Idea Session 7/11/14 INTERMISSION

Reisrat Jul 11th, 2014 15 Never
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  1. [20:15] <@AdrianMarceau_> Let's pastebin the convo now and take a break so we can go off-record for a while.  We're all about to eat and can barely focus.
  2. [20:15] <MegaBossMan> Perfect, perfect. According to plan....
  3. [20:15] <@AdrianMarceau_> Awesome, thanks.
  4. [20:15] <@ActingModReisrat> I finished eating a good while ago though
  5. [20:15] <MegaBossMan> Nah, I cooked up a storm bout 30 minutes ago.
  6. [20:15] <TailsMK4> ^
  7. [20:15] <@AdrianMarceau_> I was distracted by some silly little fagame.
  8. [20:15] <TailsMK4> @Reisrat
  9. [20:15] <@AdrianMarceau_> *fangame
  10. [20:15] == TheDoc [6320a70f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  11. [20:15] * AdrianMarceau_ sees the irony
  12. [20:15] <TheDoc> ?me is back
  13. [20:15] <MegaBossMan> He's back to life!
  14. [20:15] <TheDoc> :D
  15. [20:15] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea rip
  16. [20:16] <TheDoc> So whad I mean?
  17. [20:16] <TheDoc> *miss
  18. [20:16] * TheDoc facepalms
  19. [20:16] <@ActingModReisrat> So we're doing an intermission?
  20. [20:16] <@AdrianMarceau_> Yeah, I have to go eat for a bit.  I'll come back later though.
  21. [20:16] <@ActingModReisrat> Kay then
  22. [20:16] <TheDoc> ...
  23. [20:16] <TailsMK4> From what I've seen...not much. It looked like they were just trying to finalize the Tier 2 moves for the MM2 bots.
  24. [20:16] <MegaBossMan> Mod someone first! We can't have 1!
  25. [20:16] <@AdrianMarceau_> I like that we got some stuff done, so yay!
  26. [20:16] == mode/#mmrpg [+o MegaBossMan] by AdrianMarceau_
  27. [20:16] <@MegaBossMan> The others will overpower the mods!
  28. [20:17] <@AdrianMarceau_> Alright, see you guys in a bit.  ~
  29. [20:17] <@MegaBossMan> Well, I guess that worked.
  30. [20:17] <@MegaBossMan> Ciao!
  31. [20:17] <@ActingModReisrat> Need to leave this here, was going to ask for something from here as Flash Man's T2 even though none would really work
  32. [20:17] <TheDoc> C ya
  33. [20:17] <@MegaBossMan> Which point in the video?
  34. [20:18] <@MegaBossMan> Best Kamen Rider series everrr.
  35. [20:18] <@ActingModReisrat> I enjoy Blade more
  36. [20:18] <@MegaBossMan> According to my good friend, Daryl.
  37. [20:19] <TheDoc> So were any moves finalized?
  38. [20:19] <TheDoc> Or whatnot
  39. [20:19] <@MegaBossMan> Quick _____
  40. [20:19] <TheDoc> So I didn't really miss anything
  41. [20:19] <@MegaBossMan> I think I'm the richest player in the Prototype.
  42. [20:20] <TailsMK4> 4.6 million got too much money. :P
  43. [20:20] <TheDoc> So what ideas were thrown around for Flash Man's T2? Or did you get to that point?
  44. [20:20] <@MegaBossMan> But aren't you potential more rich than me?
  45. [20:21] <TheDoc> 4.6 mil?
  46. [20:21] <@MegaBossMan> What with all the cores and whatnot.
  47. [20:21] <@ActingModReisrat> Not yet, we're having an intermission
  48. [20:21] <TheDoc> Money burning a hole in your vault
  49. [20:21] <TailsMK4> People really like the BP I award in Player Battles apparently. >_>
  50. [20:21] <@MegaBossMan> I haven't been on that for the longest time.
  51. [20:21] <@MegaBossMan> And I don't plan to.
  52. [20:22] <@MegaBossMan> Tired of people suddenly surpassing me from grinding on you.
  53. [20:22] <TailsMK4> It's the only way you guys got so many points on the Leaderboard.
  54. [20:22] <TailsMK4> Heck, I can't even get revenge on anyone that grinded on me. I can't pick you or anyone above me.
  55. [20:22] <@MegaBossMan> I prefer not to grind on you.
  56. [20:22] <TailsMK4> Last I checked, I could only pick 5 people...
  57. [20:22] <@MegaBossMan> Too cheap for me.
  58. [20:22] == Spinstrike [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  59. [20:23] <TailsMK4> For me I try to avoid Shadownnico.
  60. [20:23] <@MegaBossMan> How was the afterlife?
  61. [20:23] <@MegaBossMan> GTG.
  62. [20:23] <Spinstrike> I told you I'd be back. *cues Terminator theme*
  63. [20:23] <Spinstrike>
  64. [20:23] <TheDoc> Hiya
  65. [20:23] <@ActingModReisrat> We're in an intermission right now
  66. [20:23] <@ActingModReisrat> People be eatin
  67. [20:24] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Hey Spinstrike
  68. [20:24] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> When's Skullgirls
  69. [20:24] * CHAOS_FANTAZY is shot repeatedly
  70. [20:24] <Spinstrike> You mean I made my dramatic return when no one was looking?
  71. [20:24] <Spinstrike> Crap.
  72. [20:25] <@ActingModReisrat> You're lucky we haven't resumed yet
  73. [20:25] <TheDoc> I returned RIGHT when Adrian_ left
  74. [20:25] <TheDoc> I feel you
  75. [20:25] <@ActingModReisrat> Otherwise I'd complain about having to find and censor that
  76. [20:29] <TailsMK4> All right, guess I'll open up a topic, since I was just reading through some email: anyone a "Becker" here?
  77. [20:29] <@ActingModReisrat> Didn't donate, wish I could have
  78. [20:30] <TailsMK4> I did the $20 so I could get the game when it comes out.
  79. [20:30] <TailsMK4> Apparently they just opened up another fundraiser for those that didn't get the chance to help out.
