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  1. Luthier神: Eyan I wanted to say a couple things to you
  2. Luthier神: one of them being a huge thanks
  3. Luthier神: thanks for making BLT a thing
  4. @Eyan: uh sure
  5. Luthier神: it became a really good learning experience for me
  6. Luthier神: and I hope it pushes me to learn more
  7. Luthier神: second thing is uh
  8. Luthier神: lmao can we start the UU thing again
  9. Luthier神: jasp and I have been wanting to start it again
  10. @Eyan: rachel is probably not as active until after summer since she got a job
  11. Luthier神: Oh ok
  12. Luthier神: can we start after that then?
  13. @Eyan: i could probably just do it with you guys first
  14. @Eyan: idm either way
  15. Luthier神: That works
  16. Luthier神: thanks
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