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  1. 01[19:05] <~Awry> 6The automobile carries them to town soundly, if not smoothly. It wasn't a very luxurious car, but comfortable enough for their purposes. Some people here and there in the quaint touristy village were still having late breakfasts, chirping to each other about other issues on Vespera, or perhaps even from abroad.
  2. [19:08] <CaptainCrunch> "Man, look at all the rich people." 6Crunch eyeballed the tourist from his window seat, his expression a little melancholy.
  3. 06[19:08] * Alroth-[Adept] pats Crunch on the shoulder. "One day buddy."
  4. 06[19:10] * Franco wakes up as the car hits a bump. Looking around at his friends startled, he does not remember getting out of bed.
  5. 06[19:10] * Kellus shrugs. "You can look into getting rich after we finish the mission, Crunch."
  6. 06[19:11] * Kael sitting in his seat, picking at scabs idiosyncraticly
  7. [19:12] <CaptainCrunch> "I spend all of my money on guns." 6The Tech Priest continued to whine.
  8. [19:12] <Alroth-[Adept]> "...S-Save for...bigger guns?"
  9. [19:13] <Alroth-[Adept]> "T-Then you can be rich f-for a bit at l-least."
  10. 06[19:13] * Franco contemplates the next move
  11. [19:13] <Franco> "you say there was an asylum to search, right?
  12. [19:14] <Franco> "an abandonded one. that means that someone else has to take care of the crazies in this town."
  13. 06[19:14] * Kellus checks the dataslate. "Yes, that was one of the suspect areas."
  14. [19:15] <Franco> "If we can find a shrink, they might be able to tell us about the aslyum, and that will give us a better idea of what to expect there"
  15. 01[19:15] <~Awry> 6According to a tourist guide they have picked up there were a few possible centers where they could gather information about the asylum.
  16. 06[19:15] * Alroth-[Adept] whines quietly. "C-Can we s-stop for the paper?"
  17. [19:15] <Kellus> "It says here that it's abandoned, though." She looks out the window at the scenery. Definitely better than the librariums, anyway.
  18. 01[19:15] <~Awry> 6There were a few local doctors, and a medicae bay for the island's wounded.
  19. 06[19:16] * Alroth-[Adept] looks like a poor nerd in need of reading material at this point.
  20. [19:16] <CaptainCrunch> "Hey Kel," 6Crunch scooted up to her and pulled out his own data-slate. 1"Can I get a copy of those files?"
  21. 06[19:16] * Franco quickly whips out his gun and levels it at Alroth's head "did you say something?"
  22. 06[19:16] * Kael sinks into his seat, sullen at his great blunders yesterday night
  23. [19:16] <Franco> "Sounds to me like someone isn't focused on our mission"
  24. 01[19:17] <~Awry> 6Birds were chirping, and the sky was bright and blue. Most of the people they saw on the streets were attractive, a few of the woman skimpily dressed because of the warm weather. Crunch and Franco likely had something to admire. From afar, of course.
  25. 06[19:17] * Kellus sighs. "Franco, stop threatening the driver. We need him to live."
  26. [19:17] <Franco> "Might i take this time to remind you, and everyone, that our mission is the most important thing in our lives right now"
  27. 06[19:17] * Alroth-[Adept] squeals in fear, the car jerking left and right before he can wrangle it back under control.
  28. 06[19:18] * Franco shakes from the violent driving and looks over to Kellus. " As you say Commander"
  29. 06[19:18] * Kellus leans back and looks across at Crunch. "Sure." She proceeds to upload a copy of Brown's data onto Crunch's dataslate.
  30. 06[19:18] * Kellus snorts. "Hardly."
  31. 06[19:19] * Alroth-[Adept] whimpers to himself sadly. "J-Just w-wanted t-the p-paper...."
  32. 01[19:19] <~Awry> 6Perhaps the local administratum building would have data on the asylum itself, rather than gossip or more first-hand information.
  33. [19:19] <CaptainCrunch> "Oh yeah! I like it when you torrent me, Kelly." 6Crunch's goggles wiggled around like he was trying to eyebrow her.
  34. 06[19:20] * Kellus gives Crunch a death-stare. "Don't make me choke you with my mind."
  35. 06[19:20] * Franco leans in close to Alroth "I know, but we must grow beyond our own desires. we are in service to the emporer afterall"
  36. 06[19:20] * Franco pats alroth's shoulder friendly and moves back. "why not take us to the administration building of this town? maybe someone there will have information regarding the aslyum"
  37. 06[19:21] * Alroth-[Adept] perks up with glee at the mention of the Administratum. THEY HAD BOOKS. And the car takes off.
  38. [19:21] <CaptainCrunch> "This data isn't really compiled," 6Crunch's focus wandered down to the data he just uploaded. He tapped loudly over the touch pad of his slate, paging through the pages and pages of information Brown supplied. 1"First thing we should do is dig out some actual schematics of our target locations."
  39. 06[19:23] * Kellus nods and examines her dataslate. "If you take the next left, then the second right and follow the road we should see it on the right."
  40. 06[19:23] * Alroth-[Adept] does so, as fast as he legally can!
  41. [19:24] <Kellus> "We might be able to get that information from the Administratum as well. We can't make it look too suspect, anyway."
  42. [19:24] <CaptainCrunch> "We should be able to get the information in the Hall-o'-Records," 6Crunch said confidentally. 1"I can do my Adeptus Mechanicus schtick to the desk jockies and if that doesn't work, Franco can always blow their heads off."
  43. 01[19:25] <~Awry> 6After a fifteen minute stop by a PDF who pulled them over with sirens because Alroth was swerving around, they walk out of their car towards the massive grey rockcrete building that they pull up next to.
  44. 06[19:25] * Franco smirks at the Captain. "You betcha"
  45. 06[19:26] * Alroth-[Adept] hops out of the car gleefully, almost skipping into the building, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
  46. [19:26] <Kellus> "So this is the administratim." 6Kellus dusts herself off and follows Alroth into the building.
  47. 06[19:27] * Franco looks to Kellus "May I makea suggestion?"
  48. 06[19:27] * Kael slowly gets out, very timid and afraid
  49. [19:27] <Kellus> 6She stops, mid-stride. "Yes?"
  50. 01[19:27] <~Awry> 6The aide who sits behind the desk is a pretty young woman for how drably she dresses, in the unlively gray of the Adeptus Administratum. She looks up with watery green eyes that lack any sort of makeup to accompany them. "Good morning. May I help you?"
  51. 06[19:28] * Franco points towards CC and Alroth "send these 2 bookworms into the records hall to search for information about the building. The rest come with me and see if we can't find out what people know about the history
  52. 03[19:29] * Kellus_ (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  53. 06[19:29] * Kael follows franco
  54. [19:30] <Alroth-[Adept]> "D-Do you guys h-have a library?" He seems eager to explore this new Administratum building. He'd never really dealt with ones beyond the one he tended to. Perhaps they had droves of interesting books beyond the records as well?
  55. 02[19:30] * Kellus (Tarvus@DD50A008.3327499.BDF48298.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  56. 03[19:30] * Kellus_ is now known as Kellus
  57. 01[19:30] <~Awry> 6The rest of the building is locked off until they talk to the aide. She looks strangely at Franco, who seems to be giving directions to places they haven't gotten the permission to go to.
  58. 01[19:31] <~Awry> "Indeed we do, adept," 6she says, recognizing Alroth's robes. "May I have some identification?"
  59. [19:32] <CaptainCrunch> "Beep-boop, greetings fleshbag!" 6Crunch popped up in front of the counter, 1"by order of the Imperium, I, Mister Gates, have been sent to, beep-boop, upload your island building schemantics and blue print records to adjust our current data base back in, beep-boop, Mars."
  60. 06[19:32] * Alroth-[Adept] proudly presents said identification, all too proud of the building he had tended to. This seemed to be one of the few places he was truely at home.
