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  1. Rain, a necessity, but an inconvenience; integral in keeping the crops and local flora watered and healthy, but ultimately less than pleasant for anypony who happened to spend too much time standing in it.
  2. “I simply don’t understand how the weather crew can insist on ANOTHER downpour, so soon after that last dreadful storm just last week!”
  3. Rarity had a habit of talking to herself as she worked, though occasionally her conversation was framed in the form of a narrative between herself and her puffy feline companion, who spent a great deal of his time lounging about her hooves as she sewed. While it was an oft-resented habit of cats to get in the way as much as possible, Rarity appreciated the company – even it was just to give herself an excuse to hold a conversation with nopony else around.
  4. Rarity tsk-ed in disapproval as she looked out the window of her boutique, pausing the machine stitch she held in front of her. The grey clouds had already been dragged into place overhead, and likely it would only be a short while before the scheduled rainfall began.
  5. “So lacking in forethought, those ponies…” Rarity muttered to herself again, practically aghast at how anyone could be so inconsiderate. Rarity was often aghast, but each new situation called for its own level of respectful distaste. Here, a measured glare of disapproval at the unseen weather ponies, along with a ‘tsk-tsk’ and shake or two of the head, and the proper level of indignation had been reached.
  6. Rarity hummed quietly to herself as she continued her work on what would be her last outfit of the day. Normally, a day’s end was called for strictly by intuition – given the impending atmosphere of the evening, the demure unicorn simply couldn’t see it in herself to work long past the start of the rainfall. No, tonight was a night for curling up by a warm fire with some imported cocoa, warm and cozy inside sheltered from the bleakness and black clouds overhead.
  7. After finishing up her stitching, and tucking away her sewing supplies for the night. She hadn’t been fixated on the window, but it seemed that the rainfall had been willing to start even without her attention – so impetuous, really – the night’s storm was now in full swing, angled torrents of water pouring down onto the thirsty trees and plants of Ponyville.
  8. Rarity’s eyes widened when she noticed.
  9. “…Applejack?”
  10. Certainly it could be no other pony. Applejack’s golden hair was matted down to her head as she trudged through the fierce downpour – her eyes were straining to see through the water hazard surrounding her, and she pulled a cart of apples behind her. Evidently, a market event or apple transportation hadn’t taken into account the poorly timed evening storm, and now the hard-working farm-pony was trudging through a sideways waterfall on her way back to Sweet Apple Acres. He mouth was bared back in determination, but the cart looked heavy enough to be difficult to transport even in optimal conditions, and the current torrent of rain was anything but.
  11. Rarity only thought for moment before throwing on her rainy day attire; a fashionable subdued orange rain-coat with darkened trim. Though yellow was the traditional for rain-coats, the colour palette simply did not match her mane, let alone the colour of her fur – something less tacky but still warm and off-setting of any gray gloom had been the ideal choice. Rarity’s white horn glowed momentarily as she slipped the hood over her head, before throwing open the door.
  12. Applejack was just passing by the front of Carousel Boutique, the same path she took home at every opportunity, it being the shortest, and Applejack never being a pony to waste time if it could be helped.
  13. “Applejack! Darling, good heavens, what are you doing out in this weather?”
  14. Applejack’s ears twitched in the rain, droplets of water running off them before being carried away in the stream of moisture assaulting the ground. She wasn’t sure she had heard somepony calling her, but a glance sideways and she remembered where she was.
  15. “Rarity? Is that you? Bit of a rain’ we’re having, wouldn’t ya say?”
  16. Applejack smirked, her smile glowing even surrounded by dark clouds and chilling rainfall. Her good spirits were hard to subdue; it would take a great deal more than just a day’s drizzle to dampen her cheerfulness.
  17. “My goodness Applejack, you can’t tell me you were planning to walk all the way back to Sweet Apple Acres in … this?” Rarity’s distaste for the ill-timed storm was apparent in her speech; ‘this’ could have been a curse word the way she articulated it, so full of derision.
  18. “Aw, it ain’t so bad. We’ve had a lot worse before!” Applejack hadn’t intended to shout, but halfway through her explanation she realized that it would be necessary to be heard above the now fiercely pounding rain drops pelting the streets.
  19. “Be that as it may, Applejack, I simply can’t let you trudge home like this. Look at you; you’re soaked to the bone!”
  20. “I told ya’, it’s nothing. I’ll be fine, don’t you worry.”
  21. “Nonononono, come now. There’s room for your, er, apple cart around the side, and I’m sure we can find something to cover it up with – now come inside before you catch your death of cold!”
