Ability Tree

Jan 25th, 2014
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  1. You can unlock new trees in various ways! Try to collect them all!
  3. Visualization of the trees are here. Much thanks to the anon who organized them:
  4. Main Trees:
  5. Secondary Trees:
  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  7. Bein' the Boss! - Leadership Tree! You get exp by bein' a leader.
  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. ) Natural Likeability - Bonus to all diplomatic relations.
  13. ) Alignment: Evil Good - Natural diplomacy bonus to people on the extreme ends of a linear morality.
  15. ) Moonlight Champion. Your troops maintain a high morale despite overwhelming odds. In addition, enemies whose spirits are completely crushed may find you inspiring.
  17. ) What is so Great About Gods? - You gain exp quicker! And get a slight diplomacy penalty with unfriendly clerics.
  19. ) Dat's our boss! - Your very presence grants a morale bonus to the abilities of your loyal minions.
  21. ) Like a Stray Cat - For some reason people want to take care of you, even if you have no real skills or use. Natural diplomacy bonus to matronly and lonely nice guy characters.
  23. ) Dark Goddess of Victory! Your very presence inspires your troops to greater heights of power! Your foes tremble before your might and your allies sing songs of your glory! ...At least that is what you tell yourself when you feel bad and lonely, or scared by the number of enemies you're facing. You get bonus stats equal to the number of people you're in combat with, allies included!
  25. ) As Expected of Me! - You've convinced yourself that you have to lead by example! Acts of heroism grant a temporary super stat bonus!
  27. ) Bite the Hand that Feeds You - Just because you're a good girl doesn't mean you like to get told what to do all the time! You have a little more flexible in avoiding your superior's orders, and gain a diplomacy bonus (and attack bonus, if it comes to that) against people from your own faction! ) You would have a Dark QUEEN - You do not deny that your heart has greatly desired this. Beautiful and terrible as the morn! Treacherous as the Seas! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love you and despair! Your troops are yours and yours alone, and they think of you as their leader, not some dark elf lady they've never met or a dragon they don't know. Your troops will rarely refuse commands.
  28. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  30. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  31. ) If you Feed Them - You like being fed. It is one of many traits you share with wild animals, and you know how to use food as a diplomatic tool! Everyone has an increase in morale, and you can tame wild animals easier!
  33. ) Everybody Calm Down Right Now! - This ability allows you to force a conflict to a stop through sheer personality. You'll be given a brief moment to resolve things through diplomacy! If that fails, the conflict will continue.
  34. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  35. My Sword is Fight - Basic Combat Tree, you get exp from fightin'.
  36. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  38. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  39. ) Spin to Win - You can whip up a good spinning dash move to really slam into someone. Requires some space and a head start.
  41. ) MEGATON SKY HAMMER - It's just a jump slash.
  43. ) There is Nothing My Choppa Cannot Chop - You gain a large armor penetration bonus.
  45. ) Wary Tortoise Stance - You are adept at spinning your sword into place to shield your body.
  47. ) Absolute Defense of the Box Turtle - Slamming the sword into the ground makes it a great super attack stopper!
  49. ) Monkey Grip - Why does this feat exist? Haha! Time for one handed attacks!
  51. ) Bite of the Snapping Turtle - From the Wary Tortoise stance, you can change your defensive spin into a deadly poke! For some reason it hits really hard, but you're not sure why.
  53. ) Grouchiness of the Terrapin - With this, while you are in Wary Tortoise stance or any turtle move, you automatically execute a deadly counter attack when someone tries to hurt you!
  55. ) Enchantment of the Spotted Turtle - You've always thought spotted turtles were pretty. And now you have a grace to match their beauty! While spinning or using any other turtle maneuver and attack, you can no longer be knocked off balance and gain greater control over the direction! ) Softshell Soft Belly - You know for a fact that softshell turtles have soft, cute bellies. And while your own stomach is soft and also cuter than any of those flabby "beautiful women" those boys go on about, the lesson here is this: Everyone has their own metaphysical "soft belly"! And you know just where to find it! Turtle Attacks and attacks while in a turtle stance will aim and strike weakpoints without fail!