  61. 06[19:32] * Kellus quietly thwaps Crunch on the back of the head.
  62. [19:33] <CaptainCrunch> "Dah." 6Crunch fell against the counter slightly.
  63. 06[19:33] * Franco sneaks up beside crunch and Kellus. "please forgive our friend, he's a little crazy. Actually, thats why we are here."
  64. 06[19:33] * Kael stooper over crunch shoulder and wispers into his ear "Crunchie... not sure you should've said that.."
  65. [19:34] <Franco> "You see, he's gotten so much worse since the accident. He's more then we can handle. We were reccomended to an aslyum here in town, but I can't seem to find it."
  66. 03[19:35] * ALT-F4 (ALT-F4@6887AC32.8FB9B88B.A5F4D19.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  67. 01[19:35] <~Awry> 6The girl runs Alroth's identification through the cogitator, and it utters some sort of confirmational noise. "Adept Alroth, no surname. Welcome. The librarium is on the second floor, behind the door to the left." 6She then turns her teal gaze to Franco and the tech-priest who had just made a series of inane comments. --
  68. [19:35] <ALT-F4> (don't mind me, just watching)
  69. 06[19:36] * Kael stps back and leans to Franco's ear and wispers "er... isn't that place long since abandoned...?"
  70. 01[19:37] <~Awry> 6Despite her age, she immediately strikes them as a no nonsense, administratum type character. "Sir, the only asylum on this island was closed down several years ago. There are more than enough facilities on the mainland that would be willing to accept your friend. Now, I would ask him to leave the building if you would have --
  71. 01[19:39] <~Awry> him committed." 6She's eyeing the techpriest. She looks at Franco, detemining whether or not he was desperate or some sort of sick con. After a few moments, she seems to be convinced. "I would rather he not pose a danger to our employees, sir."
  72. [19:39] <CaptainCrunch> "Uh, yeah, I want to become one with my toaster." 6Crunch muttered softly as he felt the squeeze of Kellus, Kael, and Franco surrounding him.
  73. 01[19:40] <~Awry> 7The girl gave them a worried look. "How long has he been like that?"
  74. 06[19:40] * Alroth-[Adept] actually proceeds to skip his way towards the librarium gleefully.
  75. 06[19:41] * Franco grabs Kael and moves him towards Crunch "Take your Brother out to the Car, Sam. I need to speak with this young woman" Looking back to the aide, he asks "what happened to this asylum. I heard of it a long time ago"
  76. 01[19:41] <~Awry> 6After passing a bunch of dour men and woman, the adept eventually gets to the librarium, filled to the brim with books, with two levels to it and ladders everywhere to reach the particularly-towering shelves.
  77. 06[19:42] * Kael gently holds crunch and walks him toward the car "come on Crunchie.. let's take a seat in the nice car..."
  78. [19:42] <CaptainCrunch> "Since the accident, apparently!" 6Crunch yelled over his shoulder as he was lead away. He slipped his data slate into Alroth's hand before he went, wanting copies of anything useful he might pick up.
  79. [19:42] <Kellus> 6Kellus realizes that there's nothing more she can really do here, and quietly follows Awry.
  80. 01[19:44] <~Awry> [Alroth?]
  81. 06[19:44] * Franco looks back at Crunch and Kael as they leave "He hasn't always been this bad, only just recently. He's been getting worse his whole life though."
  82. [19:44] <Kellus> [Alroth. Derp.]
  83. 01[19:45] <~Awry> 6The girl does not exactly respond to that. "Why do you want to know about the asylum?" 6she asks.
  84. [19:45] <Franco> "an old friend of mine used to work at this aslyum, I haven't spoke with him in ages, thought he might be able to help with our friend. Please, I must learn what happened."
  85. 06[19:46] * Alroth-[Adept] squeals extra quietly in glee. And then remembers Franco's gunpointing with a sour smile. He might as well try to find something on the the asylum, the clock tower, hell, all those places they mentioned, just in case. Then he could search for books on exotic, amazing things, places, weapons, stories...
  86. 01[19:47] <~Awry> "It was used as a prison perhaps three centuries ago, and then perhaps about one hundred and twenty years back it was converted to a sanitarium, sir. It closed down twenty... four, now, years back."
  87. [19:47] <CaptainCrunch> Crunch climbed on top of the car's trunk and took a seat. He crossed his arms and hunched forward, obviously sulking. 1"WELL! At least I gave them an opening..." 6He paused and examined Kael in his haggard state. 1"Look at us. A couple of first class Acolytes right here."
  88. [19:48] <Kael> "indeed, prime inquisition material, really,"
  89. [19:48] <Kellus> 6 Kellus comes to a stop beside Alroth. She looks at him, then at the librarium. "What's that evil smile for, Alroth?'
  90. 01[19:48] <~Awry> 6A very tall, very stick-like man with a pair of spectacles upon his hawk-like nose comes up behind Kellus and Alroth suddenly from behind a bookcase.
  91. [19:49] <CaptainCrunch> "10 Thrones says Franco will come back with that ladies phone number, wallet, and panties." 6Crunch rubbed his fingers together.
  92. 03[19:50] * Kellus_ (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  93. [19:50] <Kael> "Crunch, i really need to get fixed up.."
  94. 01[19:51] <~Awry> "Mm-hmm, excuuuuse me. May I heeeeelp you?" 6he asks with a throaty, deep voice.
  95. 06[19:51] * Franco nods at the aide while she speaks. "I see. He must be long gone by now... 24 years ago! I wouldn't even know where to start looking.. . . unless. . . "
  96. 02[19:51] * Kellus (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  97. 03[19:51] * Kellus_ is now known as Kellus
  98. [19:52] <CaptainCrunch> "Aw, you just need some soda and a good nap on the couch." 6Crunch turned and studied him.
  99. 01[19:52] <~Awry> 6The aide squinted slightly at Franco. He didn't even look twenty-four, much less older...
  100. 06[19:53] * Alroth-[Adept] almost bounces out of his skin at Kellus' voice. Right. He had -companions-. "J-Just planning on h-how to l-look around..." He looks up at the man quietly, with a small smile. "D-Do you know w-where I might find a-anything on p-places of interest around here? T-The abandoned asylum, the c-clock tower, the e-eco dome, the c-crumbling cathedral, the d-derelict opera house, a-and there w-were...
  101. 06[19:53] * Alroth-[Adept] ...rumors about an e-eco-dome? P-Places like that m-make for good stories."
  102. 01[19:54] <~Awry> 6The man stared down at Alroth in displeasure. He loomed more than a little bit. "And whyyyyyy exactly would you need such information... *adept*?"
  103. [19:56] <Kellus> 6 Kellus does her best at looking inconspicuous.
  104. 06[19:57] * Franco "I wonder, would there be any records of employees at the time of closure?"
  105. 01[19:59] <~Awry> 6The man's displeasure angles towards the psyker. "And whooooo is this woman, adept?"
  106. 01[19:59] <~Awry> "There would be, sir, but I am most certainly not allowed to release them to the public."
  107. [20:00] <Kellus> 6 Kellus coughs quietly. "I'm just here to take notes, sir. He's writing a book, and I take his notes down for him." 6She gives an airhead smile.
  108. 06[20:01] * Alroth-[Adept] sighs quietly. "She's just a companion of mine. She's accompanying me."
  109. 01[20:03] <~Awry> 6The looming man frowns mightily, and withdraws a closed clipboard from his long gray robe. He clicks it open and removes several sheets of paper. "You must sign applications 46-AX and 46-BX if you are to brinnng an assistant innnto the Emperor's sacred adminnnistratum, adept. May I see your idennntificationnn?"
  110. 01[20:03] <~Awry> 6A man walks up to Crunch and Kael outside while they wait.
  111. 01[20:03] <~Awry> "Hey. Hey guys."
