NeoVegelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Reveal

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  1. [18:12:59] <Firespitter> Nikki is being released from the hospital today after a week filled with tests regarding the 'incident' as its been come to be known. Regardless, NERV has yet to make an official press conference regarding the damage done to the city, a good part of which was caused by the evangelion units themselves.  
  2. [18:14:00] * Nixie has spent the WHOLE time trying to get ahold of her manager, and is on the tipping point of tipping points. Also walks around looking like a zombie, but that's minor(?).
  3. [18:14:24] <Firespitter> Nikki got a visit from her parents earlier this week but her manager has recently been next to her after apparently solving a crisis or two regarding her contracts.
  4. [18:15:43] <Firespitter> Emily though has fully recovered from her surgery as well and though she hasn't been publically announced she will find herself with nothing to do.  
  5. [18:17:04] <Firespitter> A press conference has been anounced in the following days with the pilots and right now the two girls are being briefed my the mustacioed Major Anderson.
  6. [18:19:16] <Emily_Borg> And not having much to do, Emily sits herself down in the corner not too far away from Nikki and the Major. Having recuperated mostly fully, the girl still needs a cane, but she's fully lacking bandages now and is dressed in her standard-issue NERV uniform, gazing intently at the Major and awaiting his briefing.
  7. [18:19:20] <Nixie> Nikki is glaring daggers straight at his mustacle.  Occasionally at his eyes too, but if looks could kill, he'd be so dead there wouldn't be enough layers of Hell to hold him.
  8. [18:20:09] * Emily_Borg throws a glance towards Nikki, studying her body language and biting her lip a little. Is she... mad? She looks it, but... why? Let it never be said that Emily is good at judging the reasons for people's body language...
  9. [18:21:04] <Firespitter> THe heavily mscled man holds his manila folder uncertainly as he looks at both of the girls, he wasn't trained to deal with this sort of shit. The coughs into his fist, "I apologize for not ommunicating much in the last few days but I've been busy." He glances towards Nikki's manager.
  10. [18:21:48] <Firespitter> "The press has been very insistent on getting a press conference with the pilots of the Evangelions present."
  11. [18:23:07] <Emily_Borg> "Yes, sir." Emily says softly in affirmation of his words. Then, she bites her lip worriedly... press conference?
  12. [18:24:26] <Nixie> "Yeah, you WOULD be 'busy.'"  Nikki runs her mouth without a care in the world, almost as if irritated that her glare DIDN'T kill the man yet.  "But I want some answers, and I want answers NOW, got it?"
  13. [18:26:49] <Emily_Borg> As Nikki speaks, Emily almost cringes at the girl's lack of respect. Surely she should know better than to talk to a superior officer like that... but she's quickly distracted by Nikki's choice of clothing. Be it conservative or crazy befitting whatever her personal image may be, Emily stares at it with a vested interest... She doesn't wear a uniform?
  14. [18:27:08] <Firespitter> "Miss Nikki, I'm afraid the answers you seek would fall under Classified Information.  I didn't even know the Evangelions could do that sort of thing."
  15. [18:31:21] <Firespitter> He turns to the other man in the room, "And you won't have to worry about the press conference Mister Quincy, we'll filter all the more offensive questions before they reach your charge, the same as with all the pilots."
  16. [18:31:32] <Nixie> "Oh, really?"  Wearing a smug expression, she looks up to... what was his name?  Quickie?  Quixote?  "Well, I don't think we agreed on subjecting me to 'unknowns' like that, did we?"
  17. [18:33:53] <Emily_Borg> "Ummmm..." Emily bites her lip and shuffles in place a little bit. Truth be told, she probably knew better than anyone the dangers of piloting an Evangelion, and that sort of thing was... not exactly common, but definitely regular enough that it's a hazard that you have to consider... to say nothing of what could happen as a fluke of fate. The girl's eyes don't move from Nikki's clothes, examining that T-shirt under her hoodie...
  18. [18:33:53] <Emily_Borg> it looks... what does it look like, anyway? Definitely strange, by Emily's tastes... but either way, she shoots a glance over at the Major and shrugs, quickly inclining her head once towards Nikki.
  19. [18:34:01] <Nixie> "I'll have you KNOW," back to mustachio, "That your company's gonna have hell to pay if this gets out!  Having the nerve to send me against that... that THING was enough, but actually INJURING me?  If this hurts any of my shows, we're going to destroy you.  Squash you like tiny bugs."
  20. [18:34:38] <Firespitter> The man in his mid 20's and brown hair fixes his glasses, "Your contract specifies getting additional combat pay from the company if the need should arise. According to section 8 paragraph 20 unkown situations during combat, still classify as combat. My hands are tied, no one really expected something like this to ever happen."
  21. [18:34:41] <Nixie> As the portrait of vanity, the print T-shirt Nikki's wearing is actually have herself.  But an almost cartoonish portrait of her own face, with turquoise-colored hair.  You can only see about half of it underneath a pink hoodie.
  22. [18:35:12] <Nixie> A PICTURE OF HERSELF SORRY
  23. [18:36:29] <Emily_Borg> Emily nods. "Danger is part and parcel." The girl's voice is soft, and she squints and tilts her head in confusion as she realizes the resemblance from the T-shirt... a picture of herself? Curiously, Emily unzips her own NERV jacket and pulls at the orange undershirt adorning her torso. Why would anyone wear a T-shirt with themselves on it...
  24. [18:36:32] <Emily_Borg> ?
  25. [18:37:37] <Firespitter> "And may I add miss Nikki, you work for us as a publicity tool for the weapons company I represent, we will absorb the inconsequential loss of revenue from the your shows. Perhaps when you get better you could show your fans how brave you are, but thats beside the point for this conversations.
  26. [18:37:38] <Firespitter> "
  27. [18:39:00] <Firespitter> The Major turns to Emily, "Miss Emily despite you not being in combat we'd like you to come to the press conference. Your mother has already cleared us to go along with it so long as we have a medical team on standby."
  28. [18:39:31] <Nixie> "Well... shoot."  There are some letters on her shirt too, advertising the name of a concert maybe?  "That's good at least, and I'm not gonna pass up an opportunity like that.  But!  Come on, it HURT!  I thought the giant robots were gonna take all the damage, like, it was just for show or something!  UGH."  At this point she just folds one arm and looks over to the corner of the room.  It would be two, but she still hasn't gotten over the pain from the other one.
  29. [18:40:34] <Emily_Borg> Shows? Fans? Revenue? So... Nikki is famous... Emily purses her lip at the thought and takes a step back. She's sheltered, but she's not dumb... she knows what fame is, and she knows the dangers involved in piloting, so... why would you want a public icon to be put through that? It makes no sense to her... but either way, the girl is shocked back to reality when the Major addresses her. Literally, even... the girl physically
  30. [18:40:34] <Emily_Borg> jumps in her skin, her daydreams having consumed her thoughts to the point that she kind of forgot that the major was even standing there... "Oh! Uh... Yes, sir." Shit.
  31. [18:40:35] <Firespitter> "Sympathetic pain is a side effect from piloting. I thought you read the memo."
  32. [18:41:10] <Nixie> "I... skimmed through it."  Nikki grumbles out with a defeated visage.
