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  1. Invitation from leftmiddie26: Chat Invitation.
  2. zznightmaree: (1:18:53 AM) .
  3. el Krunchy: (1:18:54 AM) /done
  4. NateCova: (1:18:56 AM) john
  5. NateCova: (1:19:00 AM) its time.
  6. NateCova: (1:19:11 AM) this is all started
  7. NateCova: (1:19:18 AM) because jenelle was fucking with all 3 of us
  8. NateCova: (1:19:21 AM) me you and mike..
  9. NateCova: (1:19:25 AM) mike was still in love with her
  10. NateCova: (1:19:31 AM) i only started talking to her because of you
  11. NateCova: (1:19:38 AM) and i already knew this drama was going to happen
  12. NateCova: (1:19:46 AM) cause when i did this before it happened TOO
  13. zznightmaree: (1:19:48 AM) This drama is happening because of you
  14. NateCova: (1:19:51 AM) you think that
  15. zznightmaree: (1:20:03 AM) because you can't keep a fucking conversation between the two of us
  16. NateCova: (1:20:06 AM) but she would have broken up with you a long time ago if i didn't keep you together
  17. NateCova: (1:20:11 AM) ask mike..
  18. zznightmaree: (1:20:22 AM) ask him what
  19. NateCova: (1:20:23 AM) she was trying to keep mike in love with her the whole time
  20. NateCova: (1:20:31 AM) she was trying to get me to like her
  21. NateCova: (1:20:34 AM) she kept telling me
  22. NateCova: (1:20:38 AM) while you were going out
  23. NateCova: (1:20:42 AM) how much of a loser you are
  24. NateCova: (1:20:47 AM) she told me to be her fb bf
  25. NateCova: (1:20:50 AM) and she told me other shit
  26. NateCova: (1:20:53 AM) and i never did it
  27. NateCova: (1:20:57 AM) because i fucking love you john
  28. zznightmaree: (1:21:03 AM) NAte
  29. zznightmaree: (1:21:04 AM) Nate
  30. NateCova: (1:21:07 AM) after all this happened tonight
  31. NateCova: (1:21:09 AM) she called mike
  32. NateCova: (1:21:10 AM) and told him
  33. zznightmaree: (1:21:13 AM) she just spent a weekend at my house
  34. NateCova: (1:21:30 AM) thats good you guys probably now are in love
  35. NateCova: (1:21:34 AM) for now at least
  36. zznightmaree: (1:21:40 AM) not anymore
  37. zznightmaree: (1:21:46 AM) because of this shit you pulled
  38. NateCova: (1:21:48 AM) john you really thought you guys would last?
  39. NateCova: (1:21:52 AM) honestly you really did?
  40. zznightmaree: (1:21:55 AM) yes
  41. NateCova: (1:22:01 AM) because then you are as delusional as mike
  42. zznightmaree: (1:22:03 AM) She was going to go to the bahamas with me :/
  43. NateCova: (1:22:12 AM) wow shes feeding you like a dog
  44. NateCova: (1:22:16 AM) and i'm sick of this shit
  45. NateCova: (1:22:25 AM) god fuck this hoe
  46. NateCova: (1:22:35 AM) she just called mike
  47. NateCova: (1:22:38 AM) like 15 minutes ago
  48. NateCova: (1:22:42 AM) telling him she still loved him
  49. NateCova: (1:22:46 AM) and wished they could be together
  50. NateCova: (1:22:59 AM) everything she does not play with you she talks dirty and always wants to play with other guys
  51. NateCova: (1:23:04 AM) its a never ending cycle
  52. NateCova: (1:23:21 AM) but your too much in love to let it get threw to you now
  53. NateCova: (1:23:26 AM) because of this weekend
  54. NateCova: (1:23:42 AM) and i don't care if you hate me and i don't care if you show her this whole conversation
  55. zznightmaree: (1:23:44 AM) I lost my fucking virginity to the girl and you're telling me this shit expecting it to get through to me?
  56. NateCova: (1:23:56 AM) i know its not going to
  57. NateCova: (1:24:02 AM) and i know its not going to get threw to mike
  58. NateCova: (1:24:07 AM) shes going to keep fucking with both of you
  59. NateCova: (1:24:13 AM) and you guys are my 2 best friends on xbl
  60. NateCova: (1:24:26 AM) and all this drama started because i hate seeing people get fucked with
  61. NateCova: (1:24:36 AM) if you were in mikes spot i would do the same thing
  62. NateCova: (1:24:44 AM) shes leading you all on
  63. NateCova: (1:24:46 AM) fuck
  64. zznightmaree: (1:24:56 AM) what, make her hate me because you told people what I said to you on AIM?
  65. zznightmaree: (1:25:02 AM) you fucking told her dude
  66. zznightmaree: (1:25:03 AM) like
  67. zznightmaree: (1:25:06 AM) you told HER of ALL PEOPLE
  68. NateCova: (1:25:16 AM) you guys wanted to know so fucking bad
  69. NateCova: (1:25:22 AM) thats why i didn't want to talk to you guys
  70. NateCova: (1:25:28 AM) because i knew this was going to happen
  71. NateCova: (1:25:43 AM) even while she is with you she is flirting talking to other guys
  72. NateCova: (1:26:01 AM) and if you tell her everything i'm saying right now she will probably like you for another couple weeks
