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  1. <Sound of a large crate lid opening, someone getting out and coughing, and the crate closing>
  3. <coughing, slow heavy breathing>
  4. (Script notes: He's slowly becoming aware of his surroundings and the devastation of the world for the first time while trying to catch his breath.)
  5. My god.
  6. (Script notes: Quick, under his breath almost. He's a bit shocked.0
  7. Where ... the hell ... am I?
  8. (Script notes: Where <short pause> the hell <short pause> am I?)
  9. Doesn't matter. Where was the other one again?
  10. Tower. River. Fork.
  11. (Script notes: A slight pause between each word.)
  13. The hike from Morgantown was short, but it taught me all I needed to know.
  14. This part of the world is over. Might as well be the entire world from the looks of it.
  15. Makes my mission easier and simpler now.
  16. <sigh> I swear on every soul it took. Every soul I took. That I'm gonna unplug that goddamned bucket of bolts.
  17. (Script notes: Talking to himself at this point. A bit quieter, more resolved.)
  18. Tinman mentioned Reclamation Day. I have to find them. Have to go north.
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