest of the zombie menace now that Allleee has eaten their leader.
  216. Her chest rises and falls quickly as she takes a deep breath, then smiles. "We did it," she says, her tone indicating that she's very pleased with herself, "we did it! With this fucker out of the way, guess what else we don't have to worry about?"
  217. You blink. "The rest of the zombies?"
  218. She lets out a little laugh. "No, silly! We don't have to worry about the necromancers raising them! They relied on this big ass creature to control and command the rest of their minions. Now that it's gone, they can't do shit!"
  219. You consider this possibility. "So... no more zombies?"
  220. "Exactly! The rest of those dead fucks are just that; dead. They're not even skeletons or ghosts or whatever, they're just corpses! If they stay dead, then we won't have to worry about them!"
  221. A smile spreads across your face. You can't believe it's really this simple. All you had to do was kill one big ass zombie.
  222. "Now," she says, drawing her sword, "we have some necromancers to kill."
  224. > You smile and nod eagerly. "Can't wait!" A thought crosses your mind and you add, sheepishly, "Hey, Allleee? Sorry for asking, but you know how it is. Are we, uh, are we an item now?"
  225. You wait patiently for her response, but she just smiles enigmatically in return. "Well? Are we?"
  226. "I don't know, are we?"
  227. "I just told you I was waiting to hear your decision!"
  228. She laughs and slaps you on the arm, grinning.
  229. "Fuckin' disaster-ass lesbian. Yes, doofus, none of that would have worked if we didn't have a lot of chemistry together. Consider that an exceptionally good first date, okay? We'll take it from there."
  230. "Really?" you say, grinning.
  231. "Hell yeah, really," she replies, before leaning in for a kiss.
  232. She's big, she's strong, she's hot, and oh goodness sharp teeth and that tongue and your heart is going a mile a minute. This is the best Carnival ever.
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