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  1. [16:16] She glanced at the Felinae before leveling her gaze to the Ookami instead.
  3. "You want to learn something that originally came from Demons, Tonashi. Is that true?" She questioned, head inclining, "Why? I know you have served Moonfall loyally for years - and some may even think you are more loyal to Moonfall than I am. So why the sudden decision?"
  4. (Sibylle)
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  7. [16:25] Tonashi would look to her and then gaze.
  9. "Ever since I was in Sudbury I hated the knights and the nobles. They watch as many of the people I cared for or befriended die. They laugh or simply did nothing as we rotted. My hate grew each day and night. I train in all the arts of crafts to prove I can change things. Gain enough coin and change things. But it all went into ashes."
  11. He would grip his fist.
  13. "Ever since Eudocia captured me. Ever since she awoken my mind I wanted nothing more to gain the power to rot the very core of what makes the knights breath and survive. I want to destroy everything they love and treasure. But I will not lie to you." His eyes showed true honesty. "I want the power to show the Dark Lord I deserve it! I DESERVE IT MORE THAN MOST WHO STEP INTO MOONFALL! My loyalty I never broken! My fear of death never shown! I will die and breath Moonfall till the end. Even if it means tossing my own child to the wolves. Becauseas the Alpha wolf I don't need to show weakness! I don't need to show pity for those who allow failure!"
  15. His claws etching into his skin.
  17. "I didn't have the power. I was afraid of what it would do to me. But it wasn't me who was afraid it was the spark of emotion of fear. The fear I would grow out of control. But I know now I have the power to control it all. I been through the dark. I walk with the others to see the start of the demons come into this world. I fought in wars and spilled blood. And I will not back down from the potential I can gain!"
  19. "So I want that power! And I will do what I must to get it! No matter how much blood or injuries I gain along the way. Because the Dark Lord shall see why I am the wild child of Moonfall!"
  20. (Tonashi Botcher)
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  23. [16:33] Sibylle settled down upon the top of the great stone steps, placing her chin in the palm of her hands as she listened to the Ookami given that impassioned speech with a small smile gracing her lips. She held a smug look about her...
  25. After all, no one had ever asked her to teach them. To guide them. Wasn't this Anabelle's job? The thought held a special place in her heart, and finally she nodded.
  27. "Then hold onto that hatred, Tonashi.~" She small witch purred out, remaining ever as she was. "That is the secret. Do you think I enjoyed having to suffer my childhood in Sudbury?" She questioned now. Those brown eyes of hers flickered to that spectral blue, occultic mana leaking from her in waves of heat and fire.
  29. "My parents died to something - what? I don't know. I don't care," She hissed out suddenly. "I ran away - to here. To where I lived up until I had to choose - but that's a story for another time. What matters is that hatred, and that anger never disappeared Tonashi and that is what you must cling to!" She declared, a hand trailing up to her forehead to tap upon it.
  31. "To desire to destroy. The desire to see the world burn - but without you burning along with it. The desire to sow those seeds of chaos. That is what the Dark Lord wills, Tonashi, for Anabelle may be the Supreme...." Now, Sibylle rose to a stand. Even with her short height, the fact she was at the top of the steps just made her that more commanding.
  33. "But I am His Seer. He grants me sight unparalleled. One does not demand things of the Dark Lord when they are uninitiated, however. You must be ready to sign your entire soul away - to be ready to serve Him in Helheim after you perish... For your service is required in both this life and the next, Tonashi." She said coldly, lifting her head up just a bit to gaze at the Ookami.
  35. "Occultism is merely the first step. So keep that hatred tightly in your heart and show the world why it should fear you."
  37. There was a pause before the seriousness of it all seemed to melt away. That fel magic never disappated however, Mordred's scythe taking on an infernal green glow even before Sibylle cracked a smile and began laughing - a childish little giggle emerging from her.
  39. "Okay?~"
  40. (Sibylle)
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  43. [16:43] Tonashi would listen to her words. He would take in all the times of his failures. his defeat and mocking from Nerin. His rejection by the person he loved. His failure to tell others how he felt. His fear to gain power. He hated it all. Then the knights were the top of his hatred list.
