Spaces Gonna Space

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  1. [19:58:14] <Giantree> Gamma!
  2. [19:58:50] <Giantree> It's the second day being on board the Excel now, and there... was maybe some noise at some point throughout the ship?  Seems like you only vaguely heard it earlier.
  3. [19:59:14] <Giantree> What were you planning on doing, just exploring?  Visiting someone?
  4. [20:00:09] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> At this point, Gamma is marching around the ship, exploring.  It looks a little bit more like "hunting for fugitive Dissidents in the lower districts", though, with how he yanks open doors and tends to put his BRUTAL in before his head.
  5. [20:00:35] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Apologies are occasionally required, and given.
  6. [20:00:47] <Blaxploitation> (OH CAN I PLAY)
  7. [20:01:08] <Giantree> There aren't a huge amount of civilians, fortunately!  (Yes Blax, you always can)  Most of the Excel's crew are Seekers, and beyond that most of the rooms ARE empty.
  8. [20:02:25] <Giantree> But the act of that in general catches the attention of some.  After a while, somebody approaches you from behind and taps your shoulder gently.
  9. [20:02:47] <Giantree> ... While you're pointing BRUTAL into an empty room, that is.
  10. [20:07:21] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem spins around, "IDENTIFY YOURSELF, CITIZEN!  HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!"
  11. [20:08:09] <Giantree> It's an average-sized humanoid with scraggly black hair and a third eye in his forehead... oh, it's just Jasper.  One of his hands is holding a bottle, so her puts only the other hand on his head while stepping back, seemingly expecting this kind of reaction.  "That's one heck of a way to settle in here, don't you think?"
  12. [20:10:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "My apologies, I took you for a hostile.  Actually, I needed to interrogate you anyway.  What name is my planet listed by?"
  13. [20:13:03] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Of course, he lowers his weapon.
  14. [20:13:05] <Giantree> "Your planet?"  All three of his eyes look up as he removes the hand from his head in thought.  "Let's see... It was the one with the information-lock, wasn't it?  From what I remember it wasn't allied with the Federation or with us... well, obviously not with us, since we're only allied with ourselves," he says kind of proudly.  "Usually the Federation lists planets like that by the names of... deities in ancient Earth mythologies, things like that, and that's how they're officially categorized.  Yours isn't any different if my memory isn't messing with me."
  15. [20:14:09] <Giantree> He strokes is also-scraggly chin while walking down the halls, beckoning.  "Come on, I'm heading back to my office.  Don't want anyone thinking you're up to no good, are you?  ... On second thought, maybe you ARE up to no good.  Alright, let me think..."
  16. [20:14:48] * Sherry pops her head out of the room next door to see what the yelling was about... Squinting at the tall govpol-looking-guy. Her hair is a squiggly mess. "Hey officer, what's all the fuss?"
  17. [20:16:46] <Giantree> Jasper looks uuuup and down, uuup and down, before snapping out of his trance.  "Oh, one of the newbies, right?  Sorry about that, I think this guy was just entertaining himself in his own way."  Swig.
  18. [20:17:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Simply a routine interrogation, ma'am.  Please carry on with your business.  Incidentally, I'm pleased to see you take hydration so seriously, Jasper!  Drinking good, clean, recycled water during the day is a fine habit to practice diligently!"
  19. [20:17:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma is nearly seven feet tall in power armor, and rather clearly nonhuman looking.
  20. [20:17:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (Just for Sherry's sake)
  21. [20:19:15] <Sherry> (but you still look like a govpol)
  22. [20:19:20] <Giantree> Jasper snorts a bit.  "Ha, that sounds like me alright," he says with a sarcastic tone.  "Hel II is the name of the planet we traced you from, anyway- or at least, the Feds' classification of it.  It's named after an old Earth set of myths, I actually wonder if you've even heard about it.  The name itself belonged to the Queen of the Dead in those myths, so maybe it's even appropriate with the stories you told, ah?"
  23. [20:20:06] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (Like a brown elf govpol, yes)
  24. [20:20:34] <Giantree> "The star you almost became acquainted with," he forgets about Sherry for a second, "was named 'Niflheim.'  Pretty grisly now that we know what actually happened there... that's what they used to call the land of the dead."
  25. [20:21:00] <Giantree> All three eyes blink and he remembers someone's peeking out.  "... Oh yeah, sorry, Miss."
  26. [20:21:41] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Ah, again, this conflicts with information I was told." He frowns, "I am rather parched, do you have more water?"
  27. [20:23:35] * Sherry stops eavesdroppy "No problem." She dips back into her room to put on her vest and equipment and pops back out.
  28. [20:23:49] <Giantree> "It seems a lot of things're going to.  But you gotta remember, your people weren't in contact with any from the outside- probably by no choice of their own.  So they weren't able to exchange any information, even something as simple as a name."  He holds up the bottle and wiggles it around a bit.  "Want a drink?  I don't know if it's what you're expecting, though..."
  29. [20:24:00] <Giantree> Little does Sherry know what's floating right above her head.
  30. [20:24:05] <Giantree> So low it almost looks like a hat!
  31. [20:25:14] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Well, as far as I know, any attempts by Barbarians to invade civilization were successfully repulsed." He frowns.
  32. [20:26:12] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Gladly accepted, Jasper!" He delicately takes the bottle, and has a hearty swig.  His face twists in a scowl, "Is this water contaminated!?  It tastes bitter!"
  33. [20:26:40] <Giantree> Jasper's finger waggles.  "Hey now, gotta get used to not using words like that.  'Barbarian' means something totally different here."  He gladly lets go of the bottle and grins a little.
  34. [20:26:56] <Giantree> "Aah, don't sweat it, it's good for you!  It's definitely how I keep myself relaxed."
  35. [20:27:13] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem smacks his lips a few times, considering, "The bubbly effect...what is this called?  Is there a word for this liquid?"
  36. [20:27:19] * Blaxploitation is now known as Jazz
  37. [20:27:42] <Sherry> She's about to pipe about a govpol being corrupt, drinking on the job... But this isn't Earth. Speaking of job... "Where do we go for work?"
  38. [20:28:28] <Giantree> "It has a formal name, but here we just call it... well, let's use 'Space Juice' for now."  Grin still on, the three-eyed man turns to Sherry and stares above her head, where a muffled 'shhh' noise comes from.
  39. [20:30:46] <Giantree> "Oh, the front desk, of course!  I just work the transporters so there's not a lot I can do... speaking of bubbly, the android who works there is pretty bubbly herself.  Then again... didn't I send you to meet her last time?"  He scratches his head.
  40. [20:32:42] * Sherry yawns and rubs her eyes. "Yeah, you did... She had me sign some papers and gave me a map. And there was an octopus, but I think that part was a dream..."
  41. [20:33:44] <Giantree> "Octopus, octopus..."  His third eye looks at the ceiling, but not the others.  "Yeah, I see those when I go too heavy on the liquor, so I see where you're coming from.  Haven't actually had one to eat in a few decades, I think it's been."
  42. [20:33:51] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Space juice." He growns down at it.
  43. [20:33:55] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *frowns
  44. [20:34:32] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Is space juice liquor?"
  45. [20:35:17] <Giantree> "It's actually called 'whiskey.'  ... So you can say that, yeah."
  46. [20:35:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It has a taste like industrial cleaner."
  47. [20:36:10] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem takes another speculative sip and passes the bottle back with a shudder, "And it makes my head feel blurry."
  48. [20:36:45] <Giantree> "It's an acquired taste!  You'll probably get used to it."
  49. [20:37:58] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "At a later date.  A pleasure to meet you, miss citizen, and I assure you, octopi are completely aquatic.  To find one aboard a spacegoing vessel would be ludicrous in the extreme."
  50. [20:39:03] <Giantree> "Hey, you never know in outer space," Jasper wipes it off and takes his own swig again.  "Anyway, while you're doing your 'duty' like this, think you could help her?  I should probably get back to work."
  51. [20:39:58] <Sherry> She extends her arm to shake. He's not a bear. But man, he's tall. "My name's Sherry. Nice to meet you."
  52. [20:41:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Of course!  I have spoken with your...our...Captain and would be pleased to assist until I am assigned labor!"  He extends his right hand, the one that isn't covered in a giant pneumatic clawed gauntlet, and shakes firmly, "Personal designation: Gamma Vert Septem-Septem.  I have been informed that this is troublesome, and it has been suggested that I advise others to refer to me as 'Gamma'...