  73. NateCova: (1:26:05 AM) and then move onto another guy
  74. NateCova: (1:26:16 AM) its retarded
  75. NateCova: (1:26:50 AM) JOHN
  76. NateCova: (1:26:53 AM) i told you EVERYTHING
  77. NateCova: (1:27:02 AM) you think i tell everyone EVERYTHING ABOUT ME?
  78. NateCova: (1:27:16 AM) just you mike and i talked to jenelle for like one night heart to heart
  79. zznightmaree: (1:27:24 AM) I still don't get it though
  80. zznightmaree: (1:27:25 AM) like
  81. zznightmaree: (1:27:28 AM) Why did you tell her
  82. zznightmaree: (1:27:32 AM) that's my only question
  84. NateCova: (1:27:51 AM) it would not have been any better
  85. NateCova: (1:27:56 AM) if she heard it from mike or kiki
  86. NateCova: (1:28:03 AM) i know this is my fault
  87. zznightmaree: (1:28:07 AM) I only told you
  88. NateCova: (1:28:07 AM) i realize that
  89. zznightmaree: (1:28:09 AM) and you told them
  90. zznightmaree: (1:28:10 AM) like
  91. NateCova: (1:28:11 AM) i know
  92. zznightmaree: (1:28:15 AM) You stabbed me in the back
  93. NateCova: (1:28:17 AM) because shes still fucking with mikes head
  94. zznightmaree: (1:28:18 AM) I was happy
  95. zznightmaree: (1:28:20 AM) I don't care
  96. NateCova: (1:28:21 AM) listen
  97. zznightmaree: (1:28:22 AM) if it would have ended
  98. zznightmaree: (1:28:24 AM) I was fucking happy
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  100. NateCova: (1:28:29 AM) lets say
  101. NateCova: (1:28:35 AM) jenelle just left you for mike
  102. NateCova: (1:28:40 AM) and she was talking with mike
  103. NateCova: (1:28:47 AM) and you were still in love with her
  104. NateCova: (1:28:51 AM) and she kept leading you on
  105. NateCova: (1:28:57 AM) and telling you how much she wanted you
  106. NateCova: (1:29:06 AM) do you think i wouldn't do the same thing i just did?
  107. NateCova: (1:29:14 AM) i would do it in a heart beat because i love both of you
  108. NateCova: (1:29:21 AM) and i hate seeing my good friends get fucked with
  109. NateCova: (1:29:27 AM) i was going to tell you before
  110. NateCova: (1:29:31 AM) it was not going to last
  111. NateCova: (1:29:35 AM) but jenelle joined the tinychat
  112. NateCova: (1:29:37 AM) and heard it
  113. NateCova: (1:29:46 AM) thats the only reason this has lasted as long as it did
  114. NateCova: (1:30:06 AM) i tried to tell you this many times before
  115. NateCova: (1:30:11 AM) but she always works her way back in
  116. NateCova: (1:30:16 AM) and then would fuck you over again
  117. NateCova: (1:30:19 AM) by talking to mike
  118. NateCova: (1:30:21 AM) or talking to me
  119. NateCova: (1:30:24 AM) if she really loved you
  120. NateCova: (1:30:32 AM) she wouldnt have to tell everyone how much she loves them
  121. NateCova: (1:30:37 AM) she would stay loyal to you
  122. NateCova: (1:30:54 AM) just because you slept with her does not mean she is going to love you forever
  123. NateCova: (1:31:04 AM) now she has brought you in deeper
  124. NateCova: (1:31:08 AM) and now you want her more
  125. zznightmaree: (1:31:17 AM) dude you're fucking nuts man
  126. NateCova: (1:31:17 AM) you're probably more delusional then mike now
  127. NateCova: (1:31:22 AM) alright w/e
  128. NateCova: (1:31:24 AM) i'm done
  129. zznightmaree: (1:31:42 AM) I trusted you
  130. zznightmaree: (1:31:49 AM) I don't care if it would have ended
  131. zznightmaree: (1:31:50 AM) if anything
  132. zznightmaree: (1:31:55 AM) this weekend made it different
  133. zznightmaree: (1:32:01 AM) she changed
  134. zznightmaree: (1:32:03 AM) I could tell
  135. zznightmaree: (1:32:09 AM) she stopped texting random pro dudes
  136. zznightmaree: (1:32:12 AM) after friday
  137. zznightmaree: (1:32:17 AM) she was all mine
  138. zznightmaree: (1:32:19 AM) for 3 days
  139. zznightmaree: (1:32:23 AM) I got to her house
  140. zznightmaree: (1:32:26 AM) when I dropped her off
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  142. zznightmaree: (1:32:43 AM) and met her entire family. I met that cat she always talks to, the other one, the husky, her sisters, her brother
  143. zznightmaree: (1:32:44 AM) everyone
  144. zznightmaree: (1:32:51 AM) She was going to go on vacation with me
  145. zznightmaree: (1:32:58 AM) everything was FUCKING PERFECT
  146. zznightmaree: (1:33:00 AM) EVERYTHING
  147. zznightmaree: (1:33:05 AM) AND YOU FUCKING RUINED IT
  150. zznightmaree: (1:33:33 AM) I DON'T CARE IF I'M UNDER SOME STUPID "SPELL" YOU FUCKED ME
  151. zznightmaree: (1:33:37 AM) PLAIN AND SIMPLE
  152. zznightmaree: (1:33:40 AM) AND I FUCKING HATE YOU
  153. NateCova: (1:33:44 AM) you really think after those 3 days she would not go back to her old ways? she would have started talking to other guys and doing the same shit before. she talked to you at the event and still managed to talk to other guys after the event was over. She lead you mike and jer all on at once.
  154. NateCova: (1:34:25 AM) she kissed you and shit at the event and still managed to hop on 10 other guys and go sleep in a bed with neighbor. sh
  155. NateCova: (1:34:32 AM) when you guys were DATING
  156. zznightmaree: (1:34:50 AM) you told me that everything was going to be fine when I texted you yesterday
  157. zznightmaree: (1:35:01 AM) you lied
  158. zznightmaree: (1:35:03 AM) to my face
  159. zznightmaree: (1:35:08 AM) at least tell her when I'm there
  160. zznightmaree: (1:35:10 AM) so I can talk to her
  161. zznightmaree: (1:35:24 AM) you just straight fucked me nate
  162. zznightmaree: (1:35:31 AM) and if you're right or not
  163. zznightmaree: (1:35:33 AM) I can't forgive you
  164. zznightmaree: (1:35:38 AM) because I fell in love with that girl
  165. zznightmaree: (1:35:44 AM) and you took it away from me
  166. zznightmaree: (1:35:48 AM) in the blink of an eye
  167. el Krunchy: (1:35:54 AM) he saved you from more pain later.
