Oran Mini - Things Get Slightly Fishier Than They Had Been

Aug 2nd, 2011
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  1. [15:54:56] <@Joanna> DATE: Spring 73
  2. [15:55:37] * @Joanna is manning the counter, putting up a Shinx drawing on her "Adopt a Pokemon Today!" board behind her.
  3. [15:57:02] * Iona sbows up obnoxiously early, carrying a piece of cloth that was probably cut from a banner. It has a few signatures on it. "Hellooooooooo~"
  4. [15:57:37] <@Joanna> "Ah. Good morning... Iona, was it?"
  5. [15:58:48] <Iona> "Yeah! I was wondering if you'd sign this petition for me. It's for an important thing!"
  6. [15:59:11] * @Joanna looks over the banner. "Hm? What is it?"
  7. [15:59:31] <Iona> "It's to convince the mayor to change the fish catching contest to a fish befriending contest. Did you know that fifty million fish die in fishing-contest related injuries every year?"
  8. [15:59:35] <Iona> "It's terrible. D:"
  9. [16:00:21] <@Joanna> "Oh, no! That's sad. But.... isn't the fish from the fishing contest used for food afterwards?"
  10. [16:00:56] * Iona sniffles. ;__;
  11. [16:01:08] <@Joanna> "Oh, oh, I'm sorry!"
  12. [16:01:13] <Iona> "That's...not what I heard."
  13. [16:01:30] <Iona> "I heard they just dump them in front of some shrine."
  14. [16:01:42] <@Joanna> "Oh? What do they do again? I've been stuck here for quite a whi- oh, as an offering."
  15. [16:01:57] <Iona> "It's terrible."
  16. [16:02:57] <@Joanna> "I see... but the gods keep this town healthy and all. But I suppose we can do it by some other means..."
  17. [16:03:08] * @Joanna grabs a marker. "Where do I sign?"
  18. [16:03:41] <Iona> "But this way, the fish get brand new best friends and everyone realizes how awesome water types are and everyone wins!"
  19. [16:04:43] <@Joanna> "Haha. You're right. Oh, speaking of water types..." Joanna points behind her, on the "Adopt a Pokemon Today!" board, at the Squirtle picture. "Do you want to adopt a baby Squirtle?"
  20. [16:04:45] * Iona turns the piece of cloth so that a blank part is visible and spreads it out on the counter.
  21. [16:04:56] <Iona> "O: YESSSSSSSSSS."
  22. [16:05:01] * @Joanna signs the banner on the counter.
  23. [16:05:28] <@Joanna> "Oh? You do? The adoption fee is... 1000p. Unless you let me breed one of your Pokemon."
  24. [16:05:37] <@Joanna> "Then it's half off!"
  25. [16:05:45] <Iona> "Hmm."
  26. [16:06:07] <Iona> Iona calls out Aina, raises her up so that they're eye-to-eye, and staaaaare.
  27. [16:06:28] <Iona> "....Okay!"
  28. [16:06:34] <@Joanna> "Ah, I can breed your Finneon?"
  29. [16:06:45] <@Joanna> " least, I think that's a Finneon."
  30. [16:06:49] <Iona> "The only thing better than Aina is a bunch of little Ainas! And she'scool with it."
  31. [16:06:55] <Iona> "Yeah, that's what they call her."
  32. [16:07:54] * @Joanna takes out her big journal and... "Oh, alright. Ditty, come over her and meet your new mate!" Ditty comes out, and... another Finneon!
  33. [16:08:20] <Iona> "O:"
  34. [16:08:37] <Iona> "That's amazing."
  35. [16:08:41] <Iona> "Could it turn into me?"
  36. [16:08:58] <@Joanna> "Now, now, come on. Both of you, to the pond. Joyce comes out from outside and takes the two fish to the manmade pond. "Now, your egg... no, it can't. At least, I don't think so."
  37. [16:09:49] <Iona> "Aww."
  38. [16:10:08] * @Joanna goes into the back room and comes out with a Squirtle egg and a blanket. "This one's about to hatch." she says confidently, wrapping the egg with the blanket so only the top half is visible.
  39. [16:10:49] <Iona> "I could get this petition done twice as fast that way. Oh! But then I'd have to have two petitions, wouldn't I? And then I might end up visiting places I already visited."