  33. [18:43:07] <Emily_Borg> "When do we leave?" She asks, her voice a little shaky. Press conference, press conference... this can't end well, so... best to just get it over with.
  34. [18:44:31] <Firespitter> "We will leave once we're sure that you won't fuck up the story." The major adresses Nikki directly, really getting tired of her shit by now.
  35. [18:45:48] <Emily_Borg> Emily physically recoils back at this, wrapping her arms around herself and inclining her head placatingly towards her superior officer. "Y-yes, sir..." Her tone is soft and small
  36. [18:46:00] <Emily_Borg> small, her posture hunched, trying to make herself appear as little as possible.
  37. [18:46:41] <Date_Miyako> Hm... oh wait, wait, no, not that one, she just passed through that one. Hang on- Nope, not that one, either. Oh, oh- Yes! This is it! Hm... door doesn't look locked. Grabbing the handle (or whatever opening mechanism there was on the door), Miyako would... unnecessarily tackle through the door! "Hey, Nikki! Are you alright?!" Aaaand... O-oh, this is not
  38. [18:46:41] <Date_Miyako> Nikki's room. The final pilot would look around the room, then back to Nikki. "... Are you having visitors right now?"
  39. [18:46:42] <Nixie> "Oh, I'M the one who fucks up, am I?  I'm perfect at everything I do," she speaks while glaring straight up at the man, "Unlike a certain SOMEBODY who sits on their asses saying 'pilots, do everything' while our special little missions go straight to Hell in a handbasket!  I'm going to do everything exactly how it should be; don't act like if it's my fault if 'accidents' end up happening."
  40. [18:47:32] <Nixie> "... Oh, braindead.  Nice to see you're not normal-dead," comes a snappy response from she who almost snapped.
  41. [18:48:59] * Emily_Borg squeezes herself tightly now, the fighting really starting to get to her. She glances around, searching for exits and places to hide in the room, her eyes and head quickly tracking in a short arc around her in case things went... south.
  42. [18:50:03] <Date_Miyako> Miyako would frown at Nikki. "You're perfect at being mean. And you're bad at being nice!" Oh, hey, it's that girl from earlier. "Ah, hey there!" She would wave at Emily.
  43. [18:50:17] * Emily_Borg doesn't respond.
  44. [18:50:41] * Nixie simmers calmly in position.
  45. [18:51:59] <Firespitter> The Major is REALLY getting to his breaking point "Miss Shin! We couldn't do anything to the Angel as long as its AT field was still up you were literally on the only thing that could destroy it without starting another Nuclear Winter, as much as I had to admit it you're one of our only hopes." He takes a breath, "So you better try to at least act the part."
  46. [18:52:53] <Firespitter> THe major completely ignores Miyako
  47. [18:53:22] <Nixie> "..."  Nixie closes her eyes.  As much as she looks ready to transform into a feral animal and pounce on somebody right now, a much calmer word escaper her lips: "Fine."
  48. [18:54:52] <Nixie> "I'll do what you want for now, but getting in that thing again is a COMPLETELY different story.  I'm ready to get my lawyer any second, and being around... these weirdoes," her eyes tilt toward Emily and Miyako, one after the other, "Feels like I'm gonna suffocate."
  49. [18:55:17] <Date_Miyako> Yeah, it was bad enough when her Eva berserked, Nikki berserking would be bad! "So... could someone tell me what's going on? And why doesn't she want to be in a robot?"
  50. [18:59:11] <Firespitter> The Major takes a deep breath, "I will choose to ignore your comments regarding this issue for now given the press conference is tomorrow." The major steers the conversations away, "Miss Shin, Miss Borg you will be asked about the evangelion units themselves.  The incident will not be mentioned, otherwise you will be disciplined accordingly.  And in the case of Miss Shin, within the limits
  51. [18:59:11] <Firespitter> on her contract." He says as he tries to hide his frustration and failing.
  52. [18:59:45] * Nixie continues shooting him a smug glance, just to see if it makes him angrier.
  53. [19:00:00] <Firespitter> "Miss Date will not be present at the press conference due to certain political reasons."
  54. [19:00:25] <Emily_Borg> Well, it seems her mom had lied about the other pilots being nice. Lied quite a bit, in fact. Emily feels more than a little hurt, and it shows in her posture and general body language... she knows she's weird, she doesn't need anyone to point it out to her, especially not someone whom she was trying to befriend, in her own slow, awkward way... but the girl really can't stand to be around this anymore, it's getting to the point
  55. [19:00:26] <Emily_Borg> that her heart's racing, her pulse is pounding as the sweat of fear beads on her brow, painful memories of a socialization experiment gone poorly resurfacing in their entirety, and all Emily knows is that she  needs to get out of here. Run away, run far away from Nikki and Miyako and the Major, at least until things cool down (though her head isn't rational enough yet to really realize the whole 'until things cool down' thing
  56. [19:00:26] <Emily_Borg> yet). So, the fragile, easily-broken girl takes another few steps back away from Nikki, putting herself at a distance that would require the girl to take a big running step, then a leap towards her to actually get within striking distance. Gotta protect yourself, trust no one...
  57. [19:01:23] <Emily_Borg> But of course, from the outside this just looks like a weird Emily thing, her backpedaling three or four steps towards the door, then staring at Nikki with a blank, taut lip visage with slightly shaking arms wrapped tightly around her stomach.
  58. [19:01:54] <Date_Miyako> Politics? Well, not her cup of tea. Actually, tea sounds really good right now. Siiiiiiiiiiiiip. "I'm alright with that, sir!" Miyako would salute the Major, and nod.
  59. [19:02:29] <Emily_Borg> Saluting? Well, it seems as though Date at least knows her manners...
  60. [19:02:44] <Nixie> Nikki herself takes notice, her eyes looking the timid girl over but not enough to give rise to any words.  It's hard to determine if she's giving a nonverbal message or just looking condescending for the sake of condescending.  Either way, she looks like she's ready to leave any second.  "So, does that mean we're done here?"
  61. [19:04:09] <Firespitter> "I will also expect you to behave yourself accordingly, your manager will brief you later on the details." The major says.
  62. [19:04:11] <Emily_Borg> and that look is all it takes to fully spook Emily out of the room! With a quick, lightning-fast motion, the girl tugs open the door and swings herself on the handle and wall, getting out of the room quickly then dashing down the hall away from that unstable, angry girl with a T-shirt with her face on it.
  63. [19:04:31] <Firespitter> "Now get out of here Nikki."
  64. [19:04:38] <Nixie> "... What's got HER panties in a wad?"
  65. [19:04:49] <Emily_Borg> And of course, she gives a soft, high-pitched "eep!" before leaving. She's like a little mouse...
  66. [19:04:52] * Nixie looks genuinely confused, and spins around with a shrug. "All right. Let's go."
  67. [19:05:16] <Firespitter> "Miss Date, a moment please." The major stops.
  68. [19:05:23] <Firespitter> stops Miyako*
  69. [19:06:12] <Date_Miyako> "Eh? Uh... Is something the matter, sir?" She would tilt her head, then stand to attention again.
  70. [19:08:01] <Firespitter> He takes out a piece of paper from his manila folder and hands it to the girl. "This is your housing assignment, due to regulations you are not allowed to live by yourself so I will be your guardian so long as you're assigned here in Vegas."