  168. NateCova: (1:36:00 AM) thats fine but when you get hurt like mike and like jer and like all the other guys dont think i didn't tell you so
  169. NateCova: (1:36:32 AM) i'm trying to save you like i did for mike but it didn't work on either of you
  170. zznightmaree: (1:36:39 AM) Well Nate
  171. zznightmaree: (1:36:44 AM) maybe you should mind your own fucking business
  172. zznightmaree: (1:36:48 AM) how's that sound
  173. NateCova: (1:37:01 AM) alright john.
  174. zznightmaree: (1:37:07 AM) too late now
  175. zznightmaree: (1:37:09 AM) she hates me
  176. zznightmaree: (1:37:12 AM) she cant trust me
  177. zznightmaree: (1:37:15 AM) and it's because of you
  178. NateCova: (1:37:20 AM) john you're an idiot if you think that
  179. NateCova: (1:37:25 AM) thats her excuse
  180. NateCova: (1:37:27 AM) to do all this
  181. NateCova: (1:37:35 AM) if she loved you she wouldn't care that you told me
  182. zznightmaree: (1:37:39 AM) AND YOU GAVE HER THE EXCUSE
  183. zznightmaree: (1:37:42 AM) IF THERE IS NO EXCUSE
  184. NateCova: (1:37:46 AM) if she loved you she wouldn't want to hide the fact you guys did stuff
  185. zznightmaree: (1:37:50 AM) IT PROVES THAT I'M PERFECT
  186. zznightmaree: (1:37:59 AM) IF THERE IS NO EXCUSE THEN I'M DIFFERENT
  188. NateCova: (1:38:16 AM) BEFORE THIS WEEKEND
  189. NateCova: (1:38:19 AM) YOU WERE NOTHING TO HER
  190. NateCova: (1:38:22 AM) SHE TALKED SHIT ABOUT YOU
  191. zznightmaree: (1:38:25 AM) where
  192. NateCova: (1:38:26 AM) YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT
  193. zznightmaree: (1:38:27 AM) show me
  194. zznightmaree: (1:38:28 AM) SHOW ME
  195. NateCova: (1:38:30 AM) DUDE
  196. NateCova: (1:38:34 AM) SHE SAID IT IN FRONT OF YOU
  197. zznightmaree: (1:38:34 AM) FUCKING SHOW ME NATE
  199. NateCova: (1:39:04 AM) JUST GO BACK TO HATING ME
  200. NateCova: (1:39:09 AM) I DONT GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE
  201. NateCova: (1:39:10 AM) FUCK YOU
  202. zznightmaree: (1:39:12 AM) I will believe you
  203. zznightmaree: (1:39:14 AM) every single thing
  204. zznightmaree: (1:39:16 AM) that you said
  205. zznightmaree: (1:39:18 AM) if you prove to me
  206. NateCova: (1:39:21 AM) dude
  207. zznightmaree: (1:39:22 AM) that she was really trying to break up with me
  208. NateCova: (1:39:22 AM) mike
  209. zznightmaree: (1:39:24 AM) for two weeks
  210. NateCova: (1:39:25 AM) tell her
  211. NateCova: (1:39:26 AM) him
  212. el Krunchy: (1:39:44 AM) about what?
  213. NateCova: (1:39:54 AM) well i guess your phone call was like 30mins ago
  214. NateCova: (1:39:57 AM) so that is invalid
  215. NateCova: (1:39:59 AM) dude john
  216. NateCova: (1:40:06 AM) she has been trying to get me to like for 2 weeks
  217. NateCova: (1:40:14 AM) she would have dumped you if i would have accepted it
  218. NateCova: (1:40:17 AM) i didn't though
  219. NateCova: (1:40:22 AM) because i loved you like a brother
  220. NateCova: (1:40:29 AM) she sent me nudez
  221. NateCova: (1:40:32 AM) she called me over you
  222. NateCova: (1:40:39 AM) she always wanted to play with me
  223. NateCova: (1:40:46 AM) she always let me recover over you
  224. NateCova: (1:40:52 AM) she told me to be her bf on fb
  225. zznightmaree: (1:41:02 AM) She was trying to make me jealous
  226. NateCova: (1:41:02 AM) she told me EVERYTHING BUT I DIDN'T DO IT CAUSE I LOVE YOU MAN
  227. NateCova: (1:41:06 AM) YOU'RE AN IDIOT
  228. NateCova: (1:41:10 AM) i just told you that
  229. NateCova: (1:41:15 AM) so that you didn't get pissed
  230. zznightmaree: (1:41:20 AM) she always came back to me though
  231. NateCova: (1:41:21 AM) if i could rewind 2 weeks back
  232. zznightmaree: (1:41:21 AM) that's the thing
  233. NateCova: (1:41:29 AM) cause i wouldn't take her
  234. zznightmaree: (1:41:36 AM) what about mike
  235. zznightmaree: (1:41:38 AM) why didn't hje
  236. zznightmaree: (1:41:39 AM) he*
  237. zznightmaree: (1:41:47 AM) Why didn't Jer
  238. NateCova: (1:41:51 AM) she just fucked with mikes head
  239. NateCova: (1:41:58 AM) she always moved from guy to guy
  240. el Krunchy: (1:41:59 AM) jer found about everything the hard way and told her to fuck off
  241. NateCova: (1:42:01 AM) when she was dating jer
  242. zznightmaree: (1:42:04 AM) Why did she text Totz back saying that she can't be with him because she's with m
