I Kain't Decide, so I'll Pick Route A

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  1. [13:10:52] <Kaingaskhan> The two of you are still at Oeilvert, and it seems like the group is splitting.
  2. [13:11:42] <Kaingaskhan> It's getting on in the day, but not enough to need to spend the rest of the day here
  3. [13:14:22] <Kaingaskhan> Anyway you two
  4. [13:14:40] <Natalie> "Nnnnng.  Okay Ammy, let's get there FIRST."
  5. [13:14:45] <Kaingaskhan> The six of you presumably set up your meeting plans and bid your farewells for now.
  6. [13:15:54] * @Amaryllis packs her belongings. Between from several heavy volumes and her cooking supplies it's actually quite a bit. "Are you sure of this Nat? Even if the serpent aids us in our journey, an airship is a more direct path."
  7. [13:16:55] <Natalie> "Direct shmirect!"  Nat marches along and twirls around.  "Though... I guess we don't NEED to get there first.  I really just wanna take a long time to think about things."
  8. [13:17:11] <Natalie> "Annnnd we'll save Terry from that fatty doing it this way, yeah?"
  9. [13:18:35] <@Amaryllis> "We have been warned twice now about the serpents who live below. Though an established and summoner-bound Eidolon may simply have differing views from one who acts as such a free spirit as Terrato."
  10. [13:18:43] <@Amaryllis> "I wonder if he even needs saving."
  11. [13:19:08] * @Amaryllis stands and slings her back over a shoulder. "In any case, shall we depart?"
  12. [13:19:49] * Natalie idly rubs her forehead while walking. "That's just silly! Besides, if he doesn't WANT to come we can turn around and get an airship!"
  13. [13:20:01] <Natalie> "I'd be a little sad if he did that though."  :<
  14. [13:20:23] <@Amaryllis> (Kain: fyi buying dark plate to use for now and two little devil's headtakers to synth later)
  15. [13:20:59] <Natalie> (Also for Kain's knowledge: The reason I wanted to synth that antimag keystone was because it's still in my inventory, so expect it to be chucked as a thrown weapon against the first thing we see)
  16. [13:21:16] <Natalie> (or rather... used as an item I guess)
  17. [13:21:20] <Natalie> (but I still fluff that as chucking)
  18. [13:21:23] <@Amaryllis> "We shall see."
  19. [13:21:28] <Kaingaskhan> (Okay~)
  20. [13:21:33] <@Amaryllis> (you could hand it off to Theta or something?)
  21. [13:21:58] <Natalie> (Hmmmmm well that's possible too)
  22. [13:22:04] <Natalie> (zoofy, would he take it?)
  23. [13:23:08] <Natalie> "Don't worry, even if he was a little upset about me waking him up he was STILL nice enough to help me.  So if we just tell him what's going on..."
  24. [13:23:32] * Natalie starts making a more dedicated search effort, peeking behind trees and other silly things. Are there even trees? Well behind... something.
  25. [13:24:08] <@Amaryllis> "Very well then." Ammy has left her creepy eye armor on for the time being, to better help Nat track down the creature.
  26. [13:24:34] <@Amaryllis> "Do you even know where to begin this search?" Ammy looks at the ground for fresh serpent trails.
  27. [13:24:54] <Kaingaskhan> From Oeilvert? Nothing doing.
  28. [13:25:10] <Natalie> "Well let's see, when we split up he said he wanted to get some food... nnnnn..."
  29. [13:25:30] <Kaingaskhan> Nat peeks under rocks and shit but no sign of giant eidolon snakes.
  30. [13:25:48] <Natalie> We're presumably making our way back north.... was it north?
  31. [13:26:59] <Kaingaskhan> Where are you heading exactly?
  32. [13:27:35] <Natalie> Probably north until we start seeing snake trails?  Since at Ipsen's, the trails were headed 'not toward Durandal.'  So whatever direction that was!
  33. [13:29:02] <Kaingaskhan> Roll me some Nature to find the days-old impressions of a large snake in a dust-swept biome
  34. [13:29:11] <Natalie> 2d6+4 I was waiting for that~
  35. [13:29:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, I was waiting for that~: 12 [2d6=6,2]
  36. [13:29:19] <@Amaryllis> 2d6
  37. [13:29:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6: 5 [2d6=1,4]
  38. [13:29:49] <Kaingaskhan> Nat picks up the train fairly easily enough, even giving you time to stop by Durandal and get back on the trail before having to worry about the dark.
  39. [13:29:54] <Kaingaskhan> *trail
  40. [13:29:56] <Kaingaskhan> not train
  41. [13:29:57] <Kaingaskhan> what's a train
  42. [13:30:04] <Natalie> gata goto chuu chuu
  43. [13:30:38] <Natalie> "Nn-hnn... and then he went this way..."
  44. [13:30:46] <@Amaryllis> "Well done Nat." Ammy gazes at the trail with curiosity before following.
  45. [13:31:35] <Natalie> "Well it's easy to remember what it looks like 'cause I was RIDING him!  But... nn... okay, over there..."
  46. [13:31:50] <Kaingaskhan> The impressions are faint, despite being around five meters in width. The slithering serpent trail leads... back south, it seems.