  53. [20:41:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> ...or some abbreviation thereof."
  54. [20:42:26] * Kraken is now known as Bruin
  55. [20:44:55] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Psst, Jasper.  How am I supposed to assist her?"
  56. [20:46:00] <Giantree> He hobbles around before walking off.  "Well, she was looking for work.  ... For starters you could tell her what's hiding on her head."
  57. [20:46:32] <Giantree> There's a small, floating orb-like thing with a black-and-yellow screen floating above Sherry's head, of course.  It displays 8,1 ;_; 
  58. [20:46:41] <Bruin> A new challenger appears! No, wait, nevermind, that's a bear. Bruin approaches the group cautiously yet casually, his eyes lingering on Gamma studiously before addressing the lot. "Is it common for Earth-clan to be so laid back? I'd heard they were quite industrious and yet all we've done so far is...well...nothing."
  59. [20:47:21] * Sherry stares at Gamma... Admiration. It's yet another new and more experienced partner~! So it's not like it's any different than working on Earth.
  60. [20:48:07] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Indolence is an enemy of the virtuous.  Furthermore, Sherry, your head is being orbited."
  61. [20:48:35] <Giantree> The... thing above her head speaks up.  "No it isn't!"
  62. [20:48:55] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Is that a talking ursine?"
  63. [20:49:01] * Sherry waves over for greets... "Morning Bruin, it's great right?" She waves her hand over her head as if warding off flies.
  64. [20:49:14] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Apparently so.  Well, it has been a day for it."
  65. [20:49:23] <Bruin> (The voice in my head for the AI is Claptrap from Birderlands, it's quite amusing)
  66. [20:49:31] <Bruin> (Borderlands too)
  67. [20:49:50] <Giantree> (yeah actually uh, t-that was my headvoice too)
  68. [20:50:00] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem looks rather sideways at Sherry and her staring, then quickly looks away, rubbing the back of his head.  NOT with the gauntlet.
  69. [20:50:03] <Bruin> (<3)
  70. [20:50:16] <Giantree> (<3)
  71. [20:50:28] <Giantree> It is definitely a talking ursine.  At least it's not an octopus!
  72. [20:50:30] <Sherry> (I was giving it an brit accent.)
  73. [20:50:36] <Giantree> That would just be weird.  Ha.  Space octopi.
  74. [20:50:59] <Giantree> The MAG flies up to avoid the hand, before gently floating back down once it seems to 'think' it's over.
  75. [20:51:29] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (Octopi are strictly aquatic, whereas ursines are devious gigantic terrestrial predators with occasional aquatic tendencies)
  76. [20:52:00] <Sherry> (Son, you haven't seen space sharks.)
  77. [20:52:08] * Bruin chuckles to himself at Gamma's reaction. "You do not quite fit the profile I expect of Earth-clan, from where do you hail?"
  78. [20:52:18] <Bruin> (Space Bearsharktopus)
  79. [20:52:36] <Sherry> (Things of legend.)
  80. [20:52:51] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Civilization.  And apparently, Hel II."
  81. [20:53:13] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "And yourself, citizen?"
  82. [20:54:40] <Bruin> Bruin waves his hand dismissively. "Unpronouncable in this dialect, nor is it of any consequence."
  83. [20:54:58] * `maki` is now known as maki|work
  84. [20:55:42] <Bruin> "Ah, it seems I have forgotten Earth-clan formalities. They call me Bruin"
  85. [20:57:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Personal designati-" Gamma sighs, "Call me Gamma."
  86. [20:58:34] <Sherry> "So Gamma... Is it hot or cold on Hell II?"
  87. [20:59:24] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Regional variations, but I spent much of my service in a temperate district.  Is your planet monoclimate?"
  88. [21:00:06] <Sherry> She... "MAG, what did he say?"
  89. [21:01:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Is your planet only hot or cold?  It sounds inhospitable."
  90. [21:02:00] <Giantree> "He said it's hot in hell, Turnip!"
  91. [21:02:42] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Have you secured quarters for yourself?  I was lucky to find a spacious cell, although it seemed to be occupied primarily by cleaning products and brooms...rather more vertically inclined than I am accustomed to, but certainly I can adapt to sleeping while leaning against the wall."
  92. [21:04:16] <Sherry> "Oh, OK. My planet's mostly artificial. Most of the climate's controlled... And I think you should find yourself a new room."
  93. [21:04:58] <Bruin> He scratches his chin while contemplating Gamma's description of his room. "I am not perfectly familiar with Earth-clan designations...but I believe you are occupying a storage den."
  94. [21:06:00] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Ah, is that one taken?" He looks disappointed, "I...see.  I suppose I will have to submit a complaint about myself to the captain.  Perhaps the small doors under the sink in that one room with the comfortable chairs?  It is too close to luxury for a Gamma-class clone, but perhaps she will be forgiving."
  95. [21:12:05] * Sherry whispers to the MAG "Sounds like a bathroom..."
  96. [21:16:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Did I err?" :<
  97. [21:16:14] <Giantree> The MAG bobs up and down.
  98. [21:16:18] <Sherry> "Are there any places on the ship with training facilities." Before the conversation goes to gunk. "That's kinda why I'm here."
  99. [21:16:21] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I found many large, spacious rooms, but clearly they are meant for superior officers."
  100. [21:16:29] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Yes, actually!  There is a fine arena!"
  101. [21:19:34] <Sherry> "Can you show me where it is? I want to get a feel for the ship."
  102. [21:23:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Follow closely, although I believe I have fought that dummy sufficiently for today." Gamma frowns, but leads on!
  103. [21:24:41] <Giantree> The arena's a trip around the hall and up some stairs- or an elevator if you'd rather go that way.  On the way there is a big room cluttered with new-age slot machines, a LOT like the ones on Neo-Earth.  But less fancy.
  104. [21:25:00] * Anise is now known as Spica
  105. [21:26:06] * Bruin follows out of curiosity.
  106. [21:26:10] <Sherry> Not fancy enough to catch her attention.
  107. [21:27:12] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Oh!  Doctor Venant!"
  108. [21:28:37] * Spica looks up from the slot machine closest to the elevator - or what used to be a slot machine, in any case. It's sort of half slot-machine half-parts now. "Oh, hey there. Gammy, right?"
  109. [21:28:57] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Yes ma'am!  How are you?" Gamma makes his way over.  
  110. [21:29:09] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Did you instill discipline in your followers?" :D
  111. [21:31:01] <Spica> "Sure, I guess." Blinkblink. "Hey, could you toss me the sonic screwdriver? It's the one that lights up blue and makes noises." She turns her attention back to the slot machine.
  112. [21:32:10] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma kneels down, and begins poking through the tools, finding one and passing it to her, "Here you are, doctor.  Actually...I had a question.  You seem remarkably uninterested in the work ethic of your staff, would it be impolite to ask why?"
  113. [21:33:36] <Sherry> She eavesdrops some more... Leaning over to see what the innies of a slot machine are like.
  114. [21:33:37] <Spica> "Huh?" She turns around again, waving the screwdriver. "What do you mean by that?"
  115. [21:35:00] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Well...don't you care about their productivity?  After all, you all perform a vital task on board this ship."
  116. [21:35:21] <Sherry> "Fixing slot machines?"
  117. [21:35:41] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Doctor Venant is an illustrious Communications Officer and therefore our superior."
  118. [21:35:56] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Although not in our direct chain of command, I think."
  119. [21:36:25] <Spica> "Well, yeah, but they've never let me down! They're good people."
  120. [21:36:56] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I admit some confusion, does the lax environment somehow stimulate them?"
  121. [21:38:14] <Sherry> (hurr... "But slot machines aren't people?")
  122. [21:39:18] <Spica> "I don't know what you mean by that, but it's mostly... If people aren't happy with their job and just going through the motions, they'll make critical mistakes!"
  123. [21:39:28] <Spica> "That simply cannot be allowed to happen!"
  124. [21:39:32] <Giantree> "Turnip!"  The MAG suddenly floats out of nowhere, proudly displaying 8,1| | | | on its screen- small shapes start appearing down them like a slot machine.  "I think I discovered the machine's secrets!"
  125. [21:39:53] <Spica> "...Oh hey a flying slot machine."
