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  1. discord command tempmute <member> [<string>] [<timespan>]:
  2.     description: <STAFF>Temporarily mute a user by ID or by a direct mention, must include a timespan and a reason.
  3.     usage: tempmute <user id|direct mention|name##discriminator> <reason> <timespan>
  4.     prefixes: .
  5.     executable in: guild
  6.     bots: StormMC
  7.     trigger:
  8.         if f event-member has role name "":
  9.             if arg-2 is not set:
  10.                 needReason(event-message, event-channel)
  11.                 stop
  12.             if arg-3 is not set:
  13.                 sendMessage("You must include a amount of time to mute the user for", event-channel, event-message)
  14.                 stop
  15.             set {_roles::*} to roles of arg-1
  16.             if {_roles::*} contains {mutedRole}:
  17.                 sendMessage("That user is already muted", event-channel, event-message)
  18.                 stop
  19.             add {mutedRole} to roles of arg-1
  20.             set {_error} to the last vixio error
  21.             if permCheck({_error}):
  22.                 sendMessage("I ran into an error! `%{_error}%`", event-channel, event-message)
  23.                 stop
  24.             if {punishment::tempmute::%arg-1%::count} is not set:
  25.                 set {punishment::tempmute::%arg-1%::count} to 1
  26.             else:
  27.                 add 1 to {punishment::tempmute::%arg-1%::count}
  28.             set {_count} to {punishment::tempmute::%arg-1%::count}
  29.             set {punishment::tempmute::%arg-1%::%{_count}%::reason} to arg-2
  30.             set {punishment::tempmute::%arg-1%::%{_count}%::length} to arg-3
  31.             set {tempMute::%arg-1%} to arg-1
  32.             set {tempMute::%arg-1%::length} to arg-3
  33.             set {tempMute::%arg-1%::time} to now
  34.             set {evaders::%arg-1%} to true
  35.             send "You have been temporarily muted for `%arg-2%`, the length of the temp mute is `%arg-3%`." to arg-1 with event-bot
  36.             sendMessage("I have successfully muted %arg-1%##%discriminator of arg-1% for %arg-3%", event-channel, event-message)
  37.             set {_m} to a new message builder
  38.             append line "**-=Temp-Mute=-**" to {_m}
  39.             append line "**User**: %arg-1%##%discriminator of arg-1% (%id of arg-1%)" to {_m}
  40.             append line "**Reason**: %arg-2%" to {_m}
  41.             append line "**Amount of time**: %arg-3%" to {_m}
  42.             append line "**Responsible Moderator**: %event-user%##%discriminator of event-user%" to {_m}
  43.             sendLog({_m})
  45. # Event to un-mute people who are temp-muted
  46. every minute:
  47.     loop {tempMute::*}:
  48.         set {_length} to {tempMute::%loop-index%::length}
  49.         set {_time} to {tempMute::%loop-index%::time}
  50.         set {_difference} to "%difference between {_time} and now%"
  51.         if difference between {tempMute::%loop-index%::time} and now is more than {tempMute::%loop-index%::length}:
  52.             wait 3 seconds
  53.             remove {mutedRole} from roles of {tempMute::%loop-index%} in guild of {channel} with "StormMC"
  54.             delete {tempMute::%loop-index%::*}
  55.             delete {tempMute::%loop-index%}
  56.             delete {evaders::%loop-index%}
  57.     loop discord members of {guild}:
  58.         delete {_roles::*}
  59.         if bot state of loop-member is false:
  60.             set {_roles::*} to roles of loop-member
  61.             if {_roles::*} is not set:
  62.                 add 1 to {_count}
  63.                 add {whiteIsBoring} to roles of loop-member with "StormMC"
  64.             else if {_roles::*} does not contain {whiteIsBoring}:
  65.                 add 1 to {_count}
  66.                 add {whiteIsBoring} to roles of loop-member with "StormMC"
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