  71. [19:08:21] <Firespitter> "Get your stuff packed and get ready to move."
  72. [19:08:25] <Emily_Borg> And as Nikki leaves the room, she can see Emily down the hall, elbowing her way through the nurses and techs walking through the place, and even sliding over a cart, parkour-style, and knocking the contents of it on the ground.
  73. [19:09:04] <Nixie> Nikki's entire reaction to that can be summed up with a single punctuation mark:
  74. [19:09:05] <Nixie> "?"
  75. [19:10:42] <Date_Miyako> Oh, huh. Nice! She'd be able to talk with Mr- the Major more! "Ah, I see. Thank you, sir!" Bowing, she would accept the paper from Anderson. "I'll uh, get right to it." She would turn and head out of the room, off to pack up!
  76. [19:11:11] <Emily_Borg> And Miyako sees the same thing, Emily dashing down the hall!
  77. [19:11:35] * Nixie looks at Miyako and shrugs.
  78. [19:12:23] <Firespitter> The Major looks out of the door and just sighs, "Prestigious position they said, deal with the world's finest they said."
  79. [19:12:23] <Date_Miyako> Miyako looks to Nikki. "... what's up with her? Is she... a timidgirl or something?" Weird.
  80. [19:13:32] <Nixie> "Oh, her?  I talked to her once, and I'd say that's a 100% yes."  Looking left and right, she makes sure nobody's eavesdropping before leaning closer and telling Miyako and a hushed voice: "I'm uh... glad you survived that beating, by the way."
  81. [19:13:47] <Nixie> It's so quick and so hushed the words may themselves be a phantom, as their speaker turns away and walks off as soon as their done.
  82. [19:14:08] <Nixie> >their
  83. [19:14:10] <Nixie> THEY'RE
  84. [19:15:17] <Date_Miyako> It takes a while for the words to register in Miyako's mind, and by the time she processed it all, Nikki's gone. "Uh... Hey! Thanks for going uh, 'Berserk'?" She would call out to the non-masterful idol.
  85. [19:16:08] * Nixie doesn't take it the way it was intended. Miyako sees a middle finger raise in the air from the fleeing figure.
  86. [19:18:20] <Firespitter> ---------------------
  87. [19:20:54] <Firespitter> Major Anderson had sent Miyako shopping and ordered the rest of the pilots got a message ordering them to help her out.
  88. [19:24:34] * Emily_Borg follows behind them at a safe distance, keeping herself small and away from the other two girls. Or at least, away from Nikki.
  89. [19:24:51] * Nixie debated this hotly, but eventually shows up at the scene. Not only is her hoodie covering her all the way now, but she's wearing a hat and glasses. Maybe scarves too.
  90. [19:25:16] <Nixie> "Sheesh.  I'm gonna have to ask if 'babysitting' was on my contract later," she groans.
  91. [19:27:03] <Nixie> "Heeeeeeeeeeey!"  She turns around and give Emily a shout.  "If you stay that far behind you're gonna get kidnapped!"
  92. [19:28:42] <Date_Miyako> Miyako has nothing actually hiding her. Except clothes. Just a red shirt and blue jeans. "Heya, you two!" She would wave to the two enthusiastically. "C'mon, I saw some really good-looking clothes. We gotta get 'em, before it's sold out!" Depends on your definition of "good", Miyako.
  93. [19:29:00] <Firespitter> Its a nice day out considering, nuclear winter was great for Las Vegas during summer though the effects have mostly subsided. Its a cloudy day so the sun isn't too bad on the skin.
  94. [19:29:38] <Firespitter> Miyako has a list of grocery shopping that the major needs: Eggs, ham, etc
  95. [19:30:45] <Emily_Borg> Good luck kidnapping Emily. The girl's really squirrelly... so she continues to skulk way behind them, even seeking out the S2 agents that are undoubtedly there and just... hanging around them, almost clinging to one of them.
  96. [19:30:45] <Nixie> "Oh!  Yeah.  I could help pick out some good colors for you... and her, too.  Shame she dresses like that, really, girl could be cute with some help."  Nixie has a finger to her chin, but is still obviously uncomfortable in her overboard disguise.
  97. [19:31:20] <Nixie> A sigh.  "Shame she acts like that too.  What's her deal anyway?  She even helped me out earlier, so I thought she'd be more..."
  98. [19:31:38] <Firespitter> The agent does his best to lose the girl and go back to being incospicuous
  99. [19:31:47] <Emily_Borg> Nope. Emily follows him.
  100. [19:31:53] <Emily_Borg> Follows like a sad lost puppy.
  101. [19:31:56] <Nixie> "... You know.  Not like that."
  102. [19:33:05] <Date_Miyako> "Heeeey! You're not going to have much fun, if you're- Oh, come ON!" Miyako gives chase to Emily, in search of why she's going over to there.
  103. [19:33:25] <Firespitter> The agnet resigns himself to his fate and just follows the other two girls with Emily in tow.
  104. [19:33:27] * Nixie gives a tiny wave. "Go get 'em."
  105. [19:33:46] <Emily_Borg> Oh fuck. Her eyes widening behind those big black glasses of hers, the girl ducks behind the agent, interposing the big man between herself and Miyako.
  106. [19:33:51] <Nixie> And then a BIG sigh.  "Sheesh.  They better pay me more for this."
  107. [19:34:11] <Firespitter> "She's clinging to me, I don't want to do." He speaks into his earplug microphone.
  108. [19:35:19] <Firespitter> "She's like 14 Mark, I'm not into that." He whisper a bit too loudly.
  109. [19:35:59] <Date_Miyako> "Hey, c'mon! Emily, you can't just hide behind guys like that! ... even if they give out candy," Miyako tries to approach Emily more calmly this time, concern evident on her face.
  110. [19:36:30] * Nixie gives up trying to continue along their path, and indiscriminately holds a $20 bill pulled from her hoodie out to the agent. "Look, how about this to put up for it for now? I just wanna get this trip over with."
  111. [19:36:43] <Nixie> ...
  112. [19:36:49] <Nixie> how did i get 'indiscriminately' out of 'discreetly'
  113. [19:37:44] <Emily_Borg> Shit, Nikki's not going way. As Nikki approaches, Emily backpedals away until she can't back up anymore, be it from the crowd pushing against her or from a wall, or from an S2 agent... but either way, it's clear that the girl doesn't want to be around Nikki, for whatever reason. Unless it isn't; Miyako's pretty dumb.
  114. [19:38:10] <Firespitter> The agent doesn't take the bill, "Not allowed to take your money, girl." He takes off his earbud and if you pay attention you can hear several people chuckling, "But fine, I'll stick around you."
  115. [19:38:30] <Firespitter> "Name's Corey by the way."
  116. [19:39:02] <Nixie> "Awwh, how sweet.  Well in that case, I order you to command that little lost puppy to follow you before she wanders off into the road and gets hit by a car.  We're going to... that store over there."
  117. [19:39:09] <Nixie> "Braindead!  You too, get over here!"
  118. [19:39:53] * Nixie twirls around like a model on the runway and makes headway into an air-conditioned store before her disguise makes her melt into a puddle.
