190430 Review-- Adam-Troy Castro's Tasha's Fail-Safe

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  1. 190430
  3. #review #scifi Tasha's Fail-Safe by @adamtroycastro
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed <a href=" " target="_blank">Adam-Troy Castro's</a> Tasha's Fail-Safe. I  <a href="" target="_blank">like Andrea Cort</a>     a lot for a lot of reasons. It's always good to read about her. This is a story from early in her career, right after <a href="" target="_blank">the business with the Zinn</a>. Here is a quote from Tasha's Fail-Safe in the <a href="" target="_blank">March 2015 Analog</a>--
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  8. "She was too good to make that kind of mistake. She'd walked in and out of war zones. She'd taken lives in order to preserve her own. She knew better."
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  11. If you thought New London was a safe place to work and play, as I did, you are in for a surprise. If you are sure Andrea is going to take care of business while remaining a very damaged, dragonesque-meets-prickly-pear, anti social bitch, as I was, you will not be surprised or disappointed. I don't agree with <a href="" target="_blank"> Lois Tilton's assessment in Locusmag</a>.  I found the story and the anticipatory building of its resolution delicious. Did I mention I like Andrea Cort? Maybe as much as Mr. Castro. <a href="" target="_blank">Mr Castro's bibliography can be found on the Internet Speculative Fiction Database </a>.
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