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  1. ```sh
  2. gcloud projects create upspin42
  3. gcloud iam service-accounts create --project  upspin-service-account
  4. gcloud iam service-accounts create --project upspin42 upspin-service-account
  5. gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding upspin42 --role=roles/owner
  6. gcloud iam service-accounts keys create json_key.json --iam-account --project upspin42
  7. gcloud alpha billing projects link --billing-account $(gcloud alpha billing accounts list --format json | jq -r '.[0].name') upspin42
  9. gcloud dns record-sets transaction start --zone maelvls
  10. gcloud dns record-sets transaction add --project august-period-234610 --zone=maelvls --type=A --ttl 300 --name
  11. gcloud dns record-sets transaction execute --zone maelvls
  12. ```
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