  243. NateCova: (1:42:05 AM) she was talking to mike
  244. zznightmaree: (1:42:05 AM) e
  245. zznightmaree: (1:42:08 AM) right in front of me
  246. NateCova: (1:42:09 AM) when she was talking to mike
  247. NateCova: (1:42:12 AM) she was talking to you
  248. NateCova: (1:42:23 AM) when she was with you
  249. NateCova: (1:42:26 AM) she was talking to me
  250. NateCova: (1:42:37 AM) do you see the cycle my friend?
  251. NateCova: (1:42:44 AM) i was just the first kid that didn't fall for the bullshit
  252. NateCova: (1:42:45 AM) mike
  253. NateCova: (1:42:56 AM) how many times were me and jenelle in tinychat together
  254. NateCova: (1:43:01 AM) and she would talk to me
  255. NateCova: (1:43:02 AM) and only me
  256. zznightmaree: (1:43:04 AM) I was always there...
  257. NateCova: (1:43:09 AM) no you werent..
  258. el Krunchy: (1:43:10 AM) a good amount of times
  259. zznightmaree: (1:43:18 AM) where was I
  260. el Krunchy: (1:43:26 AM) not there
  261. NateCova: (1:43:27 AM) she would ignore you.
  262. NateCova: (1:43:33 AM) i would invite mike to the chat
  263. NateCova: (1:43:40 AM) cause i didn't want to be in there alone with her
  264. NateCova: (1:43:45 AM) because i felt bad
  265. NateCova: (1:43:49 AM) if i fucked you over
  266. NateCova: (1:43:56 AM) cause i knew how much she fucked with mikes head
  267. zznightmaree: (1:44:10 AM) Nate, I'll never find out if I was just another toy because you ended it
  268. zznightmaree: (1:44:24 AM) I know I sound delusional but it was different.
  269. zznightmaree: (1:44:27 AM) It had to be
  270. NateCova: (1:44:32 AM) do you not understand it would have been over long ago if i didn't save you?
  271. zznightmaree: (1:44:37 AM) There's no way that this all could have happened
  272. zznightmaree: (1:44:40 AM) and I'm just another toy
  273. NateCova: (1:44:40 AM) MIKE WAS JUST LIKE YOU A MONTH AGO
  274. zznightmaree: (1:45:13 AM) I love myself enough to let go Nate, but I'm not going to let go until I find out if it was bullshit.
  275. NateCova: (1:45:35 AM) john... you don't realize it would have ended long ago
  276. NateCova: (1:45:45 AM) and it will still end if you continue dating
  277. NateCova: (1:45:51 AM) you will get hurt more then mike
  278. NateCova: (1:45:58 AM) cause now you think
  279. NateCova: (1:46:05 AM) omg we did everything she stayed at my house
  280. NateCova: (1:46:09 AM) it must be different
  281. NateCova: (1:46:12 AM) no john its not
  282. zznightmaree: (1:46:14 AM) IT IS
  283. NateCova: (1:46:17 AM) god
  284. zznightmaree: (1:46:19 AM) WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT IF IT WASN'T
  285. zznightmaree: (1:46:27 AM) Why would she spend a weekend at my house with me
  286. NateCova: (1:46:28 AM) cause you live like an hour away
  287. zznightmaree: (1:46:29 AM) if she didn't care
  288. zznightmaree: (1:46:33 AM) if she didn't care at all
  289. zznightmaree: (1:46:36 AM) and wanted to leave me for yo
  290. zznightmaree: (1:46:37 AM) u
  291. NateCova: (1:46:37 AM) i bet she would have went to mikes house to
  292. zznightmaree: (1:46:38 AM) why would she
  293. NateCova: (1:46:41 AM) if he lived close
  294. NateCova: (1:46:47 AM) and she would have fucked him too
  295. zznightmaree: (1:46:53 AM) dude this is ridiculous
  296. zznightmaree: (1:47:10 AM) I would rather get made to look like a fool by this girl than have it all taken away from me by you
  297. NateCova: (1:47:10 AM) please just go tell her all of this so she will love you again for another 2 weeks
  298. zznightmaree: (1:47:11 AM) on a hunch
  299. NateCova: (1:47:22 AM) tell her
  300. NateCova: (1:47:25 AM) i don't care
  301. NateCova: (1:47:28 AM) if she hates me
  302. zznightmaree: (1:47:30 AM) You know I will
  303. zznightmaree: (1:47:32 AM) so there's no point
  304. NateCova: (1:47:37 AM) i don't care
  305. NateCova: (1:47:40 AM) like i said before
  306. zznightmaree: (1:47:40 AM) I know you don't
  307. zznightmaree: (1:47:45 AM) or you wouldn't do this
  308. NateCova: (1:47:48 AM) now she will love you for a little longer
  309. zznightmaree: (1:47:48 AM) because you know I'll show her
  310. zznightmaree: (1:47:59 AM) NATE IT'S RIDICULOUS DUDE
  311. zznightmaree: (1:48:03 AM) JUST LEAVE IT ALONE
  312. NateCova: (1:48:08 AM) why would i be trying so hard
  313. NateCova: (1:48:11 AM) to get you to realize this
  314. zznightmaree: (1:48:13 AM) I
  315. NateCova: (1:48:14 AM) if i didn't care about you
  316. zznightmaree: (1:48:15 AM) Don't
  317. zznightmaree: (1:48:16 AM) Know
  318. zznightmaree: (1:48:23 AM) If you cared about me
  319. zznightmaree: (1:48:26 AM) you wouldn't do this
  320. NateCova: (1:48:30 AM) its not a hunch
  321. zznightmaree: (1:48:31 AM) you would let me figure it out the hard way
  322. NateCova: (1:48:33 AM) its FACTS
  323. zznightmaree: (1:48:35 AM) if you cared about me
  324. zznightmaree: (1:48:40 AM) you would let me see the hard way
  325. zznightmaree: (1:48:43 AM) that's a fact
  326. NateCova: (1:48:48 AM) are you retarded???
  327. zznightmaree: (1:48:54 AM) no
  328. NateCova: (1:49:01 AM) omg
  329. NateCova: (1:49:07 AM) i cannot help but laugh
  330. el Krunchy: (1:49:08 AM) a great friend tries to stop someone from being hurt. he is saving you from pain. i am honestly destroyed by this whole situation.
