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  1. "{\"the-game\":{\"title\":\"The Game\",\"numInTitle\":true,\"dominantImage\":\"left\",\"subtitle\":\"Trees and Cones\",\"slogan\":\"Manufactured in sizes ranging from small pieces – perfect as work desk decoration, to giant, breathtaking models, ideal for town squares, gardens or shopping malls. Originally produced in traditional green, now refreshed with full range of colors.\",\"content\":\"Traditional or modern christmas decoration? Our design departament loves working with your infinite ideas. We can make it all happen! Really!\",\"products\":{\"header\":\"Trees & Cones product range\"},\"video\":{\"url\":\"./assets/videos/game.mp4\",\"thumb\":\"./assets/videos/game.jpg\"}},\"as-long-as\":{\"title\":\"As longs as\",\"numInTitle\":true,\"dominantImage\":\"left\",\"subtitle\":\"Garlands\",\"slogan\":\"One of the most iconic decorations, chosen to create highly traditional atmosphere during this special time of the year. Spruce Christmas garlands are manufactured from durable materials, which at the same time look virtually as natural tree.\",\"content\":\"The choice varies from standard versions, through dense ones, to candy, moon shapes and already decorated models with papillotes, ribbons or balls.\",\"products\":{\"header\":\"Garlands product range\"},\"video\":{\"url\":\"./assets/videos/as-long-as.mp4\",\"thumb\":\"./assets/videos/as-long-as.jpg\"}},\"bus-stop\":{\"title\":\"Bus Stop\",\"numInTitle\":true,\"dominantImage\":\"right\",\"subtitle\":\"Other Deco\",\"slogan\":\"Simple or tastefully decorated Christmas decorations create fantastic atmosphere and can be used indoors and outdoors: hanged or just placed. Traditional natural looking products or modern abstract elements – imagination is the limit.\",\"content\":\"The most indispensable element of typical Christmas decoration can be mixed in every configuration with our other products.\",\"products\":{\"header\":\"Other deco possibilities\"},\"video\":{\"url\":\"./assets/videos/bus-stop.mp4\",\"thumb\":\"./assets/videos/bus-stop.jpg\"}},\"labirynth\":{\"title\":\"Labiryth\",\"numInTitle\":true,\"dominantImage\":\"left\",\"subtitle\":\"Floor & Panels\",\"slogan\":\"Get lost in decorative possibilities with our spruce panels and carpets tachnology. Every shape, size and finishing is possible. Imagine infinite and atmospheres worlds that can be created using this kind of unlimited spatial planning.\",\"content\":\"Each panel or floor is assembled with our in-house manufactured elements. You can choose from full variety of our finishing systems.\",\"products\":{\"header\":\"Floor and panels product range\"},\"video\":{\"url\":\"./assets/videos/game.mp4\",\"thumb\":\"./assets/videos/labirynth.jpg\"}},\"the-lottery\":{\"title\":\"The Lottery\",\"numInTitle\":true,\"dominantImage\":\"right\",\"subtitle\":\"Baubles\",\"slogan\":\"We offer all variety of safe, atested, glass or plastic christmas baubles and balls. We got all sorts and colors but if you will not find ones to your tase we can personalise them with your choice of colors and finishings.\",\"content\":\"The most indispensable element of typical Christmas decoration can be mixed in every configuration with our other products.\",\"products\":{\"header\":\"Baubles product range\"},\"video\":{\"url\":\"./assets/videos/bus-stop.mp4\",\"thumb\":\"./assets/videos/the-lottery.jpg\"}},\"chess\":{\"title\":\"Chess\",\"numInTitle\":true,\"dominantImage\":\"right\",\"subtitle\":\"Cutouts\",\"slogan\":\"If you can imagine it, you can basically cut it from one of our materials which vary from wood to metal or plastic glass. Cut will take Your projects into another dimension of detailed shapes, exciting surfaces, and box built large scale elements\",\"content\":\"The most indispensable element of typical Christmas decoration can be mixed in every configuration with our other products.\",\"products\":{\"header\":\"Cutout solutions\"},\"video\":{\"url\":\"./assets/videos/game.mp4\",\"thumb\":\"./assets/videos/chess.jpg\"}},\"bonus\":{\"title\":\"BONUS\",\"numInTitle\":false,\"subtitle\":\"The making of\",\"slogan\":\"All scenographic elements used in our movies were custom designed and produced in house. That effort was a big adventure for us. We hope it also shows that we have lot of fresh ideas and production possibilities that can be used in Your projects\",\"products\":{\"header\":\"Thank you for watching and dont foget to check\"},\"video\":{\"url\":\"./assets/videos/bus-stop.mp4\",\"thumb\":\"./assets/videos/bonus.jpg\"}}}"
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