  47. [13:32:00] <Natalie> "... Aw, come ON."
  48. [13:32:07] <Kaingaskhan> Towards Seaways Canyon rather than back towards Oeilvert
  49. [13:32:24] * Natalie facepalms... rubrub. "He better not've gone back to sleep!"
  50. [13:33:47] <Natalie> "Then againnn... He might not be in any danger if he did that.  So that could be okay."
  51. [13:33:52] <Kaingaskhan> You hit the road for a few more hours, and arrive back at Seaways Canyon just as the sun begins to set. The canyon has gone quiet thanks to the defeat of the Ochu, and no sporeclouds block your progress.
  52. [13:33:53] <@Amaryllis> "We have a journey ahead of us then. Did you expect such a creature to remain in one place?"
  53. [13:34:32] <Natalie> "Well, I told him I'd come back for him!  And it's not like I was lying!"  :<
  54. [13:34:45] <Natalie> "... Maybe he forgot.  ..... Or maybe I did."
  55. [13:34:51] <@Amaryllis> "Then shall we return to the first place of your meeting?"
  56. [13:35:03] * Natalie nodnods. "Mhm! It's thissaway."
  57. [13:35:22] * @Amaryllis follows.
  58. [13:35:29] * Natalie leads.
  59. [13:35:51] <Kaingaskhan> Nat leads you back to where the bridge used to be, the makeshift rubble filling the canyon nicely. Nat remembers he came from below, and the rubble conveniently provides a way down as well as across.
  60. [13:37:17] <Natalie> "Nnn... I THINK he was down there."  Natty makes dangerous leaps down in less of an IX way and more like how you'd see FF7's blocky models doing that thing with their arms before jumping.  Something like that.  "I'll go first, 'cause he knows me."
  61. [13:37:18] <@Amaryllis> "Careful Nat." Ammy starts to climb down cautious, watching for shaky footholds with her armor-eyes.
  62. [13:37:21] <Kaingaskhan> The little ravine seems about as wide as the snake, in actuality. You can spot a large opening where the rift meets the canyon walls, forming a cave leading downward.
  63. [13:37:34] * Natalie is totally everything but careful.
  64. [13:37:57] * @Amaryllis frowns at the recklessness but continues at her own pace.
  65. [13:38:28] <Kaingaskhan> Nat actually didn't get to the cave, but this is certainly the direction he came from
  66. [13:38:37] * Natalie sure did now!
  67. [13:39:06] <Natalie> "Oh, is this what he was doing before we met?  So when the crystal said under the.... ohhhhh."
  68. [13:39:46] <Kaingaskhan> The darkness of the cave invites the light of a lantern. As you enter, you hear an occasional wooshing noise, going back and forth. Wind from Lesetira?
  69. [13:40:13] * Natalie creeps back and lets Ammy take the lead once they're in.
  70. [13:40:44] * @Amaryllis takes out her lantern and lights it with a flick of her finger, slowly shuffling into the cave.
  71. [13:44:03] * Natalie stays quiet a bit before giving up. "Hey Terryyyyyyyyy! You're in here, right?"
  72. [13:44:33] * @Amaryllis winces at Nat's call and steps to the side of the cave, near a wall, stopping to look further in before proceeding.
  73. [13:45:02] <Kaingaskhan> The cave smells richly of earth, but also of filth and rot. The path spirals down a bit, and eventually opens into a larger cavern, where you see numerous skeletons and carcasses of various creatures littered around a large, circular mound of... oh wait a minute. That's not a mound, that's an enormous cobra curled in on himself. The creature is a brown serpent with the proud hood of a cobra,
  74. [13:45:02] <Kaingaskhan> and dark speckled scales. Its length is immeasurable, easily one and a half times Leviathan's size. A tongue flickers in and out of its mouth as it snores, its eyes staring at you through transparent eyelids.
  75. [13:46:01] <Kaingaskhan> As Nat yells, its eyelids fly open and it jerks up, hitting its head on the ceiling of the cavern and cursing.
  76. [13:46:17] <Kaingaskhan> The entire cave seems to shake with the motion.
  77. [13:46:25] * Natalie waves with a :D
  78. [13:46:41] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  79. [13:46:43] <Kaingaskhan> The snake's hood flares and his tongue flicks in and out rapidly as his eyes adjust to the lantern light.
  80. [13:47:16] <@Amaryllis> "Greetings, great serpent." Ammy cautiously addresses the creature.
  81. [13:48:12] <Natalie> "Sorry 'bout that.  And about last time."  Nat just scratches her head a bit.  "Ummnnn, it's me again."
  82. [13:48:34] <Kaingaskhan> "...Oh, it'ssss you. What does a god have to do to get a few year'ssss sssssleep around here? And you brought a friend. Yessss, lovely, let'ssss all bother Terrato. Do a good deed and sssssuddenly you get covered in unwanted attention."
  83. [13:49:30] * Natalie pouts, handhipping. "I know, I said I was sorry! But um... nnnn how was I going to say it again?"
  84. [13:50:00] * @Amaryllis waits for Nat to finish speaking, hoping she has some sort of idea where to take this.