  80. [20:30] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea noticed
  81. [20:30] <@ActingModReisrat> Still no cash
  82. [20:30] <TailsMK4> Though the money is going towards bonus content in the game.
  83. [20:31] <TailsMK4> Heck, I even had ran a little poll with my community at Youtube, and apparently they would be interested in me doing a Blind Run of Mighty No. 9.
  84. [20:32] <TailsMK4> *run
  85. [20:32] == RetroPikachu [4cb08c26@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  86. [20:32] <RetroPikachu> Hello
  87. [20:32] <@ActingModReisrat> Blind runs never end well
  88. [20:32] <TailsMK4> Hello.
  89. [20:32] <@ActingModReisrat> And hey
  90. [20:32] <@ActingModReisrat> Intermission
  91. [20:32] <Spinstrike> Speaking of MN9, aparently there's a cartoon coming out in 2015.
  92. [20:32] <RetroPikachu> Really?
  93. [20:32] <TailsMK4> I heard about that, too.
  94. [20:32] <RetroPikachu> ?!*
  95. [20:33] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, that's going to be horrifying
  96. [20:33] <@ActingModReisrat> I just know it
  97. [20:33] <RetroPikachu> Oh yeah, that's right, the commercial was pretty hilarious :D
  98. [20:33] <TailsMK4> As someone who liked some of the video game cartoons despite them being corny sometimes, I'm fairly excited.
  99. [20:34] <TailsMK4> Including the Mega Man cartoons by Ruby Spears. >_>
  100. [20:34] <TheDoc> Sizzlin' circuits!
  101. [20:35] <RetroPikachu> O_O  *Insert DUN DUN DUN music here*
  102. [20:35] <RetroPikachu> By the Way Reisrat, how does it feel to be a mod?
  103. [20:35] <@ActingModReisrat> Eh
  104. [20:35] <@ActingModReisrat> Bout the same as being a regular user
  105. [20:35] <RetroPikachu> okay
  106. [20:36] <TailsMK4> Although I guess I found it interesting that a couple of my favorite Robot Masters ended up only appearing in one episode.
  107. [20:36] <@ActingModReisrat> Except the ever-present worry of misusing my powers for something that isn't hilarious
  108. [20:36] <@ActingModReisrat> Poor Napalm Man didn't get one episode
  109. [20:37] <RetroPikachu> I didn't really watch the show, but from what i've seen...  I think I'll keep watching Megaman NT Warrior
  110. [20:37] <TailsMK4> I wish I could watch more of that series, but I ended up watching them on a site that was hosted by Megaupload days before they got shut down. :/
  111. [20:38] <@ActingModReisrat> I'd rather watch Ruby Spears than NT Warrior
  112. [20:38] <@ActingModReisrat> The Battle Network plot is already dumb enough
  113. [20:38] <@MegaBossMan> Backs.
  114. [20:38] <RetroPikachu> Everyone has their own opinion...
  115. [20:38] <TheDoc> Wb
  116. [20:38] <RetroPikachu> Hello
  117. [20:39] <TailsMK4> Watch that Adrian comes back at the time I end up having to leave... lol
  118. [20:39] <TheDoc> I hope not haha
  119. [20:39] <RetroPikachu> We'll see
  120. [20:39] <Spinstrike> Proto Man allways sounded like a whiny b*tch in Ruby Spears.
  121. [20:40] <RetroPikachu> What's up, LITTLE BROTHER XD
  122. [20:40] <TailsMK4> I'm going to be at my grandpa's later on tonight to play some card games. Probably will be gone for like a couple of hours when I do go, so I will miss the rest of the session.
  123. [20:40] <@MegaBossMan> Proto Man is evil and he shouldn't be.
  124. [20:40] <@MegaBossMan> Mega Man 7 was just coming out when the show was ending.
  125. [20:40] <@MegaBossMan> Perfect time to bring Bass.
  126. [20:40] <@ActingModReisrat> They needed a heel
  127. [20:40] <Spinstrike> I do love Scott McNeil as Wily, though. Funny, as he did Proto Man as well.
  128. [20:41] <@MegaBossMan> Didn't he do Mega Man in the OVA?
  129. [20:41] <RetroPikachu> Not sure
  130. [20:41] <@MegaBossMan> Never really liked that OVA.
  131. [20:41] <TailsMK4> It was ok. I saw all three episodes on Youtube.
  132. [20:42] <Spinstrike> "Mega Man! That's my building! Give it back!"
  133. [20:42] <TailsMK4> The more the fact that they end up somehow getting out of the TV and into Japan was weird.
  134. [20:42] <@MegaBossMan>  Hate those stories of "Mighty hero you know befriends little annoying child."
  135. [20:42] <@ActingModReisrat> Transformers RID
  136. [20:42] <@MegaBossMan> Loved the movie.
  137. [20:42] <TailsMK4> I guess Sonic X fits that too...
  138. [20:42] <@MegaBossMan> No! No Chris!
  139. [20:43] <TailsMK4> And Hoshi no Kaabii, though the Cappies weren't too bad.
  140. [20:43] <@MegaBossMan> I actually liked that show.
  141. [20:43] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Oh, yeah.  I'm a Becker, Tails!  I'm Mighty Number 35340.
  142. [20:43] <TailsMK4> I liked the Japanese version, hence why I said the Japanese name.
  143. [20:43] <@MegaBossMan> Or more known as "Kirby:Right Back at ya!". That opening was great.
  144. [20:43] <TailsMK4> King Dedede sounded really weird in the English version. >_>
  145. [20:43] <@ActingModReisrat> blugh
  146. [20:43] <RetroPikachu> Agreed
  147. [20:44] <@ActingModReisrat> I get sick when people mix languages in the same sentence
  148. [20:44] <@ActingModReisrat> Please no
  149. [20:44] <RetroPikachu> I thought Dedede's voice was okay
  150. [20:44] <@MegaBossMan> "We gotta get that there Kirby!"
  151. [20:44] <TailsMK4> MN 18625 myself, Chaos.
  152. [20:44] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Yeah, I know.  I think it's still in your Skype name.
  153. [20:44] <@MegaBossMan> Didn't know at the time, myself.
  154. [20:44] <TailsMK4> Yeah.
