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  3. No Cheats, exploits or 3rd party tools that give you an unfair advantage over other players.
  4. No ghosting.
  5. Be respectful to everyone! A certain amount of smack-talk is ok, but do not be disrespectful.
  6. No sexual harassment of female players.
  7. Do not be racist or use racist terms! These servers are for everybody.
  8. No useless spamming of the mic, text, or radio. That means no songs/soundbytes, especially if fellow players are complaining.
  9. No recruiting or advertising for other clans in here.
  10. No name impersonation of ANYONE, especially not WWG members.
  11. No horrid/pornographic sprays (nothing below the belt).
  12. If you are caught trying to crash or lag the server you will be permanently banned.
  15. Admins must follow the same rules as players.
  16. Admins MUST warn before punishing (except for hackers).
  17. Permanent ban is only used after a certain amount of things said or done. (except for hackers).
  18. Bans must be accompanied by a ban report on the WWG forums within 1 day of the ban. Ban reports must include proof of wrongdoing, such as a screenshot or a demo.
  19. Do not have admin wars in front of players.
  20. Do not mass mute, mass kick, or do anything to adversly affect an entire team.
  21. Do not cause trouble as an excuse to use powers.
  22. Use your powers to keep the server fun.
  27. ***************************
  28. *********Terrorists**********
  29. ***************************
  30. This is how you play:
  31. •obey orders from CTs
  32. •sneak away and find guns to kill the CTs
  33. •last two T's get a last request, by typing !lr in chat
  34. This may get you killed:
  35. •attacking/killing CTs
  36. •knifing baiters (knife at your own risk) or going in 1st cell teleport
  37. •not obeying orders in a timely manner
  38. •delaying or detouring to an order (no nitpicking) No jumping when told to crouch or to walk.
  39. •being inside armory
  40. •holding a gun for longer than 3 seconds, or shooting at a CT
  41. This may get you punished by admins:
  42. •abusing !lr / repetitive use in order to farm kills
  43. •false orders
  46. ***************************
  47. ******Counter-Terrorists******
  48. ***************************
  49. This is how you play:
  50. •play games with the Ts, make them laugh and have a good time
  51. •kill rebellers/disobeyers/game losers
  52. •Last CT may kill all remaining Ts
  53. This may get you slayed or teamlocked:
  54. •freekilling/freeshooting (please be a sport and kill yourself so admins dont have to)
  55. •gunplanting/baiting (including knifing a T in games where it's not required, such as 300 or pokemon)
  56. •killing for picking up a gun, you must order them VIA mic to drop it
  57. •killing a T for having a knife
  58. •spamming doors shut
  59. •entering a T designated area
  60. •forcing T's to hold crouch at a location.
  61. •killing someone who is moved by the bomb
  62. •(anti) favoritism
  63. •camping lower map vents/armory (you may only pursue rebellers)
  64. •being a freeze nazi, dont kill for innocent twitches.
  65. This may get you tlisted or banned:
  66. •tarps on roundstart
  67. •mass killings
  68. •auto 1 week tlist for 5 killings in 3.5 seconds or less
  69. •false orders
  70. •multiple previous admin punishments
  74. ***************************
  75. *******GENERAL RULES*******
  76. ***************************
  77. •Intentionally exploiting any mods, or the map may bring harsh punishments
  78. •T's act first during LR
  79. •Anyone can be killed while stuck in Electric Chair by any means at any time
  80. •lastCT / LR is whichever came first
  81. •don't spam. When someone asks you to stop playing sound clips, stop.
  82. •Games that involve music are fine, otherwise music/soundbytes are admin discretion
  83. •freedays are revokable - !pass lead or be tlisted if you call a freeday
  84. •Ts can not be killed for not participating in an opinionated day. They must be given the option to play or not.
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