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  1. Proposal
  3. Mission:
  4. I am interested in co-owning a server with you that I know will make it to the top with my experience and you as the front kicker to be able send my knowledge and your interest to create a server to the top
  6. Money:
  7. keep 60% of all earning going towards us and 40% at more spread out to all media partners we may acquire in the future
  9. Information/Business side of things:
  10. Keep all account/domain and all ownership in a mutual account we both have access to
  11. Sign an unofficial business partnership agreement we both write to see fit to how we would want it to be,
  12. Register as an official business in the future
  15. Series of events line up as to what to do
  17. domain: ($12 a year) or ($70 a year)
  19. 1. Start out with skyblock
  20. 2. Build a community
  21. 3. Open a prison server
  22. 4. Open up bigger features of the server (major gamemodes like creative, survival and kitpvp)
  23. 5. Move into minigames (skywars, and other highlighted gamemodes on your channel)
  26. Network start
  27. Get partners and offer them a percentage of the profit to give them a reason to record more on the server
  28. Get hub build and proxy set up with skyblock ready to release
  29. Make trailer
  30. Make sure hub is available for people to join
  31. Hypixel styled hub with cosmetics that can be won or bought in store with "coins" that can be acquired in game (rarely)
  33. Skyblock start -
  34. Have 5 basic donator ranks that vary from $3.50 - $100 (same as i have set up on hygate) with various perks
  35. Make a store that players are willing to go and buy from make discount codes for partners for player to think they are getting an even better deal
  36. Create custom pvp based events that keep players wanting to go (envoys, outpost and more)
  37. Make/develop competitive leveling system that keeps players grinding
  38. Make/develop custom features that make the play style more convenient to players
  39. Take what I have made for hygate and put it on steroids to make this server fly
  40. Custom island and spawn and pvp builds to help enhance the server
  41. (I have a lot of custom things I am working on that we havent decided if we want to use yet)
  43. Make a second non competitive skyblock server for causal players once server is generating revenue for itself
  46. Community start -
  47. Weekly/monthly events that allows player to feel apart of something more then just playing on the network
  48. Interactive owners and staff that talk to the player and let them think that they have a say in the future of the of the server and make them give input in what to add so they see the server become their hub
  49. Discord/Twitter events/giveaways
  51. Prison start -
  52. Have 5 basic donor ranks that also vary from $3.50 - $100
  53. Make store
  54. Make prison mines with balanced eco and fair play style
  55. Make prestige system that players are able to restart their progress without feeling bored
  56. Make custom events for players to enjoy
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