  119. [19:41:40] <Firespitter> The agnet urges Emily on, "Come on, We got to follow the Major's orders. I won't live it down if I can't at least do this."
  120. [19:41:43] <Date_Miyako> "Nikki, you're kinda scaring her," Miyako would pout at the idol. "And hey there, mister! Sorry about Nikki there, she can be rude sometimes... a lot of times- Hey! Why can't I go with Emily...?" Miyako would run after the meangirl, in the hopes of knowing why she's so mean! ... and also to make sure she's safe and all.
  121. [19:42:42] <Emily_Borg> Emily shakes her head. "No..." The girl continues to hide behind him. "That... girl is gonna try to hurt me, I know it..."
  122. [19:43:29] <Nixie> "Am I...?"  Nikki tilts her head.  "Oh, is THAT what it is?  C'mon, didn't I tell you before that I was mad over what happens?"
  123. [19:43:37] <Firespitter> "She won't hit you but she's a real bitch. Just don't pay anny attention to any mean things she says."
  124. [19:43:40] <Nixie> "Sheesh, keep that attitude and there's no way you're gonna survive in the wild."
  125. [19:44:06] * Nixie may either be toning out the insults, or just used to them. Either way she's through the doors and out of the scorching sidewalk now.
  126. [19:46:01] <Emily_Borg> Emily pauses for a moment, grabbing the man's wrist and squeezingly it tightly and reassuringly. "You're... sure?" She asks, her tone soft and almost pleading.
  127. [19:47:47] <Firespitter> "Yeah, I'm sure. If she tries I'll stop her, okay?" THe man says, where ahs this kid been her entire life?"
  128. [19:47:58] <Date_Miyako> "Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, please don't go ahead!" Miyako is pitifully following Nikki in, much like someone's subordinate who is constantly left behind.
  129. [19:49:26] <Emily_Borg> "...Deal." Emily says, giving the guy another hard squeeze to his wrist, then galloping off to meet up with Miyako and Nixie. "Hey." She says softly once she's next to the two.
  130. [19:51:06] <Nixie> "Finally decide to join us, princess?"  Finally able to move the injured arm, Nixie is standing in the entrance with her arms folded, grinning.  Though it's hard to tell under her enormous disguise.
  131. [19:51:39] <Firespitter> The agent tags slightly behind but still closer than before. Hopefully a concerned parent won't call the epolice or anything. He puts the earbud back into his ear and deals with th slight annoyance of his teammates teasing him until the squad leader shut them up.
  132. [19:52:07] <Emily_Borg> "Yeah." Emily nods slowly, then... tilts her head in confusion at the whole "princess" thing.
  133. [19:52:38] <Date_Miyako> "Ah, Em!" Wait, a nickname already? "So, you're ready to deploy? I've got a list of things to buy from the Major!" She holds it out for the other two to see!
  134. [19:53:49] <Emily_Borg> "Emily." She says almost immediately after Miyako calls her... "Em." She hates that nickname. With lightly pursed lips, the timid girl glances over ad reads the list. "So... you guys need clothes?" She says after a moment.
  135. [19:53:49] * Nixie snatches the list. "Lemme see that."
  136. [19:54:02] * Emily_Borg recoils away and backpedals two steps.
  137. [19:54:17] <Nixie> "Hm... hm... hm.... Wow, THAT'S the kind of stuff he's into, huh?"
  138. [19:54:39] <Nixie> "If you get a lighter and burn his mustache off while he's sleeping, I'll give you $100."
  139. [19:55:52] <Date_Miyako> Miyako actually didn't take the time yet to read it, so she's kinda lost there. "Waitwaitwait, lemme see!" Miyako moves over to see where Nikki's reading. "What's it say?"
  140. [19:56:10] * Nixie hands the note back, leaving uncertainty as to whether she actually looked at it at all. "Look at it yourself, I learned all I need to know about the guy from this."
  141. [19:56:16] <Emily_Borg> Emily's eyes widen behind her glasses, and her mouth opens slightly. "What?! No!"
  142. [19:56:19] <Firespitter> Its mostly all food, some frozen dinners, no beers though
  143. [19:56:53] <Nixie> "And no," she gives Emily a glance.  "YOU need clothes.  I have a stash, but you look like you're letting your figure go to waste.  C'mon!"
  144. [19:57:17] <Firespitter> No clothes were on the list.
  145. [19:58:24] <Emily_Borg> "But... what's wrong with my uniform?" Indeed, Emily's been quite... overstimulated by all these clothes and stores around her, all the individualism on display... it's all quite alien to her. "But... I have enough uniforms!"
  146. [19:58:26] <Date_Miyako> Miyako reads the list (and would let Emily read it too, if she wanted to), and... does not arrive on any conclusion whatsoever. "Uh... I don't get it, Nikki. But yeah, Em, you need some clothes! Like, I'm not a fashionhead or anything, but even I know that variety is the spice of life!"
  147. [19:58:30] <Emily_Borg> *lemme rewrite that
  148. [19:58:41] <Nixie> "'Fashionhead?'"
  149. [19:58:54] <Emily_Borg> *stores around her, all the individualism on display, it's quite alien to her. "I don't need any clothes..."
  150. [19:58:57] * Nixie closes in on Miyako, leaving no distance between their faces. "Fashionhead?"
  151. [19:59:14] <Nixie> " F a s h i o n h e a d ? "
  152. [19:59:26] <Firespitter> Miyako can feel the air around her drop by a few degrees.
  153. [19:59:27] * Emily_Borg blinks and stares at Miyako for a moment, too. "That's... not a word..."
  154. [19:59:36] <Nixie> "Thank you."
  155. [20:00:09] <Nixie> "Now c'mon!  This section over here looks like it'd suit you..."
  156. [20:00:33] <Date_Miyako> D-did she make a mistake? She must have! "... oh, my bad. Fashionista." Why get so hung up on words, though?
  157. [20:02:07] <Nixie> As if the work of wizardry, the disguised idol is holding what may just be one of the frilliest dresses ever tailored in the planet in her vile, fingernailed hands before the others have time to even speak.  Although hidden by the sunglasses of her own disguise, she's grinning an unearthly grin.
  158. [20:03:16] * Emily_Borg follows with some trepidation. The colors are all... strange. Foreign. Not-at-all-uniformy. The girl swallows nervously and stares at it, taking it gignerly from Nixie's hands and holding it like it's radioactive. Just thinking of herself wearing this, it makes her queasy...
  159. [20:04:15] <Emily_Borg> "What... is this.... thing?"
  160. [20:04:32] <Emily_Borg> She examines it, flipping it around upside down and peering down the bottom of the dress.
  161. [20:04:59] <Nixie> "Lemme explain."  [Nikki intensifies] "You're wearing those glasses, and instead of asking you to take them off, I think it'd look cuter if you wore something that was just as black.  The white trim goes with your hair, and the color scheme is..."
  162. [20:05:22] <Date_Miyako> "... w h a t ," Miyako blinks, unsure of the thought processes behind Nikki selecting... this, of all things. Even with the explanation, it still makes no sense!
  163. [20:05:33] <Emily_Borg> "Cute?" Emily asks incredulously.