  126. [21:39:55] <Spica> "That's pretty cool."
  127. [21:40:20] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What?  Satisfaction is required to properly perform one's duties?" Gamma frowns, then nods, "Thank you for your wise advice, Doctor.  I will seek out a larger sleeping cell at once.  Perhaps if the broom-filled room is taken, I can sleep here!"
  128. [21:40:25] <Sherry> "I can agree with that!" In response to Spica's lax philosophy. "Yeah, you can call it a slot machine. It's unreliable."
  129. [21:40:33] * Spica starts putting the slot machine back together. It whirrs ominously.
  130. [21:40:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Ah, so that is the purpose of the tiny construct."
  131. [21:41:38] <Spica> 2d6+4
  132. [21:41:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Spica, 2d6+4: 8 [2d6=3,1]
  133. [21:41:52] <Giantree> "Watch this, Turnip!  I never fail to hit the jackpot!"  The MAG's screen fills up with yellow.
  134. [21:41:53] <Sherry> "Being unreliable? Yeah. I think it was sent to this ship to get fixed."
  135. [21:42:11] * Sherry pokes the mag
  136. [21:42:36] <Sherry> 3d6 MAGslots?
  137. [21:42:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Sherry, MAGslots?: 9 [3d6=1,5,3]
  138. [21:42:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Doctor Venant, where can I go to be assigned meaningful labor?"
  139. [21:43:26] <Spica> "I told you, I'm not in charge of pay- oh. Well. Did you ask Franny?"
  140. [21:43:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Oh.  No, we shared this thing called hugs!"
  141. [21:44:55] <Giantree> The MAG tries to roll slots!  ... And then puffs of smoke blow out of it when it fails desperately.
  142. [21:45:02] <Sherry> (Franny, seducer of clones.)
  143. [21:45:22] <Spica> "Mmmmhmm."
  144. [21:45:30] <Spica> "Hey, someone try out this machine for me."
  145. [21:45:37] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Alright, how is it done?"
  146. [21:45:51] <Sherry> "It's like you've never heard of hugs before."
  147. [21:46:08] <Spica> "Just pull the lever."
  148. [21:46:21] * Spica casually steps behind the couch.
  149. [21:47:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I had not, actually." Gamma puts on his helmet, seeing Spica retreat, and warily pulls the lever straight downward.
  150. [21:47:22] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Then jerks it back up and pulls it down again.
  151. [21:47:36] <Sherry> "I'm not putting money into that... But can you fix this?" She has grabbed the MAG by the "ears" or legs... or hoverjets... or whatever... to present to the fin-ear.
  152. [21:47:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It is much like activating a chemical shower."
  153. [21:48:33] <Spica> roll dem slots V:
  154. [21:48:50] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (How I roll slots?)
  155. [21:49:19] <Sherry> (3dsux)
  156. [21:49:33] <Cael> (3d6 like the gambler slots, that was the joke :3c)
  157. [21:51:02] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem_> (How I roll sloots?)
  158. [21:51:26] <Leen> (3dsux)
  159. [21:52:06] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 3d6
  160. [21:52:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem, 3d6: 10 [3d6=2,2,6]
  161. [21:52:19] * Sherry pokes the Slot machine
  162. [21:52:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Oh, does this mean I lose?  226 is well below the theoretical average..."
  163. [21:52:27] <Sherry> 1d6 StD 6
  164. [21:52:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Sherry, StD 6: 2 [1d6=2]
  165. [21:52:49] <Sherry> The poke knocks a number into trips.
  166. [21:53:03] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Oh!  No, it rolled even lower!"
  167. [21:55:13] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Did I lose bad-what is that noise it makes?"
  168. [21:56:13] <Sherry> "It means you've won. You're supposed to get three in a row with slots."
  169. [21:56:17] <Spica> The slotmachine goes WEEOOO WEE OOO WEEOOOO
  170. [21:56:23] <Spica> Lights flash.
  171. [21:56:26] <Sherry> Like a cop car.
  172. [21:56:26] <Spica> Sparks fly.
  173. [21:56:30] <Spica> And then the damned thing explodes.
  174. [21:56:35] <Spica> Spica dives for cover.
  175. [21:57:08] * Sherry holds MAG up as a shield
  176. [21:57:22] <Giantree> 8,1 >_< 
  177. [21:58:02] <Sherry> "Can you make this do that?" She presents the MAG to Spica again with a little more optimism.
  178. [21:59:34] <Spica> "I'm pretty sure doing it on purpose would violate my oaths as a doctor." Spica remains hidden as coins rain everywhere.
  179. [22:01:48] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma slams his riot shield down in front, but still gets knocked on his metal-plated ass
  180. [22:02:08] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Is this intentional, Doctor?"
  181. [22:02:08] * Bruin observes with amusement from afar.
  182. [22:02:23] <Spica> "Nope, just a happy accident."
  183. [22:07:31] <Sherry> She... Holds her hand out to shake. But raises it to salute? A poor one. She's a 'superior officer' according to Gamma. "Uh, hello. Ma'am. My name's Sherry Portsmith, I've been assigned to this ship from Earth."
  184. [22:09:25] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "She comes from an artificial world named for soil."
  185. [22:10:11] <Sherry> "Actually, that one was destroyed."
  186. [22:10:19] <Spica> "I think the name for soil came from the world itself. Earth, earth, terra, terra firma, terra australis, terrain, terraformation..." She's got a far off look in her eyes.
  187. [22:13:59] <Sherry> "I come from Neo Earth. In the histry books it's Earth's moon that everyone built up to be like the old planet... Which is a bunch of space gravel."
  188. [22:15:04] <Giantree> "Turnip!"  The MAG makes a noise like a gasp.  "Have you been reading without my knowledge?"
  189. [22:15:34] <Cael> (God dammit claptrap)
  190. [22:15:39] <Spica> "Nothing wrong with reading."
  191. [22:16:00] <Sherry> "Yeah. In elementary school." She hasn't picked up a book since.
  192. [22:17:18] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem blinks at Spica
  193. [22:17:30] <Spica> "...Oh."
  194. [22:18:37] <Giantree> "Oh."
  195. [22:18:40] <Giantree> "Acceptable, carry on!"
  196. [22:18:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...What is a book?"
  197. [22:19:10] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Is it similar to the process of sleep-indoctrination?"
  198. [22:19:11] <Giantree> The MAG flies circles around Gamma.  "Oh my, it looks like you've got some competition, Turnip!"
  199. [22:19:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Also, what is turnip?  Is it your designation, Sherry?"
  200. [22:20:30] <Giantree> "It's a lot easier to say, isn't it, Ears?  Just try it!  Say 'I could dominate you in a slow-learning competition, Turnip!'"
  201. [22:20:55] <Sherry> "No. It's not. It's Sherry Portsmith. The MAG's broken, ignore it's talk. Ignore it's hovering. Ignore any lasers it fires at you."
  202. [22:21:02] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Who is Ears?"
  203. [22:21:14] <Sherry> (You make that sound dirty, Tree.)
  204. [22:21:15] * Spica wanders out while this is all going on, discreetly scooping up a handful of change as she goes.
  205. [22:21:24] * Spica is now known as Anise
  206. [22:21:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I cannot ignore an attack on my person except from a superior.  Otherwise, my reflexes will kick in by themselves and I will be forced to reestablish Order." :<
  207. [22:23:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "But as it stands..." He leans down and looks into Sherry's eyes, "I could dominate you in a slow-learning competition, Turnip!" He frowns.  Less satisfactory than intended.
  208. [22:24:00] <Giantree> "Excellent work!  It's like the competition has already started!"
  209. [22:24:06] <Giantree> The MAG says that almost matter-of-factly.
  210. [22:25:17] * Sherry blushes, eyes wide open... "U-um... W-weren't we supposed to go to the-the training arena?"
  211. [22:26:36] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem_> He tries in a low, whispery voice, "It would not even be a contest.  You would be defeated before it even began."
  212. [22:26:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem_> ...Still unsatisfactory, how odd!
  213. [22:28:05] <Giantree> The MAG floats in place because it doesn't seem capable of laughter.
  214. [22:29:16] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Also, your face is turning an aesthetically pleasing shade of scarlet.  Do you require hydration?" Concerned frown!
  215. [22:30:50] * Bruin has been taking notes on the Earth-clan and Hel-clan this whole time apparently.
