Feb 22nd, 2019
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  1. Tier 1 Mutations
  3. Lunge [Leg/Action/4/1]
  4. Effect Unarmed Attack 1, the user is moved into the same zone as the target. If this move is hindered, the attack is also negated. The move is counted as a move 1 maneuver and the user is still moved if the attack misses.
  5. "Wicked claws on your feet allow you to make bounding leaps at enemies and savage them."
  7. Stress Suppressor [Head/Auto/None/Self]
  8. You may remove 1 additional madness point than your memory fragments would allow during the battle phase.
  9. "A strange organ that somehow makes it possible to relax in the most trying circumstances."
  11. Spiked Legs [Legs/Action/2/0]
  12. Unarmed Attack 1 + Explosive
  13. "Spikes emerging from the legs allow your kicks to shred flesh."
  15. Tier 2 Mutations
  17. Grasping Claw [Arms/Action/3/0-1]
  18. Unarmed Attack 1 + Move 1
  19. "Long arms capable of reaching across and pulling or throwing the enemy can be quite the surprise for those who feel safe at longer or shorter ranges."
  21. Fluid Sprayer [Any/Action/3/0-1]
  22. Blast Attack 2 If the attack deals damage, then the affected location becomes trapped. No maneuvers may be used from parts on that hit location until the character takes a 1 AP action to clear it. Targets immune to stagger are immune to this effect. Horrors and Legions are staggered instead.
  23. "An organ of uncomfortable function that is quite handy for immobilizing foes."
  25. Steel Breaker [Any/Damage/See Below/Self]
  26. When attacking with an unarmed attack, you may spend an amount of AP up to the amount of defend used to negate that same amount of Defend. This may be used multiple times per round.
  27. "Enhanced muscles, razor sharp fangs, or any other number of changes to one's natural weapons enables them to tear through hardened skin or metal with ease."
  29. Survival Instinct [Any/Auto/None/Self]
  30. Effect When the location this part resides in takes damage, the character may reduce the cost of their next maneuver by 1, to a minimum of 0. This can be used multiple times per round but only once per count.
  31. "Those that can respond quickly to danger are the ones most likely to survive."
  33. Tier 3 Mutations
  35. Hammer Hands [Arms/Action/3/0]
  36. Effect Unarmed Attack 4
  37. When this attack hits you may damage a single part in your arm hit location to boost the damage by 2.
  38. "Massive hands that can smash any opposition, even if they break their own arms in the process."
  40. Acid Spit [Head/Action/2/0-1]
  41. Blast Attack 2 + Explosive, the target suffers a -1 to their next check.
  42. "The ability to vomit painfully corrosive is a disgusting, but very useful ability. It's a small mercy if your sense of taste is gone."
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