  22. Applejack looked behind herself nervously at the cart full of apples. It WAS a heavy load to bring home, even during the day time when everything had been bright and sunny… she hadn’t been looking forward to the next hour of slogging along the already soggy ground through a blinding torrent of water.
  23. “Ah, what the hay, you talked me into it. You get back inside and I’ll be there in a jiffy. Just gotta park this thing someplace…”
  24. Rarity smiled, glad she had talked her friend out of her usual stubbornness. She and Applejack might not be the closest of ponies, but friendship was friendship, and she simply couldn’t allow someone she cared about to subject themselves to a minute more of this dreadful storm than was necessary.
  25. Hanging her rain-jacket up inside, Rarity scanned around the room for something that could be used as a tarp to cover the cart full of apples she could hear being pulled to the side of the house. She almost found it funny that the rain the apples needed to grow in the first place would have them mushy and worthless now if they went without protection.
  26. “Hmm. I suppose I do have that old order of denim that was never filled…”
  27. Rarity’s internal dialogue spilled out again as she pondered the solution to just another tiny difficulty. Well, it was that or nothing. Denim would have to do. She had long ago written off the cost, and denim was something she seldom liked to work with in any case – really, not that much of a set-back to profit, and even less to productivity.
  28. Rarity hovered the roll of dark blue material beside herself as she slipped on her coat once more, hoping it would be last time of the evening that she was forced to set foot outside.
  29. She opened the door and was greeted by a soaking wet orange earthpony smiling at her. “Thank ya’ kindly Rarity, I really do appreciate this.”
  30. “Oh, not at all, dear, I simply couldn’t let you spend another minute out like that. Come inside and make yourself at home, I’m just going to go cover up your cart. Just at the left side, was it?”
  31. Applejack nodded, stepping inside. She had just about taken her foot off the welcome mat and begun making her way into the carpeted store interior before she caught herself. Rarity smiled as Applejack walked back and, blushing slightly in embarrassment at her forgetfulness, cleaned her hooves on the mat laid out at the door.
  32. “Thank you ever so much dear. Don’t worry about drying off; we’ll get you some warm towels as soon as I return.” Rarity’s thanks was sincere – ever since the last time the two of them had spent together in such proximity, they had both tried to be more understanding of the other’s habits and mannerisms; while it wasn’t typically in Applejack’s behavioral vocabulary to take such care in keeping herself clean, she knew it meant a great deal to Rarity that her living quarters and workspace remain as clean as possible. Besides, it was the least she could do after Rarity’s generous display of hospitality.
  33. Applejack took a look around the boutique as Rarity dashed outside to tend to the applecart. Having not spent much time inside due to her dislike of frou-frou-esque accouterments, dresses simply weren’t something she was interested in – not that she held it against her friend. Different strokes for different folks and such; it just meant that any time spent in Carousel Boutique was usually against her will.
  34. Applejack was curiously examining a particular piece of complicated fashion apparel from afar. All those black frills and lacey stuff…did anypony really dress like that in public?
  35. Applejack jumped slightly, jolted out of her train of thought as the door closed behind her. She turned, smiling, nodding her head as she did so.
  36. “Thanks again for your hospitality, Rarity. It’s mighty nice of ya to be so generous.”
  37. Rarity smiled back, levitating her fashionable rain-gear back onto its post by the door. “Not at all dear, as I said before, I simply couldn’t leave you to stay out in that awful, awful rain. Good heavens, you were practically swimming home.”
  38. The two ponies laughed in unison. It seemed since their previous spat over their myriad differences, both girls have learned to take the others personality in stride – and as long as the circumstance of a situation didn’t throw their contrasts together, they could get along just fine.
  39. Rarity took only a moment after the laughter settled to notice the pool of water forming at her guest’s feet.
  40. “Oh goodness Applejack, I’m so sorry. We simply must get you dried off, or all this will have been for naught. I’ll be right back with some warm towels for you.”
  41. Applejack nodded and smiled. She felt like she was going to wear her tongue out with so many thank-you’s, but she truly was in debt for her friend’s kindness. Looking out for one another was one thing, and surely she’d have done the same had it been Rarity passing by her farmhouse with a cart of fabrics, but that didn’t change that taking anypony in for the night, making them feel warm and welcome, was a big display of generosity.
  42. Rarity returned shortly with two towels, floating one towards her soaking wet friend. The towels were white and fluffy, monogrammed with a large ‘R’ in the center, and fanciful trim decorating the edges, tinted a delicate pink.
  43. Applejack would normally balk at the idea of drying off with such an unnecessarily decorative towel, but right now she just wanted to be warm. She nodded again in appreciation as she took one of the procured towels in her mouth and begin drying herself.