  112. 01[20:04] <~Awry> 6He has a somewhat ragged beard and furtive eyes.
  113. 01[20:04] <~Awry> 6And a dirty trenchcoat hangs about him.
  114. [20:04] <Kael> "Hey bro, whats with you?"
  115. [20:05] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch eyeballed the guy as he approached and jumped down to his feet. He pulled himself to his full height and puffed his chest out a bit, 1"What do you want? We don't have any money, so don't think you can sucker us!"
  116. 01[20:05] <~Awry> "No, man, no. I just wanted to see if you guys wanted some obscura, you know."
  117. 06[20:05] * Alroth-[Adept] retrieves his identification, showing it to the man again. "Honestly, I apologize for this mixup."
  118. 01[20:05] <~Awry> "You've smoked obscura before, right?"
  119. [20:06] <Kael> "maybe,"
  120. 01[20:06] <~Awry> 6The man takes the card and swipes it through a dataslate he produces.
  121. [20:07] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch elbowed Kael, 1"Do we look like a couple of Savlars to you?"
  122. 01[20:07] <~Awry> 6He taps a few runes. "Two administrative infractions have been levied against your account, adept. Let it not happen again."
  123. 06[20:07] * Franco smiles sadly and shakes his head "No, I suppose you wouldn't. thats Okay, you're doing your job very well!" Franco Complemented the Aide. His voice trailed on as he attempted to engage in idle chatter, changing the topic of conversation towards other things.
  124. [20:08] <Kael> "But no, i don't beleive we are in need of any obscura at this point in time, have a good day"
  125. 06[20:08] * Kael says, waving him off timidly
  126. 06[20:08] * Alroth-[Adept] frowns. His record was spotless before this. He takes his I.D. back, and slumps quietly against one of the shelves. His master would be so disappointed to hear about this....
  127. 01[20:09] <~Awry> "Man, are you serious? What about... what about, uh, like, spook. You guys take spook? Care for some spook?"
  128. 01[20:09] <~Awry> "It's legit, man. I've got it all."
  129. 01[20:10] <~Awry> 6The aide was stony once again, eager to get back to her no-doubt boundless work. "Can I help you any further, sir?"
  130. [20:10] <Kellus> 6 Kellus quietly prods him. "We need to find information while we can, Alroth. You can mope later."6 The airhead-ness about her is definitely gone now.
  131. [20:10] <Kael> "you mean that thing that causes everything around you to wither and die? i saw it happen once, i like my garden healthy as it is."
  132. 06[20:11] * Alroth-[Adept] sighs quietly once more. "D-Do least know where I can find those books I was lookng for?"
  133. [20:11] <CaptainCrunch> "Man, this is suppose to be a hoity-toity resort town, what's scum like you doing wandering the street in daylight?" 6Crunch growled.
  134. 01[20:12] <~Awry> 6Bespectacled Lurch points at a particular shelf. "I believe articles on the island's infrastructure and otherwise notable landmarks are kept therein, second shelf. Please do not disturb aught else."
  135. 01[20:12] <~Awry> 6He turns and leaves into the other bookshelves.
  136. 06[20:12] * Franco "well, there was one other thing. I was thinking of checking out this famous clocktower while were in town. I saw a comercial about it the other day."
  137. 06[20:13] * Alroth-[Adept] waves Kellus over to the shelves. "G-Go. I'll...b-be a minute." He seems very distressed about this.
  138. 01[20:14] <~Awry> "Wither and die, man? Naw, man. That's shits debunked, man," 6when Crunch growled at the man, he went limp. "Awright man, okay. No need for that, man. I'm out." 6He hopped over a row of bushes and disappeared down the street.
  139. [20:14] <Kellus> 6 Kellus sighs, walks over, takes down some of the books and flips through them. "You're the one who wanted to read. Not I'm stuck reading..."6She trails off into grumbling.
  140. [20:14] <Kellus> Now*]
  141. [20:15] <Kael> "so crunch, anything new with you?"
  142. 01[20:15] <~Awry> 6The aide looked displeased at having to act a tour guide, and sighed loudly. "Yes. Mostly to interest the tourists in the surrounding areas. The clock tower is a historical site, and may not be visited except without a permit, sir."
  143. 01[20:16] <~Awry> 6The "books" that Alroth finds are actually a collection of old, historical data-broadcasts and newsreels, as well as transcripts of official announcements and overviews of certain places on the island.
  144. 06[20:16] * Franco looks confused. "What, you mean we can't even go see the thing? Why is it interesting if you can't go see it?"
  145. [20:17] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch twitched and turned to Kael slowly, 1"Oh, well. Let me think!" 6He crossed his arms, 1"A few days ago I had a sweet job working inventory in a docking yard and, gee, ever since then I've been within ten feet of you. How about you, Kael? Anything new ith you?"
  146. [20:18] <Kael> "well, care to hear a tale of what happened last night?"
  147. 06[20:19] * Alroth-[Adept] walks over a couple minutes later to assist Kellus in her browsing, with speed garnered from years upon years of browsing through the shelves in librariums, though his bright-eyedness has definitely taken on 'Kicked-Puppy Syndrome' instead.
  148. [20:19] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch covered his face with his hands. 1"Why did I have the feeling it would lead into this..."
  149. 01[20:19] <~Awry> You can see it, sir. From a distance. It's the elegant architecture, as well as the fact that it was erected in the 500s of M41 that make it a tourist spot, not the internal mechanisms. There are a few tech-priests who tend to its arcane workings, sir, and they don't admit people within."
  150. [20:20] <Kael> "well, because that's all that can relaly be said is new.. other than that.. i just said goodbye to my sis for what is probably the last time ever.."
  151. 06[20:22] * Franco nods and smiles "Well, i guess that makes sense then. I'm glad you told me! What do you think they would have done if I had just walked on in there, holding my camera?" Franco Laughs jokingly, but keeps staring at the aide for an answer.
  152. [20:23] <CaptainCrunch> "Oh, that's incredibly sweet..." 6Crunch mumbled, still with his hands covering his face.
  153. 01[20:24] <~Awry> "Probably either detain or kill you, sir."
  154. [20:24] <Kael> "Well, Crunch, do you have any actual siblings? what about your parents?"
  155. [20:24] <Kellus> 6 Kellus has her head buried in information. She's noting anything especially interesting onto the dataslate. "Cheer up, Alroth. Honestly, it's only two infractions."
  156. [20:25] <Alroth-[Adept]> "...I never got infractions before." He keeps himself nose deep in the books, not sounding too talkative right now, between books and the infractions.
  157. [20:26] <CaptainCrunch> "Noooope," 6Crunch leaned back against the car and looked up at the sky. The sun was out, so he couldn't see any of the glows of distant satelittes. 1"I was raised on a small freight ship, I didn't have to put up with any of that family bullshit."
  158. [20:27] <Kellus> 6Kellus pats him on the back. "We all have to make sacrifices in the Emperor's name, Alroth."
  159. 06[20:27] * Franco nods "well now, then I should thank you all the more as you may have saved my life! Would you allow me to buy you dinner sometime?"
  160. [20:28] <Kael> "hm, Caprain, how exactly does a child get inducted into the mechanicus?"
  161. [20:28] <Alroth-[Adept]> "...It wasn't even that. I would've filled out the paperwork if I knew you were coming. It could've been avoided." He pulls his gaze away from the pages to say this. "If it was some other thing, that couldn't be helped, fine, but..." He sighs, shaking his head and returning to his speed-reading.
  162. 01[20:28] <~Awry> "No," she says flatly. "Now you are satisfied with my apparently-part-time job of being a tout in addition to my other relentless duties, perhaps you might remove yourself from our offices, sir, and find a better place to ask your questions."
