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  1. ||@everyone @here||
  2. Join the Team **Lunar** Discord Server!  :shinto_shrine:  
  4. We're also not just a clan, we are a community. We have a super active Discord server where we voice everyday. If you play **Fortnite** that's even better since that's our main game! You can join us and feel free to play with us if you'd like. Even if you don't play Fortnite you can still join and hangout with us.
  6. Team **Lunar** is a **Fortnite** clan. We're a competitive clan who take Fortnite very seriously. We have many good players who placed well in tournaments and have even made some money from playing Fortnite. Think you got what it takes? Shoot your shot and tryout!
  8. **『What we offer』:**
  9. **•** Good Staff
  10. **•** Competitive players with earnings
  11. **•** Super active Discord (we voice chat everyday)
  12. **•** We play Fortnite daily and you're free to join us
  13. **•** Promotions on your videos
  14. **•** Graphics/Video Editing for free if you're a clan member
  15. **•** Events in the future!
  17. **『What we look for in a player for Team Lunar』:**
  18. **•** Earnings
  19. **•** Non Toxic
  20. **•** Good placement in tournaments
  21. **•** Able to beat the best players on our team
  22. **•** Good comms
  24. **Feel free to play with us, regardless of being in the clan or not!**
  26. **Official Team Lunar Discord Invite**
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