  331. el Krunchy: (1:49:24 AM) if i was as deep with nate a month ago, he might have helped me.
  332. zznightmaree: (1:49:38 AM) I don't want his help
  333. el Krunchy: (1:49:40 AM) but i got the shit end of the stick
  334. zznightmaree: (1:49:57 AM) I legitimately love her
  335. zznightmaree: (1:49:59 AM) it sounds retarded
  336. zznightmaree: (1:50:01 AM) but I seriously do
  337. zznightmaree: (1:50:06 AM) I've dated enough girls
  338. zznightmaree: (1:50:07 AM) to know
  339. el Krunchy: (1:50:09 AM) how does love sound retarded?
  340. zznightmaree: (1:50:15 AM) because Nate is making  me sound
  341. zznightmaree: (1:50:19 AM) like I'm dillusional
  342. NateCova: (1:50:38 AM) -.-
  343. zznightmaree: (1:50:54 AM) I seriously love that girl, and you stopped it Nate. If she left me then I would be able to let go because I would know it was never real.
  344. zznightmaree: (1:50:55 AM) You doing this
  345. zznightmaree: (1:51:00 AM) Didn't even let me see if it was or not
  346. zznightmaree: (1:51:12 AM) Now I can't let go
  347. zznightmaree: (1:51:15 AM) because I think it was
  348. zznightmaree: (1:51:20 AM) and I'll never know
  349. zznightmaree: (1:51:21 AM) if it wasn't
  350. zznightmaree: (1:51:25 AM) because of you
  351. el Krunchy: (1:51:46 AM) you still wouldn't know how i have felt.
  352. zznightmaree: (1:51:55 AM) I know how you feel
  353. zznightmaree: (1:51:58 AM) I've been dumped before
  354. el Krunchy: (1:52:00 AM) you wouldn't even feel the amount of pain i have had over this.
  355. zznightmaree: (1:52:00 AM) and led on before
  356. zznightmaree: (1:52:08 AM) I've been led on more than I could even type about
  357. el Krunchy: (1:52:13 AM) i wasn't even dumped. it just happened and i found out the hard way
  358. zznightmaree: (1:52:14 AM) it's the worst feeling
  359. el Krunchy: (1:52:22 AM) she never even gave me a straight answer on stuff
  360. zznightmaree: (1:52:34 AM) because you don't want one
  361. zznightmaree: (1:52:36 AM) and you know it
  362. zznightmaree: (1:52:38 AM) if she said
  363. zznightmaree: (1:52:41 AM) "It's over"
  364. zznightmaree: (1:52:44 AM) it'd fucking kill you
  365. el Krunchy: (1:52:58 AM) you don't even understand. i honestly asked her what was going on
  366. el Krunchy: (1:53:02 AM) and she never said anyhting
  367. el Krunchy: (1:53:05 AM) i wanted to know
  368. zznightmaree: (1:53:24 AM) All those times you texted her, she was on the phone with me
  369. zznightmaree: (1:53:38 AM) idk
  370. zznightmaree: (1:53:48 AM) she let me go through her damn phone
  371. zznightmaree: (1:53:50 AM) and read every text
  372. zznightmaree: (1:53:53 AM) from everyone
  373. zznightmaree: (1:54:00 AM) how is that not different
  374. el Krunchy: (1:54:09 AM) that is a idc attitude tbh.
  375. el Krunchy: (1:54:18 AM) "i don't have anything to hide"
  376. zznightmaree: (1:54:27 AM) explain
  377. el Krunchy: (1:54:41 AM) i will go along with nates "hunch" for this.
  378. zznightmaree: (1:54:54 AM) ok
  379. el Krunchy: (1:55:07 AM) she is bringing you in, to make you feel that she trusts you.
  380. el Krunchy: (1:55:18 AM) keeping you going
  381. zznightmaree: (1:55:37 AM) Dude
  382. zznightmaree: (1:55:50 AM) I know it looks real from Nate's point of view
  383. zznightmaree: (1:56:01 AM) but how could you seriously break my heart like this
  384. zznightmaree: (1:56:03 AM) on a hunch
  385. zznightmaree: (1:56:08 AM) it's only a fucking hunch
  386. NateCova: (1:56:13 AM) its not a hunch...........
  387. el Krunchy: (1:56:17 AM) nate has been the middle man of this whole situation
  388. zznightmaree: (1:56:18 AM) IT'S A HUNCH
  389. el Krunchy: (1:56:25 AM) he has the biggest and clearest picture out of anyone.
