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  1. Lance Corporal Alicia Kell groaned softly as she slowly came to. Her head was spinning non-stop, and a creeping sense of queasiness knotted the inside of her stomach. Her transport ship had put to port on Keylos V, a trading hub on the edge of Segmentum Trinaris - a stopover enroute to their next deployment, still eight lightyears out in another system. The Commander had been kind enough to declare a general period of R&R for the whole division for the next two days, and the past twenty four hours had been a blur of rich and delicious solid, non-gruel, non-cubed foodstuffs and bootleg gin scored in back alleys of Keylos V's major port, Astratum.
  3. The last thing she remembered was getting dragged to some dance hall hosted in the shell of an abandoned manufactorum, where she had met some local boy named... Greg? Griswold? It had started with a G, but he had had the most interesting blue eyes and the strangest, most masculine aura about him. She dimly remembered flirting up a storm while downing enough wine and brandy to tank a grox. The errant memory of booze sent her stomach flipping again and she shook her head about, cracking open an eye to try and figure out where she had finally flopped.
  4. The air was musky, and sweetly scented by incense candles. By the looks of it she was in someone's fancy boudoir - laid out on a plush four poster bed with gauzy linen curtains, and real wood framing. She sucked in a deep breath and groaned, trying to sit up, only to find herself interrupted by silken bonds strapping her wrists and ankles to the beds. By the Emperor, how drunk had she gotten last night?
  6. She hoped at least, that this was G-something's bed she had wound up in.
  8. Unable to move, she took stock. Strangely, she was only partially nude - her guard issued jumper, undershirt and trousers had been stripped off, and were neatly laid out on a chair she could see across the room, but her under things - an unfortunately rather unsexy standard issue guard briefs and an athletic support bra - were still on, the elastic in them digging uncomfortably into her skin and making her aware she felt strangely hot and sensitive. Probably from the hangover.
  10. "Hello?" she called out hoarsely, "Is anyone there? I'm ah... stuck here, and I can't remember-"
  11. The sound of movement, a doorway opening, cut her off, drawing her attention to the shadows beyond the incense candles which lit the room. A figure approached the bed, large and masculine in shape, before stooping down and brushing the curtains aside.
  13. "Well hello, sleepy head," G-Something said with a smile, his deep blue eyes mesmerizing in the candlelight, "I see your finally awake." Unlike Alicia he was fully clothed - well clothed in fact, dressed in formal robes and raiment's like he was some sort of priest going to a church function. This started to set of the 'oh shit' alarms in Alicia's head, but she kept her cool, smiling back weakly. "Uhm, hey, Greg right? It's great to see you, could you uhm, untie me please I'm getting a little uncomfortable."
  15. The man smiled and shook his head. "It's Gabriel, actually, but as drunk as you were last night i'm not suprised you don't remember. How are you feeling?" Alicia frowned, noting how he has pointedly avoided her request, and tentatively tensed at her bonds, stretching them slightly to see if they had any give. Her 'Oh Shit' alarm was now at full klaxon, and she wondered just what she had gotten herself into.
  17. "Oh, I'm fine," she lied, "Just a little stiff you know...feeling a little sick, like I could stand to use the bathroom? I don't want to, ah, get your nice bed all dirty," she said, shifting slightly, trying to find a better position of leverage for her legs. 'Gabriel' chuckled and leaned over her prone form, staring into her eyes. Despite herself, she felt a strange thrill run through her body, a trill of excitement, coupled with a faint sense of ease and wellbeing. He reached out with his hand, cool against her skin, and brushed some of her hair aside with gentle affection.
  18. "No Alicia," he said, still smiling that kind, confident smile, "You're not feeling that sick, I don't think. We were very careful with your dose. And the anti-intoxicants I slipped into your drink at the party should have taken affect hours ago."
  20. Aware in the back of her mind that his words were quite alarming and she was probably in some deep and bizarre shit, and despite the strange lulling sense of wellbeing that seemed to emanate from Gabe's eyes, she willed her body to struggle violently, thrashing against her bonds trying to get loose. "L-look Gabe," she said, forcing anger and confidence into her voice she wasn't feeling, "I don't know what we did while I was drunk, but I don't fancy this creepy bondage shit. Untie me, right now," she commanded, pointedly looking away from him and glaring at the ceiling of the bed, just past his head.
