FearKick's Application

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  1. 1. What is your in-game name? FearKicks
  3. 2. How old are you? 16 ( Jul 20, 2001 )
  5. 3. What country are you currently playing in? United States
  7. 4. What timezone do you live in? Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)
  9. 5. Do you have discord, and a working microphone? Yes,
  11. 6. Can you fluently understand and speak english? Yes,
  13. 7. Is English your first language? Yes,
  15. 8. Do you speak any additional languages? No,
  17. 9. What is your in-game rank? Member
  19. 10. Have you purchased a rank? If so, when and what rank? Haven't
  21. 11. Are you able to record videos? Yes,
  23. 12. Have you ever been punished (this includes warnings, kicks, bans, tempbans) on MineWrath? If so, please include details. Haven't
  25. 13. Do you have past experience as a staff member? If so, please include details
  27. Throughout my Minecraft career I have been staff on various different servers, some smaller than others, most notably I was staff on a server known as AnarchyHCF peaked up to 250 players and I made a lot of great friends. The server was closed due to higher management based issues. I found that I loving doing support rooms rather than actually going around on the server and looking for people with illegal modifications. That day within the span of two hours, I have had nearly done one hundred twenty support rooms, it was very stressful because I wanted to show that I had potential but at the end of the day it was all worth it when the Manager at the time told me I made it to a Moderator position rather than a Trial position. Everyone is different, we're all different in our own ways and I like being exposed to various types of people because it helps me shape my character and find my way through a world filled with positivity and negativity.
  29. 14. When did you first play Minecraft, and how often do you play now? I originally started playing Minecraft in 1.5.2 (2013) and I've always played at the same consistent rate throughout the years, have yet to lose interest.
  31. 15. How much time would you be able to dedicate to the server a week? A minimum of twenty-five hours a week, it varies upon my workload but I will always complete the minimum of twenty-five hours.
  33. 16. When will you be most active on the server Weekends
  35. 17. Do you have any hobbies or activities outside of Minecraft? If so, what are they? I play various sports outside of Minecraft, preferably noted Tennis.
  37. 18. How many MineWrath staff applications have you made before this one? None,
  39. 19. How would the server benefit if you were to become staff, and why do you want to be staff?
  41. I consider myself a rather interesting individual, vastly different from many people. I'm not afraid to spend countless hours of hard work and sweat to prove myself and that I deserve to be apart of such amazing community. I have many attributes that I feel will help me succeed as a staff member and in life.
  43. Through my experience on AnarchyHCF I have realized the most important thing about being a staff member is having good communication skills. As a staff member you need to always understand the players point of view and sometimes they might be telling the truth but without proof, you as the staff member will be come accountable if you decided to help them without proper evidence being shown of his claims. You need to be able to show your understanding of the topic in which he's having a problem with him but you need to positively show to him that anyone could make the claims he's making and that if yourself as the staff member don't abide by the server's rule, you are just as easily subjected to the rules as him and could face punishment if you handle said situation improperly.
  45. Not only do I pose good communication skills, I'm a very honest individual. Everyone at some point is going to make a mistake and the faster you admit to such mistakes the faster you will grow and prosper throughout your life. Mistakes with bans will occur in every server environment, however you need to accept that and realize that tomorrow is a new day and what mistakes you have done in the past, will not haunt you for the rest of your life, if your willing to be open and express your emotions and how you feel about certain topics. I have seen some staff administrations that hold very professional and intense meetings in which not everything a higher ranking individual you might agree with but you need to understand that your both humans and that you both need to know how to accept different view points but address them in a politically correct manner because that's how you avoid offending people and causing the problems within the administration.
  47. This leads to another attribute that I find unique about me and that's my ability to be accepting and optimistic. I tend to revolve my life and morals around some very optimistic quotes that really make me challenge the meaning on the word "life". I like meeting various different types of people, as stated above I feel the only way to succeed is by understanding how one conducts themselves and it's up to you to choose what aspects you like about them and what you want to use yourself and after meeting with many different people who all have vastly different ideas, I have becoming accepting of everything thrown my way. I won't let my emotions get the best of me. In life its how you approach the next day knowing that your life can change within the blink of an eye.
  49. 20. What makes you different from all of the other players applying for this position?
  51. I think I should be given a chance to be apart of the MineWrath administration because I feel like when it comes to Minecraft server I have a lot of experience that you can't find from everyone. I am more than capable of recording. (Honestly, most people could) I am a very organized individual and have gotten enough experience on staffing on Hardcore Factions server which tend to be the most toxic and that will help the server grow and prosper because I've dealt with a lot of toxic players and know how to descalte a situation. I'm a very dedicated individual and if I put my mind to something, nothing can stop me from achieving my goal. I'm a calm and collected individual and with my optimism I never let my emotions get the best of me because I always express the way I feel. Also I feel people would love to interact with such a rather unique individual. Aside from helping players another really important skill in a member of an administration such as the MineWrath administration is to be able to monitor chat. Factions is a rather competitive, with some toxic players and by suppressing the toxicity it allows you to build a friendly environment that still has the competitive feel. Many people in this community fail to realize the power of words. There are many examples that words lead to actual suicide within our community, for instance Shortninja a factions developer took his life because he couldn't stand the harassment and felt that was his only option to escape the misery his life withheld and now what do you see, everyone wishing him the best of luck in the afterlife and they claimed that they loved him but why did they not care about himself when he was alive. One of the most essential skills needed to become a staff member is to be able to screen-share and identify when an individual is using any sort of illegal modification. With my experience on AnarchyHCF and the tips and trick they taught me about screen-sharing, I feel my ability will be rather useful and help the server.
