Punishment Time (Kikimora)

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  1. You call your kiki maid up to your room. Her expression is flushed as she enters.
  3. "Yes Master, you summoned me?"
  5. "Come here."
  7. Your maid approaches slowly. You rise and gently hold her face in your hands.
  9. "You ate the last piece of Apple Pie that I was saving."
  11. "I'm s-sorry master, I didn't know. I just saw it and it looked so good."
  13. "Well that's too bad, you'll have to be punished."
  15. She stiffens as she realizes what she must do now. She begins to take off her maid uniform. Soon she is naked before you, her gaze to the side.
  17. "Now please come bend over the side of the bed."
  19. She lays her head flat on the bed and raises her rear into the air. Her butt jiggles a little as she gets into position. All these sweets have made her gain some weight. Her voluptuous thighs shake with fear. You push her giant, fluffy tail out of the way and ready your hand. Your maid clenches in anticipation. You slam your open palm onto her right butt cheek. It gives a satisfying smack as your hand makes contact. Your maid yelps in pain. You ready yourself again and come cracking down like a whip. The force of your hand making the flesh on her posterior ripple a little. She yips again, tears pooling in her eyes.
  21. Man that's going to leave a mark, so you might as well make the other cheek match. You raise your left hand this time and deliver another lovely sounding smack onto her left cheek. She jumps from that one. You go ahead and give her another.
  23. She yips and yelps as you rain disciplinary slaps onto her hindquarters. Soon her rear is bright red. You decide her punishment has been fully delivered. Yet you feel unsatisfied.
  25. You're now aware of her dripping wet cunt. Oh my... Your pants grow tight, you unbuckle your belt and pull down your pants. Your rock hard member stands at the ready. You kneel down to take a closer look between your maid thighs. Her clit is stiff and glistening with her juices. You gingerly pinch it.
  27. Your maid gasps as you stimulate her. A soft moan escapes her pink lips.
  29. "M-Master..."
  31. You run your index finger down the length of her slit, getting a feel of her soft flesh. You slip two fingers inside her and spread her pink womanhood.
  33. She gasps,"N-NooOOO... Master, s-stop!"
  35. No can do, you begin to tease both her urinary tract and her clit, lightly nudging her smaller hole.
  37. "Master! That's my- AGH!"
  39. You slowly trace your finger around her womanhood letting her shiver with anticipation, at last you decide to give her some kind of release. You ram your fingers into her flooded slit, she moans with pleasure.
  41. "N-n.... ah."
  43. You spread your fingers deep inside her like a pair of scissors, stabbing at her walls. You feel her soft folds sucking your fingers deeper inside. The delicate, sensitive flesh molds to your touch. She's started to rock her hips against your hand now. Hmm.. She's enjoying this a bit too much. Then you get a very twisted idea. You pull your fingers free from her womanhood and she gasps in surprise.
  45. "Wait here, and stay exactly like that. If I find that you moved you'll be in for it."
  47. "Y-yes, Master..."
  49. You leave the room and head to her's. You begin looking through her dresser until you find it, her personal vibrator. Yes, this should do nicely. You return to your room and click on the vibrator. The familiar hum makes her snap her head to look. Her eyes grow dim when she sees it.
  51. "Where did you get that?" She barks.
  53. "That's no way to talk to your master, now be quiet."
  55. "Yes, master." She says, her voice tense with humiliation.
  57. You kneel over her and begin teasing her clit with her toy. She yelps as it makes contact. You circle her womanhood again, letting the vibrator do the work. She clenches up as you insert the toy, you keep it shallow though. You don't thrust it or anything, you just let it sit there for a while. You'd rather she didn't finish too soon. You sit on your bed and order your maid to kneel and bring her gorgeous face to eye level with your throbbing cock.
  59. She eyes your cock with desire, she starts to pant a little. You grab her by the chin and raise her gaze to meet yours. You let a crooked smile loose onto your face.
  61. "You know what to do."