  40. [16:10:56] * Iona shuts up and watches the Squirtle egg.
  41. [16:11:29] <@Joanna> Crack. Crack. The egg starts hatching soon after.
  42. [16:12:30] <@Joanna> CRACK. "Iona, you might want to cover your eyes now." Joanna says quickly, doing the same.
  43. [16:12:52] <Iona> "Uh. Okay."
  44. [16:12:55] <Iona> Iona covers her eyes.
  45. [16:13:10] <@Joanna> FLASH! But no one is around to see it.
  46. [16:13:18] <@Joanna> "You can uncover your eyes, now."
  47. [16:13:51] * Iona peers through her fingers.
  48. [16:14:13] <@Joanna> And ta-da! There's a baby Squirtle, looking at Iona. "...squirt?"
  49. [16:14:49] <Iona> "O: Eeeeeeee you're so adorable hey miss can I hug him?"
  50. [16:15:05] <@Joanna> "He's yours now. Do whatever you want."
  51. [16:15:31] * Iona hugs. The Squirtle just sort of deals with it.
  52. [16:16:38] <Iona> (lax nature :3c)
  53. [16:16:43] <Iona> "Thank you!"
  54. [16:16:47] <@Joanna> "Alright, then..." Joanna cleans up the egg shell and turns to Iona. "Now, you can come back in seven hours."
  55. [16:17:02] * Iona hands over 500 golds as well.
  56. [16:17:16] <Iona> "Okay! I'll be back with the best petition ever!"
  57. [16:17:46] <@Joanna> "Alright. Thank you for your business." A polite bow.
  58. [16:19:00] * @Joanna takes out a piece of paper and starts drawing a Finneon on it.
  59. [16:19:07] <@Joanna> (Time skip time?)
  60. [16:19:13] <Iona> "Thank you!" Iona runs off with the squirtle perched precariously on her head. At least her hair decorations seem to provide something to hold onto?
  61. [16:19:34] <Iona> (sounds good)
  62. [16:19:51] <@Joanna> TIME: Seven hours later... (afternoon, I think)
  63. [16:20:06] <Iona> (probably, since Iona showed up at stupid early o'clock)
  64. [16:20:30] * Iona knocks on the door. Knockity knock!
  65. [16:20:44] <@Joanna> "It's open."
  66. [16:21:29] <Iona> "Hiiii! I'm back!"
  67. [16:22:07] <Iona> "I'd show you the petition but it's top secret so you can't see it :C"
  68. [16:22:15] <@Joanna> "Ah!" Joanna was busy making a sandwich, and just put the lettuce on the bread. "I'll get your fishy now. Aiona!"
  69. [16:22:35] <Iona> "How did everything go?"
  70. [16:23:28] <@Joanna> "Great! We got three eggs from it?" Joyce comes out, carrying the Finneon, and hands it to Iona.
  71. [16:23:58] <Iona> "Awesome! That means three more people get to discover how awesome Finneon are."
  72. [16:24:06] <Iona> "Or two, I guess. You'd want to keep one, right?"
  73. [16:24:28] <@Joanna> "Yep. But I'll be able to make more eggs from the one, so more than two people can discover that."
  74. [16:26:42] <@Joanna> "...too much?"
  75. [16:26:55] <Iona> "Huh?"
  76. [16:27:00] <Iona> "No, that's neat!"
  77. [16:27:38] <Iona> "Just be sure never to feed them after midnight and scratch them behind the fins every so often, they like that."
  78. [16:27:42] <@Joanna> "Alright. Anyways, I gotta finish making this sandwich." And the tomato and the other piece of bread go on the sandwich.
  79. [16:27:46] <@Joanna> "Alright."
  80. [16:28:02] * Iona nods, and heads out again. The Squirtle is still riding on her head.
  81. [16:28:43] * @Joanna finishes the sandwich. "Mom, watch the counter for me!" And off she goes to the bedroom.
  82. [16:28:47] <@Joanna> </mini>
  84. [16:35:21] <Joanna> DATE: Spring 71
  85. [16:36:21] <Nephene> The main lunch rush is over, so Nephene simply washes dishes in the meantime. The customers have already started to thin out.
  86. [16:37:07] * Joanna walks in, wearing a dress with a ribbon tied around her, the bow on the back. "Excuse me!"