  155. [20:44] <TailsMK4> That joke with Dedede was referenced a lot in Brawl in the Family.
  156. [20:44] <RetroPikachu> Suprise!
  157. [20:45] <@MegaBossMan> "That's what we do best at NMD." "You better get it with a money-back guarantee!"
  158. [20:45] <TailsMK4> Oh gosh...that intro. >_>
  159. [20:46] <RetroPikachu> Anybody got guesses who the newcomer for SSB4 is?  I think it's either Sceptile or the character from Splatoon
  160. [20:46] <@MegaBossMan> If you pause the game multiple times, the enemy doesn't attack.
  161. [20:46] <@MegaBossMan> Wario.
  162. [20:46] <@ActingModReisrat> I'm hoping for Blade or Garren
  163. [20:46] <@ActingModReisrat> Vainly
  164. [20:46] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> It's probably not Sceptile; Pokemon already has five, and five per franchise is the cap so far.
  165. [20:46] <@MegaBossMan> Cause that one linked info predicts everything.
  166. [20:46] <TailsMK4> So yeah, even though the Japanese stuff isn't sensored, the content isn't that bad, really. I prefer watching the subbed version of Japanese shows than I do the English versions.
  167. [20:46] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> I have my fingers vainly crossed for Ghirahim or Magolor.  At this point I don't even care if Geno comes in.
  168. [20:47] <TailsMK4> The Japanese shows tend to be a little more emotional than English versions.
  169. [20:47] <RetroPikachu> It has to be someone new, since they said it's a newcomer.
  170. [20:47] <TailsMK4> And make it feel more like you're actually there.
  171. [20:47] <@MegaBossMan> I liked that part when Dedede makes a little playground for Kirby when the world ends.
  172. [20:48] <TailsMK4> I don't own a Wii U, so I'm not even following SB4.
  173. [20:48] <@MegaBossMan> "Friday Night Brainstorm : MM2 Second Tier Abilities"? We will do none of that!
  174. [20:48] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> It could be that girl from Splatoon but I don't really think that's going to happen either.  Maybe Takamaru?  Ever since Takamaru's Ninja Castle appeared in Nintendo Land, I've been thinking they might try to bring him back...
  175. [20:48] <TailsMK4> I follow more of Crusade, I guess.
  176. [20:48] <@MegaBossMan> I think Spaltoon is too late for it to be in. 3D World isn't even represented.
  177. [20:49] <@MegaBossMan> At least of what we know.
  178. [20:49] <Spinstrike> So, back to work. Any more ideas for T2 abilities.
  179. [20:49] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> They mentioned 3D World alongside the Rosalina reveal, if that counts.
  180. [20:49] <Spinstrike> ?
  181. [20:49] <@MegaBossMan> Did you guys see "Mario's America" alternate cosutme?
  182. [20:49] <RetroPikachu> Yeah
  183. [20:49] <@MegaBossMan> Sorry Spinstrike, intermission.
  184. [20:49] <RetroPikachu> It looks weird
  185. [20:49] <@ActingModReisrat> We're still in intermission
  186. [20:50] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Yes, and I really don't care.  Just give me a Proto Man skin for Mega Man and they'll make the whole world happy.
  187. [20:50] == ActingModReisrat changed the topic of #mmrpg to: Friday Night Brainstorm : MM2 Second Tier Abilities [INTERMISSION]
  188. [20:50] <@ActingModReisrat> There
  189. [20:50] == tobyjoey [4a6f7275@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  190. [20:50] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Hello, Toby!
  191. [20:50] <@ActingModReisrat> Watch as he already left
  192. [20:50] <RetroPikachu>
  193. [20:50] <@MegaBossMan> Hi,
  194. [20:50] <tobyjoey> Hi!
  195. [20:50] <RetroPikachu> Hey Toby!
  196. [20:51] <TheDoc> Hello
  197. [20:51] <TailsMK4> So I guess this is the most active chat in quite some time?
  198. [20:51] <TheDoc> As far as my experiences go
  199. [20:51] <@MegaBossMan> I suppose.
  200. [20:51] <TheDoc> Which isn't a lot...
  201. [20:51] <@MegaBossMan> 9 people on out of 10.
  202. [20:51] <RetroPikachu> True
  203. [20:51] <tobyjoey> Most active for the three I have been in
  204. [20:52] <@MegaBossMan> I've been here a few times, but nobody seemed active.
  205. [20:52] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Chat is normally quiet, but now everyone is gathered here to voice their opinions on additions to the game.  But we're on break right now.
  206. [20:52] <@MegaBossMan> Hey, should someone pastebin this?
  207. [20:52] <RetroPikachu> Anyway, which characters are you going to be in the Next Smash Bros?  I'll be Greninja, Mega Man, and Little Mac
  208. [20:53] <tobyjoey> If I ever investigate the chat room, it is in the evening.
  209. [20:53] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> So, Tails, what are you most excited for in Mighty Number Nine?
  210. [20:53] <@MegaBossMan> Megs the MAN.
  211. [20:53] <@ActingModReisrat> It's easy for this to be more active than usual if you keep leaving within the minute
  212. [20:53] <@MegaBossMan> But why bother have it out if everyone's too busy?
  213. [20:53] <@ActingModReisrat> It's the intermission, and I have the part where we did actual discussion
  214. [20:53] <TailsMK4> Just the mere fact the game exists is enough for me. I guess I'm most excited that Call will get some gameplay. I always like having more than one choice for a playable character. *looks at the Sonic series*
  215. [20:53] <RetroPikachu> @Chaos:  I'm excited for a new Mega Man game!
  216. [20:53] <RetroPikachu> Well, Mega Man styled, anyway
  217. [20:54] <tobyjoey> New characters RetroPikachu? Mega Man, Palutena and Pac Man.
  218. [20:54] <@MegaBossMan> Considering Sonic has a billion characters and yet, no one is used.
  219. [20:54] <RetroPikachu> Any characters in the next smash, veterans or newcomers
  220. [20:54] <@ActingModReisrat> People complained about the dozen different gameplay styles
  221. [20:54] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> I'm really excited to hear about the lore.  I love the way it's shaping up and I hope they put it to good use.