  22. Gabriel ignored her struggles and demands, watching her with that strange smile of his, seemingly confident in her inability to fight him or get free. After she stopped straining for a moment, he laid a finger across her lips gently, and leaned down close to her face. "Shhhh," he whispered, his lips nearly brushing hers, "This is a great moment for all of us, Alicia. But you especially. You're the perfect girl," he smiled and said appreciatively.
  24. His hand brushed her cheek, and the fight seemed to drop out of her as she slumped back into the bed confused. His hand traveled downward, caressing her neck with light fingertips, causing her to shiver. Further down it ran, to her chest, fingertips running between her breasts before cupping one of her firm, ripe mammarys, straining against the confines of her athletic bra. She was no Itraxian pleasure girl, and a guardswoman's life didn't leave much room for softness, but they were still large and firm and capped with readily apparent nipples, rapidly hardening beneath the cloth of her brassiere. Alicia's breath quickened, confused by the excitement coursing through her and how it was overriding her instinctual sense of wrongness about the entire situation. She squirmed, uncertain if she was trying to get his hand to rub against her chest more, or get away from his groping fingers which began to rub circles around her hardening nipples.
  26. Downward his hand continued, tracing over her firm, washboard stomach, made hard and firm by the athletic rigors of warfare, but kept somehow soft and smooth by whatever strong femininity had endowed her being. He stroked her side, seeming to marvel at how her hips curved outward from her narrow waist, to adequate hips and a firm and toned bottom. He paused briefly to squeeze it, feeling again the curious mixture of strength and softness that seemed to play out all over her body, smirking at her confused and excited squeek before seeking on and running his hand down her sculpted and muscular legs.
  28. "Yes," he finally said, smiling as he admired her like some sort of prize, "Absolutely perfect. You'll be a wonderful addition to the family." Climbing off of her, he slid off the bed, parting the curtains behind him.
  30. "F-Family?" Stammered Alicia, aroused and confused, the strange sense of well-being that had numbed her fading as Gabriel drew away, permitting the gnawing fear in her stomach to once again check her thoughts. She tensed futilely at her bonds, which seemed inexhaustibly strong despite their silky softness, and she abruptly found herself wondering what they were made of. They seemed to be some sort of textile of milky white thread, not wholly woven, but somehow extruded, organic in appearance. Like a spiders web. The thought sent a chill down her spine.
  32. "Yes," replied Gregor, stepping back from the bed with a smile and beckoning to someone outside the door, "A large, wondrous family, full of love and companionship. And they want you to join, Alicia, to carry us with you into the stars."
  34. Alicia heard the clicking of chitin claws on the hard-wood floors, and a sensation of absolute bone chilling terror shot through her as muddy memories of briefings long past suddenly clicked into awareness of her current situation. As it entered the room, she screamed - in denial, in horror, in loathing, and though she would not admit it buried deep beneath all that, in a strange sense of excitement.
  36. "Help!" She shrieked, "Help, somebody, help!" For through the door prowled the most foul Xenos she had ever laid eyes on - an insectoid horror with azure, chitin plates covering a sinewy body with too many arms each hooked in wicked claws. From its mouth, filled with rows of razor sharp teeth slavered a long and thin tongue, a tentacle like appendage that flicked to and fro obscenely, tasting at the air.
  38. "Help!" She continued to scream, "Oh gods, Emperor someone save me! It's a Xenos! Someone, please!" she shrieked as the beast turned to look at her, and Gabriel began to hum a hymn quietly to himself, lighting another incense candle. It prowled across the floor towards her, sinuous and predatory, it's muscular grace belied by the smoothness of it's movements. Even in her terrified state, Alicia found herself admiring the creature, awed by the sheer danger and restrained power it exuded.
  40. The closer it drew, the quieter her screams became. A strange sense of wellbeing once again washed over her, and she found it more and more difficult to muster up the strength to scream. How much better was it to stare at its eyes - it's curious, piercing blue eyes, like Gabriels but shining all the brighter. It stopped at the foot of the bed and flicked it's tongue, bobbing it's head back and forth curiously.
