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  1. A) Don't pm me with a question unless I'm not present in another channel you can reach me in
  2. B) if you need to pm me, just ask the question straight up and don't spam my name
  3. C) i do not use highlights, if you want my attention in #ofthegods say my name once and wait for reply
  4. D) Don't bug me for assists/item lends/questions regarding applications/irc access EVER, if you need an assist ask if i can ONCE and then leave it be
  5. E) Don't attempt to troll, flame, or annoy me in general, chances are ill just flat out kb you, remove access, and silence you - problem solved for me and you're out of a channel/clan to be in for the time being
  6. F) Do NOT give my nick away to anyone for any reason, chances are I will either know who you are or will figure it out anyway.
  8. (09:44:31) <@Tsk> the_lads im just sick of people bullshiting mage
  9. (09:44:38) <@Tsk> like
  10. (09:44:41) <%Richard-> here we go
  11. (09:44:43) <%Richard-> life story
  12. (09:44:44) <%Richard-> l0l
  13. (09:44:47) <@Tsk> ok because its the combat stat you use less doesnt mean its the least useful
  14. (09:44:49) <@Tsk> !k Richard-
  15. (09:44:49) * Richard- was kicked by Client (Requested)
  16. (09:44:50) * Richard- (~Summer@1F8AD7D3.FA128327.543BC8DD.IP) has joined #ofthegods
  17. (09:44:50) * ChanServ set mode: +b *!*@1F8AD7D3.FA128327.543BC8DD.IP
  18. (09:44:50) * Richard- was kicked by ChanServ (You are not permitted to be on this channel.)
  19. (09:44:51) <%D_Dizzle33> lolol
  20. (09:44:55) <@Tsk> sick of his shit
  21. (09:45:01) <@Emu> thank god
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