  85. [13:50:44] <Natalie> "Oh yeah!  It's that Eidolon-eater I told you about last time... I think I told you that, didn't I?"  Headtilt.  "Well whatever, we found out where he's getting his power... oh, this is my best friend I was telling you about, by the way!"
  86. [13:52:12] * @Amaryllis glances to Nat, then back at Terrato, tilting her head in a small bow.
  87. [13:52:53] <Natalie> "Nnnnnn.  I um... wanted to ask if you... knew a way to Lindblum, 'cause that's how we're supposed to stop him.  And the one giving him power who thinks she's Kuja."
  88. [13:52:58] <Kaingaskhan> The enormous serpent uncurls, then draws himself up, his eye-slits narrowing a bit. "And you deigned to bother me with detailsss? Ssssome upsstart Qu iss no threat to me. They fanccccy themsselves frog eatersss, but they all look like plump frogss to me. Yesss, hello creature."
  89. [13:53:35] * Natalie looks to the side and muses. "Well, he TOTALLY took a huge bite out of Leviathan, and that was really bloody and nasty."
  90. [13:53:44] <@Amaryllis> "Amaryllis," Ammy straightens back up again. "I am a keeper of stories."
  91. [13:54:01] <Kaingaskhan> "Kuja. Kuja... ssssounds familiar. It's a pain to try and remember. And Leviathan is an embarassment to the scales he wears."
  92. [13:54:47] <@Amaryllis> "The Qu wields a weapon that slays tales. It is designed to rend unhealing wounds upon Eidolons."
  93. [13:55:06] <Natalie> "Well... I guess if even I..."  Her head shakes.  "No!  He was probably just out of practice or something, he's really nice and all!  ... But yeah, what Ammy said, he's cheating."
  94. [13:55:47] <Kaingaskhan> "Interessting but unremarkable. The toad isss sstill no threat to me. An ant may bite a human, but itssss venom holds no danger."
  95. [13:55:54] <@Amaryllis> "There is no such thing as cheating in such realms." Ammy remarks quietly.
  96. [13:56:55] <Natalie> "No way!  He's totally getting crystal-power to do stuff he shouldn't and that's unfair!  He probably COULD hurt you pretty bad, Terry, even with how strong you are.  I've seen it!"
  97. [13:57:37] <Natalie> "Nnnnn... at least until we shut his power off.  Which is why we're going to Lindblum now."
  98. [13:58:36] <Kaingaskhan> "Doubt it. But I am very mildly touched by your conccccern for me. But as you creatures go you rarely come by jussst to give helpful adviccce. No doubt you have ssssome favor to asssk while here."
  99. [13:59:23] <Natalie> "Well...."  Rubrubrub.  "Iiiiif you know a way over to the continent it's in from here..."
  100. [14:00:07] <Kaingaskhan> "I underssstand mortalss have lovely things called boatsss. Some of them fly, even. Why bother me?"
  101. [14:00:28] <Kaingaskhan> The snake shifts position a moment.
  102. [14:00:37] <Natalie> "Well, it's 'cause I'm actually worried!  It's not safe to be here!"
  103. [14:01:43] <@Amaryllis> "I am sure this is not the first time mortals have deigned to take sword to serpent in such a way, but caution is still warranted."
  104. [14:01:43] <Natalie> "I owe you a favor for helping me, and that favor's helping warn you to get out of here before you get swallowed whole.  'Cause that'd be awful."  Nodnod.
  105. [14:04:06] <Kaingaskhan> "You are amusssing in your foolissshnesss, little one. Bah, fine. If thissss Qu is half asss bad ass you say I will not be able to return to sssleeep anyway."
  106. [14:04:34] * Natalie smiles a big smile while nodding again! "Yeah! He's actually so fat that he'd probably shake the ceiling if he walked here near anyway."
  107. [14:04:46] <Kaingaskhan> "But you would owe me yet again for thisss help, what will you offer in return?"
  108. [14:05:00] <Natalie> "... Well um..."
  109. [14:05:08] <Natalie> "Have you... ever had a summoner before, Terry?"
  110. [14:05:15] <@Amaryllis> "
  111. [14:05:43] <@Amaryllis> (damnit keyboard derping, please carry on)
  112. [14:05:51] <Kaingaskhan> "I have not. Nor do I particularly relish the thought. I am my own masster."
  113. [14:06:57] <Natalie> Nodnod.  "Yeah, I can understand that.  But there IS one where we're going and if you change your mind you could always meet her!  Who knows, you might even like it?"
  114. [14:07:02] <@Amaryllis> "The summoning arts should be practiced to honor the old tales, not to force them into servitude."
  115. [14:07:37] <Kaingaskhan> "Bah."
  116. [14:07:38] <Natalie> "Servitude..."  Nat makes a face.  "Yeah, nobody does that anymore."
  117. [14:07:39] <@Amaryllis> "I am sure there were once summoners of such a persuasion."
  118. [14:08:20] <Natalie> "Umm... well..."
  119. [14:08:26] * Natalie starts fishing through Ammy's pack.