  164. [20:05:40] <Firespitter> The dress is darker than the darkest black
  165. [20:05:59] <Emily_Borg> But still not as black as Emily's glasses, which are glazed with the souls of gingers.
  166. [20:06:12] <Nixie> glazed with nothing?
  167. [20:07:13] <Nixie> "..." After what may just seem like forever, she halts her explanation.  "Yes.  You have a petite figure, so that'll make the audience feel parental instinct toward you, which is a good way to garner pity from crowds.  And if you do that, the ratings will go WAY up."
  168. [20:07:54] <Nixie> "Heck," she wears a scary grin like something you'd see on a mafia princess, "If you pull that one off, you might even overshadow ME.  I mean, I doubt it, but."
  169. [20:07:55] <Emily_Borg> "But..." Emily feels a little defensive now, and glances over at her shoulder to make sure Corey is still there. "I don't want pity." She says, her voice... resolute, actually.
  170. [20:10:05] <Nixie> "Listen."  Now Nikki makes sure no normies are nearby and listening.  "I dunno what you've been told, but you want people to think it's weak teenagers doing all this work, so that theyll care more to donate money to us."
  171. [20:10:20] <Date_Miyako> Miyako puts some thought into the matter, and... nods. "We're Eva pilots, the heroes. It's not pity we're after, but the respect of the world that we're saving! That's how it is, as mecha pilots." She folds her arms as she declares this!
  172. [20:11:18] <Nixie> "That's just the thing, though," she waves it off.  "If we looked like we knew what we were doing, people would just go 'oh, it's fine,' and take us for granite."  Yes it actually sounds like that.  "They won't give us respect or nothin'.  I've been in the biz, I know what I'm talking about."
  173. [20:11:37] <Emily_Borg> Emily nods profusely at what Miyako says, though it's quite... melodramatic. "I... don't want anyone to think I'm weak and sad... I want them to respect me!" She says, her voice gaining speed and volume.
  174. [20:14:03] <Emily_Borg> "I'll make them respect me!"
  175. [20:14:08] * Nixie pauses and thinks a second. "They said... we're not being filmed, I'm pretty sure? So, that means, it doesn't matter HOW good you are at what you do. They'll respect you based on what they know and what they see. If anything, they'll respect you more if you're small and cute and do things they wouldn't dream of, y'know?"
  176. [20:14:14] <Nixie> "It's all about... what's the word.  Contrast!"
  177. [20:14:30] <Nixie> "I'm gonna be in my stage getup, so if you look boring, they're just gonna forget you."
  178. [20:15:57] <Date_Miyako> "If we aren't showing ourselves as able to defend the world, then who would support us? I mean, yeah, some people might support us, but we need the world to help us out here, not just a minority!" Miyako attempts a poorly-timed counter. "If we can prove ourselves as worthy, then they'll respect us! ... but yeah, people who normally wouldn't do things, and do
  179. [20:15:57] <Date_Miyako> them anyway, is pretty cool! Like, hello, kids in a robot?"
  180. [20:16:45] <Nixie> "I..." Nixie grimaces, holding up her sunglasses with a finger for a second to do so.  "Can't tell if you completely get me or if you completely missed my point."
  181. [20:17:04] <Emily_Borg> Emily considers this for a moment, considers what both of them say... and eventually, she comes out with, "So... if I wear something like this, then... they'll respect me?"
  182. [20:17:12] <Emily_Borg> She holds up the upside-down dress.
  183. [20:17:36] <Nixie> "I think so, yeah," she follows up with a nod.  "Maaaybe grab a parasol too, to complete the image... hmm."
  184. [20:17:52] <Emily_Borg> "But... why not my uniform?" She asks softly with a tilt of her head.
  185. [20:18:08] <Date_Miyako> "Yeah! ... right-side-up, though. Can't wear it upside-down! ... unless you're going to pilot upside-down, or something," Miyako's response is less logical than Nikki's.
  186. [20:18:26] <Nixie> "Well, everyone wears the uniform, so they're gonna expect that.  'Oh, just someone else in a uniform,' you'll be gone from their heads the SECOND the broadcast's over."
  187. [20:19:33] <Nixie> "Do you uh.... need help trying it on?"  Lightning strikes in the far distance and mountains topple as Nikki eyes the changing room, and to somebody with a magical bracelet that allows them to zoom in on people's habits, it may be clear that her fingers are maliciously twitching.  To anybody else, it may not.
  188. [20:19:42] <Date_Miyako> "I mean, uniform's cool and all, but I've worn that thing since I was 5, and believe me, it has not gotten any more comfortable. Also, they won't let me dye it red, which is not cool!"
  189. [20:20:09] <Nixie> "... So you like red."  Nikki's inference is quick.
  190. [20:21:25] <Date_Miyako> "It's a fact that red things move three times faster than not-red things!" Miyako asserts with the confidence of someone who has piloted an EVA since childhood.
  191. [20:21:44] <Nixie> "..."
  192. [20:21:50] <Nixie> Soul-piercing stare.
  193. [20:21:52] <Emily_Borg> "Then why is my Unit 02 the fastest of the bunch?" Emily says with a soft smirk. Is that... a joke that she just told?
  194. [20:21:55] <Emily_Borg> +
  195. [20:22:44] <Emily_Borg> But in any case, the girl shakes her head. She has no idea how this dress thing works, and she's still unwittingly holding it upside down, but... "N-no, I don't need any help. I can get this on myself." She seems more... relaxed than she did a little while ago, now that Nikki's stopped being a bitch. At least, for the moment.
  196. [20:23:07] * Nixie suddenly loses all her smug attitude at the mention of the Evas, and tries to conceal her visible slump by turning around. "Okay... Good luck, then. I'm gonna be over here for a while."
  197. [20:23:20] <Nixie> A familiar tune can be heard as she goes.
  198. [20:24:50] <Date_Miyako> "It's simple! We haven't gotten a red one yet. Mine's blue, and Nikki's is pink! Pink's not a real red, so it can't follow the same rules!" What a Miyako. "But if you need help, Em, I can help you!"
  199. [20:26:08] * Emily_Borg blinks, then heads off into the changing room, and... she's in there for far too long. Much longer than you'd expect a girl to take to put on a dress. There's soft noises of grunting and annoyance, and she even gives a quick, cute 'eep!' once or twice followed by the sounds of rustling fabric. It really sounds like she's having trouble...
  200. [20:27:00] * Date_Miyako looks at Nikki, like the idol would know what to do. She doesn't, at least.
  201. [20:27:19] <Nixie> After some rapport with the store staff, Nikki comes back to see the nightmare still unfolding.  Done singing whatever it was she was singing to herself, she lets out a great sigh, takes off her shades, and hands them to Miyako.  "Hold my glasses, I'm going in."
  202. [20:27:54] * Nixie shoves her head in the changing room. Assuming it's one of those with curtains. Otherwise she just nonchalantly walks in. "You okay in there?"
  203. [20:29:51] <Date_Miyako> A blink, as the Neo-Spartan accepts the shades in bith hands. "Uh... okay...?" She just sort of looks on, unaware of the hilarity that is about to unfold.