  42. Alicia whimpered.
  44. Prowling forward, the creature climbed atop the bed, it's weight causing the frame to creak beneath them. Settling atop her with its weight rested on its haunches at either side of her, the Genestealer leaned in close as Gabriel had, to look to her eye to eye. She began to hear a song, haunting and beautiful, and so calming. A sense of euphoria and serenity washed over her, and her lips parted in a small gasp.
  46. The Genestealer canted it's head and licked her, it's appendage sliding up the nape of her neck and across her cheek. It tickled, and left a strange tingling sensation in its wake, and Alicia squirmed beneath it, confused by its gentility and her own unnatural feelings, growing within her.
  48. Abruptly, the creature leaned back, and with a lightning swipe of its claws, claws which could shred plasteel bulkheads and crumple power armor, her athletic bra was shredded, exposing her pert breasts and hardened nipples. Slivers of heat ran across her chest where it's claws must have grazed her, no more than a micrometer close, or else she knew it would have cut her flesh like butter.
  50. She cried out in shock, in fear, in excitement. The Genestealer dipped it's head and lashed it's tongue back and forth, flicking the aural tentacle across her nipples, sending shocks of pleasure through her body. Whatever the appendage was coated with felt amazing on her skin, and she felt her nipples become puffy and sensitive, even as she found herself growing moist between her thighs unbidden.
  52. Nuzzling her stomach with its bulbous head almost affectionately, the creature shuffled it's way further downward, before becoming head level with her crotch. Even through the psychically induced passivity, and the chemically induced arousal that was warming her entire body, she felt fear and trepidation trill through her. She sobbed with a mixture of horror and arousal as it's jaws set against the crotch of her underwear, it's teeth gently grazing the flesh below the fabric, causing goose bumps to raise on her flesh as it's tongue rubbed against her slit through the linen.
  54. Abruptly it pulled back, just a few inches, before gripping her underwear with its lethal claws and shredding it off like wrapping paper. She felt the cool chitin of its body sliding against her skin, and her most intimate of areas. She felt herself becoming aroused beyond belief.
  56. Leaning forward once more, the creatures mouth pressed to her groin, it's long prehensile tongue flicking teasingly against her bare flesh. She gasped, a shock of pleasure washing over her as aphrodisiacs soaked through her skin and into her bloodstream, filling her with a sense of painful arousal and desire. She moaned, half in despair and half with want, and the creature responded by finally, blessedly, plunging it's tongue inside of her.
  58. Alicia arched her back off the bed and shrieked, unbelievable sensations washing over her, radiating out from her ground. The long, thin tongue swelled slightly inside her, swishing to and fro, rubbing against her walls and finding her most intimate spots. She saw spots as the creatures incredible lingual dexterity pleased her in ways no lovers mouth ever had before, and it's tip reached all the way inside of her to tickle the exterior of her cervix.
  60. She came in a few moments, moaning gutturally and with wanton abandon. All of her fear and revulsion washed away on a tide of coital bliss, and she arched her hips towards the creatures mouth on trembling legs, sobbed praise spilling out of her lips as she mindlessly thanked the creature over and over.
  62. She sank back onto the mattress drained. The creature drew it's tongue out of her, causing sympathetic twitches to run through her body, and she trembled with the aftershocks of another smaller orgasm. She lay there gasping, flushed, looking all for a wanton harlot, finely fucked and only desiring more. Gabriel looked across the room and chuckled.
  64. "Good Alicia, very good," he said in a soothing voice, his words comforting to her on some deep, primal level. "You've begun the first step to joining our family. The great-father has blessed you to carry his young. When you go forth from us, you will breed, and when you do, a wonderful child of prophecy will be born, a new scion of the family." Gabriel beamed at her, immensely pleased.
  66. "Now, he will anoint you with the holy seed," Gabriel continued as the Genestealer reared up, once more climbing atop of her on the bed, "fortifying your weak mortal form to better carry the lineage, and to hide his touch from the prying eyes of our enemies who would look within your blood." Alicia was only dimly aware of the prophets words as he spoke, her eyes gazing upon the Genestealer with glazed wonder. Upon it's underbelly, where it's hind legs intersected, there was a sack of flesh - which began pulsing and growing.
  68. Alicia watched in awe as the sack swelled, then spread apart, making way for a long and ridged phallus like appendage, hard as bone, yet somehow supple and soft like flesh. Alicia moaned in wanton desire as the Genestealer peered at her, making clicking sounds in the back of its throat. It was the most magnificent cock she had ever gazed upon, and it wasn't even attached to a human. Unbidden, she spread her legs.