  120. [14:08:59] <Natalie> "This.... nnnno that's worthless.... that one smells bad... we still need to use that... maybe..."
  121. [14:09:00] <@Amaryllis> "What are you searching for Nat?"
  122. [14:09:30] <Natalie> "Maybe we... have something he'd like in here?"
  123. [14:09:38] <Kaingaskhan> Terrato leans on the tip of his tail with an expression not unlike a bored gentleman leaning on his arm.
  124. [14:09:47] <@Amaryllis> "The old way would be to offer a favor in return, to be called upon when the recipient desires."
  125. [14:10:15] <Kaingaskhan> "The tale keeper gets it. Either that or entertainment of some sort."
  126. [14:10:29] <Kaingaskhan> His hissing seems to decrease.
  127. [14:10:32] <Natalie> "Oh!  Well I think they'd be really cute together if he met her... but you're right."
  128. [14:10:49] * Natalie coughs and plops down, sitting on the ground. "Okay, Ammy! Tell him your best story!"
  129. [14:12:50] <@Amaryllis> "Would that be sufficient? With your long sleeps, there is much of the world you must have missed. Though I wonder what doings of the mortal world even catch your interest."
  130. [14:12:57] <@Amaryllis> (damnit Tree I don't exactly have anything ready :V)
  131. [14:13:01] <Natalie> (~~~~~)
  132. [14:14:03] <Kaingaskhan> "Boring, boring, boring. Tale keeper, keep your tales. I learn what I wish when I am curious, and now is not such a time."
  133. [14:14:56] <Natalie> "Well then how about... I'm pretty strong, how about I promise to keep anyone like me from bothering you ever again!"  Nat hops up and makes an idle snap-kick at the air, as per usual.
  134. [14:15:18] <Natalie> "Since you know we're only asking for help because it's REALLY important.  Lots of people are in danger over there."
  135. [14:16:06] <@Amaryllis> "The favor instead then." Ammy snaps closed a half-opened journal. "As done in the old ways."
  136. [14:16:27] <Kaingaskhan> Terrato gives a belly-laugh at the gesture. "You're certainly amusing, aren't you? Hmm."
  137. [14:17:41] <Kaingaskhan> "Very well. I will require your services in the future, a task of my choosing, whenever I wish to call upon you. This will be our pact, an unbreakable oath."
  138. [14:17:50] <Kaingaskhan> "Do you find this acceptable?"
  139. [14:17:54] <Kaingaskhan> *italics
  140. [14:17:55] <Natalie> "I accept!"
  141. [14:19:04] <Kaingaskhan> "And the flower?"
  142. [14:19:23] * @Amaryllis thinks. "We could still take the airship Nat. If we have guarantees as to the nature of the task, this could be foolish. Flower?" She looks up quizzically.
  143. [14:19:24] <Natalie> "'Sides, I'm probably not that hard to get ahold of... or maybe I am and I just didn't know it?"  Headtilt.  "Whatever, there's someone important to me over there and I can't let anything happen to them!  And that not-Kuja lady really deserves a good kick in the face anyway!"
  144. [14:19:31] <Kaingaskhan> "Your name."
  145. [14:19:58] * Natalie folds her arms. "SCREW airships."
  146. [14:20:08] <Kaingaskhan> "In any case, the younger girl has already accepted. It is your choice if you wish to accompany us or not."
  147. [14:20:46] <@Amaryllis> "Few speak of my name's origins as such. I will accept, as I am duty bound to follow Natalie."
  148. [14:20:47] * Natalie rubs her forehead again. "Ehehe... sorry. I don't know if going places without Ammy is really a good idea right now, so..."
  149. [14:21:33] <Kaingaskhan> "Great job doing that earlier." he remarks at Ammy with a smirk. "Anyway, let'ssss see..."
  150. [14:22:31] <Kaingaskhan> "Lindblum is still on that hill, right? That means the closest way isss...."
  151. [14:23:05] * Natalie finishes victory posing and listens in anticipation.
  152. [14:25:36] <Kaingaskhan> "Guesss we'll take that tunnel. Climb on then. Most have not lived past riding me once. None before have gotten a chance for two."
  153. [14:25:58] <Natalie> "Hear that, Ammy?  That means I'm a record-holder!  Write a story about it!"
  154. [14:26:02] * DiceMaid-9001 is now known as RichterBelmont
  155. [14:26:12] * RichterBelmont is now known as DiceMaid-9001
  156. [14:26:14] * Natalie hyperactively leaps on, and extends a hand in case Ammy needs help.
  157. [14:26:26] <Kaingaskhan> The snake uncurls himself, brushing away carcasses with his tail and waits for the two of you to get on.
  158. [14:26:27] * @Amaryllis nods and climbs aboard.
  159. [14:26:54] <Natalie> "Thanks a bunch!"
  160. [14:27:53] <Kaingaskhan> The snake suddenly darts forward, erupting from the hole in the canyon in the blink of an eye. You find yourselves slithering across the plains of the Forgotten Continent at breakneck speed, outrunning even the most fleet of Chocobos.
  161. [14:28:23] * Natalie speaks purely in tildes.