  163. 01[20:28] <~Awry> [Now, if you are*]
  164. 06[20:29] * Franco smiles and nods. "I thinks perhaps, you might be right." Backing away, he turns quickly to the door and speeds out to the car.
  165. [20:34] <CaptainCrunch> "...the ship's Tech Priest saw me touching the toaster and then there were threats about joining up or becoming a Servitor..." 6Crunch mumbled distantly. He straightened his stance and raised a hand to wave as he saw a familar idiot running through the front door. 1"Franco! Hey Franco!"
  166. 06[20:36] * Kael gets up and gets into the back right window seat as franco makes it for the car
  167. 01[20:36] <~Awry> 6In about an hour or two of both of them searching through archives and clippings, Alroth and Kellus manage to put enough information together to discover that the reason the penitentiary had been turned into an asylum was because the prison itself was snapping its inmates somehow. It was actually a low conversion -
  168. [20:36] <Kael> "i think we should take a seat.."
  169. 01[20:39] <~Awry> 6-- a slow conversion, as the prison had to cope with a suddenly increasing amount of mentally ill convicts. Though they killed many of the mysteriously broken inmates, apparently the high-value criminals were incarcerated in padded rooms and solitar confinement. In the end, the prison was simply fully converted to an asylum, as it was --
  170. [20:39] <Franco> "Captain! Kael! I got some information" Franco sits in the car beside them. In an excited whisper, he said "The aide told me that the Clock Tower is off limits. It's run by Tech-Priests, and they will let no one in without a permit."
  171. 01[20:40] <~Awry> 6-- judged useless to remain half-and-half. Finally, they find that the asylum had been abandoned was because it had been gutted out by a fire, killing most of its residents and most of its staff in a horrific conflagration. Something to do with a gas line.
  172. 06[20:40] * Kael glances at Crunch
  173. [20:40] <Kael> "Where do we get this permit..?"
  174. 06[20:40] * Franco lowered his voice, trying to sound dramatic. "If you they find you there without one, then you answer to them. The result is *detention*, or death!"
  175. [20:41] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch looked back and forth between Franco and Kael and leaned forward, 1"Did they say what they were doing up there? I mean, it could be routine stuff..." 6He paused and made a vague motion, 1"The result is always dentention or death!"
  176. [20:43] <Kael> "well, if all the techpriests on the tower are working with the admech from a year ago, i think we should just jump ship"
  177. [20:43] <Kael> "so for that reason, i don't think hes at the tower"
  178. 06[20:43] * Franco shakes his head. "The tower isn't functional, it's historical architechual landmark. Whatever is inside, it isn't routine."
  179. [20:43] <CaptainCrunch> "I assure you, if we do that the result will be detention or death." 6Crunch said flatly to Kael's suggestion to RUN. RUNNN!!!
  180. [20:44] <Kael> "what are you talking about Crunch?"
  181. [20:45] <Kael> "i said if they work with em, we're at a lost cause anyway"
  182. [20:46] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch shook his head and turned back to Franco, 1"I don't know if this is a good lead. I mean, aside from that, did you get any information to think that those are the tech priests we're looking for?"
  183. 06[20:48] * Franco nodded at Captain Crunch. "Actually, I DID!", he smirked. "even if they are not working with the one we are after, the might know him, or have seen his work. I don't think there are many around on this island, such a small community of priests might know of one another.
  184. 06[20:48] * Alroth-[Adept] finally pulls his head out of the books, sighing. "I'm gonna go browse a bit before we go. Maybe that'll help my mood." He then drifts off into the shelves, just like the good ol' days, plucking out whatever catches his eye to skim over.
  185. 06[20:48] * Kael turns on his microbead  after silencing crunch and fran-
  186. [20:49] <CaptainCrunch> "Well, I guess you have a point there..." 6Crunch set his feet over the shoulder of the driver's seat and sighed.
  187. [20:49] <Kael> "Guys, research on those.. creatures.. you know what i'm talker about kellus, not sure about you Al"
  188. [20:50] <Kellus> 6 Kellus whispers back into her microbead. "I don't even think there would be any research on them, barring what the cog did himself."
  189. [20:51] <Alroth-[Adept]> "...What did they look like again? Maybe I can find out if there's an animal species he was working with or something.."
  190. 01[20:51] <~Awry> 6Something catches Alroth's eye. A book about the history of locks.
  191. 06[20:51] * Franco keys his microbead aswell. "There are tech priests managing the clock tower, how's the aslyum looking?"
  192. 01[20:51] <~Awry> 6Under Lock and Key: A Treatise.
  193. 06[20:52] * Alroth-[Adept] plucks the book from the shelf, sitting nearby and flipping it open to read, going only half as speedily as before, trying to enjoy it this time.
  194. [20:52] <Kellus> "I'll tell you when we get out of here. I don't want to be jumped and dragged off because I'mt alking to myself."
  195. 01[20:54] <~Awry> 6The book contains an extended history of locks and keys, from ancient history to high-technology, speaking of the pros and cons of such systems as biometrics, fingeprint scanners, pheromone sniffers, and other modern technologies.
  196. 01[20:55] <~Awry> [Timeskip to asylum?]
  197. 01[20:55] <~Awry> [Or outside first and then timeskip.]
  198. 06[20:56] * Alroth-[Adept] continues to read, half-waiting for a response from Kael. When he doesn't recieve one, he finally sighs, tucking the book into the shelves and heading back out.
  199. 06[20:56] * Franco nods, even tho Kellus cannot see him. "Hurry, we need to search somewhere today, and unless you got something better, I think the tower may be promising."
  200. 06[20:57] * Kael says to all when get gets into the car "im afraid to descibe 'em over microbead"
  201. [20:57] <Kael> "when you're in there"
  202. [20:57] <Kael> "it might be just a idiosyncacy of mine, but i like to think that anything transmitted is being listened to by someone that's not supposed to
  203. 01[21:01] <~Awry> 6Dusk was settling as they pulled close to where the asylum was supposed to be -- indeed, in the distance they had seen it, a crumbling place set atop a seaside cliff, a citadel of sorts that was more ramshackle than not and obviously extended under the cliff with its facilities. Parking the car some --
  204. 01[21:01] <~Awry> 6while away under the cover of a copse of trees, they begin to approach, partially hidden by the foilage around them.
  205. 03[21:02] * Kellus_ (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  206. 02[21:04] * Kellus (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  207. 03[21:05] * Kellus_ is now known as Kellus
  208. 06[21:06] * Franco is packing heat
  209. 06[21:07] * Alroth-[Adept] is totally stealthy. Well, as stealthy as a nerd with a backpack can be.
  210. [21:08] <Kellus> 6Kellus walks along slowly with her hood up. The recently-purchaced snake is coiled around her neck, its head peaking out the front of the hood. "So. What do you think we'll find in here?"
  211. 06[21:08] * Kael advances, thinking hes the only one actually stealthy
  212. [21:09] <Kael> "nothing, personally"
  213. 03[21:15] * Kellus_ (Tarvus@DD50A008.3327499.BDF48298.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  214. [21:16] <Kael> "personally i don't think we'll find anything"
  215. 02[21:16] * Kellus (Tarvus@427C4763.2629835D.3F4DD085.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  216. 03[21:16] * Kellus_ is now known as Kellus
  217. 01[21:21] <~Awry> 6Waiting by and around the car until the sun fully drips down behind the asylum, they entertain themselves with smalltalk and perhaps some sandwiches until they are ready to move.
  218. 01[21:21] <~Awry> [I meant to say horizon, rather than asylum.]
  219. 06[21:21] * Alroth-[Adept] mourns the lack of a book during this waiting period.
  220. 01[21:21] <~Awry> 6Alroth has only himself to blame, as he did not care to rent out one of the books from the librarium.
  221. 06[21:22] * Alroth-[Adept] knows that. But would you trust a book around these guys? WOULD YOU!?
  222. [21:23] <Kael> "i think it's time we get up.."