  204. [20:30:08] <Emily_Borg> And once Nikki steps inside, she sees the true horror of the scenario: The dress is on Emily, that's for certain, but... it's upside down, with the top hanging down from Emily's torso and exposing her scarred, naked midsection and top. An incision mark here, a jagged wound there, the telltale marks of old damage and life-saving surgeries. But all of that is irrelevant compared to the struggle that she's having trying to hold...
  205. [20:30:08] <Emily_Borg> that... damn... top-bottom up.... she just can't figure it out!
  206. [20:30:14] <Emily_Borg> +
  207. [20:31:20] <Emily_Borg> Quickly, the girl's attention shoots to Nixie, and she stops fidgeting with it and lets the fabric fall past her waist. "N-no, I'm fine!" The girl's lips are taut, and her back is towards the wall. "Just trying to put on this dress, it's... harder than other dresses I've worn, that's for sure..."
  208. [20:32:08] <Nixie> "..."  A deafening silence envelops the mini-room.  "You.... could've just told me you were having trouble."
  209. [20:32:24] <Emily_Borg> "I... I'm not having trouble!" She lies. Transparently.
  210. [20:33:19] * Emily_Borg is now known as Ramiel
  211. [20:33:23] * Ramiel is now known as Emily_Borg
  212. [20:34:37] <Nixie> "Look, those are pretty tricky.  Just... take this part off, and... pfff."  The bigger(?) girl snorts.  "Wow, how do you EVEN mess that up?  Hahahaha!  Wowwww!"
  213. [20:34:56] <Nixie> "Sheesh.  Okay, turn around, lift your arms up.  Big Sis' here to help."
  214. [20:37:26] <Emily_Borg> But Nixie misunderstands; Emily clearly stepped into the dress, having pulled it up over herself and threaded her legs through the sleeves for her arms. The girl's lips go even tauter. So... she did mess up, then...? At Nixie's laughter, the girl backpedals a little bit, feeling more than a little hurt.
  215. [20:38:40] <Nixie> The laughter continues, but at a volume like the laugher is at least TRYING to make it sound good-natured and not like an insult.  Truth be told, she's actually incredibly amused at the whole thing, but also expected that it would turn out like this to some degree.  Somehow.  Intuition or something.
  216. [20:39:11] <Nixie> "So this part goes here... ooh, this might be a little tight though.  Lemme check the size.... hm... yeah, I think you're good."
  217. [20:40:42] <Emily_Borg> Emily relaxes a little bit as the laughter continues. It... doesn't sound angry, but... "What's... so funny?" She asks, her posture recovering a little.
  218. [20:41:32] <Nixie> "Just that you acted so tough and didn't ask for help in the first place.  Tells me a lot about you," Nixie speaks in a neutral tone, but with a tiny smile plastering her face.
  219. [20:42:13] <Emily_Borg> "..." Emily blinks from behind her glasses, then... pouts. Cutely. And crosses her arms. "Well... what's that supposed to mean?"
  220. [20:42:58] <Nixie> "That our little princess needs some royal aid, that's what.  I'll get this on for you, just relaaaax...."
  221. [20:46:39] <Emily_Borg> Emily pulls her lips taut again, but reluctantly obliges. Truth be told, she's never actually worn a dress, and Nixie's help, however bitchy she can usually be, is appreciated right now, since she's being... sweet. And kind.
  222. [20:47:22] <Nixie> The weirdest, sweetest thing is that she doesn't mention the girl's scars in any capacity, at all.  She just king of overlooks them noiselessly.  Suffice it to say, they probably eventually come out.
  223. [20:49:16] <Nixie> Of the dressing room.  Not the closet.
  224. [20:49:20] <Nixie> just to clarify
  225. [20:49:23] <Emily_Borg> And they do, and Emily is absolutely adorable in that frilly Gothic dress! And the hair ribbons for her twintails... and the gloves... and the little cute shoes... but she really doesn't look happy about wearing the getup. Actually she looks really timid and uncomfortable in it, even moreso than usual... but goddamn is she cute.
  226. [20:50:28] <Nixie> "Wow!  Your cheeks look SOOOO pinchable!"  Nikki almost publically squees.  But not really, she just looks like a doting older sister or something.  "Alright, like that, you're probably worthy of sitting next to be.  Just uh.... let's see, make sure there won't be any wardrobe malfunctions.... Nope!  You're good!"
  227. [20:50:40] <Nixie> "Now try walking around.  You'll have to lift it with each step, so don't trip over it or anything."
  228. [20:51:40] <Date_Miyako> >next to be
  229. [20:51:48] <Nixie> FUCK
  230. [20:51:49] <Emily_Borg> >or not to be
  231. [20:52:43] * Emily_Borg looks over at Nixie, tossing her a trepidatious look, but trying her best in the heavy clothes. Gingerly, she picks it up and walks around daintily, as though she were walking on eggshells.
  232. [20:54:19] <Date_Miyako> Yeah, it'd be a little eye-raising if they got out of the closet, even to Miyako. Either way, once they come out, she would wait to... hand those shades back to Nikki. "Looking good there, Emmy! Got it on right, with the help of Nikki?" Either way, she's happy they look like they're getting along! "Anyway, I'm... gonna go shop for the rest of the stuff on
  233. [20:54:19] <Date_Miyako> the list. Seems like you two are enjoying yourselves~" With that, she would leave Emily to try on some new clothes, WITH THE HELP OF NIKKIIIIIIIIIIIIII--
  234. [20:54:47] * Nixie melts.
  235. [20:55:08] <Firespitter> -------------------------------
  236. [20:55:16] <Firespitter> LATER THAT DAY
  237. [20:59:32] <Firespitter> NERV Conference Hall 5 is practically bristling with reporters andNERV security as well.  The commander of the security forces is present as well, making sure that everything works out fine. Currently the the two girls, a lady scientist, and the Major are waiting backstage for ther for them to come to stage. "You really had to dress up like this?" Major Anderson looks in disbelief while
  238. [20:59:32] <Firespitter> the lady scientist giggles like a schoolgirl.
  239. [21:01:19] * Nixie shows up dressed in her stage uniform, hair dyed and all. The uniform itself makes her look like some kinda Hatsune Miku wannabe, what with its exposed shoulders. And it's a bit revealing overall.
  240. [21:01:59] <Nixie> "Gotta get as much attention as possible, right, chief?"  Nikki winks and gives the Major a very taunting, mock salute.
  241. [21:02:19] <Nixie> "It's cute, and it'll make the net go wild.  Trust me on this one."
  242. [21:02:38] * Emily_Borg , meanwhile, is blushing ever so slightly as she shuffles uncomfortably in that gothic lolita outfit that Nikki insisted on. "You... sure this is a good idea?" She says, her tone a little shaky as she swallows hard, ready to stand before that podium and... not say anything. Please no questions. Pls.
  243. [21:03:03] <Firespitter> The woman
  244. [21:03:09] <Date_Miyako> the woman
  245. [21:03:17] <Nixie> t h e  w o m a n
  246. [21:04:27] * Emily_Borg glances over at the woman and shoots her just a little bit of a sheepish glare. Please no laughing...
  247. [21:04:48] * Nixie might even be laughing WITH the woman, if the major ever looks away. But very quiet-like.
  248. [21:05:49] * Emily_Borg looks over at Nikki now and gives a soft, cute 'mmph.' She crosses her arms and pouts at the taller girl next to her.