  222. [20:55] <tobyjoey> Am I the only person that enjoyed Adventure 1 and 2's treasure hunting?
  223. [20:55] <RetroPikachu> I think it's best we keep at just one character, remember Big anyone?
  224. [20:55] <@MegaBossMan> Over here too!
  225. [20:55] <TailsMK4> It seems like Inafune is really going all out with his new idea.
  226. [20:55] <@MegaBossMan> I liked Big. He was voiced by Duke Nukem.
  227. [20:55] <TailsMK4> Treasure Hunting was ok.
  228. [20:55] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Also playable Call brings me great joy...though I do kind of hope that Echo becomes playable too.
  229. [20:55] <RetroPikachu> Indeed, if this fails, then Capcom gets to laugh at Concept
  230. [20:55] <TailsMK4> I mostly liked how Sonic's gameplay was probably the best in the Adventure series.
  231. [20:56] <tobyjoey> You're wrong, Proton breath. I'll be done with you and still have time to watch Froggy.
  232. [20:56] <RetroPikachu> Crouching seems like a neat feature, but chances are, I'm going to be sticking with Bck
  233. [20:56] <TailsMK4> Tails had similar gameplay in 1, though it was racing.
  234. [20:56] <@ActingModReisrat> I wish I could make Duke jokes
  235. [20:56] <@ActingModReisrat> But family friendly
  236. [20:56] <@ActingModReisrat> Crimson Smash
  237. [20:56] == Shadownnico [ba694c46@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  238. [20:56] <TailsMK4> I wish people at Capcom would continue the Adventure route, but then we got 06...
  239. [20:56] <TailsMK4> *Sega
  240. [20:56] <tobyjoey> Hi Shadow
  241. [20:56] <Shadownnico> Hi everyone
  242. [20:56] <@MegaBossMan> I'm here to chew bubblegum and fight in a violent manner. And I'm all out of bubblegum.
  243. [20:56] <@MegaBossMan> Hey!
  244. [20:57] <Shadownnico> So, what did I miss?
  245. [20:57] <RetroPikachu> Hey Shadow
  246. [20:57] <TailsMK4> Nothing much.
  247. [20:57] <@MegaBossMan> I did not like Lost World.
  248. [20:57] <@MegaBossMan> I called Tails.
  249. [20:57] <@MegaBossMan> Confused?
  250. [20:57] <RetroPikachu> Just chats about Smash Bros, Sonic, and some other random stuff
  251. [20:57] <@MegaBossMan> Sonic has really gone downhill.
  252. [20:57] <Shadownnico> Haven't played Lost World, but I've certainly haven't heard much good things
  253. [20:57] <TailsMK4> But I'm surprised how much funding Inafune got with the game.
  254. [20:57] <tobyjoey> Generations was good
  255. [20:58] <Shadownnico> And yea, he's gone completely downhill
  256. [20:58] <@MegaBossMan> Lost World is not very fun.
  257. [20:58] <RetroPikachu> *Gives MegaBossMan Bubble Gum*
  258. [20:58] <TailsMK4> I didn't expect them to raise...what was it, $400k?
  259. [20:58] <RetroPikachu> I tried a demo, it's okay
  260. [20:58] <@MegaBossMan> Animated cartoon is a coming
  261. [20:58] <Shadownnico> Animated cartoon of what?
  262. [20:58] <@MegaBossMan> Hope it's not terrible.
  263. [20:58] <@ActingModReisrat> MN9
  264. [20:58] <Spinstrike> Mighty Number 9.
  265. [20:58] <@MegaBossMan> Mighty No. 9.
  266. [20:58] <tobyjoey> The first 2 worlds are ok, then everything goes downhill
  267. [20:58] <@ActingModReisrat> Mentoks all around
  268. [20:58] <TailsMK4> For me I would have been perfectly content with the eight other Mighty Numbers.
  269. [20:59] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> I knew they would make it.  I had faith in the fans.
  270. [20:59] <RetroPikachu> They raised $3,845,170
  271. [20:59] <TailsMK4> But I'll take some of the bonus stuff too.
  272. [20:59] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> I did not know, however, that they would make $4M.
  273. [20:59] <TailsMK4> Oh, 4 mil, then.
  274. [20:59] <TailsMK4> Cause like last day or so they also did Paypal.
  275. [20:59] <Shadownnico> Wait, Mighty No, 9 is getting a cartoon?
  276. [20:59] <tobyjoey> Yeah
  277. [20:59] <@MegaBossMan> For some reason, I feel Call should get a motorcycle. She looks like she needs it.
  278. [20:59] <Spinstrike> Yeah. Check it out:
  279. [20:59] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Mhm.  There'll be an animated series after the game's release.
  280. [20:59] <TailsMK4> More exposure, I guess.
  281. [21:00] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Personally, I think it looks painful as it stands right now.  And Sanda's design is nothing short of disappointing.
  282. [21:00] <TailsMK4> ...I guessed I missed that bit. Who is Sanda?
  283. [21:00] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> I can get why they did it,, it's wasted potential.  Needs to be more like FiM (In the sense of appealing to multiple age groups).
  284. [21:00] <@MegaBossMan> Doesn't look appealing to me.
  285. [21:01] <@ActingModReisrat> blugh
  286. [21:01] <RetroPikachu> I'm surprised the Intermission is still going
  287. [21:01] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Sanda is the... *Ahem* ...large the back.
  288. [21:01] <@ActingModReisrat> Waiting for Adrian
  289. [21:01] <tobyjoey> It just looks kinda generic to me.
  290. [21:01] <@MegaBossMan> Wait until Adrian's back.
  291. [21:01] <TailsMK4> Adrian I guess likes long meals...I usually eat pretty quickly myself and wait for others to finish.
  292. [21:01] <RetroPikachu> ....
  293. [21:01] <@MegaBossMan> Is that male or female?
  294. [21:02] <@MegaBossMan> I honestly can't tell.
  295. [21:02] <TailsMK4> Oh, the one that I thought looked a little like Dex.
  296. [21:02] <RetroPikachu> Only worse
  297. [21:02] <@MegaBossMan> Wait, male or female?