  216. [22:31:33] <Sherry> "No... No..." She calms down. A little. "W-Where's the arena?"
  217. [22:31:53] * Jazz steps into the Casino, looking around at the brightly colored slot machines happily, a smile on his face! He's not wearing his usual outfit, instead he simply dons a white t-shirt with a green heart in the middle, a pair of shorts and his trademark yellow scarf. He's starting to get comfortable enough on the Excel to not walk around in full battle-gear 24/7.
  218. [22:32:51] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He smiles, "Ah, straight ahead through here.  Will you require my assistance?  I fear that another battle against that poor, guiltless dummy will inspire unorderly feelings of antipathy.  Friend Jazz!  Member of the Group Hug!  Has someone purloined your armor?"
  219. [22:33:46] * Jazz looks up as he hears Gamma speak at him! "...Huh? No, I just don't need it right now." he answers, slightly confused.
  220. [22:34:03] <Giantree> On the other side of the room, by the way, is a large desk.  Whoops should've mentioned that before.
  221. [22:34:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma blinks, still wearing the full suit of power armor he arrived on the ship with, his helmet hanging on a clip at his utility belt, "...Why?"
  222. [22:34:36] <Jazz> "Well...I don't need to fight anyone on the ship."
  223. [22:35:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Can you be certain?  What is this noble ursine was not noble at all?"
  224. [22:35:35] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Or...does this have to do with this admirable thing called justice?"
  225. [22:35:59] <Sherry> (*if)
  226. [22:36:05] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *if
  227. [22:36:10] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "My apologies, Bruin.  I did not mean to imply you were such."
  228. [22:36:23] <Jazz> " armor gets kind of uncomfortable sometimes. I mean, I'm sure I can defend myself if worst comes to worst."
  229. [22:36:36] <Bruin> "Nobility is of course subjective. I could be the most noble among my kind yet a monster to you. The opposite is just as possible."
  230. [22:42:27] <Sherry> She calms herself down enough to ask Gamma. "So who's the..." She points to the guy in the casual dress.
  231. [22:44:27] <Jazz> "Oh, hi! My name is Jazz, it's nice to meet you! I'm part of the Seeker's guild."
  232. [22:48:25] <Sherry> "The name's Sherry." Yet another attempt at a handshake. "I think that's what I signed up for when that 4receptionist gave me documents to sign. Didn't get to read them, though."
  233. [22:49:02] * Jazz gladly shakes Sherry's hand. "Oh, really? It's nice to meet another guild member, then. Hopefully we'll be able to work together, right?"
  234. [22:49:50] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...You received documents to sign?"
  235. [22:50:12] <Bruin> "I have just joined as well. Bruin." A slight dip of the head. I probably should have noted he's not wearing his battleplate but rather a simple robe the color of soot.
  236. [22:52:26] <Giantree> "Don't worry, Turnip!"  The cosmic horror suddenly reappears from nowhere again.  "I had already informed the staff that you were too slothful to read to begin with!  They said they understood."
  237. [22:54:44] <Sherry> "At least you did something useful for once. Less work for me."
  238. [22:55:06] <Giantree> "But of course!  My primary function is being useful!"
  239. [22:55:07] * Jazz scratches his head.
  240. [22:55:13] <Giantree> "My secondary function is singing and dancing."
  241. [22:56:37] <Sherry> She forgot the dictionary function, but whatevs.
  242. [22:56:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Dancing?  Like a Lambda? have no legs, small MAG."
  243. [22:57:03] <Jazz> "Anyway...what are you guys up to today?"
  244. [22:57:47] <Giantree> "Of course!  My dancing is incomprehensible to your kind because if I were to truly perform, you would be instantly vaporized from the shock!"
  245. [22:59:30] <Sherry> "I was looking for a training area... But got sidetracked by um... Vernant. Fish-eared lady."
  246. [23:00:20] <Jazz> "Oh. Well, you're on the right track, at least, it's right over there." Jazz says, remembering the training session from yesterday.
  247. [23:00:55] <Giantree> The counter IS across the room!  It looks empty again though.
  248. [23:01:26] <Jazz> "Oh, by the way, Gamma. I have something for you, if you'd like..."
  249. [23:02:28] * Sherry walks over to check the counter, to see if anyone's there...
  250. [23:04:55] <Giantree> Ro- ... oh fuck rolling, not only is there a passed-out pink fuzzball with stringly, long ears snoring behind the counter but there's also a cheerful, happy-sounding tune coming from the room beyond.  It's faint, though, and difficult to make out.
  251. [23:06:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What is it?"
  252. [23:08:39] * Jazz pulls out another box, like the one he kept the Hotcakes in. "Here, I made this last night, if you'd like it."
  253. [23:08:52] <Sherry> She ponders bothering the pink thing. To wake up... Or let the MAG (she should find something better to call it) wake it up... Or...
  254. [23:09:13] * Sherry heads into the room with the music
  255. [23:10:41] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What is it?" Gamma delicately prises it open
  256. [23:11:10] <Jazz> "It's a slice of blueberry pie." Jazz explains, and upon opening the box, it seems like that may be an accurate name.
  257. [23:11:17] <Giantree> The MAG floats over to have a staring contest with the sleeping bunny as the door opens to a scene of what doesn't even look like an arena so much as a massive skating rink, with shapes and colors floating about everywhere.  The tune is more exciting and upbeat with somebody singing to it.
  258. [23:11:46] <Giantree> In fact, in a sort-of-skimpy outfit like a Neo-Earth entertainer would wear and also in a pair of holo-ice skates is... a middle-aged woman?
  259. [23:12:34] <Giantree> "STARDUST SHOWER!!"  The brunette screams at the top of her lungs as the stage gives way to an illusionary display of a bunch of comets shooting at the ice, whilst she rides on top of one and spins around during the singin- CRASH.
  260. [23:13:54] <Giantree> "Oof."  She remarks almost stoically, 'I'm glad nobody was watch-"
  261. [23:13:54] * Sherry takes a seat to enj- Whoa.
  262. [23:14:05] <Giantree> "..."
  263. [23:14:09] * Sherry waves
  264. [23:14:13] <Giantree> "Oh."
  265. [23:14:15] <Giantree> "Hi."
  266. [23:14:24] <Jazz> "...Well, that was impressive for a little bit, at least!"
  267. [23:15:04] <Giantree> The wiped-out woman raises a hand to wave before getting up and trying to inch off the stage on the outfit that looks like it was designed for someone far younger than her.
  268. [23:15:07] <Giantree> Wobble... wobble wobble...
  269. [23:16:26] <Sherry> "You alright, Ma'am?"
  270. [23:16:28] <Giantree> Halfway off the stage she falls over.
  271. [23:16:41] <Giantree> "Nnnnk.  I've been better."
  272. [23:16:51] <Giantree> "Anyway you... didn't... see that."
  273. [23:16:54] <Giantree> "Any of it."
  274. [23:16:56] <Giantree> "Got it?"
  275. [23:17:15] <Giantree> She finally makes her way over to an edge of the stage and puts on a biiig coat.
  276. [23:17:20] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem sticks his head into the room, "What's all this?"
  277. [23:17:32] <Giantree> "Nothing.  Nothingatall, nope."
  278. [23:18:16] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Are you practicing some sort of combat maneuver?  How diligent!" STRONG APPROVAL.
  279. [23:19:15] <Giantree> "I- ... T-That's right, you caught me.  I admit it, I shrivel in my shame," the woman shakily holds her hand up.  Along with the coat she also wears a hat and some shades.  Just because.
  280. [23:19:41] <Giantree> "That's all I was doing, not having a concert for myself at all.  Nope, no way.  Nobody would do that.  Now if you'll excuse me..."
  281. [23:20:31] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "NEVER BE ASHAMED!"
  282. [23:20:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "A VIGILANT WARRIOR IS MAGNIFICENT!"
  283. [23:20:49] <Sherry> "I saw nothing." She just stares. She's trying to put a name to the voice and face, but nothing's coming up.
  284. [23:20:53] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You are a glowing comet of fine behavior!"
  285. [23:21:18] <Giantree> "Hmmm, you sure are energetic," She lowers the shades and blinks in surprise a few times.
  286. [23:21:26] <Giantree> "Seekers?  I'm betting Seekers."