  223. [21:24] <Alroth-[Adept]> "S-Shall we go then?"
  224. 01[21:24] <~Awry> 6As they travel through the trees, there is the low moaning of animal life around them. The twisted fence blocks them from the courtyard of the silent building, black against black. Somewhere in the distance, some form of canine howls eerily.
  225. 06[21:24] * Franco nods
  226. [21:24] <Kellus> 6Kellus stretches and gathers her things, looking off towards the asylum. "Yeah. We've waited long enough."
  227. [21:24] <CaptainCrunch> "Hey you guys aren't gonna pull any pranks and lock me up in one of those, uh, cells, while we're here... are ya?" 6Crunch stammered nervously as they waited. He had a feeling they were still a bit mad about that records incident.
  228. 01[21:24] <~Awry> 6They break the tree line.
  229. 06[21:24] * Alroth-[Adept] looks as if he's considering Crunch's suggestion....
  230. [21:25] <Kellus> "Whatever gave you that idea." 6 Kellus has the creepy airhead smile on again.
  231. 06[21:25] * Kael points his huniting rifle, ready incase they run at them. *silenced*
  232. [21:25] <CaptainCrunch> "Come on, guys, this mission is serious business. Right guys?" 6Crunch slumped down in his seat.
  233. 01[21:26] <~Awry> 6Thankfully, the storming from the previous night had faded away, leaving a clear, starlit sky.
  234. 06[21:27] * Franco touches his gun. The feel of the hard steel in his hands sent chills though his body. Time to test his new gat.
  235. 01[21:27] <~Awry> 6Vespera's red moon hung over them like a sphere of rusted blood.
  236. 01[21:28] <~Awry> [Jump the fence, break into the gate, look for another way in?]
  237. 01[21:29] <~Awry> 6Kellus briefly allows the warp to seep into her sight, glancing around for fonts of any visible sort of psychic power.
  238. 01[21:29] <~Awry> The building lies as lifeless as before within her vision.
  239. [21:31] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch slunk around behind Franco, his night vision goggles created a slight glow around his black mask. He was armed pretty heavily that night, carrying a Stormfront rifle, a flamer, and his shotgun; as well as the accompanying ammo.
  240. 06[21:32] * Alroth-[Adept] begins looking around for another, perhaps quieter way than getting through the fence.
  241. 06[21:33] * Franco looked back behind him at Captain crunch. His gaze drops to the flamer, and back to crunch. He then walks back and gets behind Crunch.
  242. [21:33] <Kellus> 6Kellus shrugs. "There's no psychic activity inside, so you don't have to worry about ghosts or anything."6 She shoulders her Sollex-IX lasgun and keeps an eye on the building.
  243. [21:33] <Franco> "lets head to the gate
  244. [21:33] <CaptainCrunch> "...ghosts??" 6Crunch hissed.
  245. [21:36] <Kellus> "What, you're not scared of ghosts are you, Crunch?"6 Kellus grins at him.
  246. 06[21:36] * Franco walks slowly up to the gate, observing it's resistence.
  247. 01[21:39] <~Awry> 6The gate is an old, rusted thing, rutted with the passing of time and profound disuse. The lock has been sealed shut to prevent entry, the mechanism itself more of a massive box-like contraption than anything else.
  248. [21:40] <Kellus> 6 Kellus scratches her arm. "I don't think this place could get any more creepy."
  249. [21:41] <CaptainCrunch> "G-ghosts aren't rea-real, Kellus." 6Crunch rattled a bit inside his masking and creeped up to the gate. Without waiting for instructions he instantly went at it, flipping open his multi-key and a few other make-shift items - one looked like a bent kitchen skewer - and inserted it into the large key box.
  250. [21:41] <Kael> "what about the ghost in the machine?"
  251. 06[21:41] * Kael says jokingly
  252. [21:43] <CaptainCrunch> "All ghost, totally fake. Life is easier if you just focus on the now and things that make sense!" 6Crunch said cheerfully.
  253. 06[21:48] * Alroth-[Adept] pauses, looking up at the building. "G-Guys. I h-hate to interrupt the p-party dynamic but...someone's s-spotted us...." he trails off, blinking "b-but he's...gone...he w-was..all...w-w-white..."
  254. 01[21:53] <~Awry> 6The gate clinks open, and swings with a groan...
  255. 01[21:53] <~Awry> 6Dead flowers and grass line the walkway to the moldering double doors.
  256. [21:53] <Kellus> 6kellus shrugs. "Must be a squatter or something. If he was with the ad-mech guy, then our cover's blown already. Let's move." 6 And with that, Kellus advances up the path.
  257. [21:54] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch dropped his multikey and raised his rifle, following Alroth's gaze.
  258. [21:54] <Franco> "UMM. Guys . . . ."
  259. 01[21:54] <~Awry> 6An empty window gaped in Crunch's vision.
  260. [21:54] <Franco> "maybe we should go . . . ."
  261. 01[21:54] <~Awry> 6Black and limned with moss.
  262. 06[21:55] * Alroth-[Adept] squeaks out, "I-I...d-don't wanna..g-go in there...."
  263. 01[21:56] <~Awry> [Approach or retreat?]
  264. [21:56] <CaptainCrunch> "...yeah, this is a real vacation. I can see why Brown didn't come with us. Fucking pussy." 6Crunch growled and edged out after Kellus.
  265. 06[21:56] * Alroth-[Adept] follows the group
  266. 06[21:56] * Alroth-[Adept] clings to Kellus loosely.
  267. [21:56] <Kellus> 6 Kellus stops and turns. "You are scared? Of a BUILDING?"
  268. 06[21:56] * Kael has his hunting rifle ready
  269. [21:56] <Franco> "That tech priest was into monsters, not Ghosts. Lets check the Tower insted, at least it isn't haunted. CAUSE THIS PLACE OBVOULSY IS!!!" Franco Sreams, in a moment of Panic.
  270. 01[21:56] <~Awry> 6Kellus nears the doors. The handles were rusted things, built in the shape of lions mouths with huge brass rings hanging from them.
  271. [21:56] <Alroth-[Adept]> "N-Not the b-building...w-what's ins-side...."
  272. 03[21:57] * Rakiel ( has joined #trainingwheels
  273. [21:58] <Kellus> 6Kellus sighs. "Kael, you're on point. Crunch, take the rear. Franco, you cover Kael. Alroth, ah...You're with me."
  274. 06[21:58] * Kael just flicks on his night vision
  275. 06[21:58] * Alroth-[Adept] continues his clinging!
  276. 06[21:58] * Kael wispers into his bead "Kellus, hell no; and everyone wisper into vox from now on to stay silent"
  277. 01[21:58] <~Awry> 6Kael steps into the asylum.
  278. 01[21:59] <~Awry> 6His night vision goggles immediately die.
  279. 06[21:59] * Kael crounches for a moment,
  280. [21:59] <CaptainCrunch> "Point's fine with me." 6Unlike Franco, Crunch was trying to keep his voice down. He took a step in after Franco and immediately froze. 1"Dah!" 6His goggles had died.
  281. [21:59] <Kael> "GUys, Back"
  282. [22:00] <Kael> "ell electionics... shut down.."
  283. [22:00] <Kael> "testing comm beads.. one two three.."
  284. 06[22:00] * Kael wispers in
  285. [22:01] <Kellus> 6 Kellus is standing impatiently beside the door. "Okay Crunch, you take point. Kael can cover our rear."
  286. 06[22:02] * Kael looks at how wide the halls are, and tries to flick his NVG back on
  287. [22:02] <CaptainCrunch> "What? Why me? I can't see anything!" 6Crunch dug the palm of his hand around his goggles and ripped his mask back, propping it uncomfortably over the peak of his forehead.