  45. He pictured Mylo death as rage would begin to boil in him.
  47. "I will do everything and anything to show the Dark Lord I will carry his work throughout this land. Through blood and bodies. Through curses and destruction. Through death and to new." He would then let his claws come out as he remove his shirt. "I WILL SHOW MY LOYALTY THROUGH BLOOD!" Clawing his skin as the blood leaked. "I TONASHI BOTCHER DECLARE BY SOUL, BLOOD AND BONES> I WILL SERVE THE DARK LORD TILL MY END HERE AND FOREVER MORE! NONE SHALL STOP ME FOR HIS POWER IS THE POWER THAT MAKES ME ULTIMATE!"
  49. The blood would fall on the ground.
  51. He look dead into her eyes.
  53. "My hatred shall be my guide and his power shall be my weapon. Praise the DARK LORD!"
  54. (Tonashi Botcher)
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  57. [17:07] Sibylle watched as the Ookami inflicted those wounds upon himself - a large grin continuing to rest upon her features before she trailed down the stone steps now, eyeing that blood before a hand reached out.
  59. Occult tainted it - Melehan's eerie green glow continuing all the while. In fact, Sibylle's own gaze shifted to a fel green momentarily before it subsided. Mordred's will worked through her, puppeting her actions sometimes though she had yet to even notice.
  61. That hand rose upwards and the Ookami would feel a sudden wave of unease circling him, Sibylle's very mind forcing his body to freeze. That blood continued to spill from his wounds but it didn't stop her. Slowly, his body rose up against his own will - it was entirely Sibylle's will.
  63. No. It was Mordred's will. Or perhaps a little bit of both? Her witchcraft had always been strong, but with the ownership of the scythe falling into her hands, it had only grown. Even if she could not best Douma yet.
  65. "The Dark Lord hears you, Tonashi," She said calmly, even as she kept Tonashi suspended in the air as she did. "If you truly wish to take up the path of Witches before, and not just be a run of the mill Occultist... Then your next step - once you master that infernal magic that rampages through my body...." She said quietly.
  67. The Ookami would feel a sudden heat, and a pain. It inflicted itself upon those wounds he had opened which continued to bleed - only now did that blood turn black and thick. Occult itself would infect the Ookami, no doubt furthering that madness which dwelled within him.
  69. "... Depending of course, on if you survive. But if you truly wish to serve the Dark Lord, Tonashi - then you will sign your name away. Sign your soul away. If you want to take that next step?" She asked sweetly, her voice so very innocent. So pure. Like a young maiden - but Sibylle was anything but.
  71. "Then simply come find me. Good luck surviving, Tonashi.~"
  72. (Sibylle)
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  75. [17:13] ** Sibylle has inflicted an injury upon Tonashi Botcher. ("Mordred's Will", "Through the Demon Seer, Sibylle, did Tonashi find occult radiating from injuries he inflicted upon himself. His red blood turning into a thick black ichor. Pain radiating even more immensely than it normally would have. All throughout it, the Ookami would have flashes of visions - of the great Demon, Mordred the Perfect.", "Temporary", "Duration: Short (1 day)") **
  76. [17:18] The ookami would be in true agony as the heat would course through his body. He felt his very soul being rip apart and shifted again and again. His mind rampaging as the darkness was eating at his being. His wild feral nature becoming more and more true. THe man hatred brimming like a wild animal more than man as he tore around fighting to claw whatever was near.
  78. "ARGHHHHH!"
  80. His mind ate him over and over. He felt himself being consumed. The very nature of him was insane. His eyes piercing yellow as he would feel his claws stretch out to a even more deadlier size than usual.
  82. With that in mind he would sigh his soul over indeed as he laid on the ground bleeding and screeching in agony. The gears shifted as he would soon become more than what he expected. The blood he felt was not of his but of his Lord. He would spit more and more of the black ooze. "HAHAHGAHAHAHA!" He would say as he laugh like a mad man as the pain consumed his soul.
  84. With the path set the ookami would now have nothing to walk back to but to walk forward.
  85. (Tonashi Botcher)
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  88. [17:22] Sibylle seemed pleased, moving past the Ookami now as he laid upon the ground, bleeding and laughing.
  90. Chaos was sowed.
  91. Madness would blossom, no doubt. By her hand.
  93. "Good luck surviving, as I said.~" She said childishly before departing.
  94. (Sibylle)
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