  287. [23:21:44] <Giantree> Also the name and voi- actually those MIGHT be a bit familiar, let's see...
  288. [23:22:07] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Vigilant and perceptive!"
  289. [23:22:39] <Giantree> "No, no, that's because everyone here is a Seeker.  Except the cleaning-boy and the shopkeepers."
  290. [23:23:03] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Munch, "JAZZ!  THIS IS THE BEST THING!  BETTER THAN THOSE FLAT CAKES!  THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!"
  291. [23:23:14] <Sherry> "And you aren't?"
  292. [23:23:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Ahhh, what are these little sweet purple things?"
  293. [23:23:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma actually has little tears in the corners of his eyes.
  294. [23:23:36] <Giantree> .... Oh huh, Sherry DOESN'T have any lores.  Odd.
  295. [23:23:57] <Sherry> (Nope.)
  296. [23:24:09] <Giantree> "I never said I wasn-" she cuts herself off to point, "What's with him?"
  297. [23:24:19] <Jazz> "Those are uh...blueberries. I'm glad you like it."
  298. [23:25:08] <Sherry> "Ummm... I dunno. He's from Hell II. I don't think they serve cakes in Hell."
  299. [23:26:31] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Blueberries are wonderful.  What is this...soft, flaky lamination surrounding the blueberries so that their juices percolate deliciously?"
  300. [23:26:38] <Giantree> "Ohh, I see, I see.  Yes yes, his skin looks it... though I never actually did find out what system that 'Hell' place was in.  I used to hear about it.  I'm sure if I lived in such a crispy place I'd have a nice tan also."
  301. [23:26:49] <Giantree> The overdressed woman nods matter-of-factly at herself.
  302. [23:27:10] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You both are not pronouncing it the way Jasper did.  It is a shorter, choppier word.  Hel.  Not Helllllll."
  303. [23:27:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "One exhaled breath."
  304. [23:28:33] <Giantree> "Okay, I've made up my mind, I trust you with my secret," the woman extends a hand to Sherry, "As long as you can keep anybody else from revealing what they saw too.  I'm Cornet Corrigan, and that's definitely all my name ever is, there's no fancy stage name behind it and if anybody tells you anything about rainbows they're lying to you, understand?"
  305. [23:29:05] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It does sound like comet." Munch munch munch.
  306. [23:30:08] <Giantree> "Oh... oh oh!"  Even though she sounds surprised, she doesn't really sound surprised.  "That's... that's a coincidence.  Anyway I knew you weren't from Hell all along, of course."
  307. [23:30:11] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma's usual dignity is somewhat hampered by the blueberry pie all over his mouth and chin.  He's just eating it straight up without a fork.  You thought clones learned to use those?  Then clearly you don't understand the concept of grey protein bricks and brown nutriment paste.
  308. [23:30:12] <Giantree> "Obviously."
  309. [23:30:16] <Giantree> Nodnodnod.
  310. [23:30:45] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Apparently my homeworld is designated as Hel II, which is not how I was taught to refer to it."
  311. [23:31:40] <Sherry> "Oh... Ok. Hel." She turns her attention to Cornet... "Ummm... Ok. Nice to meet you Miss... Mrs. Cornet." She looks old enough. "My name's Sherry."
  312. [23:31:47] <Giantree> "And you're a new one too?  There are lots of new ones.  It's odd, really, I thought this place would be quiet and perfect for a permanent vacation" she speaks like a run-on sentence and sighs in the middle of it "what a shame."
  313. [23:32:19] <Giantree> "Hm.  Hmhm.  Sherry.  That's a nice name.  It doesn't sound anything like anything you're trying to hide about yourself.  That's good, that's perfect."
  314. [23:32:23] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Indeed.  We have all recently been inducted into the Seekers' Guild, and have yet to be assigned labor."
  315. [23:32:23] <Giantree> "You should be proud of it."
  316. [23:32:27] * Sherry also shakes
  317. [23:32:48] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Persona-" He cuts himself off, takes a moment, then says very clearly, "Gamma."
  318. [23:32:57] <Giantree> She shakes back, shakily.  That's redundant on purpose.  Like she's trembling while shaking.
  319. [23:33:23] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem marches over to gently shake her hand.
  320. [23:34:15] <Giantree> She does the same.  "Gamma.  Is that a name or a- well, Corner isn't a name, it's a food.  I think I can relate."
  321. [23:35:23] <Giantree> "Anyway, for all of your knowledge, I was never popular anywhere and you won't look my name up.  And I don't miss performing at all because I'm retired.  Understood?"
  322. [23:35:31] <Giantree> "Good, I hope you do your work diligently.  Whoosh!"
  323. [23:35:33] <Sherry> ("It's short for Gamma von Septum-Septum!")
  324. [23:35:40] <Giantree> She actually says 'whoosh' out loud while exiting the room.
  325. [23:36:07] <Giantree> And once she's gone it reverts from being a rink to being a blank room with a keyboard suspended in midair at the far end- a few  holoscreens are next to it.
  326. [23:37:50] <Sherry> Her mod changes from slight confusion to something a little brighter at the change... "All right! It's free!"
  327. [23:38:26] <Jazz> "Anyway...not that the others are out of the way, i'm Jazz."
  328. [23:38:37] * Sherry jogs over to the console and starts pressing buttons
  329. [23:39:21] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Actually, I have a query."
  330. [23:39:49] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "When a real person's face turns a sort of...bright red.  Not the color of blood, it's a bit lighter, what does that mean?"
  331. [23:40:03] <Giantree> Cornet probably extends a hasty greeting or something but quickly whooshes out.
  332. [23:40:09] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I thought it was a sign of de-oh."
  333. [23:40:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Well, it could be dehydration."
  334. [23:40:55] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Do you know, Jazz?"
  335. [23:41:03] <Giantree> As for Sherry... randomly pressing buttons makes the background change to a bunch of different simulated locales.  Each of them actually feels real, cold climate for wintery-ones, realistic grass... one of them's underwater.  Et cetera.
  336. [23:41:13] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Oh, sorry, I forgot you and Leen told me not to call them real people, because I'm one, or something."
  337. [23:41:23] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He sounds unconvinced.
  338. [23:42:30] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Miss Sherry!  Are you certain you do not need water?  It is truly no inconvenience!"
  339. [23:43:10] <Giantree> A lot of the controls are really vague and, when pressed, don't seem to do anything.  The help file just says "SEE HELP DESK" in a taunting, large font.
  340. [23:44:35] * Sherry looks over "I'm fine." More button presses... How work holoconsole? She's ignoring caps letters with computers.
  341. [23:45:24] <Giantree> A few more button presses- "ACTIVATE NIGHTMARE MODE?"
  342. [23:45:55] <Jazz> "Oh, uh...Gamma, that's a blush. It's...well, can't you look it up?"
  343. [23:46:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...that sort of information is not available to a Gamma-class."
  344. [23:46:24] <Sherry> 2d6+4 Can I ask my Systems check?
  345. [23:46:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Sherry, Can I ask my Systems check?: 13 [2d6=5,4]
  346. [23:46:38] <Giantree> Apparently so!
  347. [23:46:44] <Sherry> "Sounds good!"
  348. [23:46:50] <Jazz> "What do you mean?"
  349. [23:47:38] <Giantree> The background reverts and the NIGHTMARE MODE display becomes less taunting, because it reverts to a menu with lots of different options- they look like the names of 'teams,' numbered in order starting at 1.  It scrolls down to the hundreds.
  350. [23:48:05] <Giantree> ... At least it is for a second, before the menus flicker and blink out.
  351. [23:48:20] <Giantree> "... knew you'd come here, boss!"
  352. [23:48:38] <Giantree> "... tivated our trap card."
  353. [23:48:49] <Sherry> 1d999 "Let's tr- What?"
  354. [23:48:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Sherry, "Let's tr- What?": 41 [1d999=41]
  355. [23:48:55] <Giantree> "... kind of card is that?  Furthermore I think we sprung on the wrong person."
  356. [23:52:00] <Giantree> Three figures fade in.  A silver haired humanoid wearing her hair in two long, thin braids and with a tail, another silver-haired person who's a small, sleepy-looking firl, and some blond young man with wings, sighing.
  357. [23:52:14] <Sherry> "Hey, Gamma. Is this thing working correctly?" She can't tell.