  288. [22:02] <Kael> [NVC*]
  289. 01[22:03] <~Awry> 6Only the red light of the moon filtering in behind them and through the skylights illuminates the surroundings.
  290. 06[22:03] * Kael takes his rifle, sticks it so it point to the floor, muffleing it as mmuch as possible through his clothes, armor, and silencer to test his weapon
  291. 01[22:03] <~Awry> 6The foyer is a massive hall, with a massive metal desk bolted to the ground in the middle of the lobby. The thing is charred black, and left with streaking handprints upon it.
  292. 01[22:04] <~Awry> 6A chandelier lies upon the ground, bent and useless.
  293. 01[22:04] <~Awry> [Awareness test, everyone.]
  294. 01[22:05] <~Awry> 6The shot impacts against the ground with the sound of breaking tile.
  295. 01[22:05] <~Awry> 6The staccato sound echoes through the lobby, but does not seem to be overly loud.
  296. 01[22:07] <~Awry> 6Franco looks around a little as he moves.
  297. [22:07] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch jumped and turned to glare at Kael, 1"Oh great, why don't we just go back, get the car, and drive in honking while we're at it?"
  298. 01[22:07] <~Awry> 6There is a large painting on the wall, the bottom of it burnt into crisps and tatters. The parchment that is left reveals half of a man's face, his eyes staring off into the distance.
  299. [22:08] <Kellus> 6kellus looks daggers at Kael. "What are you doing? You want to just give our position away?!" 6 She sniffs and looks over at the painting.
  300. [22:08] <Kael> "shush, it could ahve been a piece of roof falling onto tile, this place's falling apart"
  301. 06[22:10] * Alroth-[Adept] almost jumps out of his skin at the shot. He's very much on his toes and anxious, still clinging to the sole pair of mammaries in the party.
  302. 06[22:10] * Franco moves towards Captain Crunch, getting close and whispering into his ear "Torch the Painting. Now."
  303. [22:11] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch jumped and nearly head-butted Franco. 1"...w-what? Are you trying to scare me?"
  304. 06[22:12] * Franco makes an EXTREAMLY SERIOUS FACE and motions his head back towards the painting
  305. [22:12] <Kellus> 6Kellus stiffens, gripping her rifle. "Oh Emperor. Guys. Right there. There was a man, right there. He just started to choke himself, and then he wasn't there. There's also enough psychic energy in this place..."6She shudders."It's coming from the /walls/"
  306. [22:12] <Kellus> "We should get this over with."6She looks around the lobby, scanning it again.
  307. [22:13] <CaptainCrunch> "You touch it!" 6Crunch growled and inched over towards Kellus.
  308. [22:13] <Kael> "okay, lets leave and come back at morning"
  309. [22:13] <Kael> "when it's day.."
  310. [22:14] <Kael> "whos idea was night agian.."
  311. 06[22:14] * Franco mumbles curses as he walks quickly towards the painting, pulling out his caradoon and firing directly inbetween the eyes of the painting
  312. 06[22:14] * Kellus looks over at Kael. "No. We finish this now. What, are you scared?" She gives him a dangerous grin. "Your faith is found lacking."
  313. [22:15] <Kael> "yes, i'm scarred, Commissar Kellus"
  314. 01[22:15] <~Awry> 6The single shot goes between the paintings eyes. The sound echoes sharply throughout the manor.
  315. 01[22:15] <~Awry> 6Loud, grinding. It disturbs the ashes and moves the air.
  316. 06[22:15] * Alroth-[Adept] pauses at Kellus' words. The Emperor. The Emperor was always hailed. Always glorious. He would protect them if they were doing this in His name, would He not? Slowly, he clenches his hands together, as if to pray.
  317. [22:16] <Kael> "nice job, expect shit"
  318. 01[22:16] <~Awry> 6Smoke rises from the single bullet hole.
  319. 01[22:16] <~Awry> [Retcon that. He has a silencer.]
  320. 06[22:17] * Kellus walks over to the desk, examining it. "You want to run away? Just...leave? Your mission-your DUTY-is to search this place. You will perform your duty."
  321. 01[22:17] <~Awry> 6The single hard *tap* noise from Franco's silenced Carnodon echoes throughout the complex.
  322. [22:17] <Kael> "whats this about running away?"
  323. [22:17] <Kael> "leav,e come back immediently after when ods favor"
  324. [22:17] <Kael> "in this case, tomorrow in daytime"
  325. 06[22:18] * Kellus stops walking around the desk and points her lasgun at the ceiling. "That will only waste time. If you want to leave, fine, leave. Run away, with your tail between your legs."
  326. [22:19] <Kael> "Kellus, i wan't to be honest, i'm going to die, if anything happens"
  327. [22:19] <CaptainCrunch> "...okay, so you killed the painting." 6Crunch eyed Franco wearily.
  328. 06[22:19] * Alroth-[Adept] would like to note he hasn't been clinging to Kellus while he's been praying, his face scrunched up as if he were well and truly focusing on it.
  329. 01[22:19] <~Awry> 6There are two massive doors of metal at the back of the hall.
  330. 06[22:19] * Franco runs up to the painting, gun ready
  331. [22:19] <Kael> "i'm staying then, ill die as long as i die next to you,"
  332. [22:20] <Kellus> She leans forward, aiming the lasgun at the floor again. She grins dangerously, again. "Good." She then turns to the giant metal doors.
  333. 01[22:20] <~Awry> 6All are covered with the grease and grime of years. Ash coats the ground on the way there, blackened remnants of furniture and medical equipment lying along the ground. There was something shaped like a bundle of clothes in one corner of the lobby, away from the acolytes.
  334. [22:21] <Kael> "flashlights..?"
  335. 06[22:22] * Alroth-[Adept] finally gives up his praying. "D-Don't h-have one..." He whispers, returning to clinging to Kellus.
  336. [22:22] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch turned on the small flash light he had attached to his Stormfront and edged for the doors. He paused and slowly turned, eyeing the pile of clothes and flashing it with his light.
  337. 06[22:24] * Kellus attempts to focus, but the aura of the place is too...unsettling. She walks over to Crunch. "What have you found?"
  338. 03[22:28] * SKREEEEEE (chatzilla@820BF1B4.E83CBD.18A244C6.IP) has joined #trainingwheels
  339. [22:29] <SKREEEEEE> .
  340. [22:29] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch's rifle began to shake. He raised it once, then lowered, then raised it again. 1"...." 6He took a step back. 1"Nothing. I saw nothing." 6He turned around and marched across the lobby, heading towards the door on the right.
  341. 01[22:30] <~Awry> 6The pile of clothes lies undisturbed before Kellus.
  342. 01[22:31] <~Awry> 6The door is unlocked, and opens easily before Crunch's touch. Beyond lies a long hallway, dark and still.
  343. 06[22:32] * Kellus holds her hand out and squidges her eyes closed. A ball of light, about twice the size of her palm appears on her outstretched finger. She opens her eyes, gives the clothes a look, then follows Crunch.
  344. 01[22:32] <~Awry> 6Its sides are lined with doors upon doors. Metal and grim and heavy, they lie corroded and sealed.
  345. 06[22:34] * Kellus holds the light up, and it stays on her head. "Stick together. If anyone sees anything, makes sure the rest of us know immediately."
  346. 01[22:34] <~Awry> 6At the end of the hallway, they could see a stairwell that lead downwards.
  347. 06[22:34] * Kael follows the group, truning around every few seconds to watch their backs
  348. [22:34] <CaptainCrunch> "...down. Going down has always been lucky for us." 6Crunch grumbled and tested the stairs with one foot before descending.
  349. 01[22:35] <~Awry> 6The stairs creak, but they are serviceable.
  350. 01[22:35] <~Awry> 6Halfway down the stairs, Crunch's flashlight begins to flicker.
  351. 01[22:35] <~Awry> 6From the lobby, there is a creaking sound.