  249. [21:06:02] <Firespitter> Emily might recognize her as Dr. Dana Jameson, the head of Evangelion production and maintenance. "Hi Emily, you look absolutely adorable today! And I don't think we've met Nikki, I'm in charge of making sure your evas work and of new ones."
  250. [21:06:44] <Emily_Borg> "Mmmmph! I'm not adorable!" Evidently, this is a bit of a sore spot for the small blonde, being called 'cute' and 'adorable.'
  251. [21:06:52] <Nixie> "O-Oh."  Nikki stops laughing as soon as she hears that and shoots her gaze to the ground, a bit nervous.  "Yeah.  You too."
  252. [21:07:09] <Nixie> "And shh!  You're like, THE picture of adorable right now."
  253. [21:07:12] <Nixie> "Get used to it!"
  254. [21:07:58] <Firespitter> "She is, isn't she? I wish my daughter would wear stuff like this once in a while."
  255. [21:09:22] <Emily_Borg> Defeated, the absolutely cute 14(?) year old 'hmphs' and looks away from Nixie and Dana, crossing her arms and pouting at the curtain.
  256. [21:09:28] <Nixie> "Alright, well."  Nixie srsfaces.  Since it's not TECHNICALLY Nikki until she goes onstage.  "We're gonna have to have some long talks later, but I'll make you guys look good THIS time.  Anything like last time happens again, and no promises I won't turn the whole media against you.  Got it?"  This is MOSTLY at the Major.
  257. [21:11:40] <Firespitter> One of the backstage staff tells you its time to go onstage.  Stage is a simple thing, the NERV logo is plastered on the back wall while  the stage itself has a table with several chairs, enough to seat their little group (so four).  As soon as the quartet steps on stage they are showered with an uncomfortable shower of camer flashes which doesn't stop until the Major begins speaking...
  258. [21:12:11] <Firespitter> Before going onstage the Major gives Nikki a look
  259. [21:12:13] <Nixie> One of the two is VERY used to this, and makes sure to pose for every single one as she goes out.
  260. [21:12:40] * Nixie makes sure to use that small window, however, to return to him a 'i'm gonna cut your mustache off and make you eat it' look. You can just imagine what that looks like.
  261. [21:12:40] * Emily_Borg makes herself as small as possible, hiding behind whomever is largest right up until she sits at her seat and slouches forwards.
  262. [21:18:41] <Firespitter> "Greeting ladies and gentlemen of the press, I am Major Anderson, operations director of NERV and I will open this Q&A session.  I'd like to present you to Dr. Dana Jameson who is the head of Evangelion Development, production and Maintenance." He continues, "I'm sure several of you know Miss Nikki Shin who recently got a gig at the Excalibur, who is one of our pilots. And to finish this
  263. [21:18:41] <Firespitter> off miss Emily Borg, one of our test pilots."
  264. [21:19:43] * Nixie continues to wave and blow kisses to the audience.
  265. [21:20:00] <Firespitter> The crowd takes even more pictures, its almost blinding.
  266. [21:20:13] * Emily_Borg sits as close to Dr. Jameson as she can, the familiar woman providing a bastion of security in this trying time for the shy girl. With a taut smile, the girl gives a soft wave of her fingers, clearly uncomfortable on the stage and almost leaning on the woman. As she sits there, she mutters, "Where's my mom? Why couldn't she be here?"
  267. [21:22:37] <Firespitter> Dr. Jameson says, "She's backstage, though she wasn't able to make it in time to see you off." While blocking the microphone with her hand. "You'll see her in a bit."
  268. [21:23:15] <Emily_Borg> "O-okay." Emily says with a shaky voice. She takes a deep breath and tries to calm herself. Her mom's just backstage, she'll be out here soon... hopefully...
  269. [21:25:31] * Nixie gives the two a slight glance, but hopefully not enough for the cameras to catch. She IS here for the sole purpose of media attention, after all.
  270. [21:28:21] <Firespitter> THe question session started with, "You have given us footage of the enemy that was defeated, in what ways is it different than the one encountered 15 years ago?" THe first reporter asked to WHich Major Anderson aswered with, "It's completly different structurally, the previous one resembled a crystaline insect of some kind and was able to fight at long range. Tactics and combat doctrine
  271. [21:28:21] <Firespitter> seem to be different from one to the other.
  272. [21:28:46] <Firespitter> Another question, this one aimed to the pilots, "What is it like being inside the robots?"
  273. [21:29:38] * Emily_Borg glances up at Dana once she hears this question, looking up at the woman for guidance and support.
  274. [21:30:05] <Nixie> Nikki responds almost immediately, making a face for the audience.  "Ever drank Tang before?  It's a lot like that.  Only... it's the one drinking you."
  275. [21:30:35] <Firespitter> She urges her on, "Remember, nothing secret or bad." She whispers before giving her the microphone.
  276. [21:30:43] <Nixie> "But seriously!  It's hard to get used to.  I didn't even think it'd be possible to make the thing move at first, but it just kinda.. happened!  Eheh!"  good god her stage persona is obnoxious
  277. [21:32:05] <Firespitter> "I would like to clarify." The tang she refers to is an amniotic-like fluid that helps minimize impacts and easily oxygenate the pilot in case of emergency." THe doctor says
  278. [21:33:23] <Nixie> "Oh!  Sorry."  Nikki nods and responds more seriously.  "That's right, we can breathe it.  It did surprise me a bit the first time I went in, though."
  279. [21:33:27] <Emily_Borg> Emily takes the microphone and glances down at it, then taps it twice. "Umm..." The girl stammers, the words coming to her tongue but refusing to spew out further for a moment, "It's like... if your brain got stuck into another body, and then that body was really big and fighting back at you, and yelling at you all the time... but you still could do s-stuff... then... i-it's like that. A-and it's really hard."
  280. [21:35:53] <Firespitter> "The pilots use a mind-machine interphase, unfortunately its not perfect bt it works well." Doctor Jameson says.
  281. [21:36:33] <Emily_Borg> "Y-yeah, and... sometimes it can... um.. r-really hurt..." The girl swallows hard and goes silent. "But... someone's gotta do it... a-and... I'm glad i-it's me."
  282. [21:37:03] <Firespitter> Cameras flash as emily finishes the sentence, yeah thats going in the news
  283. [21:37:55] * Emily_Borg slams her eyes shut from the blindingly bright flashes, her sunglasses just barely helping. Instinctively she shields her face against the lights, their painful blasts tearing at her corneas.
  284. [21:38:24] <Nixie> Nikki almost wants to stop Emily, but seeing it as an opportunity to get away with beind honest she just flashes a tiny smile and grabs her own mic.  "Yeah, it can get messy in here.  Be glad it's us, folks!"  A slight hesitation sweeps her visage, but with most of her injuries having healed, she decides this is as good a time as any to fake it.  "After all, I'm doing just fine!"
  285. [21:38:39] <Firespitter> "During the fight an entire neighborhood got obliberated by one of the Evangelion weapons. I understand things can get unpredictable in battle but how does the pilot feel about that?"