  390. el Krunchy: (1:56:40 AM) he has probably heard all 3 of our stories
  391. el Krunchy: (1:56:45 AM) he has all the knowledge
  392. NateCova: (1:56:49 AM) ^^
  393. zznightmaree: (1:56:56 AM) who's #3
  394. zznightmaree: (1:56:58 AM) jenelle
  395. zznightmaree: (1:56:59 AM) or jer
  396. el Krunchy: (1:57:05 AM) if you honestly trusted him as a friend, you would believe him
  397. el Krunchy: (1:57:13 AM) but after this you probably won't even give it a though
  398. el Krunchy: (1:57:14 AM) thought*
  399. zznightmaree: (1:57:16 AM) I can't trust nate after what he did
  400. zznightmaree: (1:57:31 AM) You betray my trust on the most important thing I ever tell you
  401. zznightmaree: (1:57:36 AM) and then demand I trust you
  402. zznightmaree: (1:57:41 AM) that's retarded
  403. NateCova: (1:57:45 AM) i don't demand you trust me after all this
  404. NateCova: (1:57:49 AM) i just want to save you.
  405. NateCova: (1:57:56 AM) like i didn't do for mike
  406. zznightmaree: (1:57:58 AM) IT'S A GIRL
  407. zznightmaree: (1:58:02 AM) IT'S NOT A FUCKING DEMON
  408. NateCova: (1:58:08 AM) thats what you think..
  409. zznightmaree: (1:58:12 AM) oh my god dude
  410. zznightmaree: (1:58:21 AM) this is just too much man
  411. NateCova: (1:58:32 AM) you're making this seem worse then it is.
  412. NateCova: (1:58:37 AM) its like an intervention
  413. NateCova: (1:58:40 AM) for a drug addict
  414. NateCova: (1:58:44 AM) cause thats what you sound like right now
  415. NateCova: (1:58:48 AM) we are all trying to help you
  416. NateCova: (1:58:52 AM) before you are hurt terrible
  417. NateCova: (1:59:06 AM) it will be worse for you
  418. NateCova: (1:59:10 AM) then anyone else has before
  419. zznightmaree: (1:59:17 AM) Nothing is worse than the last time I trusted a girl
  420. zznightmaree: (1:59:20 AM) nothing
  421. zznightmaree: (1:59:34 AM) That is something I didn't even talk to nate about
  422. zznightmaree: (1:59:44 AM) something I've only talked to HER about
  423. leftmiddie26: (2:00:27 AM) john
  424. zznightmaree: (2:00:57 AM) Dude I didn't trust her
  425. zznightmaree: (2:01:00 AM) I told her straight up
  426. zznightmaree: (2:01:02 AM) I told Jenelle
  427. zznightmaree: (2:01:07 AM) that it was hard to trust her
  428. zznightmaree: (2:01:12 AM) and that's why she did shit with me
  429. zznightmaree: (2:01:15 AM) to gain my trust
  430. zznightmaree: (2:01:25 AM) and then Nate came along
  431. zznightmaree: (2:01:28 AM) and fucked it up
  432. zznightmaree: (2:01:32 AM) I can't get it back
  433. zznightmaree: (2:01:35 AM) it's impossible
  434. zznightmaree: (2:01:38 AM) literally impossible
  435. zznightmaree: (2:01:40 AM) because of you Nate
  436. leftmiddie26: (2:01:42 AM) john
  437. zznightmaree: (2:01:49 AM) WHAT ALEX
  438. zznightmaree: (2:01:50 AM) WHAT
  439. leftmiddie26: (2:01:55 AM) andy*
  440. el Krunchy: (2:01:58 AM) lol
  441. leftmiddie26: (2:02:00 AM) but
  442. leftmiddie26: (2:02:12 AM) from experience, i want to say that you are right
  443. leftmiddie26: (2:02:17 AM) and you have a very valid point
  444. leftmiddie26: (2:02:21 AM) on one thing
  445. leftmiddie26: (2:02:35 AM) one of the hardest things to do in the world
  446. zznightmaree: (2:02:36 AM) and that is
  447. leftmiddie26: (2:02:44 AM) is to accept that you dont and will never have all the answers
  448. leftmiddie26: (2:02:56 AM) especially when it concerns a girl you care for deeply enough to call it love
  449. leftmiddie26: (2:03:08 AM) i understand that
  450. leftmiddie26: (2:03:10 AM) ive been there
  451. leftmiddie26: (2:03:13 AM) and in that respect
  452. leftmiddie26: (2:03:17 AM) you have a right to be mad at nate
  453. leftmiddie26: (2:03:25 AM) for ruining your chance to get your own truth
  454. leftmiddie26: (2:03:37 AM) but having lived through what is happening to you right now
  455. leftmiddie26: (2:04:02 AM) i can honestly say that having a friend looking out for you the way he is right now
  456. leftmiddie26: (2:04:06 AM) is infinitely valuable
  457. leftmiddie26: (2:04:12 AM) i dont know jenelle
  458. leftmiddie26: (2:04:18 AM) i cant begin to comment on her thought proccess
  459. leftmiddie26: (2:04:23 AM) i wasnt there with you this weekend
  460. leftmiddie26: (2:04:27 AM) i have no fucking idea what it was like
  461. leftmiddie26: (2:04:38 AM) but ive heard nates testimonial
  462. leftmiddie26: (2:04:41 AM) and ive heard krunchys
  463. leftmiddie26: (2:04:47 AM) and ive seen what you've said here now
  464. leftmiddie26: (2:04:59 AM) and though it probably doesnt matter one lick to you
  465. leftmiddie26: (2:05:22 AM) i cant possibly fathom why in the world these two would go through this much trouble to convince you what they're saying is true