  44. “Oh dear, let me get that for you.” Rarity’s horn shone as she hovered the remaining towel behind Applejack’s head, patting the water off her back. Applejack had to admit that despite the girly colours and prissy design, the towels were well made – as well as soft and warm besides. She could feel the heat re-entering her body as Rarity pressed the heated cloth against her fur, sighing softly as the rain lifted off her, almost magically.
  45. After only a minute of Rarity’s attention and her own, Applejack felt as though she had never even set foot in the evening rain.
  46. “I really do appreciate all this, Rarity-“
  47. Applejack’s overzealous thank you was cut off by Rarity’s interjection.
  48. “Applejack! That is simply enough out of you – I know you’d do the same for me if I was out in such horrible weather.”
  49. Applejack blushed slightly, and bobbed her head in acknowledgement.
  50. “Nevertheless, it’s mighty kind of ya’.”
  51. “Well, you’ll just have to repay me by keeping me company this evening then. Opal is a sweetheart, but I dare say she’s not much for conversation…”
  52. The two ponies laughed again as the white puffy cat in the corner glared at them, rolling her eyes before flopping back over onto his side, dozing off back into another cat-nap. It would perhaps be more accurate to say that her bouts of wakefulness were merely interjections in a sleep that lasted the whole day…
  53. “I don’t suppose y’all were thinkin’ about gettin’ a fire started? Sure could use the heat in here.”
  54. Rarity grinned broadly as she walked to the fire place in the corner.
  55. “Applejack, darling, you read my mind.”
  56. The fire crackled and spit playfully as the two ponies huddled close to the fireplace, wrapped in warm blankets to compound the heat. Outside, the rain still poured down, and had given no signs of stopping when checked on. In front of both AJ and Rarity was a cup of hot chocolate, or more accurately according to Rarity, the finest imported cocoa drink from Canterlot available. Applejack had rolled her eyes at the unicorn’s emphatic declaration, but had consumed the drink graciously regardless. It WAS quite good, though a little bitter for the farm-pony’s taste; this, of course, the result of a life-time drinking warm, sweet apple cider by the fire in times of bleak outside weather.
  57. The two friends had seemingly put their past differences entirely behind them, at least for the evening, as they talked over their drinks and the warm crackling of the vibrant fireplace. Applejack had recalled in animated detail how she had reacted when it became apparent she had forgotten about the day’s scheduled storm, and Rarity’s laughter had joined her own, causing Opalescence to stir in the corner, grumbling at the interruption to her naptime.
  58. Talking long in to the night, both ponies had completely forgotten about the storm outside – no excuses necessary, they were two friends spending time together, regardless of the circumstance.
  59. Eventually, however, it occurred to Rarity to glance over at the clock above the fireplace mantle.
  60. “My goodness! We’ve been chatting for ages, and look at the time! I do admit I was beginning to feel a bit drowsy…”
  61. Rarity’s admittance seemed sincere – where in the wrong tone her observation might have seemed an excuse to avoid an awkward phone call from an acquaintance, here, it was merely an acknowledgement that any sensible pony would be getting ready for bed shortly.
  62. Applejack yawned as she too felt the time of night sinking in. Pulling a cart of apples all day, especially in that rain, had left her sore and tired, and now that the idea had been brought to light, she found herself thinking of how nice it would feel to curl up in a warm bed and drift off to sleep.
  63. “I’m a bit tired myself, now that ya’ mention it.”
  64. Rarity raised her hoof to cover her mouth as Applejack’s yawning infected her, and she stood from her seat in front of the fire.
  65. “Well, if you’re ready to prepare for bed, I suppose we shall do just that. Shall you be taking your evening bath first? I don’t mind waiting.”
  66. Applejack cocked her head in confusion. “Er… evening bath?”
  67. Rarity’s mouth opened in over-exaggerated shock. “Yes, dear. Don’t tell me you were going to crawl into bed after a day out in that rain, and sweating in the afternoon sun besides?”
  68. Applejack blushed in embarrassment as she rubbed a hoof on her opposite leg. Actually, she had planned to do just that. The end to a day wasn’t a time she usually concerned herself with hygiene.
  69. “I’m usually a once every couple a’ days pony, when it comes to baths.” Applejack stated matter-of-factly.
  70. “Well dear, that’s entirely your prerogative at home, but I’m afraid I simply won’t have it while you’re my guest this evening. You’ll feel much better once you’ve had a chance to clean off the remainder of that filthy rainwater and all the mud you were in.”