  358. [23:53:13] <Giantree> The one on the right- oh what the hell time to just call them by name.  Stella happily shakes her head.  "Nope!  Actually I wanted to play a prank so I hacked our data in here!  ... 'Cause I um, figured the chief would find it funny and not get mad."
  359. [23:53:34] <Giantree> "But you're not the chief and I actually didn't think about anyone else coming in.  Whoooops."
  360. [23:54:02] <Giantree> Croselie: "We have our battle data, right?"
  361. [23:54:23] <Giantree> Birdman Norman hrumphs.  "Give them what they came here for?  But that's against the point!"
  362. [23:54:24] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...I don't actually know, Sherry."
  363. [23:54:42] <Giantree> Stella: "Hey, you actually sound like you, I'd never guess you're a program!"
  364. [23:54:50] <Giantree> Croselie: "Are we programs."
  365. [23:54:57] <Giantree> Stella: "Yeah, we're programs."
  366. [23:55:03] <Giantree> Croselie: "Really?"
  367. [23:55:05] <Sherry> "..."
  368. [23:55:06] <Giantree> Stella: "Yep!"
  369. [23:55:14] <Giantree> Croselie: "Oh.  Can we go home?"
  370. [23:55:14] <Sherry> "So are you programs or people?"
  371. [23:55:45] <Giantree> Stella: "We're programs based on people, duh!  ... Only we're AI so the programmer - that's me by the way - doesn't get to watch and laugh or anything.  Which is weird, you'd think I'd put something like that in."
  372. [23:55:46] <Giantree> Her tail wags.
  373. [23:56:13] <Giantree> "The point was that the chief would come in for a sim-fight and it'd just be our battle data instead but uhhh...."
  374. [23:57:52] <Giantree> Norman: "I think we're already home right now, Elie."
  375. [23:58:03] <Giantree> Croselie: "You mean the real-us or the program-us?"
  376. [23:58:06] <Giantree> Norman: "Both."
  377. [23:58:10] <Giantree> Stella: "Ooh, that's deep!"
  378. [23:59:10] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "They're lax even when they aren't real." :|
  379. [23:59:25] <Giantree> Stella: "Hey, that's mean!"
  380. [23:59:28] * Sherry hasn't used a holo... They're mostly for large contracting firms or govpol... They can afford it.
  381. [23:59:32] <Giantree> Croselie: "But we're actually not real."
  382. [23:59:44] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "My apologies, I believe I saw you working." Gamma points to the tailed one.
  383. [23:59:44] <Giantree> Norman: "I think she was referring to the first part."
  384. [23:59:50] <Giantree> Stella: "No, it was the other one!"
  385. [00:00:18] <Sherry> "So they based these holos on real people, Gamma?
  386. [00:00:18] <Sherry> "
  387. [00:00:19] <Giantree> Stella: "... Oh, but I'm always working!  It's just what I'm working on..."
  388. [00:00:44] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Correct.  These are Doctor Venant's staff."
  389. [00:00:44] <Giantree> Croselie: "Only Stella did, because she's weird."
  390. [00:00:56] <Giantree> Norman: "Why would you write a program that makes fun of yourself?"
  391. [00:01:04] <Giantree> Stella: "Accuracy!"
  392. [00:01:29] <Giantree> Croselie: "So this is an arena, should we challenge them?"
  393. [00:01:44] <Giantree> Norman: "I think that's what they came for.  I'd rather not myself, but..."  Shrug.
  394. [00:01:46] <Jazz> "E-Er, i'll stay out of it and watch, for now."
  395. [00:02:46] <Giantree> Stella: "O-Oh, well you can actually just go home instead if you want, I mean it was just a prank!"
  396. [00:07:27] <Giantree> The door slides open automatically.  "And don't tell the chief about it!  I'll come uh... fix it when I'm on lunch break.  Promise!"
  397. [00:09:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I suppose it was set up for Doctor Venant..."
  398. [00:09:19] <Sherry> "Ok... Well, I came here for training." She unholsters her SPR. A sound of static occurs with her Artificial Atom Replicator zapping electrons into a correct array replicating her mech gun.
  399. [00:09:25] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Don't worry, I won't spoil it."
  400. [00:11:31] <Giantree> "Hmm... well, okay!"  Stella reaches back and pulls out a phase pistol, herself.  Norman sighs and extends a couple photon claws on his wrists.  Croselie starts floating - oh wait, she was always floating - and lifts Sherry's MAG, which was there along, into the air... well, further into the air, by pointing at it.
  401. [00:12:21] <Giantree> Stella: "Okay, come at us however you want!  We're probably ready!"
  402. [00:12:30] <Giantree> Norman: "Isn't this just going to make people think we're weak?"
  403. [00:12:36] <Giantree> Croselie: "Well, we don't work out..."
  404. [00:14:45] * Sherry starts off... Wasting a standard action twisting something which looks like an egg timer attatched to her belt... "Ummm..." Which blurs her image.
  405. [00:15:11] <Giantree> The sleepy loli atarts spinning her finger in place and glowing a little.
  406. [00:15:19] <Giantree> Stella... ducks to the side.  "Good luck!"
  407. [00:15:35] <Sherry> (Haste, -15% MP, however much that is... 5=3+1.5 rounded?)
  408. [00:16:31] <Giantree> Norman flies up with his claws.  "Uh... I really hope this program doesn't make you angry at me or anything."
  409. [00:16:35] <Giantree> 2d6+2 slice
  410. [00:16:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, slice: 6 [2d6=3,1]
  411. [00:17:09] <Giantree> That... yeah no way does that hit.
  412. [00:17:13] <Giantree> Player phase!
  413. [00:17:30] <Giantree> Norman: "O-Oh good.  I let you dodge on purpose, you know."
  414. [00:17:56] <Giantree> Also Stella used Hide, for reference
  415. [00:18:17] <Sherry> (was that aimed at me?)
  416. [00:18:30] <Giantree> (yeah, you're the only one technically fighting I think)
  417. [00:18:56] <Bruin> (Yarp)
  418. [00:19:01] <Giantree> (CAN YOU ONE-TURN THEM)
  419. [00:19:41] * Sherry kicks Norman into the loli
  420. [00:19:59] <Sherry> (Because, reversal.)
  421. [00:20:07] <Giantree> (OH RIGHT REVERSAL)
  422. [00:20:16] <Giantree> (>ranger being good)
  423. [00:20:19] <Giantree> (call the presses)
  424. [00:20:51] <Giantree> Let's see, that's... 26 damage!  Which just makes the loli "Owwww" a bit.
  425. [00:21:30] <Giantree> Croselie: "Your wings are too big.  Can we relay this to the real-us so I can tell him that?"
  426. [00:21:35] <Giantree> Norman: "T-They are not!"
  427. [00:21:38] <Giantree> now it's player phase btw
  428. [00:21:51] <Giantree> Stella: "Uhh, well, if I worked on it more I could've done that..."
  429. [00:22:12] * Sherry readies up her guns and levels them at the Birdman pulling the trigger releasing a burst of lasers
  430. [00:22:25] <Giantree> Croselie: "Then why didn't you?"
  431. [00:22:35] <Giantree> Stella: "Because I was doing my work!"
  432. [00:22:41] <Sherry> 2d6 PEWPEWPEW
  433. [00:22:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Sherry, PEWPEWPEW: 10 [2d6=5,5]
  434. [00:22:43] <Giantree> Norman: "I don't think you've ever- ohh dear."
  435. [00:23:16] <Giantree> Norman: "I guess I should... uh... think fast!"  He spreads his wings and skyrockets into the air, barely evading!
  436. [00:23:28] <Giantree> ... wait a second
  437. [00:23:32] <Giantree> you forgot to add ACC, didn't you
  438. [00:23:39] <Sherry> (Oh, that's +8)
  439. [00:23:42] <Giantree> (hurrrrr)
  440. [00:23:45] <Giantree> okay, he doesn't evade THAT then
  441. [00:23:48] <Sherry> (durrrrr)
  442. [00:24:06] <Giantree> No, they're big enough wings to clip.
  443. [00:24:11] * Sherry holds down the trigger, maybe she can keep on going with this...
  444. [00:24:20] <Sherry> 2d6 Wildfire
  445. [00:24:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Sherry, Wildfire: 4 [2d6=3,1]
  446. [00:24:34] <Giantree> Good thing no allies are participating!  ... Are they?