  162. [14:28:47] <Natalie> (and then I put crazy motorcycle chase on)
  163. [14:28:54] * @Amaryllis holds on for dear life.
  164. [14:29:13] <Kaingaskhan> You almost seem to be approaching Ipsen's Castle for a moment, but the snake seems to be slithering towards the mountain range nearby instead.
  165. [14:29:45] * Natalie doesn't ask questions, seemingly too excited to care!
  166. [14:30:28] <Kaingaskhan> Terrato rears back his head and headbutts the mountainside, breaking into a cave system that suddenly leads to a very steep drop. The enormous serpent is in freefall a moment, with only his scales behind tightly held onto keeping you from flying off.
  167. [14:30:33] <Kaingaskhan> *being tightly
  168. [14:30:43] <Natalie> "~!"
  169. [14:31:23] <Kaingaskhan> WHUMPH, the jormungandr lands at the bottom of the shaft in a curled pile, using his slithering mass like a spring to absorb the recoil. Amazingly you are not all crushed.
  170. [14:31:47] <Natalie> "See, Ammy?  I told you Terry was the BEST!"
  171. [14:32:16] <Kaingaskhan> He pauses for a moment, and you get the chance to look around. Briefly you see bits of what might have been civilization once in the walls of the steep shaft. Wooden buildings and minecarts..
  172. [14:32:19] <@Amaryllis> "Bloody hell, why didn't we take the airship." Ammy very reluctantly lets go of the scales once they've landed.
  173. [14:32:31] <@Amaryllis> "Where have we arrived?"
  174. [14:32:49] <Natalie> "Nnnahaha!  THIS is why!  What IS this place?"  Nat excitedly asks wearing a :D that doesn't seem to want to get wiped off.
  175. [14:33:16] <Kaingaskhan> "This is the entrance to something they used to call Molen Roo, a tunnel that leads from the this continent to the one once covered in Mist."
  176. [14:34:03] <Kaingaskhan> Terry takes a moment to unwind himself.
  177. [14:34:05] <@Amaryllis> "It appears to have fallen into great disuse. A likely consequence of the invention of airships."
  178. [14:34:14] <Kaingaskhan> "Older."
  179. [14:34:39] <Natalie> "Reaaaaaaaally.  Maybe there's some kinda treasure..."
  180. [14:34:59] <Natalie> "Well, we still do need to get to Lindblum before it's too late."
  181. [14:35:23] <Kaingaskhan> In front of you is another tunnel, thick with Iifa Tree roots, probably a bit too small for Terry as is. "Hmph. I could have sworn this was bigger. No matter."
  182. [14:35:26] <@Amaryllis> "How so? What story lies behind its fall then?" Ammy gives Terrato a curious look then settles into a business-like expression. "A deal is a deal. How shall you call upon us for the favor, and what preparations must be likely make to serve your agenda?"
  183. [14:35:51] <Kaingaskhan> "Just be prepared to do what you must at any given time. You will know."
  184. [14:36:01] <@Amaryllis> "...And how shall you proceed through this?" Ammy takes notice of the tunnel's size.
  185. [14:36:03] <Natalie> "Oooh.... those... uh, well maybe we could get them out of the way..."
  186. [14:36:11] <Kaingaskhan> "Hold on a moment, this is going to be fun."
  187. [14:36:26] <Kaingaskhan> The snake rears back and flares his hood, like he's going to strike.
  188. [14:36:36] <Natalie> "I don't remember enough of my magic, so- Oh!"
  189. [14:36:43] <Kaingaskhan> "Beta!"
  190. [14:37:04] * Natalie headtilts in a 'did he come with us?' kind of way.
  191. [14:37:45] * @Amaryllis backs up.
  192. [14:38:40] <Kaingaskhan> He strikes forward, thrusting his head into the tunnel. You see a burst of fire erupt out of his mouth, and the entire mountain range begins to shake as a near-nuclear explosion echoes through the tunnel in front of you, burning roots away, tearing away rocks, destroying any sort of structures that might have been beyond this shaft... When the smoke and heat fade, you see nothing left in the
  193. [14:38:40] <Kaingaskhan> wake of the attack except a quickly cooling tunnel of glass.
  194. [14:38:56] <Natalie> "WHOA."
  195. [14:39:29] <Kaingaskhan> "I love that."
  196. [14:39:43] * Natalie idly rubs her forehead again. "Huh... it's been a long time since I've seen stuff like that."
  197. [14:39:47] <@Amaryllis> "A frightening power. I hope you have not erased all the stories that may lie here for one to find." Ammy steps to the side to pick up some artifacts of the old tunnels before they get glass'd too.
  198. [14:39:51] <Natalie> "Oh, but the treasure-!"
  199. [14:40:04] <Natalie> "Aw well, there probably wasn't a whole lot."
  200. [14:40:44] <@Amaryllis> Just anything that looks culturally significant or an archeologist would find interesting really, if there's anything like that around.
  201. [14:40:56] * Natalie remains on shakeback waiting while this happens.
  202. [14:42:37] <Kaingaskhan> You don't see too much from here. Whatever was in the tunnel was definitely gone. All you see down here is ancient, rotted wood that almost disentigrates to your touch, and- "You coming?"
