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  1. MichaelXD: I need help
  2. @Treecko: what's up?
  3. MichaelXD: Ataraxia told me I could report to him about serebii in which Chaos, not the leader, told me
  4. MichaelXD: I was talking to him last before him and now you
  5. MichaelXD: I'm Cycling Road's younger brother
  6. @Treecko: I'm sorry, what happened?
  7. MichaelXD: I joined SPPF on Saturday, July 9 2 years ago
  8. MichaelXD: That happened
  9. MichaelXD: I was falsely accused of being Max
  10. MichaelXD: Cycling's old buddy from high school
  11. MichaelXD: That's what brings me here
  12. @Treecko: uh
  13. @Treecko: ok
  14. @Treecko: what's SPPF?
  15. MichaelXD: I reported it to the police
  16. MichaelXD: Serebii's Pokemon forum
  17. MichaelXD: Yeah
  18. @Treecko: ok
  19. MichaelXD: I don't know what that other p is
  20. MichaelXD: It's a site I wanted to be on for two years
  21. @Treecko: we're not affiliated with Serebii in any way
  22. MichaelXD: Then do you know who goes there on there?
  23. @Treecko: I do not
  24. MichaelXD: I was waiting on the police to help me
  25. MichaelXD: They harassed and bullied me and everyone else who was my friend in real life
  26. MichaelXD: And at school
  27. MichaelXD: They've done this countless so many times
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