  447. [00:24:38] <Cael> (How did you get +8 accuracy :O)
  448. [00:24:49] <Giantree> Also that totally KOs him
  449. [00:24:54] <Giantree> (Yeah, I was wondering about that myself)
  450. [00:25:12] <Giantree> oh, okay
  451. [00:25:13] <Sherry> (ranger bonus)
  452. [00:25:18] <Giantree> 1d3 alphabetical
  453. [00:25:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, alphabetical: 3 [1d3=3]
  454. [00:25:33] <Giantree> ... no wait a second, Stella was hiding
  455. [00:25:50] <Giantree> Well that hits the loli instead then for 200%.
  456. [00:25:52] <Cael> (But... ranger's bonus is the same as thief's)
  457. [00:26:09] <Sherry> (wait... 5/2=2.5=4... +2 = 6 derp...)
  458. [00:26:28] <Giantree> She stops casting and falls to the ground to take a nap.  "Ooookay... it's your fault for making us so weak, Stella..."
  459. [00:26:32] <Giantree> ENEMY PHASE!
  460. [00:26:50] <Giantree> Stella comes out of hiding... but unfortunately she also realizes that Hide is really bad and coming out takes an entire standard action!
  461. [00:26:54] <Giantree> PLAYER PHASE!
  462. [00:27:02] <Giantree> Stella: "Uhh, we could always talk this out!"
  463. [00:28:18] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Surrender is a fine method to be defeated, I suppose."
  464. [00:28:35] * Sherry decides to make two standard attacks
  465. [00:28:39] <Giantree> "I really wanted to try this VARISTA out too... well, I guess it's just a simulated one.  But it seemed so cool!"
  466. [00:29:04] <Giantree> "Din gave me a deal on it and made it seem SO COOL," she nodnods, tail wagging.
  467. [00:29:08] <Sherry> 2#2d6+4 Pewpewpewpewpew At the birdman.
  468. [00:29:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Sherry, Pewpewpewpewpew At the birdman.: 9 [2d6=2,3], 10 [2d6=1,5]
  469. [00:29:15] <Giantree> actually the birdman's KO'd already
  470. [00:29:19] <Giantree> AS IS the loli
  471. [00:29:28] <Sherry> Wait... wat
  472. [00:29:31] <Giantree> YEP
  473. [00:29:44] <Giantree> They had death quotes and everything!
  474. [00:29:57] <Giantree> oh wait the birdman didn't
  475. [00:30:38] <Giantree> Anyway both of those willllll hit.
  476. [00:31:48] <Sherry> 2#1d6 (but I'll reroll both 2 and 1... Just because Dual Wielding allows such)
  477. [00:31:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Sherry, (but I'll reroll both 2 and 1... Just because Dual Wielding allows such): 3 [1d6=3], 5 [1d6=5]
  478. [00:32:03] <Giantree> Nice dubs!
  479. [00:32:41] <Giantree> That's... 60 and 64?
  480. [00:33:21] <Giantree> Yeaaah the first one is takedown by itse.f  "I... I have... no regrets... I fought valiantly... I know I did!"
  481. [00:33:36] <Giantree> She has a dramatic KO animation with massive things of dust blowing behind all of them and everything.
  482. [00:33:45] <Giantree> "You all did your best too... we'll... be avenged!"
  483. [00:33:55] <Giantree> They all blink out.
  484. [00:34:31] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem applauds
  485. [00:34:45] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem>'s a bit awkward and unpracticed but he tries
  486. [00:35:08] * Bruin scribbles a note about Earth-clan not being as feeble as suspected. Also, he adds notes about talking light people.
  487. [00:35:37] <Giantree> The menus reappear as normal... but there's a big OUT OF ORDER on them now.  Oops.
  488. [00:37:11] * Sherry pokes the menu a bit more... Disappointed :<
  489. [00:37:49] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Poor things.  We really should have let Doctor Venant fight them."
  490. [00:38:16] <Giantree> "Don't worry, Turnip!"  A familiar voice calls out.  "I will provide you with all the combat training you need!  You'll develop respectable skills if you can dodge my ULTIMATE DEATH RAY!"
  491. [00:38:30] <Sherry> "..."
  492. [00:38:34] <Giantree> The MAG fires a slow-moving laser beam that goes wide and bounces against a wall.
  493. [00:38:39] <Giantree> "One dodged!"
  494. [00:38:42] <Giantree> It does it again.
  495. [00:42:22] <Giantree> Peeew.
  496. [00:42:32] <Giantree> "Are you strong enough to evade THREE?"
  497. [00:42:57] <Giantree> It fires a final laser that bounces in a straight line off the wall and knocks it on the ground.  It doesn't even move.  "Oof!  (That was simulated, I didn't actually feel anything!)"
  498. [00:43:34] <Sherry> "I think I have a name for you, MAG."
  499. [00:44:18] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...I think I could block those."
  500. [00:44:30] <Giantree> "But I already have a name!  ... Oh, maybe I don't."
  501. [00:44:48] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Is there some sort of miniature turnip?"
  502. [00:44:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "We could call it that."
  503. [00:45:47] * Sherry turns off her AAR and one of her guns goes pop with static
  504. [00:46:23] <Sherry> "Dunno. But I was thinking of calling it 'Wingnut'"
  505. [00:46:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You there.  Try firing one of those at me."
  506. [00:46:55] <Giantree> "What kind of a name is that?  That's awful!"
  507. [00:47:14] <Giantree> "So awful that I like it!  ULTIMATE WINGNUT RAY!"  It does as commanded and fires a laser in Gamma's direction.
  508. [00:47:26] <Sherry> (Even Tree doesn't get this reference! Dohohoho.)
  509. [00:47:29] <Giantree> ... As it turns out it's just a beam of light, it doesn't even hurt or anything.
  510. [00:48:23] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma's own laser hits it in midair, throwing off the coherency of the beam and turning it into harmless light
  511. [00:48:27] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Wait, it already was harmless
  512. [00:48:32] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> well, there's a sort of wash of color!
  513. [00:48:33] <Giantree> HarmlessER.
  514. [00:48:56] <Giantree> "Excellent work!  Only the strongest of warriors can deflect such a thing!"
  515. [00:50:55] * Sherry wants to check Wingnut's durability... "Hey Wingnut, dodge this..."
  516. [00:51:05] <Sherry> 2d6+4 pewpewpew
  517. [00:51:06] <Giantree> "Okay!"
  518. [00:51:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Sherry, pewpewpew: 10 [2d6=2,4]
  519. [00:51:51] <Giantree> It sucks in the ray from the weapon, absorbing it like light.  "Ha!  You thought that could defeat.... ooh, I feel kind of sick now actually."
  520. [00:52:08] <Giantree> "(That's a joke!  I don't actually succumb to organic- HORK"
  521. [00:52:13] <Giantree> It vomits laser all over a wall.
  522. [00:53:33] <Sherry> "I guess this is normal?"
  523. [00:54:08] <Giantree> "There's no such thing as normal!"
  524. [00:59:32] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Actually..."
  525. [00:59:42] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Of course there is such a thing as normalcy." :|
  526. [01:00:16] <Giantree> "Is there?"
  527. [01:00:27] * Bruin chuckles. "There are expectations of how people think things should be...but there are no true normalities."
  528. [01:02:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Planets are normally round."
  529. [01:02:22] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Stars are normally hot."
  530. [01:02:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Non-Alpha clones are normally left-handed."
  531. [01:02:52] <Giantree> "But if my programming is always irregular, does that mean being abnormal is normal?"
  532. [01:03:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He waggles the fingers of his big gauntlet
  533. [01:03:04] <Bruin> "This is not really a measure of normality but rather a truth."
  534. [01:03:27] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "But it reflects that some things have an expected standard that can be deemed normal, correct?"
  535. [01:04:25] <Bruin> "When things are just as nature intended them, balance is struck and one may consider it normal. But the sprites actions can not be measured upon any such scale as it's largely an illusion of truth."
  536. [01:04:55] <Bruin> (*sprite's, and taht refers to Wingnut by teh way)
  537. [01:05:35] <Sherry> (Yeah.)
  538. [01:05:40] <Giantree> "So Turnip will gradually start understanding that I'm not strange at all, but completely normal!  Isn't that excellent, Turnip?  We should have a feast to celebrate!"  Wingnut attempts to fly out but slams against a wall.