  298. [21:03] <@MegaBossMan> Wait, male.
  299. [21:03] <@MegaBossMan> Weird hair you got there. Looks like a bow.
  300. [21:03] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> I only hope that Blackwell comes out as cool as his concept art depicted him as...please, Blackwell.  You're the only guy left.
  301. [21:03] <@MegaBossMan> Concept art of Blackwell please?
  302. [21:03] <tobyjoey> Wait, who is Blackwell?
  303. [21:03] <@ActingModReisrat> Blackthorn?
  304. [21:03] <tobyjoey> The guy to the far left?
  305. [21:04] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Dr. Blackwell is the main antagonist of Mighty Number Nine.  He's not depicted in that picture (Guy on the left is Dr. White).
  306. [21:04] <@MegaBossMan> Is he one of the numbers? The Proto Man looking guys?
  307. [21:04] <@MegaBossMan> Oh.
  308. [21:04] <tobyjoey> Ahh.
  309. [21:04] <RetroPikachu> Dr. White, light Dr. Light...  Hum....
  310. [21:04] <TailsMK4> So he's basically the Dr. Wily of MN9, eh?
  311. [21:04] <@MegaBossMan> See, I can't keep up with this.
  312. [21:04] <RetroPikachu> Fools, you mocked me before, now look at me now!
  313. [21:04] <@ActingModReisrat> So Chalice has the same last name as another character I vaguely like
  314. [21:05] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> In a nutshell, but he seems to be more than that.  He's also said to be the inventor of Xel technology.
  315. [21:05] <@ActingModReisrat> Not Chalice
  316. [21:05] <@ActingModReisrat> Leangle
  317. [21:05] <@ActingModReisrat> Chalice is just easy on the eyes
  318. [21:05] <@MegaBossMan>
  319. [21:05] <@MegaBossMan> That's the Proto-looking guy.
  320. [21:05] <@ActingModReisrat> Pfffff
  321. [21:05] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Blackwell's concept art is in the center column (White's is to the left and Sanda's is to the right).
  322. [21:06] <tobyjoey> Oh yeah, the ninja guy
  323. [21:06] <TheDoc> Reminds me more of Zero
  324. [21:06] <@MegaBossMan> He doesn't seem evil.
  325. [21:06] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Ah, yes, Mighty Number Seven, that is.  He looks dangerous.
  326. [21:06] <TheDoc> The only resemblance he has is the yellow scarf
  327. [21:06] <@MegaBossMan> Bout as dangerous as Sheep Man.
  328. [21:06] <TailsMK4> So of the MNs you guys have there one that you guys are thinking of starting with when you get the game?
  329. [21:06] <@MegaBossMan> And the very vivid color of red. Well, he looks more like Zero.
  330. [21:07] <RetroPikachu> I heard somebody say that Mighty No. 7 looked a lot like Zero
  331. [21:07] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> You don't think any of those scowling, spiky-haired men could possibly have any sinister intentions?
  332. [21:07] <@MegaBossMan> That water fellow looks easy.
  333. [21:07] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> I'll probably start with Six.  Six looks underarmed.
  334. [21:07] <@MegaBossMan> I like to see the good in people.
  335. [21:07] == Rhythm_BCA [32a33752@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #mmrpg
  336. [21:07] <TheDoc> Hello
  337. [21:07] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Or maybe I'll just go in numerical order.
  338. [21:07] <tobyjoey> Hi
  339. [21:07] <@MegaBossMan> How much you wanna bet Rhythm comes in soon?
  340. [21:07] <@ActingModReisrat> Intermission, Rhythem
  341. [21:07] <@ActingModReisrat> Or whatever
  342. [21:07] <TailsMK4> I don't know why, but I'm kind of drawn to Eight myself. The Colton-like design stuck out the most to me.
  343. [21:07] <RetroPikachu> Hey Rythym!
  344. [21:08] <Spinstrike> That's Sandra's design?
  345. [21:08] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Eight is probably going to be one of the toughest bosses, after Three.
  346. [21:08] <@ActingModReisrat> I'll probably go for the most dangerous looking one
  347. [21:08] <RetroPikachu> I'll probably use a random number generator to decide who I fight first
  348. [21:08] <TailsMK4> Heck, I started with Shadow Man in MM3, I could probably handle a strong one off the bat.
  349. [21:08] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> I wonder what they'll do for Miley...
  350. [21:08] <@MegaBossMan> Look at Metal Man. He looks dangerous, and he's a joke.
  351. [21:09] <Rhythm_BCA> hi all
  352. [21:09] <@ActingModReisrat> I can't get through Metal Man's stage without Flash Stopper
  353. [21:09] <TailsMK4> Really?
  354. [21:09] <Rhythm_BCA> wait what
  355. [21:09] <RetroPikachu> Metal Man's the second guy I take down first, after Air Man (I CAN DEFEAT AIR MAN!)
  356. [21:09] <TailsMK4> I think I've cleared the stage itself without getting hit a few times.
  357. [21:10] <@ActingModReisrat> I go in weakness order from Air Man
  358. [21:10] <@ActingModReisrat> And buster Flash Man
  359. [21:10] <@ActingModReisrat> And Quick Man
  360. [21:10] <TailsMK4> I actually start with Flash Man myself in 2 since usually everyone starts with Metal Man.
  361. [21:10] <Rhythm_BCA> but you can't handle Metal Man's stage?
  362. [21:10] <tobyjoey> Air Man is like Fire Man. Easy to take out with mega buster if you are ok with taking damage.
  363. [21:10] <@ActingModReisrat> It's those darn crushers
  364. [21:11] <RetroPikachu> I hate them too
  365. [21:11] <TailsMK4> Quick Man is the hardest to buster out of the 8. I'm not sure how Air Man was so hard.
  366. [21:11] <@ActingModReisrat> The video was a joke
  367. [21:11] <RetroPikachu> Air Man deflects shot after shot
  368. [21:11] <tobyjoey> Actually, something I discovered is if you use flash stopper in Air Man stage, the tiki platforms will show up, but they will not extend their drills or send out enimies.