  63. She nods slowly. She outstretches her tongue and makes contact with the base. She lightly runs it up the length of your shaft. Her tongue leaves a trail of saliva as it travels upward. She finally comes to the head and gives it a light kiss, she licks the top and begins to tenderly tease the small hole. She runs her tongue around the head like she's licking an icecream cone. You lightly brush her hair out of the way and guide her back down to the base. She once again glides her tongue up your shaft, leaving a fresh coat of saliva glistening in the light. She kisses you head once more and forces the tip into her mouth. She sucks on the head a few times beforepulling away and sliding her soft, pink tongue down to the base and to your testicles. She nibbles lightly on the skin of your scrotum and licks at the baggy humtakes one of your testicles into her mouth and sucks on it. She ejects it and runs her tongue up your shaft a final time before taking your manhood into her mouth. Her head descends slowly and gracefully, she takes the full length, straight to the hilt. You can feel the flesh in her throat wrap around you like a sheath. She deep throats you for awhile before rising and falling. You can feel your orgasm coming quickly. You grab the sides of her head and ram your cock down her throat and buck your hips, you spray thick globs of semen down her esophagus. She chokes somewhat as you relieve yourself inside her mouth. You pull out of her and she starts to cough wildly.
  64. You get up again, and order your maid onto the bed. She bends over on top of the mattress and debate whether or not to remove the vibrator or just pleasure yourself with her other hole.
  66. Hmmm.....
  68. You take a look at her other hole, you spread it some and see that she's kept it very clean. You force a finger inside her little, white, starfish and wriggle it.
  70. "Wah?! Master what are you doing?!"
  72. "Ah Ah Ah, you're being punished, silence."
  74. She begrudgingly holds her tongue, as you explore her anus. It's soft and spongy and has a strange feel different from her cunt. You decide to have a little taste. You remove your finger and grab a firm hold of her butt. You spread her cheeks and open her hole a little wider now. You worm your tongue into and she yips.
  76. "Ah, not my butt! Master! Please! This feels weird!"
  78. It tastes like salt, your force your tongue in and out with a piston motion. She continues to squeal with embarrassment as you give her a rimjob. She's practically begging you to stop, yet she's starting to moan. The sensation of having her anus teased is sending shivers up her body. She's yipping with delight as you squirm your tongue around her inside
  79. "M-master! Agh!"
  81. You start to tease her clit alongside her butthole. She's moaning like an injured animal. Her hips are rocking like a cradle now. You guess she must really like this. Alright then... Lets see how she takes it in the backdoor...
  83. You pull out your tongue and give her hole just one more lick on the outside. You see that it's twitching, begging for more.
  85. You head to the other end and force your shaft into her mouth. She accepts it willingly. You take a moment to ensure your cock is well lubricated. You return to her rear and lay your manhood against her hindquarters, she's waiting now. You decide to stay like this for exactly ten seconds before nudging your head against her twitching butthole. You press yourself against her hole, it resists your entry but gives way slowly.
  87. "ah aaah aaaaaaaaaaaah!"
  89. You push past the head and only cease once you take it to the hilt. Your entire length is now buried in her ass. You let it sit, and let her rest, you don't want to kill her...
  91. The feeling of her tight walls clenched around your cock is heavenly. Her fleshy tunnel pushes against you endlessly, trying to expel you. But you hold steady, riding the waves of pleasure that keep running through your member. She's panting. You decide you've waited enough and pull out slowly. She moans slowly, her hot breath escaping her lungs, she legs start to give way. You force your cock back down to the hilt and she lets out a slow, desperate.
  93. "Yyyeeeeeeeeess~"
  95. You smile. You start to get a bit more forceful and begin to piston her butthole, letting the soft walls coil around you. Then you pick up speed, you slam your slick cock into her ass like a jackhammer. She yips with pleasure as you tear into her twitching asshole she rocks her hips against you begging you to continue ravaging her hungry ass. Her legs give way and she can no longer hope to support herself. You cast a glance at her head and you notice that she's got her head pressed into the mattress and she's drooling.
  97. She's really getting into this isn't she?
  99. You give her ass a hard smack and she suddenly yelps. That woke her up. She clenches as the blow comes down, her butthole hardens like a vice grip. You give her another hard smack and she once again yelps in a mixture of pain and pleasure, her drooling passage crushes your manhood, the pressure making you wriggle with pleasure. The sensation of your maids butt just feels so good you can't help but grunt a little. You smack her ass again and anticipate the sudden clasping sensation. You pull her close to you and grab her by her breasts. You squeeze her soft, milky lumps as hard as you can, she squeals and wriggles in your lap. Her ass feels amazing. You nuzzle her neck and she pulls you closer with her arms. You tease her stiffened nipples.
  101. "Please Master! I'm gonna- ah! AGH!"
  103. You yourself are about to orgasm. You grab her by the hips and pound her tight ass. She moans loudly as she prepares to cum.