  352. [22:36] <Kellus> 6Kellus covers each of the doors as she advances behind Crunch. The light illuminates the stairway. "Batteries dying or something else, Crunch?"
  353. 06[22:36] * Kael lokks down the long hall for anything
  354. 06[22:36] * Alroth-[Adept] whirls, running back up the stairs, to look, absolutely fucking -terrified-.
  355. 01[22:36] <~Awry> 6The sound of metal on metal. *Ker-chunk* -- the doors?
  356. [22:37] <Kellus> 6Kellus swears. "Alroth! Get back here, you idiot!"6She follows him back up the stairs and attempts to catch up with him.
  357. [22:37] <CaptainCrunch> "This Asylum hates my technology! I might be useless here, can I wait in the car?" 6Crunch asked lightly. He tried slapping the flashlight, but that made it worse. With a groan, he just turned it off. Better not to face death in the eye anyway.
  358. 01[22:37] <~Awry> 6At the top of the stairs, Alroth, pushing past Kael, sees the door that they entered from, at the start of the long hallway lined with cell doors -- it slams shut of its own accord. Kellus reaches the top in time to see this as well.
  359. 01[22:38] <~Awry> 6Somewhere, behind some wall, echoing mutedly, there was the sound of chains.
  360. 01[22:38] <~Awry> 6Scraping. Scraping.
  361. 01[22:38] <~Awry> 6It stops.
  362. [22:38] <Alroth-[Adept]> "...No..." He shivers in fear. "W-w-What...i-is this?" He begins to hyperventilate, panicking.
  363. 01[22:39] <~Awry> 6The flashlight flickers again before Crunch turns it off fully, and shines a bright, full beam out once again.
  364. 06[22:39] * Kael wispers into his bead "Nice job, now let's die fightan"
  365. [22:40] <Kael> "whatever it is..."
  366. [22:40] <Kellus> 6Kellus does that dangerous grin again. "Whoever you are, whatever you are-we have no quarrel with you. If you harm us, you shall in turn be harmed."6 She looks at Alroth."Let's go. Man up."
  367. [22:40] <Kellus> "I assure you, Kael, that I have no intension of dying."6 She turns and walks back to the staircase.
  368. 01[22:41] <~Awry> At the bottom of the stairs, perhaps about five stories downwards into the bowels of the cliff (assuming that Crunch kept climbing down them), dirt met his boots.
  369. 06[22:41] * Alroth-[Adept] swallows quietly, his minor panicking session ending with Kellus' words, as he resumes clinging to her, not so loosely anymore.
  370. 01[22:42] <~Awry> 6He was on some sort of natural walkway -- shining his light to the left, he beheld metal doors inserted into what seemed to be natural rock.
  371. 01[22:42] <~Awry> 6When glancing to the right, he saw nothing, but when he looked down, could see the glistening reflection of water, perhaps another five stories down.
  372. [22:42] <Kellus> 6Kellus catches up to Crunch, the glowy ball illuminating the area a bit more, with its slightly blue hue. "So this must have been solitary."
  373. [22:43] <CaptainCrunch> "Something tells me this part of the hospital isn't up to code." 6Crunch ran his rifle light up and down the length of the hallway. He continued forward, trying to figure out how far down this place really went.
  374. 01[22:44] <~Awry> 6There were similar walkways on the other side; they were linked together by rickety bridges, held together by burnt chains and moldering wood.
  375. 01[22:45] <~Awry> 6There is a low, long, bestial moaning sound from somewhere down here. You were not alone.
  376. [22:45] <CaptainCrunch> "Should we test the bridges?" 6Crunch asked. 1"I vote Kael goes. He's the ninja."
  377. [22:45] <Kael> "eh"
  378. [22:46] <Kael> "WHy the feth not"
  379. 06[22:46] * Kael drops his backback and hands it to Kellus
  380. [22:46] <Kellus> 6Kellus aims her rifle around again before taking Kael's backpack. "You sure about this?"
  381. [22:46] <Kael> "to take off some weight, and if stuff goes south"
  382. [22:46] <Kael> "who els's gona do it..?"
  383. [22:48] <Kael> You guys got rope..?"
  384. [22:48] <Kael> hm
  385. 06[22:49] * Kael slowly walks across the bridge, careful not to transefer weight too fast, and holding onto both ropes next to him as he walks
  386. 06[22:49] * Kael is very well prepared mentally for this to be the last thing he does alive
  387. [22:50] <CaptainCrunch> 6Now that the bait was set on the line, Crunch unlatched the safety on his Stormfront and aimed it below the bridge where the creepy monster sounds were coming from.
  388. 06[22:52] * Alroth-[Adept] begins shivering, and trembling, as he looks up, and promptly screams in fear, collapsing to the floor. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
  389. 01[22:52] <~Awry> 6Something beneath Kael's feet snaps as he walks across --
  390. [22:52] <Kellus> 6Kellus spins around looking at Alroth, before covering the ceiling with her lasgun. "What'd you see?"
  391. [22:53] <Kael> "AHHH"
  392. [22:53] <Kael> "GUys... not safe!"
  393. 01[22:53] <~Awry> 6He's falling. Falling. His hands reach out -- Alroth screams -- and something undulatingly howls, a sound that lacked treble, that solely rumbled the chest with bass and white noise.
  394. 01[22:53] <~Awry> [End session.]
  395. 01[23:25] <~Awry> [Nevermind!]
  396. [23:27] <Kellus> [badum-tish]
  397. 01[23:27] <~Awry> 6Kael fires his grapnel as he falls in a desperate last action, having missed the rope on the bridge. The grapnel wire flies up at such a speed and angle that it begins to whip around  one of the bridge support posts. Perhaps three stories down, a couple more from his doom, Kael is brought to an abrupt halt against the side of the cliff.
  398. 06[23:27] * Kael quikly snaps on his climbing harness to the cliff side, and begins to climb,
  399. 01[23:29] <~Awry> [What is everyone else doing?]
  400. [23:29] <Kellus> 6Kellus is looking for what Alroth saw, and trying to keep him relatively sane.
  401. [23:30] <CaptainCrunch> "He's alive." 6Crunch's eyebrows quirked.
  402. [23:32] <Kellus> "Really? I hadn't noticed," 6Kellus says dryly. "Alroth! Say something that isn't mindless gibberish!"
  403. 01[23:32] <~Awry> 6Kellus sees nothing in the shadowed alcoves of the stalactite studded ceiling but deep and long shadows when a flashlight was slung over it.
  404. 06[23:34] * Kael continues climbing untill he reaches toe top with the rest of the group
  405. 06[23:34] * Alroth-[Adept] is still quaking uncontrollably on the ground, curling up into a ball. "R-R-r-r-red eyes...m-monster..." Whatever he saw is doing one helluva number on his head, for sure.
  406. 01[23:34] <~Awry> 6Kellus and Crunch help pull Kael over the edge.
  407. [23:35] <CaptainCrunch> "Well, the bridge is out." 6Crunch chirped as he yanked Kael over the edge.
  408. 01[23:35] <~Awry> 6Chains scrape somewhere in the distance. It sounds closer, now.
  409. 01[23:35] <~Awry> 6Only one of the boards had snapped under Kael's foot. It had been close to the end of the bridge.
  410. [23:36] <Kael> "great, so now we go back..?"
  411. [23:36] <Kellus> 6Kellus hands Kael back his backpack, and hauls Alroth to his feet. "And it left. It could not face your faith!"6she hisses at him.
  412. 06[23:37] * Alroth-[Adept] stands, though he is almost limp as he does, his hands clutching at his skull, as if trying to tear an image out of it.
  413. [23:39] <Kellus> 6Kellus shoulders her lasrifle again. "Let's go."
  414. [23:39] <Kael> "whats with him?" kael motions to Al "and do we cross tehe bridge..?"
