A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Yang TF) Chapter 9

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  1. I was just staring at the mirror. I was just like Ruby Rose when she foes to sleep. This confirms that I can indeed transform into females from other series. This however leaves me at another question. How the hell did I transform without even trying? The only thing I did last night was thinking about how excited I was for volume 4. Whatever. I just need to transform back into Maya and get to school.
  3. I concentrated on my Magatama and focused only on Maya. I waited, but nothing happened. “Why am I not transforming back?” I was now scared. Was I doing something wrong? I looked at the necklace. “Is it broken or something?”
  5. All of a sudden a poof of smoke appeared in front of me and enveloped the room. I coughed and waved my hands around trying to get it to go away. After a few seconds, it disappeared and I was met with something that I was really not hoping to run into for the next three weeks.
  7. It was my mother. “Hello! How’s your week been?” Or at least a copy of my mother. It disgusted me to see her give the heartwarming smile my mother would give me.
  9. “Why are you here!? Aren’t we supposed to meet in three more weeks?” I was furious, but more so annoyed.
  11. She tried to look sad form what I said. “Aw. Is there something wrong with a mother wanting to see her son?”
  13. “It is when that person isn’t your real mother and not just kidnapped her, but started to impersonate her!” I was getting more and more angry.
  15. She looked like she was actually happy today which made me nervous. “Have you done anything to my mother?”
  17. “Who me? Why of course not! I am not that type of person. I cross my heart.” She continued to do so. Who is she trying to be, America’s next star actor? If I was the producer, I would give her the main character role right on the spot. At least she seems to be telling the truth.
  19. “I am here today for a different reason. Mainly for your little necklace.” She pointed at it.
  21. I backed away clutching it close to me. “You better not be here to take it!”
  23. She looked genially upset. “Whom do you take me for? A thief? If I wanted to, I could easily make it disappear from your neck without even lifting a finger. I also have a ton back at home. I have collected intel that something may be wrong with it.”
  25. I glared at her. “You mean you stalked me.”
  27. “Stalked you? I am not a stalker. I will have you know I was just observing you from afar.”
  29. “So you were stalking me.”
  31. It was evident that she was getting pissed. “Whatever. Back to the necklace. I have good news and bad news for you. Which do you want first?”
  33. I sighed and replied, “The bad news please.”
  35. “Well, you were too far away from the Magatama for a certain period of time making you transform without wanting to.”
  37. “What do you mean? I always have it near me. I even slept with it on.”
  39. “What about when you were in the shower? You were in there for about twenty minutes and you necklace was over five meters away. That counts as something.”
  41. I was now the one getting pissed again. “Does it only take that much time and distance to have malfunctions? I was nervous that something may happen to it if it got wet. Also, how did you know I took a shower last night?”
  43. “Didn’t I tell you that I was observing you?” She means stalking. That was odd. After thinking that, she looked pissed off again. Must’ve been my imagination. “Don’t worry though. It will only last until you complete a certain requirement.”
  45. I asked, “What type of requirement?”
  47. She laughed, “Oh! It’s nothing. It’s an easy one. The only problem though is that it’s random. It may that a day or could take a few.”
  49. She paused and I was getting annoyed once again so I snapped at her. “Well, what is the requirement?”
  51. “No need to be so jumpy, I was getting to that. What will happen is that you will transform into five random female characters when you least expect it. You have already done it once as I could see. You only have four more to go. It doesn’t matter where or when it happens. If you completely forget about the necklace accidentally for a second, you will transform into the first character that comes to mind within that second. There’s a catch though. Everyone around you will notice the transformation, but you won’t notice or feel the changes until the whole transformation is over. If you were to look down midway through the transformation, you would only see what you look like from the previous transformation. It’s almost like an invisible cloak is around you that only you can’t see. Ironic isn’t it?
  53. You do have a little hope though. If the minute happens, you won’t turn into that character for another five minutes, so if you noticed that you weren’t thinking about your situation at all, you can go and hide and let the transformation happen. You also won’t be able to transform back into your original form as Maya until you have been in the last transformation for half an hour.”
  55. I tried to take it all in. It seemed like a lot of information, but it was all simple enough. “But wait. What do I do about school?”
  57. She shrugged, “Not my problem. Now that we are done, bye bye!”
  59. I tried to yell for her to wait, but she vanquished into the smoke that also made her appear here. I guess I should call the school and tall them I am sick. Isn’t this the best way to start the school year?
  61. I decided to go out and see if I can find a job while I was skipping school. I knew that it would be unlikely since I would need to apply with Maya’s body to get a job, but anything is possible. Looking at me makes that statement 100% positive.
  63. I went into my closet to find Ruby’s red hood. I little less than what I could hope for as being normal, but same could go for Maya’s clothing. I put it on and noticed that there was a large red object on the ground. Upon further inspection, I noticed it was her scythe in gun mode.
  65. I picked it up and observed it. “Wow. This is the real thing…right?” I noticed a little button on it and pressed it. All of a sudden, it came to life and unraveled. I thought I would drop it, but I instinctively twirled it around like Ruby did. I guess being Ruby came with her extra inhuman strength and her superb coordination.
  67. However, I didn’t grab all her coordination or knowledge on the weapon since I accidentally pulled it and shoot a massive round through the roof. “I hope I transform soon so the bullet can disappear and I won’t be taken in by the police.” I put the scythe away and headed into town.
  69. I walked around and went to different places to try and get a job. Sadly, I was fruitless in my endeavors. Since I wasn’t in the main body, I was asking around if they can reserve a job for a friend, but they were all saying I needed my friend to apply and they wouldn’t accept a request from a random stranger. I even became desperate enough to go to a maid café, but they even said no. What surprised me was that my city, let alone my country had a maid café. I am in Toronto after all. I guess Anime North is really making its way into people’s minds.