  71. Applejack nodded grimly. Visions of flowery scented purple bathsalts and strange poofy bath-brushes were dancing in her head; she wasn’t about to be so rude as to refuse her host’s insistent request, but she could tell she might be in for a bit of a trial before bedtime finally arrived. As she continued to contemplate the horrors of a Rarity boutique bath session, Applejack felt a soft nudge in her side, and turned to see Rarity pushing her gently in the direction of the hallway.
  72. “Come now, Applejack, I promise I’ll make this the most luxurious bathing you’ve had in years. Come come come!”
  73. Applejack grinned awkwardly as she trotted in apprehension down the hall. It reminded her of the prison movies she had seen – mobster ponies grimacing as they began the long trek down death row towards a gruesome execution.
  74. Rarity seemed oblivious to her guest’s apprehension as she cheerfully swung the bathroom door open.
  75. “Oh, I have just the thing; just let me get the water started…”
  76. The faucet creaked quietly as Rarity turned its handles from afar, levitating a nearby tray of colourful bottles towards the bathtub. Applejack eyed the various containers nervously as the large white tub began to fill with water, sending steam rolling upwards into the air.
  77. “There, that will be ready in a minute, and then you can take your pick of accompaniments – I have several conditioners that would be just lovely for your mane, and this one here is imported – it will make your fur so soft, you really must try it.”
  78. Applejack shifted her eyes back and forth and swallowed loudly. This was the part where things got awkward; when Rarity failed to remember how uncomfortable all of this girly-girl fuss made the earthpony feel. Respecting each other’s boundaries had gotten them this far, but Rarity was a little too swept up in the prospect of providing her friend with a decadent bathing experience to notice how uncomfortable she was making her.
  79. “Uh… beggin’ yer pardon Rarity, but I don’t really go in for all that fancy stuff. Just some warm water and some soap’ll do fine.”
  80. Applejack regretted saying it the moment the words were out of her mouth. Rarity practically deflated, the bottles she was hovering dipped low as she slumped, before turning. Her face was plastered with a grin even Applejack could tell was artificial.
  81. “Oh… of course, how silly of me.” Rarity laughed awkwardly at the tail end of her sentence, dragging out the last three words.
  82. “Well, that will be fine then. I’ll just… leave you to your bath then, and you call me when you’re done, alright?”
  83. Applejack felt awful. Even though she understood the balance of responsibility between her level of uncomfortableness with fancy lotions and conditioners, and Rarity’s desire to girl-ify their time together, she couldn’t help but want to accommodate the pony who had been so generous to her already this evening.
  84. Rarity had already turned to leave and was halfway to the door before Applejack called out to her.
  85. “Er… that is… I don’t normally hold with all this hoity-toity such-and-such-“
  86. Rarity’s smile faltered even further, feeling that the final blow had come in Applejack’s rejection of her attempt at indulgence.
  87. “-but I reckon I could try it, if y’all don’t mind sharin’ what you’ve got.”
  88. The glow of Rarity’s returning smile almost sent sparkles flying to the corners of the bathroom shelving. Her eyes were wide in excitement, overjoyed at her friend’s concession.
  89. “Excellent! Well, you have my selection, so just, pick something that suits your fancy.“ Rarity said as she floated the tray of lotion bottles over, still grinning broadly.
  90. Applejack smiled nervously, before peering at the labeled selection of products in front of her. To Applejack, they may as well have been eldritch potions and salves, just as likely to soothe a tangled mane as summon a demon from the deepest reaches of pony-hell.
  91. “Uh…” Her voice trailed off as she perused the assortment of shampoos, conditioners, bodysoap, and various other odds-and-ends that could have been taken right from Ponyville’s most luxurious spa.
  92. “Rarity… not to be a bother, but I’m not all too familiar with any o’ this here… stuff. Would y’all mind givin’ me a pointer or two?”
  93. Rarity nodded knowingly. She should have assumed – a farm-pony like Applejack, seldom one to dote on her appearance, had no reason to be familiar with any type of beauty-enhancing bath-time product. Of course she could offer her help.
  94. “Why don’t you just hop in the tub, dear? The water’s almost done, and I’ll pick something out for you – I can even wash your mane if you like, just like a hair-dressing salon!”
  95. Rarity’s eyes gleamed with excitement as Applejack gulped in hesitation. Oh tarnation, what have I gotten myself into…
  96. She rose one foot before placing it in the steaming hot water of the bathtub, the handles glowing from Rarity’s telepathy as she stepped in. The water felt good. Applejack hadn’t realized how sore she had been from her day’s work. The soothing heat of the water seemed to reach aching muscles she didn’t know she had, and she sighed as she slipped into the tub, eyes closing as she slid down into the warm water.