  466. leftmiddie26: (2:05:28 AM) there has to be some truth to it
  467. leftmiddie26: (2:05:35 AM) im really sry this happened to you tho
  468. leftmiddie26: (2:05:37 AM) i like you
  469. leftmiddie26: (2:05:53 AM) we've always been cool with each other and i generally do enjoy talking to you when we do
  470. leftmiddie26: (2:05:56 AM) you're a smart kid
  471. leftmiddie26: (2:06:11 AM) which is why i know you're smart enough to understand theres something fishy here
  472. leftmiddie26: (2:06:19 AM) it just sucks knowing that you cant get your own answers
  473. leftmiddie26: (2:06:23 AM) and for that, im sry
  474. zznightmaree: (2:06:34 AM) That's all I wanted
  475. zznightmaree: (2:06:37 AM) was to find out
  476. zznightmaree: (2:06:39 AM) if it was real or not
  477. zznightmaree: (2:06:42 AM) and the only way to find out
  478. zznightmaree: (2:06:46 AM) was to see if she was going to leave me
  479. zznightmaree: (2:06:48 AM) and if she did
  480. zznightmaree: (2:06:54 AM) I would have been FINE with that
  481. zznightmaree: (2:06:58 AM) because I'd know it was never real
  482. zznightmaree: (2:07:04 AM) but you took that away from me Nate
  483. zznightmaree: (2:07:07 AM) because I thought it was
  484. zznightmaree: (2:07:08 AM) I REALLY
  485. zznightmaree: (2:07:09 AM) REALLy
  486. zznightmaree: (2:07:10 AM) REALLy
  487. zznightmaree: (2:07:12 AM) thought it was
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  490. zznightmaree: (2:08:28 AM) and I know all 3 of you know I'm smart (maybe not krunch cause we don't talk often), but I'm definitely smart enough to see when shit is going on and analyze it. (I'm rate limited) Now because you went out of your way to make her hate me, and stab me in the back
  491. zznightmaree: (2:08:34 AM) I will never know whether or not it was
  492. zznightmaree: (2:08:40 AM) and that...THAT...is why I hate you
  493. zznightmaree: (2:09:05 AM) You took it all away. You took it away 20 minutes after I hung up with her, and my world was perfect
  494. zznightmaree: (2:09:14 AM) you made me fucking cry dude...I haven't cried in 2 years
  495. el Krunchy: (2:09:30 AM) wtf, 2 years?
  496. zznightmaree: (2:09:31 AM) Because of your "help" as a "friend" I am fucking miserable
  497. NateCova: (2:09:32 AM) dude i cried the night before itold you this
  498. zznightmaree: (2:09:34 AM) and I will never know the truth
  499. NateCova: (2:09:41 AM) cause i knew you were going to be like this
  500. NateCova: (2:09:47 AM) thats why i didn't see the point
  501. zznightmaree: (2:09:50 AM) I WILL NEVER KNOW THE FUCKING TRUTH
  502. NateCova: (2:10:00 AM) i have told you the truth multiple times
  503. zznightmaree: (2:10:07 AM) what if it isn't
  504. NateCova: (2:10:07 AM) you are just to into her to realize it
  505. zznightmaree: (2:10:09 AM) WHAT
  506. zznightmaree: (2:10:11 AM) IF
  507. zznightmaree: (2:10:16 AM) There are so many what ifs
  508. zznightmaree: (2:10:18 AM) it isn't funny
  509. NateCova: (2:11:14 AM) john i'm done nothing i can say or do will get threw to you and this is pointless. sometimes no matter how much you try you will never get threw to someone. you will find out maybe not now maybe not in a month but you will
  510. NateCova: (2:11:17 AM) and its going to kill you
  511. NateCova: (2:11:20 AM) i'm leaving
  512. NateCova: (2:11:22 AM) bye.
  513. zznightmaree: (2:11:23 AM) one more thing
  514. el Krunchy: (2:12:34 AM) well i guess ill look for a good spot to hang my controller cord noose tomorrow morning
  515. zznightmaree: (2:12:46 AM) If you were my friend, you would have spend days thinking about what to do after that AIM conversation. You would have sweat thinking about it. You would have analyzed what my reaction would be, and if you really cared...you wouldn't have done anything. You wouldn't have stabbed me in the back like that because I was happy, and idc if you are "saving me". I was fucking happy...and you ruined it...and me.
  516. el Krunchy: (2:12:51 AM) so ill go take my last sleep before i die
  517. leftmiddie26: (2:13:07 AM) michael i really am gonna kill you if you dont stfu
  518. el Krunchy: (2:13:13 AM) im done with life
  519. el Krunchy: (2:13:15 AM) fuck it all
  520. zznightmaree: (2:13:17 AM) You just straight ruined the only good thing that I had going for me in 2 years Nate
  521. el Krunchy: (2:13:24 AM) he already left
  522. zznightmaree: (2:13:26 AM) on a hunch
  523. zznightmaree: (2:13:27 AM) I'm done
  524. leftmiddie26: (2:13:55 AM) john
  525. zznightmaree: (2:14:01 AM) what
  526. leftmiddie26: (2:14:12 AM) its the worst feeling in the world
  527. leftmiddie26: (2:14:18 AM) but it goes away
  528. leftmiddie26: (2:14:20 AM) i promise
  529. el Krunchy: (2:14:35 AM) i hope that happens soon enough for me.. 