  539. [01:06:19] <Bruin> He frowns, still not satisfied with hsi explanation. "Hel-clan Gamma, what do you normally eat upon waking?"
  540. [01:07:29] * Sherry phased out the normality discussion... She didn't pick up Philosiphy classes.
  541. [01:07:47] <Sherry> *o
  542. [01:08:37] <Sherry> "If you aren't strange, you're broken."
  543. [01:09:14] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Normally?"
  544. [01:09:34] <Bruin> He nods. "With most frequency."
  545. [01:09:49] <Giantree> Wingnut plops down for a ride on Sherry's head.
  546. [01:10:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Normally each Gamma in a unit reports to the mess hall, where we are given precisely one large grey protein brick and a glass of recycled water."
  547. [01:10:18] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "We eat precisely enough to feel full, and deposit the rest in the recycling unit."
  548. [01:10:54] * Kokoro ( Quit (Quit: [20:57:34] <Lecia> "If you waaaant!" Lecia makes sure that she's going to kill Rainy with the drop, THEN drops her. Gwyn gets a safe ride down~)
  549. [01:10:55] <Bruin> "And how should you normally greet a superior?"
  550. [01:10:55] <Sherry> "But yeah... I'm hungry. Didn't have anything to eat when I woke up."
  551. [01:11:24] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Afterward we divide into sub-units and go to the showers.  Two minutes precisely in water cold enough to ensure wakefulness, scrubbing in the pattern we are trained to do."
  552. [01:11:34] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "A salute."
  553. [01:12:05] <Bruin> "Surely there is a normal salute, not just any will due. There is a specific salute you are expected to perform, yes?"
  554. [01:12:16] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Indeed."
  555. [01:12:27] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...are there other sorts of salutes?"
  556. [01:13:15] <Giantree> "I don't think they'll take too kindly to my laser salute, Turnip!  Let's go see if there's anything I'm capable of eating!"
  557. [01:13:18] <Sherry> "Yeah, salute. They don't enforce it much at my contracting company, though. Only whenever there's some sort of special occasion."
  558. [01:13:32] <Bruin> "Ask those of Earth-clan or those of any other descent. We each have our own customs. Some do have salutes as well but they are likely very different than you expect. Thus while we may our traditions may be considered normal among kin, that expectation shatters among strangers."
  559. [01:14:21] <Bruin> (I accidentally some words)
  560. [01:14:29] <Bruin> (Oh, -may)
  561. [01:14:36] <Giantree> (this is amazing)
  562. [01:14:38] <Bruin> (And plus have)
  563. [01:14:50] <Bruin> (Wait may is fine :D)
  564. [01:14:53] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...But then that would simply be normalcy for one culture and different normalcy for another, it is still normal."
  565. [01:15:10] <Bruin> "But has not the meaning of that normality changed?"
  566. [01:15:11] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What do you do, miss Sherry?"
  567. [01:15:31] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Normal is a word with inherent exceptions built in, those situations that are not-normal."
  568. [01:16:15] <Bruin> "I believe some Earth-clan have a saying....'expect the unexpected.' So abnormalities would still be considered qutie normal"
  569. [01:16:39] <Sherry> "Ummm..." She does a similarly poor salute example. "Like this." Raises her hand up to eye level, but fingers pointing straight up.
  570. [01:16:46] <Bruin> "Indeed, it is abnormality that creates normality."
  571. [01:18:27] <Sherry> "Govpols do this..." Heels together this time, shoulders up, her hand snaps up against her head, fingers covering eyebrows... flat.
  572. [01:18:51] * Sherry drops the immitation
  573. [01:19:43] <maki|work> (you guys are still going jesus christ)
  574. [01:19:56] <Kain> (I have two words)
  575. [01:20:00] <Kain> 1,1Oran Valley
  576. [01:21:14] <Bruin> (I have five words)
  577. [01:21:29] <Giantree> (the feel when I'm the only one who gets that)
  578. [01:21:36] <Bruin> 1,1 I fucking love Honeynut Cheerios
  579. [01:21:39] <Giantree> (though you could do 'pick' and 'ups')
  580. [01:23:53] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Govpols?"
  581. [01:23:57] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "What is govpol?"
  582. [01:24:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Although that would be the proper salute."
  583. [01:26:27] <Sherry> "Government Police. They're police hired by and directly working for Earth's government."
  584. [01:30:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...And you use people for this?" He frowns, "That...well, perhaps your culture is different, I am learning many new things after all."
  585. [01:30:47] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He smiles awkwardly, "Believe it or not, I could not properly pronounce I until yesterday.  Normally there are many Gammas around, not just one."
  586. [01:30:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Few situations require such words."
  587. [01:33:03] <Bruin> "Normally indeed."
  588. [01:33:04] * Sherry looks at Gamma while figuring out what to question... But "Gammas" sticks out most... "So there are more of you?"
  589. [01:37:00] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Why, yes."
  590. [01:38:22] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I thought I had made that clear, my apologies.  I am a Gamma-class clone, we are born from vats, and when we die we are recycled to form the amniote for new soldiers.  As we are not real people, except the way Jazz and Leen explained it, we can put real people above ourselves and properly sacrifice whatever of ourselves is necessary to preserve Order and Civilization."
  591. [01:38:36] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Normally we have a five-year lifespan."
  592. [01:39:47] <Bruin> "Hmm...I do not is one not a real person?"
  593. [01:45:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "We are clones, after all.  Our only mother is the Empress, our only father is Duty."
  594. [01:46:01] <Bruin> "But you are very much real and very much a person."
  595. [01:46:16] <Sherry> "Huh... So you go to work for five years, retire then get recycled into... amniwhat?"
  596. [01:46:30] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "That is the explanation I was taught, but...recently I was given a convincing argument against...against a lot of things I believed." Gamma looks increasingly awkward and uncomfortable as the conversation continues.
  597. [01:46:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "The fluid new clones are grown in."
  598. [01:46:49] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "And no, at the age of five we suffer complete organ failure."
  599. [01:47:14] <Bruin> "Do you know about the organ failure or have you simply been told?"
  600. [01:47:18] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "When we feel it coming, we march to the Plaza of Remembrance, form ranks with the others in our batch, and die on our feet."
  601. [01:47:30] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I was asked this previously, I have witnessed it myself."
  602. [01:48:13] <Bruin> " old are you?"
  603. [01:50:31] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...You are wondering when I am going to keel over?"
  604. [01:51:06] <Bruin> "I would prefer to be prepared."
  605. [01:52:11] <Bruin> "And I would like to clarify, five Earth-years? Or are your years different?"
  606. [01:53:01] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem sighs, "As far as I can tell they are approximately the same...and actually, I am seven years old."
  607. [01:53:57] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Some other Seekers have theorized that this is why my batch was given an order to board a starship and direct it to coordinates overlapping the heart of our system's star."
  608. [01:53:57] <Bruin> "Interesting...without intervention?"
  609. [01:54:30] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Nothing I am aware of." Gamma could not possibly look less comfortable despite having explained this all earlier.
  610. [01:55:21] <Bruin> Bruin does not understand the human (and humanoid I guess) expression of discomfort. Mostly because those he generally interacts with are quaking in fear.
  611. [01:55:23] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I am sure both of you have much more interesting things to talk about." He SHOULDN'T but his stress level is rising the closer they get to the next obvious question.
  612. [01:55:45] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> SHOULDN'T be this visibly uncomfortable
  613. [01:56:25] <Sherry> "Seven?"
  614. [02:00:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Correct."
  615. [02:03:04] <Sherry> "Huh... I guess I'll go get breakfast... Can't think about all this stuff without something to eat first."
  616. [02:04:00] * Sherry takes some of it in and leaves the holoroom to get something to eat... Churros. Do they sell churros?
  617. [02:04:31] <Bruin> "I shall depart as well...thank you of Earth-clan and you have Hel-clan for your time." He hastily jots a few notes down, struggling to fit it on the last page of the small notebook he has with him, and begins to return to his room, deep in thought.
  618. [02:04:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I would like to try breakfast too.  Let's all go try breakfast!"
  619. [02:04:58] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> ...Aside from the incongruous sight of a bear writing, Gamma quickly wheels to follow Sherry and Bruin out.
  620. [02:06:12] <Sherry> (That it for tonight? Breakfast elsewhen?)
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