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  1. mus
  2. bg witness
  3. fg wbench stack
  4. char gumshoe
  5. fg TestimonyAnim fade stack name=testianim
  6. nt
  7. delete name=testianim
  8. "{n}{c950}{center}{sound /null}-- Arresting Mr. Butz --"
  9. pause 60 script
  10. set _music_loop Cross Examination ~ Moderato - 2015.ogg
  11. mus Cross Examination ~ Moderato - 2015.ogg
  13. set _testimony_blinker true
  14. char gumshoe
  15. "{tbon}The precinct received a call from{n}the person who discovered the{n}body, who will be speaking later."
  16. "{tbon}It only took us 5 minutes to get{n}from the precinct to the hotel{n}where she was found."
  17. "{tbon}{e confident}When we got there, we found a{n}piece of {c950}decisive evidence{c} which{n}showed us who the killer was."
  18. "{tbon}{e normal}We went to Butz's home, to arrest{n}him. When he noticed us, he tried{n}to escape."
  19. "{tbon}{e confident}If that isn't suspicious, I don't{n}know what is, pal!"
  21. mus
  22. set _testimony_blinker false
  24. bg judgestand
  25. char judge e=surprised
  26. sfx Shock
  27. "The defendant resisted arrest?{n}Well, that is definitely suspicious!"
  29. bg prosecution
  30. fg pbench
  31. char prosecutor e=fwoosh
  32. "Highly suspicious! So suspicious,{n}you may as well just skip to the{n}verdict right now!"
  34. sfx apollo/objection.ogg
  35. fg ObjectionAnim
  36. pause 5 script
  38. bg defence
  39. fg dbench
  40. char apollo e=deskslam
  41. sfx slam
  42. "Suspicious behaviour is not proof{n}of guilt!{p20} The defense maintains the{n}right to cross-examine the witness."
  44. bg judgestand
  45. char judge
  46. "Objection sustained.{p20} Such an act{n}would be extremely premature. Mr.{n}Justice, the floor is yours."
  47. set _music_loop Tutorial.ogg
  48. mus Tutorial.ogg
  50. bg defence
  51. fg dbench
  52. char apollo e=thinking
  53. "{c089}(Hmm. I wonder if I need a{n}refresher on how to perform a{n}cross-examination...?)"
  55. set _list_back_button false
  56. list questiontime
  57. li Give me a refresher
  58. li I'm fine
  59. showlist
  61. label Give me a refresher
  62. bg helper
  63. char trucy
  64. char apollo hide
  65. "Hey, Trucy. Can you remember{n}what I'm supposed to do now?"
  66. char trucy e=side-grr
  67. "Are you joking?!{p20}You've been{n}doing this for years!"
  68. char apollo hide
  69. "Uh... Yeah, I know...{p20}I guess I{n}just kind of...{p20} forgot?"
  70. char trucy e=side
  71. "Okay, fine. I guess you're going{n}senile in your old age!"
  72. char apollo hide
  73. sfx damage
  74. "I'M 24 YEARS OLD!!!"
  75. char trucy e=side
  76. label Uh... Run that by me again
  77. "Okay, so, here's how it works. The{n}detective just gave a bunch of{n}{c950}statements{c}."
  78. "On each statement, you can {c950}press{c}{n}the statement to find out more{n}information."
  79. "To do this, you just press that{n}handy '{c950}press button{c}' on the top{n}left of the bottom screen!"
  80. "The witnesses will give you more{n}information that you can use. Some{n}information will be extremely useful."
  81. "Sometimes, this will end up altering{n}the testimony, which you can use to{n}your advantage!"
  82. "After all, this could expose fatal{n}contradictions in the testimony!"
  83. "And of course... if you spot a{n}{c950}contradiction{c} between a {c950}statement{c}{n} and the {c950}evidence{c}..."
  84. "You can {c950}present{c} the conflicting{n}evidence by pressing the '{c950}present{n}button{c}' on that statement!"
  85. "Do you want me to run that by you again?"
  86. set _list_back_button false
  87. list secondquestiontime
  88. li Uh... Run that by me again
  89. li I'm fine
  90. label I'm fine
  91. bg defence
  92. fg dbench
  93. char apollo e=thinking
  94. "{c089}(Actually, I think I'll be fine. All I{n}need to remember is to {c950}press{c} for{n}more information...)"
  95. "{c089}(...and if I find a contradiction, I{n}can {c950}present{c} the evidence which{n}shows the contradiction!)"
  96. "{c089}(I can figure out the rest for{n}myself. Not that there's much{n}more to it than that.)"
  97. script scene5gumshoecross
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