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  1. Wizzyg06/05/2018
  2. Lonov-Antonidas    (holy pally)
  3. Wizzyg06/08/2018
  4. Diealot-Dath'rema (ret pally)
  5. Wizzyg06/11/2018
  6. Doobs -Frostmourne Autistic  3 people trying to troll herioc sale.  Just trying to waste time and ninja pull
  7. Digestive -
  8. Oce -
  9. Wizzyg06/12/2018
  10. Monkmonsta - Frostmourne ( left key at last boss, was trash, told me he  wasnt banned from my mom.)
  11. Krzykent - Frostmourne ( toxic talkative strat extroadinaire, least he stayed for thekey)
  12. Wizzyg06/14/2018
  13. Bunts-Tortheldrin  - (Ninja log half way through dungeon, "dont worry bro i wont leave lol i got google fibre")
  14. Wizzyg06/15/2018
  15. Yungmann-Stormrage (Leave key, toxic retard.)
  16. Wizzyg06/15/2018
  17. Necronova-Frostmourne ( depleted our key) pwnsdog aswell
  18. Nerve06/17/2018
  19. prvtjoker-sargeras (mentally damaged)
  20. sonny06/19/2018
  21. deathtouch-tichondrius - retarded
  22. Wizzyg06/21/2018
  23. Shaba - Icecrown. (hes an elemental shaman)
  24. Nerve06/21/2018
  25. invisible-proudmoore (he was invisible on the bosses)
  26. Wizzyg06/29/2018
  27. Sonicblade- sargeras  died 3 times on 2nd maw boss, also on last boss
  28. Evilshay-sargeras died twice on the last boss of this same maw.
  29. Wizzyg06/30/2018
  30. Ryfe - Frostmourne 3.2k score elitist cant keep up healing big pulls tell us to slow down
  31. Wizzyg06/30/2018
  32. Eup-Sargeras    IS THIS SOME SORT OF SICK JOKE
  33. sonny06/30/2018
  34. Vipr - 982 shadow priest, 1.6 mil overall, less than tank, disposed though
  35. sonny06/30/2018
  36. Talaillwin-DarkIron - I ask if he's ok with OCE ping, says "yeah i have 120 fps"
  37. sonny07/01/2018
  38. Chazmilkmilk - Shadow priest, 1.2 overall, dies to scythe, american
  39. Omegakali - Weeb, dies to scythe as tank, rages that DPS didn't interrupt Skull when he had 2 interrupts all dungeon after I marked X champion and typed "I got X" while he didn't say anything .-.
  40. Wizzyg07/02/2018
  41. Marxian - Wyrmtongue
  42. Coggert - Ner'zhul
  43. Both horrible horrible warlocks. neither touched curator adds, facepulled shit, 1mil overall.
  44. Wizzyg07/02/2018
  45. Saluttorius - Brazil
  46. jaja facepull adds blame tank, no interupts
  47. "Dont interupt before me if you want my interrupt"
  48. Wizzyg07/03/2018
  49. Totemlykool - kt
  50. Left key after he died to first boss of hov twice.
  51. Wizzyg07/04/2018
  52. zheram - resto druid did 100mil in lower kara, stood in melee and then complained that i was standing on him with my aoe debuff.
  54. sonny09/09/2018
  55. Dielle - Cael - "don't let me down I had a 6k player last dungeon let me down" - Pulls adds INTENTIONALLY as a healer, marks the healers over the Templar (75% reduction aura) cause "they have to die first they heal" - Couldn't grasp that you can interrupt mobs without them being Skull
  56. Nevernerfed - Frostmage who did 4.5k overall and died EVERY pull on last boss of tal'dagor
  57. Wizzyg09/11/2018
  58. Razzo-Tichondrius  Does no damage.
  59. Rhagar-Tichondrius Does no damage, Friends
  60. Bazooka - 350mage 4k dps.
  61. Wizzyg09/13/2018
  62. Nerv - Sonnys idiot guild, shit warlock leaves keys.
  63. Wizzyg09/15/2018
  64. Pend - disposed idiot, dies to everything no dmg,.. nice bloke tho
  65. Wizzyg09/17/2018
  66. lightzlightz - azn DH, rage quit dungeons not that good.
  67. Nerve09/17/2018
  68. raoden - ape ret pally can't interrupt (lost cause but still tried his best)
  69. Wizzyg09/18/2018
  70. Namen - Attacking the boss with lightning shield, killed himself, ITS YOUR FAULT TANK
  71. Wizzyg09/19/2018
  72. Turbocharged -Rogue -  Proudmore, Horrendous.
  73. sonny09/20/2018
  74. halofire-greymane , disc priest - stood in the fire gauntlet on stairs in atal dazar twice and left cause he died to it twice after 3 bosses in
  75. sonny09/20/2018
  76. Thundertaker-Sargeras, Tank - Awful player
  77. sonny09/20/2018
  78. Opdio - Blackhand, Hunter - 370+ 90+ percentile Hunter doing sub 8k while other 2 doing 13k, leaves mid run
  79. Wizzyg09/24/2018
  80. Pillow - Idiot healer lost me 150k from thaydor +1 dungeon
  81. Wizzyg09/29/2018
  82. Nub, and his egirl Blackspoon. 4k dps demon warlock wearing a trinket from last xpac. (cute anime girls guild)
  83. Wizzyg10/10/2018
  84. teesog -mage - frostmourne.   Bad dps, first boss KR 10 - 5kdps to boss did same damage as tank.  nearly wiped cos of it.
  85. Wizzyg10/18/2018
  86. aquaballin - leaver bad dps. rogue
  87. Wizzyg10/20/2018
  88. Toxiictotem - sargeras Horrible player, Rage quit dungeon.
  89. Balloonberry - Prot Pally, Judgement boss while clearing trash?
  90. Wizzyg10/20/2018
  91. Jasbruh - frostmourne blood tank, idiot Ragequits
  92. Wizzyg10/31/2018
  93. Mooniee-sargeras rdrood DC key / dont think it was a ragequit.
  94. Wizzyg11/02/2018
  95. tehalia - horrible warrior, troll - also scams peoples sale keys
  96. Nerve02/04/2019
  97. harveydk-frostmourne ; mentally unstable freak rage quit key at last boss to prove a point also speaks like a drill sargent
  98. Wizzyg02/11/2019
  99. Slimpickenz-dalaran.  Worst tank in the world so slow, actually think he had something wrong with him
  100. Wizzyg03/08/2019
  101. Savik - Nagrand Bad warrior rage quit 2mins into key.
  102. Wizzyg03/23/2019
  103. Dbmpullfive - he was mean to hannah. AVOID
  104. Wizzyg03/25/2019
  105. Skomm-Sargeras - Resto/Ele shaman rage quit last boss....
  106. Wizzyg04/04/2019
  107. snowscayind - hes a feral druid.
  108. tamaramccl - ele shaman no damage, hannah hates her
  109. WizzygYesterday at 7:59 PM
  110. Frodolol - azn from bastion who got kicked cos bad held our mythic jaina lockout hostage
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