  97. The bathtub was a large one – more than large enough for even a well-sized pony like Applejack, and probably large enough for two more ponies to share, if they were so inclined. Even Big Macintosh would have had room to relax, were he the type to spend time in relaxing spa baths.
  98. Applejack had completely forgotten about the fuss of her hair product selection as she melted into the comforting warmth of the bath-water. She was startled slightly, therefore, when she felt a cool sensation dripping onto her mane. A tiny gasp escaped her lips as the small deposit of moisture began to spread itself over the whole of her yellow hair.
  99. Rarity was smiling and humming to herself as her horn glowed, working the shampoo into Applejack’s mane. Some part of Rarity had never outgrown the little filly fantasy of playing beauty salon – a reality not too far off from her current profession. It was a delight for Rarity to relive the pretend games of her youth, now practically real.
  100. Applejack closed her eyes again as she felt the soft pressure working her hair, massaging the shampoo deep into her scalp. She let go another contented sigh as she felt a flow of water wash through her mane, rinsing the shampoo and warming her head that to this point had remained dry.
  101. The process was repeated with conditioner, until finally Applejack could sit back to her heart’s content and soak in the still soothing warmth of the bath-water. Her eyes remained closed until she heard a soft splash in front of her. Opening them, she was surprised to see Rarity entering the tub in front of her.
  102. “I hope you don’t mind dear, but I simply cannot wait any longer, that water looks simply heavenly. I hope you’re not bothered?”
  103. Applejack smiled peacefully, the heat having sapped the last bit of irritability from her system.
  104. “Aw heck naw, it’s fine. It’ll be just like one o’ them fancy hot-tubs they have at those Manehatten hotels.”
  105. Rarity smiled, and then closed her eyes as she too sunk into the tub, joining Applejack’s relaxed state as the pleasant warm sensation washed over her. Applejack remained silent but content, her eyes closed as Rarity attended to her own hair. After the second time she heard the sound rinsing water, Applejack readier herself to exit the bath, grumbling inside her own head like a filly forced to wake up in the morning for school. Everything was just so warm; she didn’t want to leave…
  106. Her eyes opened again when she felt a soft but firm object press into her side. A bar of soap, floating, was rubbing itself against her fur. She looked quizzically at Rarity, who was smiling, her horn glowing as she manipulated the bar.
  107. “We mustn’t forget to wash up as well. I’d be happy to take care of that as well, if you don’t mind.”
  108. Applejack opened her mouth to protest, but quickly closed it as the gentle rubbing relaxed her muscles and entered her into a whole new world of relaxation. She could feel the tension oozing out as Rarity scrubbed her fur gently, the soapy suds being rinsed off by the occasional dip in the water. Again, Applejack opened her eyes when she felt a change in the position of the bathtubs water – Rarity had moved closer to her, and was tilting her head, as if to say ‘Turn, turn!’
  109. Applejack did just that, facing the other way as she felt the bar of soap make its way over her back. She groaned in relief as the pressure seeped away from her aching spine, one of her most painful areas given all the heavy lifting her farm work forced her into. Rarity’s magic touch was a tad too gentle to reach the real depth of her aching, however-
  110. This time, Applejack’s eyes snapped open. Rarity was leaning onto her friend’s flank, her hooves pressing down into Applejack’s back. The unicorn was working the soap through her fur, and rubbing out the apparent knots and twists in the hard-working earthpony’s back as well. The act felt – strange, but ultimately incredibly good. Again, Applejack’s mental protest faded as she succumbed to how pleasant the sensation felt; so warm and relaxing, sitting in the spacious tub, her sore back being massaged into looseness.
  111. As Rarity continued her massage, Applejack noticed a peculiar feeling working its way through her body. Seemingly involuntarily, her had begun to notice the warmth of the other pony’s body pressed against her- Rarity was behind her rubbing the arches of her shoulders now, but the way she felt, leaning against her back – Applejack gulped, and tensed her hind legs as the thought crossed her mind. It felt like a stallion, on top of her, mounting her, right before –
  112. Applejack chided herself mentally. She shouldn’t be thinking something like that. Rarity’s gesture was simply another display of generosity, her playing girly-girl spa pony at Applejack’s admission. Still, she couldn’t ignore that feeling – her hips began to stir ever so slightly as Rarity’s hooves pressed into her skin, eliciting another tiny moan from her mouth. She hadn’t been too loud, and Rarity continued her ministrations diligently, working the hardness of her hooves into the all the right places, rivaling the technique of a skilled masseuse.
  113. Applejack was biting her lower lip now, fully unable to deny the way the backrub was making her feel. She could tell that if she was outside the water, there would have been a tell-tale wetness between her legs. That was enough, most likely; time to stop Rarity before things got awkward, or she realized how Applejack was beginning to feel.