  70. Ignoring her gesture for the moment, the Genestealer clambered forward, dragging it's searing hot member across her body. She felt it slide between her breasts, and for a brief moment wished her hands were free so she could cup it there and stroke it's magnificence with her cleavage. It moved its hips back and forth briefly, rubbing the oily member across her chest before prowling forward and placing it's tip against her mouth.
  72. Understanding what was desired of her, she parted her lips and suckled on the tip, feeling it's heat with the tip of her tongue. The beast surged forward, sinking more and more of its prodigious length into her mouth as she suckled wantonly, rubbing every inch with her moist lips and tongue. It's impressive girth began to cause her to choke even as she struggled to take more of it within her, and tears sprang unbidden to her eyes. But then, wondrously, it's length began to excrete a sweet tasting oil, and as she suckled she felt her jaw numb and her throat relax. Eyelids drooping, she suckled contentedly on its length as it began to thrust in and out of her throat, trilling softly at her while psychic voices sang soothingly to her in her mind. One of its pairs of arms slipped under her head and upper back, tilting her upwards and supporting her as it steadily thrust away. Her pussy longed to be touched, but she couldn't imagine ever giving up this taste - it's hot, masculine girth filling her mouth, and the sweet but musky flavor that washed over her tongue as she lapped at the underside of the Genestealers cock with loving attention.
  74. She found herself wishing her hands were free, and returned efforts back to the creature that humped steadily at her face, bobbing her head in time with its thrusts and suckling upon it as hard as she could as she swirled her tongue over what was accessible to her. The creature trilled once more, louder, and suddenly erupted, spilling it's strange tasting seed over her tongue before surging forward and burying itself into her throat, ejaculating it's essence inside of her and making certain not a drop was spilled. The voices soothed her, and told her what a good girl she was, and her eyes rolled upwards in pleasure, feeling a euphoria not unlike an orgasm from the simple act of submission.
  76. The Genestealer pulled it's protrusion from her mouth, still throbbing and hard despite having just ejaculated whatever strange substance it had seeded her with, as the voices once more told her how nice it was to submit and obey. It skittered backwards across the bed, it's cock bobbing in the air. Alicia parted her thighs invitationally, biting her lower lip in hope. She felt a thrill of joy run through her as it's hips dipped down and lined itself up with her cunt. "Please," she whispered, every thought pushed out of her head but that of the heat inside of her, "please fuck me."
  78. It wasn't clear if the creature understood her words, but it certainly understood her submission, and it surged forward, burying it's length to the hilt inside her pussy. Alicia gasped, overwhelmed by the sensation of thing filling her, spasming within her bonds. It began to hammer away, claws gripping the side of the bed for leverage as it thrust in and out of her, it's strange insectile crotch mashing against her hips over and over. She began to cry out, not in fear but in delight, vocalizing her pleasure as the bizzare xenos cock stretched her to the point it ached, each moment begging for more. Another of its pair of arms reached out to the organic bonds that still held her wrists and ankles and shredded them, freeing her limbs. She threw her legs around it's awkward frame in joy and marveled at the feel of its smooth chitinous plates beneath her hands as she gave herself to her inhuman 'lover', as she now thought of it, worshipping it's body as it filled her. The Genestealer plowed on, tongue slavering back and forth, giving no outward indication of pleasure, but making soothing trilling noises at her as it thrust deep within her velvety folds.
  80. Abruptly it surged forward, it's length swelling as it began to pump fluid into her. Warmth washed into her and she knew on some level that this substance was different, somehow, than the one she had swallowed. The sensation filled her with elation, and she orgasmed twice as it pumped steadily into her - cresting once as the fluid first hit her womb, and then again as it ground against her to finish its final spurts. Then, the alien withdrew, it's phallic protuberance finally shrinking and withdrawing into its pouch as it clambered off of her and dispassionately left the room without a second look. Alicia shuddered and fingered her abused slit, delightfully sore from its stretching, and stroked her stomach with a placid and beatific smile on her face.
  82. "Welcome to the family, Sister," Gabriel chimed in softly from across the room, his expression much pleased. "Great things will come from you."
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