  105. You shoot your load into her ass and she cums spraying her juices all over your legs. She lets out a long moan as waves of pleasure swell through her body. Her eyes roll into her skull and her tongue slips out of her mouth.
  107. "Yes! I love you master! Ah, yeeess!"
  109. You both collapse onto the bed. You remove the vibrator from her crotch and turn it off before casting it aside. She looks up at you, smiling.
  111. "I love you master, will you please forgive me?"
  113. "Yes, I forgive you. But don't take sweets again without asking."
  115. "Alright master, thank you."
  117. She nuzzles your chest before finally falling asleep, exhausted from her punishment. You crack a smile, it wasn't exactly punishment, but then again she only stole a slice of pie. You pull her close, getting a final feel of her soft, healthy hips before finally drifting off to sleep.
  119. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  121. "M-Master.... Why do I have to wear this embarressing outfit?
  123. "Because it makes you look good."
  124. You say grabbing her hips from behind.
  126. "It's so sweaty, I hate this..."
  128. Your delicously plump kiki is dressed in a skin tight, latex suit. Her massive tits are being hugged by the black latex, it looks rather nice. Her fairly large bottom is perfectly squeezable. So you take a moment to run you hands down and give it a tight pinch. She winces a little. Her tail goes limp as you begin working your hands between her voluptuous thighs. She freezes instantly.
  130. "Master, don't tease me like that."
  132. "I can't help it, you're body just looks so soft, I have to pinch it and run my fingers through your lovely legs."
  134. You bring your hands up her sides and drape your fingers across her flat stomach. She is definitely a prime specimen, the fat from all those sweets just flushes to the right places. Especially her chest, which is brandished with a perfect pair of D Cup breasts.
  136. "I mean, you desrve to be punished, with all those desserts you eat, it's no surprise you've gotten so fat. How do you expect me to focus on my work when you're constantly swinging these massive, hulking tits in my face!"
  138. You grab her breasts and get a good hold on them. You fiercely squeeze her breasts as hard as you can, letting the plump flesh flush between your fingers.
  140. "Agh! Master, Stop it!"
  142. "I'm sorry, Angela. My hands are tied, you need to be disciplined."
  144. You take her by her wrists and begin working them into a pair of handcuffs, You secure her to the wall by a hook and leave her with her rear facing outward.
  146. You pick up a short plastic rod with long leather strips attached to the end from your bed. You approach your lovely maid from behind, and take her by the chin.
  148. >"Remember, Angela. This hurts me more than it hurts you."
  150. Her face flushes red as you force your tongue down her throat. She moans softly as you explore her mouth. You pull away leaving a trail of drool connecting your mouths. Her eyes practically scream that she wants more.
  152. "Master."
  154. You whip her back first, she jumps and yelps like the wily dog that she is. You let the sting sink in before you deliver a slap to her voluptuous ass.
  156. "I'm going to give you 7 lashes in total, you've already been given two."
  158. She shrieks as you give her another lick across her left thigh. And then her right buttcheek. Then another to her back again. It's not strong enough to do any real damage but it does sting quite a bit. Which is exaclty what you want. Yo give the last two lashes to her right thigh and her butt. When at last you finish, she's panting and whimpering. You drop the whip back onto the bed and grab her tender rear.
  160. "Oh come on, that wasn't so bad Angela."
  162. "It hurts, master."
  164. "Don't worry darling, you'll be fine. And guess what, for being such a good girl and taking your punishment I'll even give you a little treat."
  166. You unsecure her from the wall and she falls to her knees. You've prepared a bottle of chocolate syrup beforehand because you knew your maid could stand her punishment. You're sure as hell not training some push over. You unzip your pants and expose you're already rock-hard cock. You being pouring the chocolate syrup onto you're manhood.
  168. "Here you go, but you can't use your hands."
  170. She stares at your rigid cock and pants heavily. She attempts to take it into her mouth but you quickly manuever and end up wiping chocolate syrup onto her right cheek.
  172. "Master..." she mumbles with your cock pressed into her cheek.
  174. "Dang it Angela, look what you've down now!"
  176. "You've made a mess of yourself!"
  178. "I'm sorry master, please forgive me!"
  180. "I'm sorry Angela, you've forced my hand."