  114. AJ turned her head and body, interrupting Rarity’s gentle but firm pressings into the base of her spine. She hadn’t expected to end up with her face so close, however, and the two ponies locked eyes as Applejack shifted in the tub.
  115. A moment of silence passed between them. Neither pony said a word. Applejack’s face was flushed red, and her lip still marked from where her teeth had been only moments earlier. Rarity seemed calm, but not as collected as normal, and as Applejack looked her over, she realized that her cheeks had illuminated as well, a faint shade of crimson blooming past the unicorn’s alabaster white coat.
  116. Applejack also noticed, to her surprise, Rarity’s horn. It was glowing, shimmering, positively brimming with energy – but Rarity’s attention was focused on nothing but the pony in front of her. Nothing was levitating, no objects being moved or hovered, no spells being cast of any kind. Rarity’s horn was simply charged; electric.
  117. She had never noticed before, how lady-like Rarity was. Applejack didn’t spend much time ogling girl ponies around town, or boy ponies for that matter – most of the time her attention was focused on business, and hard work that needed to be done; but upon analysis, she did have to admit, Rarity was beautiful. Objectively, her purple mane and tail were gorgeous, her coat shimmered constantly with a well-kept luster, and her faces possessed just the right contours to evoke the perfect notion of feminine grace and desirability.
  118. The two pony’s faces were close. Applejack could feel the heat of Rarity’s breath on her own, their noses almost touching, inches away from each other sitting in the bathtub. Tingles of electricity ran up her back as Applejack swallowed nervously, her body aching for her to move forward, just the tiniest bit. Her lips were dry as she spoke, only a hair’s breadth from the unicorn sitting next to her.
  119. “Rarity-“
  120. The sensation of lips on hers paused her sentence, and the words forming on her tongue were replaced with a loud moan, the heat of her speech flowing into the mouth now locked on hers. She could feel a fire through her entire body; being just inches away, the proximity had her straining for a touch, to feel the softness of another pony’s fur against her own, all of this against any intent she had ever formed coherently.
  121. Applejack at last pressed her body forward, her bare chest pressing into Rarity’s, pushing her backwards and down into the bathtub. The unicorn’s back hit the edge of the white porcelain as Applejack shoved her forward, and the two ponies groaned in unison as their bodies at last were pressed together, the pent-up heat and tingling shocks dissipating into pure pleasure. The sensation of relaxation and ease in each pony had shifted into what could only be called an unabashed lust.
  122. Rarity’s horn was practically beaming as Applejack pressed her mouth back to return the still on going kiss, the two having locked lips and not yet having let release occur as they moved in the water. The kiss did break, after a moment longer, but it was quickly begat by one even more intense, this time on Applejack’s initiative. She had raised a hoof from the water as well, and pressed it into Rarity’s shoulder, pushing down hard on the white fur and drawing an even louder moan than before from her kissing partner.
  123. The two ponies continued to remain locked together, tongues soon joining the display of passion, exploring each other’s mouths, tracing along teeth and twisting about each other, lips still pressed against one another.
  124. It was AJ again who pulled her head back, before diving immediately back forward. This time her mouth met fur instead of lips, and she nuzzled into Rarity’s neck before kissing her, firmly, and even nibbling a bit with her teeth. Rarity’s hind leg made a thump as it lashed out, hitting the bottom of the tub, while Applejack continued her assault on the unicorn’s soft throat and shoulders.
  125. Rarity’s hooves were pressed into Applejack’s back now, her mouth open wide in an endless ongoing display of pleasure; a long drawn out “Ohhhhh…” that echoed off the walls of the bathroom and would have surely drawn the attention of the neighbours if not for the evening’s storm.
  126. Taking her turn at interruption, Rarity grabbed Applejack’s head between her hooves, and forced her friend’s gaze to meet her own. Rarity’s eyes held a fire inside them, burning with passion, her entire body aching for more – more what she didn’t care, as long as it was now, and as long as Applejack obliged.
  127. Without warning, and eyes still locked, Rarity’s horn pulsed with the casting of a small spell, and two towels flew from the room’s end to the side of the bathtub, before laying on the floor, spreading out like a towel might do at the beach on a summer vacation. Rarity surprised Applejack with her strength, as she lifted the orange pony while standing, and pulled her out of the bathtub. Moisture dripped off the two ponies as they tumbled out of the water down on to the set of towels now laid out for them.
  128. The pair landed with Applejack on her back, Rarity poised over top of her on all fours, grinning down at the orange pony. Her expression made Applejack worried, somehow. For a moment, context struck her.