  369. [21:11] <TailsMK4> THOUGH the Yoku Blocks in Heat Man definitely was a thing.
  370. [21:11] <@ActingModReisrat> The tikis are easy
  371. [21:12] <@ActingModReisrat> Yea, get Item 2 before Heat Man
  372. [21:12] <RetroPikachu> Air Man's the first guy I take out, so Item 2 is already salvaged when I got to Heat Man's Stage
  373. [21:12] <tobyjoey> I did thee Yoku blocks in Heat Man fairly once. Never again.
  374. [21:13] <@ActingModReisrat> Man, when's Adrian getting back
  375. [21:13] <RetroPikachu> In 3
  376. [21:13] <RetroPikachu> 2
  377. [21:13] <RetroPikachu> 1
  378. [21:13] <@MegaBossMan> Unlimited ruined the name of the disapearing blocks.
  379. [21:13] <TailsMK4> I may be leaving soon, too...
  380. [21:13] <@MegaBossMan> He's off with the Counsel again.
  381. [21:13] <TailsMK4> I didn't care for Unlimited myself.
  382. [21:13] <RetroPikachu> Try Normal Mode on Yoku Man's stage
  383. [21:13] <Rhythm_BCA> good thing Yoku is someone else's creation
  384. [21:13] <TailsMK4> I usually go against the hype of things popular.
  385. [21:14] <TailsMK4> I played a few levels of Unlimited and stopped playing.
  386. [21:14] <tobyjoey> I have mixed feelings about Unlimited.
  387. [21:14] <RetroPikachu> Try easy mode first
  388. [21:14] <TailsMK4> I did.
  389. [21:14] <@MegaBossMan> The Counsel reevaluated their desicion of destroying Earth, so Adrian needs to convince them again.
  390. [21:14] <RetroPikachu> I loved the game
  391. [21:14] <@MegaBossMan> I thought it was better than most fan-games, but eh.
  392. [21:14] <Rhythm_BCA> did you play original-normal, Retro?
  393. [21:14] <tobyjoey> If you want a good Megaman fan game, look no further than Rockman 4 Minus Infinity
  394. [21:14] <TailsMK4> Plus I kind of dislike the overusage of Zero in fan games.
  395. [21:14] <Spinstrike> Ice Man's a nightmare without Thunder Beam. At least with Elec Man you could camp on the Guts Blocks and pattern-lock him. Ice Man? Same 3-hit KO as Elec, tricky firing patern, ice physics...dear god.
  396. [21:14] <RetroPikachu> I'm still trying to beat it @_@
  397. [21:14] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> No, Unlimited ruined spikes.  The honor of the Yoku Block is intact.
  398. [21:15] <TailsMK4> I had little trouble with Ice Man myself.
  399. [21:15] <RetroPikachu> Until you get to Yoku Spikes @_@
  400. [21:15] <@MegaBossMan> Why does everyone call it Yoku Block?
  401. [21:15] <Rhythm_BCA> Yoku was one of the few positives from MMU
  402. [21:15] <RetroPikachu> Dunno
  403. [21:15] <TailsMK4> It's the...I forget the name of the airborne enemy.
  404. [21:15] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Because that's what it's called?
  405. [21:15] <@MegaBossMan> That's like if a fan-game called Fire Man "Red Man", and that's the name you use.
  406. [21:15] <RetroPikachu> Think so
  407. [21:16] <@ActingModReisrat> Yoku Blocks were Yoku Man's namesake
  408. [21:16] <@MegaBossMan>
  409. [21:16] <@MegaBossMan> But don't call those blocks in Heat Man's stage Yoku Blocks.
  410. [21:16] <Rhythm_BCA> same thing
  411. [21:16] <@MegaBossMan> It just aggravates me for some reason.
  412. [21:16] <tobyjoey> Call those a nightmare
  413. [21:16] <@MegaBossMan> Ha!
  414. [21:17] <Rhythm_BCA> if you say Yoku blocks, everyone knows what you mean
  415. [21:17] <@MegaBossMan> Unless I have no idea what Unlimited was.
  416. [21:17] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> "Alt. Name(s): Buzzing Block, Yoku Block (Supporting Block), Disappearing Block."
  417. [21:17] <RetroPikachu> "I'm not getting beat by some stupid, disappearing, blocks!
  418. [21:17] <RetroPikachu> "
  419. [21:17] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> And let's be honest.  Those other names suck.
  420. [21:17] <TailsMK4> Heat Man's was probably the worst of the Blocks in the series, I think.
  421. [21:17] <@MegaBossMan> Ah, dang it.
  422. [21:17] <@ActingModReisrat> MMZX has a painful section with them
  423. [21:17] <tobyjoey> How about Yell, Scream and Die Squares?
  424. [21:17] <@ActingModReisrat> On the other hand, it's postgame
  425. [21:17] <@MegaBossMan> Item-2 for the win in that section.
  426. [21:17] <RetroPikachu> Not really, at least you could skip the blocks unlike MMU!
  427. [21:18] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Is there anything about ZX that isn't painful?
  428. [21:18] <Rhythm_BCA> turning it off
  429. [21:18] <@MegaBossMan> MMU's Yoku Man's stage wasn't hard, but time-consuming.
  430. [21:18] <@ActingModReisrat> The Biometals, the stages, the music, the boss fights, the L4 Victories
  431. [21:18] <RetroPikachu> See you guys in a bit, going to eat dinner
  432. [21:18] <TailsMK4> See ya.
  433. [21:18] <@ActingModReisrat> Ooh, the novelty of a female main chacter
  434. [21:18] <tobyjoey> Goodbye, Retro
  435. [21:18] <@MegaBossMan> I really only played ZX for a while. It's gathering dust in my game collection as we speak.
  436. [21:18] <@MegaBossMan> Ciao.
  437. [21:19] <Spinstrike> See you guys later.
  438. [21:19] == Spinstrike [183d324f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  439. [21:19] <TailsMK4> I never got into the ZX series...cause the Zero series didn't hold my interest that long.
  440. [21:19] <@MegaBossMan> He's dead!
  441. [21:19] <@MegaBossMan> I hate Zero in general.