  286. [21:40:58] * Nixie manages to fake her face while lying through her teeth. Satisfied, she faces the asker and wears a somewhat smug smile. "Well, they're big. We try to help it when they can, but sometimes we just can't, I guess?" Of course that's another lie through her teeth.
  287. [21:42:06] <Firespitter> Satisfied the reporter sits back down.
  288. [21:44:21] <Firespitter> "Why do the pilots have to be children? Wouldn't it be better for trained professionals to pilot the evangelions?"
  289. [21:45:12] * Nixie takes this opportunity to shoot the adults a 'this one's all yours' glance. Her expression makes it clear that this is a question she'd want to ask herself, but knows she wouldn't be satisfied with the answer.
  290. [21:45:32] <Emily_Borg> Emily takes this one. "Because um... our brains and stuff... it's like... we... have this thing in them... and it's... hormones... and it makes it work." A really bad explanation, of course, but then EMily's not one who's good with words. And it's clear that she's terrified, judging by her slow but steady lean into Dana until she's practically clinging to the woman.
  291. [21:45:57] <Nixie> Or that happens.  Emily gets the approval of an idol.  +10.
  292. [21:45:58] <Firespitter> "We don't know the exact reason, the brain is a mystery but it has to be with the malleability of the brain at a younger age. Of course we wouldn't want to get toddlers in the pilot seat so teenages is as low as we dare.
  293. [21:46:08] <Firespitter> Dr. Jameson answers
  294. [21:46:45] <Firespitter> "Emily, what does being a test pilot entail?"
  295. [21:50:28] <Emily_Borg> Pain. Suffering. Medication. Surgery. "Well.... it's... a lot of um..." The girl bites her lip and curls up, the painful memories of the tests flooding back to her mind. Her lips pull taut, and the girl wraps her arm around Dr. Jameson's and tugs it HARD. "It's... a lot of... tests. And... work. And... time."
  296. [21:50:56] <Emily_Borg> The girl's voice is broken, shakey as she relates this. "But... I'm glad I'm doing it!" Her tone rallies a little bit.
  297. [21:50:57] <Emily_Borg> +
  298. [21:51:27] * Nixie uses this opportunity to scan the audience to see who's looking at Emily and who's looking at her, rather than act supportive or anything. Of course the whole while she hasn't stopped waving and posing on occasion, in accordance with her idol persona.
  299. [21:51:28] <Emily_Borg> "Someone's gotta figure out the whole... Eva thing and stuff... and I'm um... glad it's me. Because, ehehe..." The girl smiles a little. "It's fun."
  300. [21:51:41] <Emily_Borg> "Most of the time."
  301. [21:51:49] <Nixie> HNG
  302. [21:53:30] <Firespitter> Satisfied the reporter sits down and writes down in his phone, 'Emily is CUTE'
  303. [21:53:45] <Emily_Borg> Emily is not cute.
  304. [21:53:50] <Nixie> Emily is cute!
  305. [21:53:58] <Emily_Borg> EMILY IS NOT CUTE!
  306. [21:55:04] <Nixie> "It..." Nikki decides to follow up with another straight-up lie.  "Can be, yeah.  It's an experience, that's for sure."
  307. [21:55:07] <Nixie> Okay, half-lie.
  308. [21:55:47] <Firespitter> "We were told to go to the shelters several hours in advance, does it take that long to launch the Evangelions or can they be launched at a moments notice?"
  309. [21:56:00] * Emily_Borg shrugs. "Depends."
  310. [21:56:30] * Nixie UGHS out loud so long that she doesn't manage to block out the entire noise from her mic. But manages most of it. There's a look of frustration and irritation on her face.
  311. [21:56:39] <Firespitter> The Major takes this one, "From the pilot entering the cocpit to launch they can be launched in at most 5 minutes."
  312. [21:56:52] <Nixie> [Flashbacks of sitting in the plug for 5 hours playing word games with Miyako and the bridge bunnies]
  313. [21:57:17] <Emily_Borg> [Flashbacks to getting stuck in plugs and nearly suffocating]
  314. [22:02:50] <Firespitter> "Regarding the fight, there is an eyewitness account of one of the Evangelions singing something. He was admitted to a hospital with brain hemmorage shortly after.  Is there anything to go by his claim?"
  315. [22:03:23] * Nixie gulps and clams up.
  316. [22:03:49] <Nixie> And then sloooowly grabs the mic, brushing hair out of her eyes with a hand.
  317. [22:04:02] <Firespitter> The security guards tense up.
  318. [22:04:02] * Emily_Borg shakes her head, pretty much burying it in Dr. Jameson's arm as the stress of the event really starts to get to her.
  319. [22:06:16] <Firespitter> The Major freezes but manages to save it, "Brain damage is something that is not readily evident, he was probably hallucinating."
  320. [22:06:19] * Emily_Borg perks her eyes up a litte, watching as Nikki takes the stage.
  321. [22:06:47] <Nixie> "But that's uh... well uh..."  The singer's smile cracks and she kicks the leg whoever's next to her.  Maybe the Major.
  322. [22:08:18] <Firespitter> "The press conference is over." The Major says before Nikki can screw it up.
  323. [22:09:22] <Firespitter> He stands up and motions the others to do the same, "Thank you for your time." He says and the reporters go crazy, taking pictures, talking amongst themsleves, discussing, etc.
  324. [22:09:24] <Nixie> "Y-Yep!  That sure would be weird!  Well uh, I-I got some shows to prepare for, so thanks for showing up, folks!"  Nikki stands and strikes a pose.  And then IMMEDIATELY dashes out of the room, hyperventilating as soon as she's backstage.
  325. [22:10:33] * Emily_Borg takes the opportunity to dash as quickly as she can off the stage as well, picking up that big frilly dress and running with it, then slapping down and hyperventilating too... right next to Nikki, as it turns out.
  326. [22:11:05] <Emily_Borg> She tilts her head, then glances up at the girl and takes a deep breath. She's clearly distressed, but... what can Emily do...?
  327. [22:12:19] <Nixie> When Emily reaches Nikki, the latter is clenching her throat with a hand.  Each step she takes, a faint sound grows louder- until it's no longer possible to conceal that she's chanting a haunting tune, singing with the odd voice effect present in her shows.  She gives the smaller girl a terrified look, as if to say 'I can't stop.'
  328. [22:15:23] * Emily_Borg 's eyes widen behind her glasses, and she pulls her lips taut. Whatever the fuck is going on, Nikki is uh... not feeling well, and she's scared, and she's trying to stop but she can't, and... Emily needs to do something. She can't just.. sit here and do nothing, but... what can she do? She can try to calm the girl down, but... what usually calms people down? Hugs calm herself down, usually, so... without another moment's
  329. [22:15:23] * Emily_Borg hesitation the small gothic loli throws herself at Nikki and wraps her arms around the girl tightly, saying, "It'll be fine, it's just... a weird thing... y-you'll be fine...." Now feeling scared herself, the smaller girl buries her face in Nikki's chest, squeezing the girl ever tighter. C'mon, calm down...
  330. [22:19:12] <Firespitter> Major Anderson sent off a guard for the medical staff on standby for Emily, he never though he'd be using them for Nikki. The medical staff arrive just in time for Dr. Marselle see her daughter helping the other pilot as medical teams arrived.
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