  129. “Rarity, I-“
  130. Her protest was cut off by another kiss, forceful, and assertive. Rarity’s tongue tasted like – well, like the finest imported cocoa, at the moment – but it also had the feel of the smoothest velvet, the kind of that adorned the capes of royalty, and the softness of which could drag the darkest secrets from the most determined stallion…
  131. Applejack’s breath was dragged from her in a gasp as Rarity withdrew her delicate tongue, and mouth following. He head was too jumbled to argue – all the thoughts she might have had were being incinerated by the fiery ache that consumed her body, causing her to arch her back in shock as Rarity’s horn touched just below her chin. The feeling was electric, sending a tingle running up her spine, and Rarity’s grin had continued as she ran the tip of her horn, glowing, down Applejack’s body; tracing it along her neck, and the soft skin of her stomach, before reaching the half-way point, and continuing past her waist.
  132. Applejack was squirming, partly in nervousness, and partly in anticipation. Without a word, her legs began to spread of their own accord as she felt the tip of Rarity’s horn, still searing her body with pleasure, glide down over her body, in between her outstretched hind-legs.
  133. As the glowing point touched her below, she could suddenly feel how we she was, how wet she had likely been since the massage, unable to notice in the water of the tub. She still felt damp from the tub, but there was no denying that this was far more noticeable – her whole body ached as she felt the gentle tap of a point at her entrance.
  134. Rarity had no trouble sliding her head forward, and her horn made its way inside without the slightest of difficulties. As the glowing extremity penetrated her, Applejack’s last resolve of remaining dignified dissolved, and her shout shook the shelves of the boutique as she cried out – not a wordless scream, but the name of the one she could call at the moment, her lover.
  135. “Rarity!”
  136. The cry was almost gasped out, as if Applejack had to let the unicorn know she was startled, afraid; afraid to stop, now that they had come so far. Applejack couldn’t bare the thought – she needed this moment, this sensation, she needed her friend, Rarity.
  137. “Oooh…”
  138. Applejack let out a gentler moan as Rarity slowly withdrew her horn, before plunging it back in, already coated in wetness from just a moment of penetration. Applejack was arching her back with each movement, her legs twitching, overcome with the sensation of pleasure that ran through her.
  139. Without a word from the unicorn, the movement continued, starting slow, but building up speed as it continued. Applejack’s attempt at pleasured moans had become half-intelligible speech mixed with lustful, animalistic panting as she struggled to articulate the intensity of Rarity’s thrusting.
  140. “Oh...Rarity… oh … please...” Applejack begged for nothing in particular as she felt the horn thrust into her body again and again. Each time she felt the horn’s based pressed against her lips, Applejack groaned, closer and closer to her inevitable climax. She had felt so charged with passion at the outset; it was a miracle she had lasted any time at all.
  141. That said, Applejack could feel the electricity running through her body charging to a peak. Every inch of her skin was on fire, her legs were thrashing, her eyes rolling back in her head, every minute was a thousand years as she got closer, screaming so loud, time had stopped; and then she came.
  142. Never before had she felt something so intense, her body spasmed and her hips thrust forward again and again, Rarity now holding her horn stationary as Applejack road out her orgasm. All of her jumble of words and pants and gasps of pleasure had stretched out into one long moan that quieted as her body finally stopped shaking. Her lower half was drenched in her own moisture, as was Rarity’s horn as she withdrew it – Applejack couldn’t even look to meet her, so exhausted from the impact of her climax. She lay there, silent except for her heavy breathing, Rarity not making a sound as she sat in front of her.
  143. Though Rarity was patient, she did not need to be for long. After all, Applejack was always the most dependable choice when a job needed to be done.
  144. It was Rarity’s turn to gasp out in surprise as Applejack leapt from her position on the floor to standing upright, before pushing the demure white unicorn backwards onto her flank.
  145. “Oof!” she gave a small startled exclamation as she landed on the towel beneath her, now soaked by a combination of bath-water, and the signs of excitement both of the ponies had displayed since their emergence from the bathtub. Rarity could feel her wetness as well, just as soaked as Applejack had been. She was already shaking in anticipation as she held herself half upwards with her forelegs. Her eyes met Applejack’s, and just like the fire in her own prior, she saw lust; as well as determination.
  146. Rarity gasped again as her head landed on the white bath-towel, Applejack forcefully pushing her backwards again with her hooves. Rarity had no time to raise her head or protest as she felt Applejack’s mouth on her neck. She squealed in pleasure as the kisses ran down her throat rapidly, the occasional nibble leaving tiny marks in her soft skin; an extra tingle ran up her spine each time she felt the sharp sensation of another bite. It hurt, a little, but for some reason, only seemed to feel that much better as a result.