  87. [16:37:31] <Nephene> "Hm?" The innkeeper briefly looks up from her work. "Can I help you?"
  88. [16:37:55] <Nephene> Amon, a short little Riolu, is hopping on chairs in order to reach the tables. He's cleaning all of them out.
  89. [16:39:00] <Joanna> "My hubby wanted some orange juice. Do you have any tod- oh my, that's a cute..." Journal comes out, look, look. "Riolu you have there."
  90. [16:39:13] <Nephene> "Sure. How much pulp?"
  91. [16:39:21] <Nephene> She goes through the stock.
  92. [16:39:30] <Joanna> "Regular, please!"
  93. [16:39:40] <Nephene> "Need the entire bottle?"
  94. [16:39:55] <Joanna> "Hm... yeah, that'd be a good idea."
  95. [16:40:57] <Nephene> She reaches for a high shelf, and procures the requested bottle of orange juice. "That Riolu....that's Amon."
  96. [16:41:25] <Nephene> "Named him after my sensei - they act alike, though Amon tends to be choosy when it comes to people."
  97. [16:41:32] <Joanna> "Amon, huh? I kinda want a Riolu myself..."
  98. [16:41:43] <Nephene> "Do you? Don't you run the daycare?"
  99. [16:41:58] <Joanna> "Yep, yep."
  100. [16:42:12] <Nephene> "Mmm. He can be pretty feisty, but...."
  101. [16:42:42] <Nephene> "I trust you enough with him. I'm mostly concerned about how he'll react."
  102. [16:42:57] <Nephene> She thinks for a moment, and realizes a possible cost. "I'm not going to get charged for this, am I?"
  103. [16:42:57] <Joanna> "Hey, Ditty!" The bow turns back into a Ditto, who turns into a Riolu. "Rio~"
  104. [16:43:13] <Joanna> "Of course not! In fact, I should be paying you!"
  105. [16:43:24] <Joanna> "How much is it for the orange juice?"
  106. [16:43:30] <Nephene> Amon jumps a little, causing the glasses bundled in his arms to rattle.
  107. [16:43:48] <Nephene> "150 for the entire bottle sounds fair."
  108. [16:44:25] <Joanna> Ditty, Riolu form, grabs somee of the glasses and helps out, doing a little flirting with Amon.
  109. [16:44:43] <Nephene> Amon growls in confusion.
  110. [16:44:56] <Nephene> "Oh, dear." Neph says with a chuckle.
  111. [16:45:02] * Joanna grabs a silver coin and five bronze coins, putting them on the counter (150p). "Is that enough?"
  112. [16:45:22] <Nephene> "That will do, yes. Thanks for your business."
  113. [16:45:31] <Nephene> If anything, the poor little thing is backing away uncomfortably.
  114. [16:46:32] <Joanna> "Any time, dear... Ditty, can't you play nice!" Ditty, Riolu form, does a little dance for Amon after putting away the glasses.
  115. [16:47:27] <Nephene> "I don't think I could ever do your job."
  116. [16:47:53] <Nephene> She chuckles. "It would just be too uncomfortable for me. Not to mention the kind of social graces you'd need."
  117. [16:48:37] <Joanna> "Haha. It took me a while to get used to it. But I should be fin- Ditty! Get a room!" Ditty then proceeds to the back room, gesturing Amon to follow him.
  118. [16:49:06] <Joanna> "Uh... I hope you aren't using that room for six, seven hours."
  119. [16:49:15] <Nephene> In a rare moment of confusion, Amon chooses to flee instead of tackling the problem head on.
  120. [16:49:23] <Nephene> "....maybe that's not a worry."
  121. [16:49:37] * Nephene sighs. "It's harmless, Amon."
  122. [16:50:00] <Nephene> "You can take a few hours off. I'll be alright on my own here."
  123. [16:50:14] <Joanna> "Hm..." Ditty then comes out and chases Amon, going. "Lu, Riolu~"
  124. [16:50:25] <Nephene> Amon -whimpers-.
  125. [16:50:37] <Joanna> "Are you sure you don't need help?"
  126. [16:51:12] <Nephene> The innkeeper smiles. "I've owned this inn longer than I've had Amon. He's a great help, but I can do just fine."
  127. [16:51:20] * Joanna hums a tune meant for Pokemon to get ready... it's a nice, pleasing tune.