  53. 21. Are you able to participate in a 15-20 minute microphone (discord) interview? - This is mandatory for acceptance, no exceptions at all. Definitely
  55. 22. Are you able to participate in monthly/bi-monthly staff meetings? This is mandatory for acceptance, no exceptions at all. Definitely
  57. 23. Are you able to participate in monthly staff training? This is mandatory for acceptance, no exceptions at all. Definitely
  59. 24. Anything else we should know? Yes, the staff template considers of minor grammar and spelling mistakes.
  61. 25. Do you have any questions? Not really,
  63. 26. Are you happy that you are done? Not really, I feel like if I get a change of having that interview, you will truly understand my intentions rather than just writing.
  66. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ - You must receive at least an 80% on this quiz to be accepted (each question is worth 10 points) Good luck!
  67. QUIZ1. You mute a player, but he mute evades (Help op, alts, etc.). What should you do? If the individual spams the help-op system, I will issue a warning, if disregarded a tempban would need to be issued.
  69. QUIZ2. When do you believe a mute would be justifiable? When an individual breaks the following rules;
  70. Rule #5:The spamming/stalking of or otherwise excessive communication to other players’ chat feeds is not permitted. This is enforceable through any form of correspondence with other players including but not limited to: global and factions chat, private messaging, teleport requests and payments. Punishment will result in being muted.
  72. Rule #9:The use of language which could be deemed derogatory or defamatory to any party, such as homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia or racism (but in no way limited to this selection) is strictly forbidden. We do not allow harassment, hate, or trolling on the server. Players are entitled to their own opinions but are not permitted to cause offense to any group.
  74. QUIZ3. If a player claims someone is harassing/annoying them in /msg or in chat, what is the best course of action? I would request screenshots or any proof I deem valid and I will advise the user to use the /ignore command. Afterwards, I will further examine the harassment, if it breaks any server rules, I will issue punishments ranging from a warning to a ban. I find that a ban would be suitable in the following conditions, the user is blackmailing the player with his personal information. (In other words, dropping his DOX)
  76. QUIZ4. You join the server at a very busy time, and are the only staff on. Instantly 3 players are spamming you with messages asking for help, and in the discord someone keeps messaging you. Explain in full detail how you would deal with this situation. I'll inform them that I'm the only one and I will cater to all their needs as-long as they give me some time. I'll want to obtain basic information about their problem and I'll deal with the most pressing one first. If the others continue to message me, I'll notify them that they are just wasting more of their own time by not letting me address each issue at a time. If I can't personally cater one of their issues then and there I will inform them, that I have notified higher staff and that they will be able to assist them once they get the chance too.
  78. QUIZ5. If server players are ganging up on you and calling you the worst staff on the server and make threads on the forums asking for you to be demoted, what should you do? Explain in full detail what you would do in this situation. As a staff member, my job is to cater and assist the community, if the community feels that I'm not doing my job properly, I would ask to speak to the staff manager and get his personal intake about me and ask how to improve my sour relation with the community. However, if they're asking me to be demoted because I banned a very notable player, that they all respect but I know it was the proper course of action, I will completely disregard any comments and won't them influence my future decisions.
  80. QUIZ6. What should you do if someone joins the server and needs help but English isn't their first language, and its very hard to understand them? Explain to the best of your ability what you would do in this situation. Honestly, I've experienced this situation so many times on HCF servers, I would ask them what language they speak, if I know a staff member who speaks that language and is on, I would ask them if they can help the individual. If that option isn't present I would ask someone in the community to help translate for me and offer them some sort of compensation. On HCF servers, we tend to have people with translator ranks which is actual a really beneficial system for both parties but it might not be the most ideal for this server but that might be really helpful with a big community.
  82. QUIZ7. A player is threatening to DDOS the server. Explain to the best of your ability what you would do in this situation. Another thing you tend to see a lot in the toxic HCF atmosphere, honestly simple way of handling this, ban the user and ask a higher staff member to issue the blacklist/ip-ban. (Nine times out of ten when someone threats to DDOS the server, they say that out of pure anger) Also, I would keep a note of the individual who made such threats.
  84. QUIZ8. A player is advertising non-stop, and bringing multiple alt accounts online. Explain to the best of your ability what you would do in this situation. I would constantly ban all his accounts he logs in with and constantly clear chat until I can get a higher ranking staff member to blacklist/ip-ban him, because I won't have those perms to my knowledge.
  86. QUIZ9. You join the server and notice that a staff member has dealt with a situation in the wrong way, or has been to harsh on a player. Explain to the best of your ability what you would do in this situation. I would confront the staff member and tell him how I would of handled it and get his justification for his actions. If I deem his justification improper, I would forwarded it to the staff manager and try to get in contact with the player and ask for his side of the confrontation.
  88. QUIZ10. You believe that the server Owner and Administrators are making bad decisions, or are doing something wrong. Explain to the best of your ability what you would do in this situation. Easiest question ever, I would want to understand their justification for what they're doing and re-evaluate my personal input on the subject, based upon the statements they make, I will see those original bad decisions as good ones but if that still isn't the case, I would ask them to see the situation from my perspective and hopefully influence them to alter and change the way they make their decision and ask them to have a poll if they can't see my perspective of what they're doing.
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