  415. [23:40] <Kellus> "He saw something. Don't know what; he won't tell me."
  416. 06[23:40] * Kael crosses the bridge again, carefuller than before, always a rope or chain in hand
  417. [23:42] <Kellus> 6Kellus follows after Kael, being very careful with where she puts her feet.
  418. [23:42] <CaptainCrunch> "I'll cover up the rear!" 6Crunch yelled, not intending to move at all.
  419. 01[23:43] <~Awry> 6Crunch's voice echoes horribly in the cavern, going absolutely everywhere.
  420. 01[23:43] <~Awry> 6It sounds several times before dying into the water below.
  421. [23:44] <Kellus> "Nice job there, genius. Hurry up, or we'll leave you in the dark." 6She indicates her glowy orb of light.
  422. 06[23:49] * Alroth-[Adept] screams again, wildly. "NOOOOOO!" He begins to stagger along after Kellus, eyes widened with renewed fear.
  423. [23:50] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch hung his head and toed across the bridge as carefully as possible.
  424. [23:50] <CaptainCrunch> 6He really did hate his job.
  425. 06[23:52] * Kael cotinues, and is about half way across the bride, looks at his footing for a moment, and then upon looking up, sees something that is very shocking to kael, and he tumbles back for a moment, and then quickly moves forward again-this is probably to be expected.. but then something happsns as kale stares in horror at it once more, and then looks over to a isle of cells
  426. 06[23:52] * Kael then looks back, and was shocked again, but then releived
  427. 06[23:53] * Kael looks quite silly though thiss, falling over himself, onto his knees, on teh bridge
  428. [23:53] <CaptainCrunch> "What are you doing? Trying to kill us??" 6From the back, Crunch made a fist and shook it wildly at the loopy assassin.
  429. [23:55] <Kellus> 6Kellus grabs onto the rope of the bridge, moving forwards to where Kael is. "Get up and off this bridge before you collapse next time."
  430. 06[23:55] * Kael very strainingly wispers into his bead "I don't want to keep going... hanged man... toung falls out, the blood makes an arrow to those cells... and then he's gone..
  431. [23:55] <Kael> "the eyes staped to me.."
  432. 01[23:56] <~Awry> 6The acolytes make it to the other side.
  433. 01[23:56] <~Awry> 6They pause a moment to rest.
  434. 01[23:56] <~Awry> 6The cell door next to them opens.
  435. [23:57] <Kellus> "Obviously, he wants us to look in those cells. So far he hasn't hurt us, only scared us. And that could just be our weak will."6As soon as the cell door opens, she grabs her lasrifle and aims at it.
  436. 01[23:57] <~Awry> 6Slowly, at first, it creaks. Metal hinges, unused in decades, groan in protest at whatever force moves it forward.
  437. [23:57] <CaptainCrunch> "We could be in a nice, safe, clean Clock Tower right now." 6Crunch complained to himself, also training his rifle on the swinging cell.
  438. 06[23:57] * Kael grabs his autoshotung and points it aswell
  439. 01[23:58] <~Awry> 6The cell is empty.
  440. 01[23:58] <~Awry> 6Within, there are a pair of old, bloodstained manacles.
  441. 01[23:59] <~Awry> 6There is a glint in the soil as a flashlight roams over it.
  442. Session Time: Fri Jun 04 00:00:01 2010
  443. [00:00] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch's brows furrowed and he lowered his gun, then reluctantly knelt down and reached for the shiney glint in the soil, careful to avoid the blood stained and dieased shackles.
  444. 06[00:00] * Alroth-[Adept] seems to be on the verge of collapsing to the ground again.
  445. [00:00] <Kellus> 6Kellus lowers her gun and gets to her feet, walking over."So this is what you wanted to show us?"6she mutters to herself. She walks over to the doorway.
  446. 01[00:01] <~Awry> 6A small silver key rests there, on the ground in the cell.
  447. 01[00:01] <~Awry> 6One would have to get closer to pick it up...
  448. [00:01] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch got down on his knees and brushed the dirt aside then reached out for the key. Why not, right?
  449. [00:04] <SKREEEEEE> .
  450. [00:07] <CaptainCrunch> "Dah!" 6Crunch's face suddenly fell forward, straight into the dirt, at the same time his gloved hand wrapped around the illuminated metal key. The Tech Priest seemed to be struggling, his whole body shaking as he attempted to pull himself up and out against what appeared to be a crushing invisible force. His exposed forehead smothered into the dirt and his breathing became ragged. -
  451. [00:07] <CaptainCrunch> 6Despite this, he kept a death-like vice on the key. Inwardly he was mentally berating himself that none of this was real, DAMN IT, and he wasn't going to be defeated by a loony hallucination. His body really hurt for some reason though.
  452. [00:08] <Kellus> 6Kellus grimaced. Right. You want hardball, ghostie?
  453. [00:08] <Kael> "time for holy scriptures then ghosty?"
  454. 06[00:09] * Kael begins reciting something is pseudo high-gothic, a long eccilarincy prayer that almost everyone around his hab block new- a church hymm
  455. 01[00:11] <~Awry> 6The words seem to echo hollowly to Kael and the rest of the acolytes.
  456. [00:11] <CaptainCrunch> 6And then Crunch sagged against the floor, apparently unconscious.
  457. 02[00:12] * SKREEEEEE (chatzilla@820BF1B4.E83CBD.18A244C6.IP) Quit (Quit: Are you a wizard?)
  458. [00:13] <Kellus> 6Kellus grits her teeth and clenches a fist, focusing on the damn key. If Crunch has a good enough grip on it, he might get dragged out as well.
  459. 01[00:13] <~Awry> [Crunch fainted dead away, by the way.]
  460. 01[00:13] <~Awry> [So I mean. You guys are up.]
  461. [00:14] <Kellus> [He has a 'death grip' on they key.]
  462. 01[00:14] <~Awry> 6Crunch is slowly dragged out of the cell by Kellus' trained discipline, key in hand, fingers knuckle-white around it.
  463. [00:15] <Kael> "How's he..?"
  464. 01[00:15] <~Awry> 6His flesh is pallid, and his breathing shallow.
  465. [00:16] <Kael> "er..."
  466. 06[00:16] * Alroth-[Adept] slowly seats himself, still clutching at his head, wrapped in the madness bestowed by fear, his eyes wide, barely blinking, his entire body shaking viciously.
  467. [00:16] <Kael> "Kellus..? got anything?"
  468. 01[00:16] <~Awry> 6Then they lift his arm for the key, and his sleeve falls back, his skin exposed. Blue bruises run along it.
  469. 01[00:17] <~Awry> 6If they were to turn his arm... they were handprints. Handprints covered his arms, pressed into his skin as sickly bruises.
  470. 01[00:18] <~Awry> [You guys should probably give him a slap or something.]
  471. [00:18] <Kellus> 6Once he's out of the cell, Kellus pulls his hands off the key and unceremoniously dumps him on the ground. "Damnit, Crunch. He appears to be alive."
  472. 06[00:18] * Kael stuffs his comm receptor deeper into his ear and says "wake up Bro"
  473. 06[00:18] * Kael does so while holding it into his ear
  474. [00:20] <CaptainCrunch> 6Crunch immediately sat up, grunting in pain, and swinging a powerful, half-dazed sucker bunch at Kael's face. Luckily, Kael was leaning into the punch as he pressed the receptor into his ear.
  475. [00:20] <Kellus> 6Kellus uses her mind to make the key float in the air infront of her. She (and Pallav) examine it for any markings.
  476. 01[00:22] <~Awry> 6The key is very simplistic, and surprisingly clean given its surroundings.
  477. 01[00:22] <~Awry> 6Engraved upon it is a tiny '5'.
  478. [00:22] <Kellus> 6She levitates it into her pocket before checking up on Crunch.
  479. 01[00:24] <~Awry> --session end for now--
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