  182. You begin unzipping the latex suit and exposing her soft tits, they jiggle as you free them.
  184. "I guess you don't deserve a reward after all"
  186. You begin pouring chocolate syrup onto her lovely breasts and watch as she dies of embarressment. She can't even look you in the eye anymore. You force your manhood between her gigantic lady lumps and begin thrusting into them, using the chocolate syrup as lubricant. You delight in her warmth, pinching her small bead-sized nipples while you slam your cock into her lush valley of flesh. The pleasure is unbearable and you almost cum to quickly. You rest for a moment before continuing your assault. Once again you reach your peak and before you climax you order her to catch it in her mouth.
  188. She forces her mouth open to try and catch it but you spurt your long stringy globs of semen all over her face. It gets in her hair and dribbles onto her breasts. How dissapointing. She managed to catch a barely any at all.
  190. "I'm dissapointed Angela. I expected better from you, it just seems like you can't do anything right. Clean me off and then I'll discipline you."
  192. She starts to swallow but you stop her.
  194. "And no swallowing until I say."
  196. She whimpers.
  198. She begins running her tongue along your cock, licking off the chocolate and semen. She makes her way down to your balls and licks them clean, when at last she's finished she presents her open mouth and your manhood slick with her saliva. You grab her chin and take a good look at your cum mixed together with her saliva and the chocolate sauce in her mouth.
  200. "You may now swallow."
  202. She does as she's ordered and swallows the cocktail. She presents her open mouth and awaits your next orders. You stand her up and return her to the hook on the wall. This time facing you.
  204. You unzip the suit completely and a sudden flood of her juices comes pouring onto the carpet.
  206. "My goodness Angela, you just can't maintain your discipline."
  208. You take her by the legs and raise her lowerhalf until it's level with your throbbing manhood. You prepare to penetrate her letting the embarressment sink in. You force her to look in your eyes as you begin rubbing yourself against her flooded cunt. Her face burns red and her gold eyes tremble as they cross with yours. You put on a wide smile.
  210. "What's wrong Angela? You look flustered."
  212. "Please Master, I can't take this anymore."
  214. "What do you want, Angela, my hands are tied."
  216. "Please stop teasing me master. I promise I won't try and secuce you anymore!"
  218. "I'm not so sure, Angela. I don't think I can trust you. How about this, if you beg for it properly like a dog, I'll fuck you until you're just a writhing mess. Heck, I might even cum inside. Just like you've no doubt been wanting."
  220. She chews on the words barely able to speak she opens her quivering lips and says,
  222. "I w-want you to violate my slutty pussym with you-r b-bb-big, hard -p-penis, master, I want to f-f-feel you stir- up my clumsy cunt and -c-cum inside me until I'm pregnant with your daughter!"
  224. You grab her head and pull her into a long kiss, your tongues coil around one another squirming around in her mouth, until you pull away, giving her a single gasp of air before forcing another kiss. You stab her wet slit and push past her walls you maintain a strong hold onto her flabby buttcheeks and squeeze them as you pierce her. You take her to the hilt and kiss her womb. She stiffens as you reach her deepest part. You pull backward and slam back into her with full force. She shudders and you slide out once again and ram her womb like bullet fired from a rifle. She desperately coils around your tongue, trying to hold you as close as she can with her restrained arms.
  226. She whimpers and yipps with every thrust. Every time you ram her womb she stiffens and moans. You only seperate from her for a brief gasp of air every now and again and then you continue your onslaught. Her folds grip you, sucking you in deeper and deeper like a vacuum. Your hips slam against her making a lewd smacking sound with every stab. She wraps her long legs around your waist and hangs on for dear life as you violate her. Soft moans escape her lips every now and again as you devour her. Her pussy starts to clench up as she nears orgasm squeezing your manhood with immense strength. She cums, spraying her hot love juice onto your crotch like a garden hose on full blast. She holds you tight with her legs, clutching you like an eagle its prey. You reach your peak in that instant and buck your hips into her begging snatch. You shoot your load of pearly semen into her womb, flooding her with your sperm. She cries out as the hot globs of your seed fill her up to the brim.
  230. Her face one of pure ecstacy her tongue droops out of her mouth and she stares off into space. You pepper kisses down her neck as she rides the pleasure out. You seperate when she goes limp. She just hangs there, your seed spilling from her slit and dribbling onto the carpet in a single runny stream. You take your phone and take a picture for safe-keeping. What a lovely photo... You uncuff her and she collapses to the floor. You pick her up, and after cleaning her off in the bath, dress her in her pajamas and tuck her into her bed. You kiss her forehead.
  232. "Good night, Angela."
  233. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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