  530. el Krunchy: (2:14:37 AM) im out
  531. zznightmaree: (2:14:45 AM) I haven't gotten over what happened to me 2 years ago
  532. zznightmaree: (2:14:50 AM) This will be no different
  533. zznightmaree: (2:14:54 AM) because at least that was concrete
  534. zznightmaree: (2:14:58 AM) and I knew she cheated on my
  535. zznightmaree: (2:15:01 AM) so it was never real
  536. zznightmaree: (2:15:10 AM) this is open ended, and Nate fucked it all up
  537. zznightmaree: (2:15:27 AM) I knew when that girl cheated on me that it was always fake and it never counted because she never cared about me
  538. zznightmaree: (2:15:40 AM) But since Nate did this....I'll never know because he betrayed my trust
  539. zznightmaree: (2:15:50 AM) so I'll be thinking about this for the rest of my life
  540. zznightmaree: (2:15:55 AM) wondering what "could have been"
  541. leftmiddie26: (2:16:59 AM) i honestly dont know man, i haven't talked to you or jenelle in this mess - the only one whos had a GLIMPSE at the full truth is Nate and i can't begin to think that he'd do this intentionally to hurt you
  542. leftmiddie26: (2:17:28 AM) im sry that you have a dark past from another girl
  543. zznightmaree: (2:17:59 AM) when your girlfriend loses her virginity to your best friend
  544. zznightmaree: (2:18:02 AM) you don't get over it
  545. zznightmaree: (2:18:05 AM) very easily
  546. zznightmaree: (2:18:10 AM) and this got me over
  547. zznightmaree: (2:18:11 AM) it
  548. zznightmaree: (2:18:18 AM) and Nate took it away from me
  549. zznightmaree: (2:18:19 AM) and for that
  550. zznightmaree: (2:18:26 AM) I'll hate him for the rest of my life
  551. leftmiddie26: (2:19:50 AM) that is pretty incredibly terrible
  552. leftmiddie26: (2:19:59 AM) and it sucks you had to go through that
  553. leftmiddie26: (2:20:10 AM) but that's not what happened here
  554. zznightmaree: (2:20:33 AM) What happened here is I met the only girl since then that made me get over it
  555. zznightmaree: (2:20:40 AM) the only girl that I cared about more than I cared about myself
  556. zznightmaree: (2:20:51 AM) and Nate just took it away from me after I thought I could trust him with my life
  557. zznightmaree: (2:20:57 AM) that kills me
  558. zznightmaree: (2:21:03 AM) it literally fucking kills me
  559. leftmiddie26: (2:21:07 AM) can you explain how exactly he took it away from you
  560. leftmiddie26: (2:21:11 AM) im really missing that part
  561. zznightmaree: (2:21:22 AM) Because I told nate what I did with her
  562. zznightmaree: (2:21:27 AM) because I HAD to talk to someone
  563. zznightmaree: (2:21:29 AM) that's like
  564. zznightmaree: (2:21:33 AM) a lifechanging event
  565. zznightmaree: (2:21:42 AM) so I picked him because I had confidence in him
  566. zznightmaree: (2:21:47 AM) and he told people
  567. zznightmaree: (2:21:52 AM) He told her best friend
  568. zznightmaree: (2:21:55 AM) he told mike
  569. zznightmaree: (2:21:59 AM) and he straight up
  570. zznightmaree: (2:22:00 AM) told her
  571. zznightmaree: (2:22:03 AM) and now
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  573. zznightmaree: (2:22:23 AM) she can't trust me, and it's understandable... I straight up broke her trust by even talking to someone
  574. zznightmaree: (2:22:46 AM) and I guess I was stupid for thinking I could trust anyone. I should have just talked to someone that didn't know her.
  575. leftmiddie26: (2:22:50 AM) john
  576. zznightmaree: (2:22:52 AM) but that's life
  577. zznightmaree: (2:22:54 AM) and he ruined mine
  578. leftmiddie26: (2:22:58 AM) you're being incredibly hard on yourself
  579. leftmiddie26: (2:23:11 AM) for someone who's been the victim
  580. leftmiddie26: (2:23:17 AM) you really shouldnt be blaming yourself
  581. leftmiddie26: (2:23:29 AM) you made a mistake by telling someone
  582. leftmiddie26: (2:23:31 AM) that is obvious
  583. leftmiddie26: (2:23:41 AM) but not because it was nate
  584. leftmiddie26: (2:23:52 AM) but because for whatever reason, she didnt want people to know
  585. leftmiddie26: (2:23:56 AM) doesnt that sound odd to you
  586. leftmiddie26: (2:24:01 AM) with all these rumors flying around
  587. leftmiddie26: (2:24:27 AM) nate should not have told michael, that was breaking your trust
  588. leftmiddie26: (2:24:29 AM) thats wrong
  589. leftmiddie26: (2:24:37 AM) but then again he has an obligation to michael
  590. leftmiddie26: (2:24:57 AM) he really was caught in a bind and everyhting hes done has been AGAINST JENELLE not you
  591. leftmiddie26: (2:25:04 AM) he loves you
  592. leftmiddie26: (2:25:55 AM) i really dont think you and jenelle are completely done forever and ever
  593. zznightmaree: (2:26:09 AM) change the "you" to "he" and the "friend" to "loved me"
  594. zznightmaree: (2:26:10 AM) zznightmaree: (2:12:46 AM) If you were my friend, you would have spend days thinking about what to do after that AIM conversation. You would have sweat thinking about it. You would have analyzed what my reaction would be, and if you really cared...you wouldn't have done anything. You wouldn't have stabbed me in the back like that because I was happy, and idc if you are "saving me". I was fucking happy...and you ruined it...and me.
  595. zznightmaree: (2:26:15 AM) same fucking concept
  596. leftmiddie26: (2:27:01 AM) ok well i guess here is where we part ways then
  597. leftmiddie26: (2:27:08 AM) because i hear everything you're saying
  598. leftmiddie26: (2:27:11 AM) i really do i swear
  599. leftmiddie26: (2:27:15 AM) i just dont agree with it
  600. zznightmaree: (2:27:17 AM) If she really ever loved me, she'll give me a second chance. that's the bottom line.
  601. leftmiddie26: (2:27:21 AM) because ive learned more than you
  602. leftmiddie26: (2:27:23 AM) respectfully
  603. leftmiddie26: (2:27:30 AM) yes
  604. leftmiddie26: (2:27:34 AM) she should give you a second chance
  605. zznightmaree: (2:27:49 AM) If I called her crying like I did
  606. zznightmaree: (2:27:53 AM) she should give me a second chance
  607. zznightmaree: (2:27:56 AM) if she ever even cared
  608. zznightmaree: (2:28:34 AM) I'm getting off
  609. zznightmaree: (2:28:36 AM) later
  610. leftmiddie26: (2:28:49 AM) pce
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