  128. [16:51:58] <Nephene> A simple run around the inn, and Amon is eventually chased into that same room - the massage parlor.
  129. [16:52:02] <Nephene> "...."
  130. [16:52:04] <Nephene> "Oh, dear."
  131. [16:52:09] <Joanna> "?"
  132. [16:52:15] <Nephene> "Um, well."
  133. [16:52:27] <Nephene> " careful. There's oils and incenses in there."
  134. [16:52:44] <Nephene> "The towels are in the closet near the entrance if something needs to be cleaned up."
  135. [16:52:45] <Joanna> "...ah." And Ditty runs into the room as well.
  136. [16:53:26] <Joanna> "...anyways, I think they'll be fine now. I'll take my leave, and pick up Ditty in... seven more hours."
  137. [16:53:41] <Nephene> "Wait, what am I supposed to do?" she asks awkwardly.
  138. [16:53:45] <Nephene> "Do I....check on them?"
  139. [16:54:05] <Joanna> " Pokemon don't like to be checked on while... doing their business."
  140. [16:55:29] <Joanna> "Anyways, just leave them alone. Ditty will take care of it. See you later!" And she's off, with the bottle of orange juice.
  141. [16:55:36] <Nephene> ".....oh, dear."
  142. [16:56:07] <Joanna> "Don't worry. Ditty's smart enough to know what... he? she? 's doing."
  143. [16:56:21] <Nephene> She cordons off the massage parlor with a sigh. This was terribly awkward.
  144. [16:56:35] <Nephene> "If you must do things like this, can you bring them back to the daycare, first?"
  145. [16:57:13] <Joanna> "Oh. Alright. I will. But they're busy now." Joanna says with a grin and a finger on her lips.
  146. [16:58:11] <Nephene> "Poor Amon."
  147. [16:58:15] <Joanna> (Time skip time"?)
  148. [16:58:20] <Nephene> (If you'd like. )
  149. [16:58:25] <Joanna> 1d6+1 EGGS!
  150. [16:58:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Joanna, EGGS!: 3 [1d6=2]
  151. [16:58:59] <Joanna> Joanna comes back with a smile. "I'm back to pick up Ditty! Tom really liked the orange juice, too."
  152. [16:59:36] <Nephene> "That's good. I had to turn away a few customers, but I didn't want to bother them."
  153. [16:59:50] * Nephene undoes the cord blocking off the massage parlor.
  154. [17:00:41] * Joanna looks inside the massage parlor and sees... a mess. And three eggs. And two Riolus. One of them perks up when she sees Joanna. "You did it, Ditty!"
  155. [17:01:22] * Joanna then goes back to the closet to grab towels. "I'll clean up."
  156. [17:01:26] <Nephene> The other is sitting in a corner, somewhere between terrified and -extremely- uncomfortable.
  157. [17:02:08] * Joanna goes back to the massage parlor. " much do I owe you for replacing the oils?" she says, cleaning them up.
  158. [17:02:18] <Nephene> "....I'll handle it. Really."
  159. [17:02:24] <Nephene> "How's he doing?"
  160. [17:02:35] <Joanna> "Oh? Are you sure? Who?"
  161. [17:02:56] <Nephene> "Amon." She looks inside the parlor.
  162. [17:03:35] <Joanna> " good question."
  163. [17:04:11] * Joanna picks up Ditty and it transforms... into a glove. "Huh. Anyways, I best be going now."
  164. [17:04:11] <Nephene> "...oh! Oh, dear. Amon? Are you okay?"
  165. [17:04:53] * Joanna picks up the eggs. "...oh. Whoops. I guess... Riolu don't like being bred. Gotta remember that."
  166. [17:05:23] <Nephene> "....apparently." She picks up Amon. "Shhh, shh. It'll be okay."
  167. [17:06:10] <Nephene> "Um."
  168. [17:06:13] <Nephene> "On the bright side."
  169. [17:06:18] <Nephene> "You're going to be a daddy."
  170. [17:06:23] * Joanna finishes picking up the eggs. "Alright, I'll leave you two alone now. Goodbye, Nephene!"
  171. [17:06:52] <Nephene> "See you around. Don't be a stranger."
  172. [17:07:22] * Nephene sighs. "Take the night off. Get some sleep."
  173. [17:07:26] <Joanna> "Of course." And with that, she leaves.
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