  147. Unlike Applejack, so captivated by the sensational pleasure running through her body she was unable to speak, Rarity still felt a great presence of mind as her body arched in pleasure, and being the take-charge pony that she was, voiced her compassion in no uncertain terms, as well as direction for her the eager mouth that nipped all over her body.
  148. “Ohh, Applejack, please, harder! Your teeth, so good…”
  149. Applejack answered the request by intensifying her efforts, and what had previously been gentle nibbles now turned into full blown teeth-gnashings, pulling at fur, leaving large red traces all over Rarity’s soft, white body. Her moans grew louder as the biting grew in fervor, and her hips bucked upwards each time Applejack clamped her strong jaw down on her eager skin.
  150. “Please, please, please…” Rarity’s demands were still as insistent, but had lost a degree of their coherence, taken over by the urgency of her request. No words were necessary, however; Applejack knew what she wanted.
  151. Still leaving a trail of bite marks on her way, Applejack’s mouth followed the same path as Rarity’s horn before, albeit much harsher and more to the point. Whereas Applejack had been content to revel in the sensations being presented to her, she could tell that Rarity was possessed of a far more directed desire – it might lead a pony to wonder if she had done this before.
  152. Applejack’s mouth its destination after what seemed like an eternity (to Rarity, leastways). Still the rough teeth on skin continued, still in the absence of any protest from Rarity. She was simply squealing in expectation now, her hips arching a ludicrous amount in search of the tender sensation she needed so badly. Applejack couldn’t help but grin at the desire the unicorn was displaying – best not to keep her waiting.
  153. After a quick precursory clamping of her teeth and a scream outward from Rarity, Applejack’s tongue prodded at the slickness in front of her. She immediately found what she was looking for, the tiny button at the top that provoked the loudest shout of the night from Rarity.
  154. “Yes Applejack, please!”
  155. So insistent was her tone that Applejack could hardly keep her waiting – after all, friendship did have its standards. Her tongue lapped eagerly at the bucking hips in front of her, rubbing Rarity’s clit all over. Not even several minutes of licking had passed before Rarity was insistent on more directions.
  156. “Harder, please!”
  157. Applejack redoubled her efforts and buried her face in Rarity’s wetness, the tip of her muzzle touching the unicorn’s soft fur as her tongue pressed again and again into her throbbing clit, soaked with the wetness oozing from underneath. Rarity’s head was thrashing backwards as continued to grind her hips upwards into Applejack’s mouth, her whole body wracked in ecstasy at the force of AJ’s attention. Rarity was rubbing her back on the floor as she bucked, searching out for more of the bittersweet painful sensation that made her feel even wetter, and more excited.
  158. Applejack seemed to pick up on her desires; as Rarity lifted her hips again to meet the eager tongue lapping at her dripping slit, Applejack’s hoof smacked against her backside, stinging against her fur with the impact.
  159. “Oh, yes, just like that, more, please!”
  160. Again, Rarity’s pleading showed she wasn’t afraid to ask for more of what she wanted. Applejack continued paddle Rarity’s soft behind with her hoof as she continued eating the unicorn out, sweating from her brow with effort. Rarity was one difficult pony to please.
  161. It seemed, however, that her direction had been purposeful – with every smack and forceful push of muzzle into her clit, Rarity arched her back harder, and squealed even louder. Applejack felt a familiar tension in the air, the feeling of hanging over a cliff when you knew the fall was coming. Even though ‘harder’ seemed to be an impossibility, she put all thought of restraint behind herself, stinging her own hoof with the force of each blow she delivered, her tongue numb and sore as she pressed it down fiercely each time to meet Rarity’s thrusts.
  162. Rarity’s hoof was pounding into the bathroom floor – if she had been possessed of nails she would have been digging them into the towel – screaming nonstop, she came violently, in much the same fashion she had been persuaded to do so. Applejack felt the wetness on her chin double as she rode the waves of Rarity’s climax, before the moaning fashionista finally settled her hips and let out a long sigh.
  163. Applejack was spent for real this time. She collapsed next to Rarity, eyes closing as she hit the ground, too tired and exhausted to keep them open any longer. She did peek them open for a moment, however, to see Rarity looking back at her, a contented smile on her face. Neither of the two spoke, but both raised a hoof to meet between them, and feeling the warm sensation of each others bodies, quietly drifted off to sleep, right there in the middle of the bath-room floor.
  164. All things considered, thought the orange pony as she drifted off to sleep, a much more enjoyable slumber party than the last.
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