  71. One thing I noticed was that I wasn’t tired at all from walking. I checked my phone to see it display 3:00 pm. I have been out for about six hours now it would seem. Perhaps it’s Ruby’s semblance of super speed that includes the endurance in her legs. She even has strength and coordination to add to her body. Her body is so deceiving.
  73. How am I supposed to make money at this rate? I can’t even get a job with this body. Too bad I don’t have any identification, but even if I did, I would look a bit odd. I look like a cute grim reaper without the scythe in hands. The hood looks to be like Red like Roses as well. There must be a convenient way to get some money. If there is a god, and I suppose there is at this time in my life, throw something my way.
  75. In the distance I heard, “Come one come all! We are holding a race for $100! All you need to do is beat everyone else and it’s yours!” Maybe a helpful god does exist.
  77. “I would like to join!” I ran up and yelled. He offered me a sign-up sheet. I signed my name and he said that it would start in fifteen minutes. I looked at my phone and read 3:15 pm, which meant it would start at 3:30 pm.
  79. I left into a back alley to try something out. I ran and I sped across it with rose petals in my trail. I slipped and scrapped my arm. “Ouch! I may have Ruby’s semblance, but I can’t control it yet. I must be careful when using it in the race. Hopefully no one gets mad at me for dropping random rose petals since I don’t want them to think I am taunting any of them.” I noticed that blood was streaming down my arm and clutched it.
  81. I tore off part of my hood and wrapped it around the wound to try and stop the bleeding. I managed to do it after a few seconds and got up. I walked back to the race and got ready since it was just about time for it to start.
  83. The man brought out a speakerphone, which I assumed, annoyed any pedestrians walking by. “On your marks! Get set. GO!!!”
  85. I may have gone overboard a smidgen. I ran even faster than before and in no time, I broke through the ribbon. I caught a glimpse of people’s expressions before an unfortunate turn of events happened. I noticed I was just centimeters in front of wall. In those milliseconds, my life froze and only one thought popped into my head. This is going to hurt more than when Yang got hit by that massive robot. Then everything went black.
  87. I woke up on the ground with people surrounding me. I was still a bit out of it, but I was slowly getting up. I noticed a nurse treating my head. I felt blood flowing down it. “How long have I been out for?”
  89. She looked at me worriedly and replied, “You have been out for only three minutes. People don’t usually get up after that much time with an injury like this, but it seems you didn’t take as much as others would. You were extremely fast. You must’ve been practicing your life for this type of thing.”
  91. Three minutes I was out…wait, did she say three minutes? I just remembered what I thought about before I crashed. “Oh shit!” I seemed to have startled her, but I was going to make sure she wasn’t going to be even more started in about a minute. “Thank you so much for treating me! I got to go now. Bye!”
  93. I quickly sprung upwards and ran. I heard her yelling for me to wait, but I had no time. If what the imposter was telling me before was in fact true, I was going to transform in less than a minute. I ran back into the same alleyway and made sure no one followed.
  95. When I was done looking. I slowly walked further into the alleyway and collapsed onto my knees from exhaustion. I decided to stay there for a few minutes since I wouldn’t know if I was transforming until it was all over.
  97. Unbeknownst to me, my clothing changed first. For the first time, everything just disappeared and left me naked. I however didn’t know this and I thought I was still wearing Ruby’s clothing. A yellow undershirt/bra appeared over my chest, but was to big more my breasts. I black emblem appeared over the left side displaying fire. Panties and brown and black short shorts appeared around my upper hips to keep others from seeing my private regions. A short brown jacket wrapped around me leaving my bellybutton exposed and did itself up until under my breast leaving the top visible. The sleeves stops at beneath my elbows leaving more than half of my arms exposed. A yellow scarf wrapped around my neck to top off the jacket. A yellow stocking went up most of my left leg, but none appeared on my right leg. Long brown boots appeared over my feet with a bandana above each boot. The one above my left boot and over my stocking was a gray one and the one above my right boot was yellow matching the scarf around my neck. The part of my hood that was keeping my wound on my arm at bay disappeared allowing it to leak out again. To finish off the clothing changes, I grew black gloves over my hands that left my fingers exposed with gauntlets just under them that were Yang’s weapon Ember Celica. Most off her clothing would look baggy on me from other’s perspectives.
  99. Now that all the clothing has been changed, it was time for my physical attributes to change. The first was my height. I was five feet and two inches tall as Ruby and I grew to about five feet and eight inches tall to match Yang’s height. My breasts grew afterward going from BB-cups to breasts that looked to be about DD-cups. Truly bigger than what anyone needs. My butt grew out a more along with my hips cracking outwards more as well making me have a spot on hourglass figure. My thighs even grew a bit at the same time. My Adam’s apple configured into a new voice once again, this time being Yang’s happy go lucky voice. My face got more mature, more than what you would see at my age and it altered in shape. My eyes went from silver to blood red, yet they weren’t bloodshot.  Her eyes are normally lilac, but change to red from time to time in certain situations. Last but certainly not least, my hair grew down from my shoulders to just above my butt. From there, it changed from black and red to bright gold.
  101. After that last change, my eyes went hazy. I rubbed them for a second and saw whom I looked like. I grabbed my arm to try and stop the bleeding and felt blood circle around my left eye and down my cheek.
  103. I groaned and said, “I need to get this treated. I hope authorities for wearing Yang’s gauntlets don’t question me. They will probably think that they are just for show.”
  105. I got up slowly to feel the massive weight on my chest and looked down. I noticed that they were slightly bigger than even Mia’s and I was having trouble seeing my feet. They jiggled a bit when I moved. I sighed, “Why must I have these again?”
  108. To Be Continued…
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