  442. [21:19] <TheDoc> Adrian is really stuffing his face
  444. [21:20] <@ActingModReisrat> Well screw you too MBM
  445. [21:20] <@MegaBossMan> Probably forgot about this. It's happened before.
  446. [21:20] <@MegaBossMan> Well, Zero is
  447. [21:20] <Rhythm_BCA> overglorified
  448. [21:20] <@MegaBossMan> Have you ever seen the conversation I've had with a Zero fan-boy?
  449. [21:20] <@ActingModReisrat> Better than X6
  450. [21:20] <@MegaBossMan> Probably not.
  451. [21:20] <tobyjoey> blown out of proportion
  452. [21:21] <@MegaBossMan> I told him it's likely that Zero and X almost have an equal chance of winning, but he thought that Zero would win in a few seconds. Because X hasn't defeated him before.
  453. [21:22] <@ActingModReisrat> MM%
  454. [21:22] <@ActingModReisrat> MMX5
  455. [21:22] <@MegaBossMan> Sarcasm.
  456. [21:22] <@MegaBossMan> I forgot to write sarcasm at the end of that statement.
  457. [21:23] <@MegaBossMan> He argued that Zero was supposed to kill X in Zero, but that never happened! X beating him did!
  458. [21:23] <@MegaBossMan> Mega Man Zero, to be exact.
  459. [21:23] <@ActingModReisrat> MMZ ended with Copy X dying though
  460. [21:23] <@MegaBossMan> Copy X.
  461. [21:23] <TailsMK4> Well, the storyline was kind of weird...
  462. [21:23] <@MegaBossMan> Not X.
  463. [21:23] <@ActingModReisrat> Then Z3 had him again
  464. [21:23] <TailsMK4> The one speaking to Zero at the start of the game was X, apparently.
  465. [21:24] <@ActingModReisrat> X was supposed to be the final boss of Zero
  466. [21:24] <@MegaBossMan> Yeah, but was he?
  467. [21:24] <@ActingModReisrat> But that idea went out the window
  468. [21:24] <TailsMK4> To be honest I don't remember Zero 1 that much. To me the series felt weird overall.
  469. [21:24] <@MegaBossMan> Anything after Classic lost appeal on me.
  470. [21:25] <TailsMK4> I liked some of the X series games, and I did like Legends.
  471. [21:25] <TailsMK4> For me, that was Mega Man 64, though.
  472. [21:25] <@ActingModReisrat> Classic is the least interesting series to me
  473. [21:25] <@ActingModReisrat> Starforce is marginally more
  474. [21:25] <@MegaBossMan> X was ok, Battle Network wasn't my type, Zero was riding on hype train, never played Legends, and Starforc just existed.
  475. [21:25] <TailsMK4> Never played Starforce.
  476. [21:25] <@ActingModReisrat> Starforce sucks
  477. [21:26] <@MegaBossMan> I'm sure Adrian would vouch for Battle Network.
  478. [21:26] <@MegaBossMan> At least, I think he would.
  479. [21:27] <tobyjoey> I have only played the first one, but I kinda liked it
  480. [21:27] <TailsMK4> Well, I don't know where Adrian is...but it's time for me to leave.
  481. [21:27] <@MegaBossMan> Ciao.
  482. [21:27] <tobyjoey> Bye Tails
  483. [21:27] <TailsMK4> Have a good rest of the session guys.
  484. [21:27] <@ActingModReisrat> Battle Network is fun
  485. [21:27] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> You too, huh.  Classic is still my favorite as well.  Nine probably won't replace it, but it'll also probably be more appealing than X was.
  486. [21:27] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> See you later, Tails.
  487. [21:27] <@ActingModReisrat> And 1 is the second lowest point of BN
  488. [21:27] <@MegaBossMan> Who too?
  489. [21:27] <@ActingModReisrat> Lowest being 4 by FAR
  490. [21:27] <tobyjoey> Which would you say is best?
  491. [21:28] <@MegaBossMan> 5?
  492. [21:28] <@MegaBossMan> Wait, no.
  493. [21:28] <@ActingModReisrat> I like 5 most, others like 3 or 6 most
  494. [21:28] <@ActingModReisrat> *most
  495. [21:28] <@MegaBossMan> I never liked Mega Man 8.
  496. [21:28] <@ActingModReisrat> 2 and 5 try to recover from their predecessor's mistakes
  497. [21:29] <@ActingModReisrat> 2 added the * code, making folder building MUCH easier
  498. [21:29] <@ActingModReisrat> And 5 added having chips in more than one or two codes
  499. [21:29] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> You didn't like MM8?  I thought it had very interesting Robot Masters.  And Duo is awesome.
  500. [21:29] <@MegaBossMan> Duo is awesome, everything
  501. [21:29] <tobyjoey> I will have to try 5, as that seems to be majority vote atm.
  502. [21:30] <@ActingModReisrat> The majority votes are 3 and 6 actually
  503. [21:30] <@ActingModReisrat> 5 has the Liberation Mission gimmick, and it can be a pain
  504. [21:30] <@MegaBossMan> I can't play 8. Mega Man's sprite and everytime he jumps, he makes a rubber-ducky sound. Stop!
  505. [21:30] <tobyjoey> Ok, I will try 3
  506. [21:30] <@ActingModReisrat> If you do though, play the DS port of 5
  507. [21:30] <@ActingModReisrat> Much more playable
  508. [21:30] <@MegaBossMan> But mostly the sprite.
  509. [21:31] <@MegaBossMan> I liked Mega Man 7 though. Black sheep of the series.
  510. [21:31] <@ActingModReisrat> Freeze Man is amazing
  511. [21:31] == TailsMK4 [48b1a298@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
  512. [21:31] <@MegaBossMan> RIP.
  513. [21:31] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Then go play Rockman 8 FC like I did.
  514. [21:32] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Even if it removed Duo, which is obviously the best part of the'll make the rest tolerable at worst.
  515. [21:32] <@MegaBossMan> I guess I could.
  516. [21:32] <@MegaBossMan> Better than listening to the voices.
  517. [21:32] <@ActingModReisrat> blugh
  518. [21:33] <@MegaBossMan> "Dr. Wahwee has the evil energy."