  203. [14:42:43] <Kaingaskhan> Roll me a quick Awareness, Ammy
  204. [14:42:56] <@Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  205. [14:42:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 11 [2d6=2,6]
  206. [14:43:23] <Kaingaskhan> You snatch up some sort of engraved tablet before the snake ushers you back on.
  207. [14:43:38] * @Amaryllis stashes it in her bag and climbs aboard.
  208. [14:43:47] * Natalie headtilts quizzically at it for a second before turning back and GETTING HYPE FOR SNAKERIDE.
  209. [14:44:44] <Kaingaskhan> The snake quickly darts forward, entering the now clear tunnel, sliding through the glass tunnel, occasionally spinning like a drill just to make his riders dizzy as shit for a moment. Maybe. Oh, actually, looking he's scooping up charred gargants into his mouth and making sure not to miss any. If there had been more time to figure out the mechanics this would have probably been a minigame
  210. [14:44:44] <Kaingaskhan> of some kind!
  211. [14:44:47] * @Amaryllis takes a moment to pick suitable scales to grab onto and then takes a deep breath, holding on as tightly as she can. God why didn't they just take the airship. D:
  212. [14:44:51] <Kaingaskhan> Crunchcrunchcrunch
  213. [14:45:02] <@Amaryllis> (hahaha)
  214. [14:45:08] <Natalie> (Clearly it's gradius)
  215. [14:45:12] <Natalie> (snake tunnel gradius)
  216. [14:45:14] <Natalie> (WE ARE THE OPTIONS)
  217. [14:45:36] * Natalie is SO GLAD THEY DIDN'T TAKE THE AIRSHIP
  218. [14:46:30] <Kaingaskhan> You slide on for a bit, until Terrato hisses back a warning. "Tunnel breach. Don't fall off."
  219. [14:46:42] <Natalie> "Gotcha."
  220. [14:46:57] * @Amaryllis nods and holds on even tighter, her knuckles turning white from the effort.
  221. [14:47:15] <Kaingaskhan> You barely have time to process what he said before the bottom of the tunnel becomes wet and you ram straight through numerous salty waterfalls!
  222. [14:47:28] <Kaingaskhan> Seems like you're already underneath the ocean, goddamn
  223. [14:47:31] <Natalie> "Nnnf!"
  224. [14:48:10] * Natalie holds on tight, finally showing the first signs of discomfort when, you know, getting wet.
  225. [14:48:19] <Kaingaskhan> The tunnel becomes increasingly filled with water as you go... either you're going lower or Terrato inadvertently caused the breach himself.
  226. [14:48:24] * @Amaryllis hacks and coughs water, looking terribly displeased.
  227. [14:48:47] <Natalie> "Errrrrm, is it... SUPPOSED to be like this?"
  228. [14:48:56] <Kaingaskhan> "Nope!"
  229. [14:48:59] <Kaingaskhan> ZOOM
  230. [14:49:02] <Natalie> "Oh, okay!"
  231. [14:49:53] <@Amaryllis> "Are you having fun with this, serpent?" Ammy manages to cough out.
  232. [14:50:01] <@Amaryllis> *great serpent
  233. [14:50:29] <Natalie> "I sure am!"
  234. [14:52:16] <Kaingaskhan> The speed of the snake sends water flying everywhere as he half-swims along. "What a dreadful accusation, accusing me of enjoying this like I were Leviathan!" His tone is mock-offended.
  235. [14:53:03] <Natalie> "Heyyy that's a good -- nnf -- point, IS Levvie actually that fast?  It sure looked like I could've beat him in a race..."
  236. [14:53:06] <@Amaryllis> "What quarrel do the serpents of," *cough* "of earth and sea have with each other?"
  237. [14:53:10] <Kaingaskhan> "Still with me? Almost there~"
  238. [14:53:43] <Natalie> "Nnn... hey Ammy, did I ever remember how to swim before?  I think I forgot..."
  239. [14:53:45] <Kaingaskhan> "Oh, Leviathan is just a prick. Thinks he's better than me because he's got in good with Bahamut and Hades."
  240. [14:54:28] <@Amaryllis> "We had not need for swimming before now Nat."
  241. [14:54:50] <Kaingaskhan> "All eidolons should be guardians, not mere beasts of the world!" he says in a mocking tone. "Screw him."
  242. [14:54:57] <Natalie> "Oh, is that it?  Yeah, we had a fight too but it's - nnf - all okay now so..."
  243. [14:55:53] * Natalie clings on still. "... Point taken though, that kinda sounds like him."
  244. [14:55:57] <@Amaryllis> "What do you seek to do in your eternal life then Terrato?"
  245. [14:55:58] <Kaingaskhan> In a moment, the glass starts to give way to rock, making the tunnel quite a bit muddy at some points, and the ride bumpy in others.
  246. [14:56:26] <Kaingaskhan> "What do mortals seek to do with theirs? Most live for themselves. I'm the same way."
  247. [14:57:11] <@Amaryllis> "Some seek a purpose, or a place in the greater tapestry of stories. I was merely wondering."
