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  1. [b][font=courier][color=#000]-- crypticPuppeteer [/color][color=#778899][CP][/color] [color=#000]began pestering fallaciousPsychologist[/color] [color=#98F5FF][FP][/color] [color=#000]at ??:?? -- [/color]
  3. [color=#778899]CP: What do you know about Sburb?[/color]
  4. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Let me guess, you want your copy right?
  5. FP: Fine, give me a few seconds and it'll be on it's way.[/color]
  6. [color=#778899]CP: No, I just wanted some information on it.
  7. CP: Details are scarce, and I figured you'd know the most about it.
  8. CP: Also, your text color is incredibly annoying.
  9. CP: Did you choose it just for that purpose?[/color]
  10. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Not really. I just didn't realise that it woud look so bad on a white background. At least I didn't choose white.
  11. FP: But that's inconcequencial. You want information?[/color]
  12. [color=#778899]CP: Indeed. The only thing I've heard is that it involves houses and wrecking shit.
  13. CP: But FC was incredibly vague about how it worked.[/color]
  14. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Oh no the ostentatious one was being vague what a surprising twist.
  15. FP: But anyway, the little details I know don't really involve the game itself.
  16. FP: What I do know about the game is that yes, two people must connect with eachother in order for one to completely fuck shit up.
  17. FP: And by fuck shit up I mean he has to deploy these long ass named machines in order to... well to be perfectly honest I have no idea why.
  18. FP: But this is where shit starts to get... scary.[/color]
  19. [color=#778899]CP: What do you mean by that?[/color]
  20. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Remember the facility down in the south? The one that exploded a few weeks ago?[/color]
  21. [color=#778899]CP: No, I can't say I do.
  22. CP: But I haven't kept up with the news lately.[/color]
  23. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Well anyway, that's not really important.
  24. FP: What is important is that after doing a lot of research and sticking my nose into a part of the house that I'm not really allowed in, I found some... disturbing news.
  25. FP: The facility was developing SBURB.
  26. FP: Now that might be mere coincidence, but ask yourself; why is information so scarce? Why haven't any of the big named game reviewers actually reviewed this game?
  27. FP: People who were trusted with the first copies of the game have also gone missing.
  28. FP: Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this shit can't all be coincidence.[/color]
  29. [color=#778899]CP: Well, that certainly explains the odd feelings I've been having lately.
  30. CP: So, I was right to tell TS and FC to be careful.
  31. CP: This game is going to be hazardous to our health, isn't it?
  32. CP: I'm starting to regret even registering for the Beta.[/color]
  33. [color=#98F5FF]FP: I haven't even installed my copy. It's just been sitting here on my desk for the last week along with the pile of other SBURB copies.
  34. FP: I get this strange aura of tension when I'm around them.
  35. FP: It's like, I HAVE to install them, its some of that fate mumbo fumbo bullshit.
  36. FP: Plus everyone else is getting their copies, I don't want to be left out of the loop.[/color]
  37. [color=#778899]CP: Well, enough about how strange things may end up being.
  38. CP: What was this that FC told me about Servers and Clients?
  39. CP: I'm apparently going to be his 'Server'.
  40. CP: So, that means I'm going to be placing those machines in his house, right?[/color]
  41. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Yes, you are.
  42. FP: There are two disks to every copy, the Server file and the Client file.
  43. FP: The server file alows you to connect to anyone who has the client installed, and then basically help them achieve their objectives. Vice versa.[/color]
  44. [color=#778899]CP: So, how did you send that so quickly, exactly?
  45. CP: The copy, I mean.
  46. CP: What manner of transportation are you using for them?[/color]
  47. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Some crazy thing Uncle gave me, an apperifier. It's actually kind handy. However it doesn't always work as intended.[/color]
  48. [color=#778899]CP: Wow.
  49. CP: Okay, that sounds like bullshit.
  50. CP: But if you say so.
  51. CP: When should I expect it?
  52. CP: I'm rather curious as to how this is all going to turn out.[/color]
  53. [color=#98F5FF]FP: You know in those horror movies, where the killer is standing right behind the victim, but there's no way they could have gotten there?
  54. FP: Yeah, right behind you.[/color]
  55. [color=#778899]CP: Okay, that's just.
  56. CP: Where do you even get something like that.
  57. CP: Your uncle must be well connected.
  58. CP: Ugh, but somebody else is bothering me now.
  59. CP: Thank you for the information, FP.
  60. CP: And the Beta copy, I suppose.
  61. CP: I'll contact you again once I've actually gotten it installed.[/color]
  63. [color=#000]--crypticPuppeteer[/color] [color=#778899][CP][/color] [color=#000]ceased pestering fallaciousPsychologist[/color] [color=#98F5FF][FP][/color] [color=#000]at ??:?? -- [/color][/font][/b][/spoiler]
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