  519. [21:33] <@ActingModReisrat> X4, even if I like it most of the X series, has AWFUL cutscenes
  520. [21:33] <tobyjoey> The only passable voice to me was Wily himself
  521. [21:33] <@ActingModReisrat> I need to get around to removing the audio as well as the video from my install
  522. [21:33] <@MegaBossMan> Thankfully, X's voice was only in one cutscene.
  523. [21:33] <@ActingModReisrat> It's still abominable
  524. [21:34] <@MegaBossMan> But only a few lines, it's ok.
  525. [21:34] <@MegaBossMan> No, it isn't.
  526. [21:34] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> I liked some of the RM voices.  Grenade-Man's is awesome and Sword-Man's deserves a medal.
  527. [21:35] <RetroPikachu> back
  528. [21:35] <tobyjoey> Welcoem Back
  529. [21:35] <RetroPikachu> The intermission still isn't over O_O
  530. [21:35] <tobyjoey> *welcome
  531. [21:35] <@MegaBossMan> I lost my version of 8 way too long ago. Bought a Playstation for it and Crash. I have to play Anniversary if I want to play 8, and those files have been screwed.
  532. [21:35] <@MegaBossMan> Also, Saturn version is much better.
  533. [21:36] <RetroPikachu> I'm saving up for 50,000 viz on to play MM8 and MMX4
  534. [21:36] <RetroPikachu> How bad could MM8 be?
  535. [21:36] <@MegaBossMan> Don't play 8.
  536. [21:36] <@MegaBossMan> That's what I said.
  537. [21:36] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> Why not go play 8FC instead?
  538. [21:36] <@MegaBossMan> And look at me.
  539. [21:37] <@MegaBossMan> Play 8FC. You won't waste your viz or whatever.
  540. [21:37] <RetroPikachu> I heard that there are level differences, so I'm going to try the real MM8 and torture myself
  541. [21:37] <@MegaBossMan> Especially not on 8.
  542. [21:37] <RetroPikachu> ...I'll see
  543. [21:38] <@MegaBossMan> I hate how they gave you two stages to play for a Robot Master. Yay, waste more of my life.
  544. [21:38] <@MegaBossMan> X4 was tolerable when they did that, but 8 just hurts,
  545. [21:38] <@MegaBossMan> At least X4 is somewhat good, but 8.....
  546. [21:39] <@MegaBossMan> Why can't I stop ranting? It hurts.
  547. [21:39] <RetroPikachu> Okay, I'll try 8FC eventually, but I at least want to play X4
  548. [21:39] <@ActingModReisrat> Try the PC port
  549. [21:39] <@MegaBossMan> I'm pretty sure I wrecked someone's opinions.
  550. [21:39] <RetroPikachu> Do they even sell those anymore?
  551. [21:40] <@MegaBossMan> Wait, there was a PC port?
  552. [21:40] <RetroPikachu> ... I'm not sure
  553. [21:40] <RetroPikachu> :)
  554. [21:40] <@MegaBossMan> The only PC Mega Mans I know were those and maybe Online was PC too.
  555. [21:40] <@MegaBossMan> I mean stragety.
  556. [21:41] <@ActingModReisrat> X1, X3, X4, X5, X6, and X8 were all on PC
  557. [21:41] <@ActingModReisrat> No X2 or CM
  558. [21:41] <@MegaBossMan> Well, I learned something.
  559. [21:41] <RetroPikachu> Or X7, which I won't be playing anytime soon
  560. [21:42] <@ActingModReisrat> I just said that
  561. [21:43] <@MegaBossMan> X7 is that bad that it needs to be mentioned twice.
  562. [21:43] <@MegaBossMan> At least, I thought it was bad.
  563. [21:43] <@ActingModReisrat> Hey, the RPG mechanics were cool
  564. [21:44] <@ActingModReisrat> And X's command armor was cool
  565. [21:44] <@MegaBossMan> Nope, no saving graces.
  566. [21:44] <@ActingModReisrat> Massimo had a cool design
  567. [21:44] <@MegaBossMan> Oh wait, X is an unlockable. Because it's his game.
  568. [21:44] <@ActingModReisrat> What are you talking about?
  569. [21:44] <@ActingModReisrat> He's a mandatory party member
  570. [21:45] <RetroPikachu> MegaBossMan's talking about X7, while Reisrat is talking about Command Mission :P
  571. [21:45] <@MegaBossMan> Wait, what?
  572. [21:45] <@ActingModReisrat> So we're talking about the same game
  573. [21:45] <@ActingModReisrat> Got it
  574. [21:45] <@MegaBossMan> I thought Command Mission was different?
  575. [21:45] <@ActingModReisrat> Don't know where MBM got all these ideas of stupid mechanics from though
  576. [21:46] <@AdrianMarceau_> Hey guys
  577. [21:46] <@AdrianMarceau_> Sorry I took so long
  578. [21:46] <@ActingModReisrat> Hey
  579. [21:46] <@MegaBossMan> And he's back from eating with the Counsel!
  580. [21:46] <RetroPikachu> Hello
  581. [21:46] <@ActingModReisrat> Spent the time getting back to watching Kamen Rider Blade
  582. [21:46] <tobyjoey> Hi
  583. [21:47] <RetroPikachu> Shall we end the hour long intermission?
  584. [21:47] <CHAOS_FANTAZY> How was dinner?
  585. [21:47] <@MegaBossMan> You have a lot to read about nothing.
  586. [21:47] <@ActingModReisrat> So get on to discussing Flash Man's T2?
  587. [21:47] <@AdrianMarceau_> The length of time before dinner was actually ready was misrepresented.  >_>
  588. [21:47] <@MegaBossMan> Volt Switch?
  589. [21:47] <@AdrianMarceau_> But it was delicious if not super fat.
  590. [21:47] == ActingModReisrat changed the topic of #mmrpg to: Friday Night Brainstorm : MM2 Second Tier Abilities
  591. [21:47] <@AdrianMarceau_> Anyway
  592. [21:47] <@MegaBossMan> AKA Flash Teleport?
  593. [21:47] <@ActingModReisrat> Official resume of talking
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