  248. [14:57:17] * Natalie nodnods, shaking the water off. "Yeah! Living should be to learn stuff and do things... or... something like that."
  249. [14:58:23] <Kaingaskhan> "Eat, sleep, being lazy, being gloriously in charge of my own life and not letting some pubscent narwhal order me around... And you would not -believe- how much tail I get."
  250. [14:58:33] <Kaingaskhan> *pubescent
  251. [14:58:45] <Natalie> "... Taiiiiil, huh?"
  252. [14:58:48] * Natalie ransmirks.
  253. [14:59:03] <Natalie> "Oh I get it, because your tail is... hah!"
  254. [14:59:25] <Kaingaskhan> "Yeah I went easy on the snake puns this time, what are you gonna do about it."
  255. [14:59:44] <Kaingaskhan> Aaand Terry starts to slow down.
  256. [14:59:49] <Natalie> "I thought that one way pretty good!"
  257. [15:00:13] <Kaingaskhan> "Almost there. If I remember right, we're gonna come out in a  cave full of ice."
  258. [15:00:45] <@Amaryllis> "Pleasant." Ammy is already shivering from being soaked.
  259. [15:01:05] <Kaingaskhan> As he approaches the end of the tunnel, you notice it seems to be blocked off with rock. Terrato speeds up for another headbutt!
  260. [15:01:08] <Kaingaskhan> WHAM
  261. [15:01:09] <Natalie> "Ooh, it's pretty cold..."
  262. [15:01:10] <Kaingaskhan> Crack...
  263. [15:01:15] <Kaingaskhan> ...trickle?
  264. [15:01:19] <Natalie> "..."
  265. [15:01:27] <Natalie> "Uhh, that's not good, right?"
  266. [15:01:42] <Kaingaskhan> "...."
  267. [15:01:53] <Kaingaskhan> The blocked off exit starts to crack open...
  268. [15:01:58] <Natalie> "Is that... the..."
  269. [15:02:00] <Kaingaskhan> And another flood of water suddenly bursts out!
  270. [15:02:03] <Natalie> "DFGDKFG"
  271. [15:02:09] <Kaingaskhan> ARGHABLARGH
  272. [15:02:13] <Kaingaskhan> blackout
  273. [15:03:51] <Kaingaskhan> awaken a little later. You feel the sensation of being incredibly, uncomfortably soaked and cold, but there's warmth nearby. ...A LOT of warmth. As you come to, you notice you're outside. Both of you, next to Terry and a roaring fire nearly as big as he is, with trees being used instead of campfire logs.
  274. [15:04:06] <Kaingaskhan> You seem to be at the bottom of a mountain range, the entrance to a cavern nearby.
  275. [15:04:13] <Kaingaskhan> "You awake?"
  276. [15:04:18] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnn."
  277. [15:04:30] * @Amaryllis crawls closer to the fire after a cursory check of her things. She nods.
  278. [15:04:34] * Natalie blinks awake and rolls over to the side. "Just a few more minutes..."
  279. [15:04:46] <Kaingaskhan> The snake uncurls himself and spits. "Some asshole replaced all the ice with water. It wasn't that way last time I came through."
  280. [15:04:56] <@Amaryllis> "You mean it melted."
  281. [15:05:08] <Natalie> "Nnn... ooh, what if she did it?"
  282. [15:05:24] <Kaingaskhan> "It'd been that way for hundreds of years, I don't know why it'd all melt now."
  283. [15:05:25] * Natalie slowly shifts up and stretches. "It's pretty easy to just assume everything is her fault."
  284. [15:05:44] <Kaingaskhan> "It's been a few decades since I came this way, though."
  285. [15:06:07] <Natalie> "Oh well!  All's well that ends well!  We made it at least, yeah?"
  286. [15:06:22] <@Amaryllis> "The world is facing great change, I believe." Ammy continues to struggle closer to the warmth.
  287. [15:06:42] <Kaingaskhan> The enormous fire feels great to your skin, and the two of you are quickly drying.
  288. [15:06:54] * Natalie cuddles up next to Ammy.
  289. [15:07:06] <Kaingaskhan> "Yeah, this is definitely the mist continent. You're fortunate you were with me, or you would have drowned."
  290. [15:07:32] <Natalie> "Yeah... maybe I should re-learn how to swim.  ... If I ever learned how before."
  291. [15:08:10] * @Amaryllis nods.
  292. [15:08:35] <Natalie> "Oh well, we probably actually did make it before the others!  ... We weren't out for like, weeks or something, right?"
  293. [15:09:33] <Kaingaskhan> "Just a few hoursss."
  294. [15:09:43] <Natalie> "Awesome!"
  295. [15:10:03] <Kaingaskhan> "I think humans call thisss the Gunitas Basin."
  296. [15:10:22] <@Amaryllis> "How far are we from Lindblum?"
  297. [15:10:33] <Kaingaskhan> He gestures around, indicating the mountains surrounding.
  298. [15:11:03] <Kaingaskhan> "Let'ssss seee... this is about the middle of the continent, though closer to Alexander than not."
  299. [15:11:15] * Natalie snuggles more. "Ammy probably knows that stuff better than I do... ooh, what're you gonna do now, anyway? We'll be around for a while if you need us for that thing..."
  300. [15:12:19] <Kaingaskhan> "Probably going to find a place to curl up in and bide my time. The lassst thing I need is to attract more attention." he gestures with his tail towards the bonfire. "The nosy are so annoying."
  301. [15:13:08] <Kaingaskhan> "Sssso here you are, mist continent. I've gone as far as I'm willing. You ssshould be able to make it to Lindblum through the South Gate."
  302. [15:13:25] <Natalie> "Gotcha.  It's probably definitely safe from him here, and I bet that phony Kuja lady is all that much of a threat.... well unless she actually DID melt a whole bunch of ice, that's kinda scary."
  303. [15:13:29] <@Amaryllis> "You must have something more you seek than simple pleasure, or else you would not take a favor as payment. I wish you the best of luck in those endeavors."
  304. [15:13:57] <Kaingaskhan> "That'sss my businesss really."
  305. [15:14:38] <@Amaryllis> "Of course."
  306. [15:14:55] <Kaingaskhan> "But I appreciate the sssentiment. Try not to die."
  307. [15:14:56] <Natalie> "Oh well!  Thanks a bunch for helping us, Terry!  If you ever decide you want to help others instead of just yourself that summoner should still be there.  You probably won't regret it, but.... you'e right, that's your own business too."
  308. [15:15:08] * Natalie hops up and waves. "Don't worry, we're tough!"
  309. [15:16:25] <Kaingaskhan> Terrato gives a carefree flick with his tail. "And don't get boring." He slithers off, heading back into the Not-Ice Cavern.
  310. [15:16:45] <Kaingaskhan> He seems to have dug a ditch around the fire but not given any other considerations to it.
  311. [15:16:59] <Natalie> "Hee.  Maybe he already knows me better than I do."
  312. [15:17:36] <Natalie> "Oookay... Ammy, you ready?"
  313. [15:18:28] <@Amaryllis> "I am." Ammy stands up and makes sure all her belongings are dry.
  314. [15:19:01] <Kaingaskhan> Everything -seems- okay, miraculously.
  315. [15:19:32] <Natalie> "Nnn!  I have just as much energy as ever!  Let's go before it's too late!"
  316. [15:19:45] <Kaingaskhan> The fire casts light into the darkness of the night around you.
  317. [15:19:49] <Kaingaskhan> What do?
  318. [15:20:05] <Natalie> (Shall we keep going since the others aren't here yet?)
  319. [15:20:14] * @Amaryllis coughs up the last of the water she swallowed earlier. "You want to travel through the night Nat?"
  320. [15:20:38] <@Amaryllis> "We take an airship next time, and I guarantee it will be anything but boring."
  321. [15:20:45] <Natalie> "Well, it's dark, but it's not like it's scary or anything!"
  322. [15:21:04] <@Amaryllis> (did Aori mention being *this* late? Celina could go now if Anise is here)
  323. [15:21:50] * Natalie pouts though. "Fine, I'll have less crazy ideas next time. If we still have to go with them to get the crystals, I guess it's better if we don't argue or stuff."
  324. [15:22:19] <@Amaryllis> "You'll see." Ammy manages a small smile.
  325. [15:22:42] * Natalie frowns a worried frown. "Be careful, okay?"
  326. [15:24:22] <@Amaryllis> "I can't take that very seriously from you." Ammy teases. "Shall we wait out the night then, or will you insist on being first to arrive in Lindblum?"
  327. [15:24:43] * Natalie sticks a tongue out. "Okay, you win!"
  328. [15:24:49] <Kain> (I'm going to walk around a sec)
  329. [15:25:11] <@Amaryllis> (alright)
  330. [15:25:18] <Natalie> "But... if you think it's dangerous we can wait.  I'm kinda nervous, anyway."
  331. [15:26:37] <@Amaryllis> "I am no stranger to travel by night, and you know that well. That makes me more acutely aware of its possible dangers, however."
  332. [15:27:03] <Natalie> "Dangers are nothing!  We can handle 'em!"
  333. [15:27:35] * Natalie stretches. "C'mon, get anything ready and let's go. We'll be sure to be first, 'kay?"
  334. [15:28:55] <@Anise> (uuu)
  335. [15:29:08] <Kain> (Okay, back)
  336. [15:29:10] <Kain> (Hi Anise)
  337. [15:29:12] <Kain> (Whassup)
  338. [15:29:32] * @Amaryllis sighs. "...Very well Nat. I prefer this to waking in the morn to find you have snuck out yourself." She lifts her lantern. "Remember, mine is the only light you follow at night."
  339. [15:29:56] <@Anise> (not much, ready when y'all are)
  340. [15:30:25] <Natalie> "Of course!  So while we walk..."
  341. [15:30:34] * Natalie walks off.
  342. [15:31:57] <Kain> (So do we switch to Celina now, guys?)
  343. [15:32:03] * @Amaryllis follows Nat into the night.
  344. [15:32:03] <Natalie> (yesplz)
  345. [15:32:05] <@Amaryllis> (yup)
  346. [15:32:11] <Kain> OKAY
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