  56. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  58. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  59. ) Tokka Form! - While in the Wary Tortoise Stance, you can lash out with one arm. You won't be able to make a precise strike, but you might be able to land some blows in a crowded environment!
  61. ) Improved Improvised Dual Wield - Sometimes when you're hackin' and whackin' you find yourself outgunned. In those situations, it is handy to pick something up and get twice the smackin' for your trouble! You're really good at incorporating every day blunt objects in your attack patterns now.
  63. ) Rahzar's Wild Ride - Never stop moving! With Rahzar's Wild Ride, you will be able to move in a controlled manner while attacking everything around you! No more shaking about uncontrollably. On top of this, you have heightened defensive reflexes! The downside is you get really exhausted doing this, and you can't do it for very long.
  65. ) Struggle of the Sea Turtle - Sea Turtle babies fight for their lives the moment they are born! The trials of these adorable reptiles are something you can sympathize with. You get a large increase in general toughness!
  67. ) RISING METEOR'S FINAL JUDGEMENT PENANCE SLASH - The power of your comrades, lost and present encourage your every move. You are the boss. You decide fate on the battlefield. Only you can wield this colossal blade for the justice you believe in! - Requires 8 points in this tree to be purchased.
  68. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  69. Can you Even Classify These Humanoids as Monstrous? - Goblin tree! Be a goblin.
  70. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  72. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  73. ) Rough n' Tough! - You are rougher and tougher than your average unclassed NPC. Enjoy being a monster!
  75. ) Super Sneaky Tech - Stealth bonus.
  77. ) Everything Has a Weak Point - Can stab while smashing. Dagger use bonus.
  79. ) Including Goblins - Perhaps especially goblins! You are now perhaps more than ever aware of your own shortcomings! This will help you avoid goblin related bad decisions.
  81. ) Really Eat Anything - You have a cast iron stomach and become immune to most poisons and diseases that would occur from ingesting something.
  83. ) Longevity of the Non-Goblin - You'll live way longer than a goblin! More hp and age cap is raised. Let's have a long fulfilling life, okay you guys?
  85. ) If it is nailed down then we just have to steal the nails - You become adept at quickly dismantling security and taking practically everything that can be stolen. You get a bonus to looting! And you spend less time doing so in time sensitive scenarios.
  87. ) Why Fight When You Can Poison? - Well, you can sneak. That means you can probably sneak poison in on a tough opponent. You've got a big sword, but that doesn't mean there are guys you can always beat with it. It's best to leave your options open! You become passingly familiar with poisons and can start implementing them in your tactics effectively.
  89. ) Courage of the Non-Goblin - This ability allows you to pass any sort of fear check you might face. Including supernatural or spell based fear attacks! You also can agree to more bold plans than you would normally agree to.
  90. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  92. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  93. ) Back"stab" - With stealth you can wield your sword in critical sneak attacks! They'll never see you coming! You cause a ridiculous amount of damage if you catch an opponent off guard.
  95. ) Grim Dark Veteran - When times get tough, you get tougher. You've survived, seen, eaten, and done things most people have never had to consider! Which is your regularly every day life for a goblin like you. Your ability to survive alone in the wilds is vastly increased!
  97. ) Advanced Lootology - You're not just a casual looter. You've grown beyond that. You can loot physical things, yes, but can you loot even the soul of a nation? Now you can! While looting, you are able to steal the very concepts and foundations of a nation, and add them to your own. If you want.
  98. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  99. Five More Minutes, Mom! - Sea Mother's Blessing Tree. Furthering her agenda gets you exp.
  100. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  101. CURRENT(hehe) SKILLS:
  102. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  103. ) Shrimply Amazing Breath Control! - You can breathe underwater for a long time! A super long time. How long? Who could know. Extend the length with the use of Tidal Points.
  105. ) There is Nothing My Cutter Cannot Cuttle - You can spend Tidal Points to enhance your armor penetration to incredible levels! Sunder most anything!
  107. ) Clam Up, you Barnacle Blasted Battler - The Sea Mother's blessing can increase your natural armor temporarily at the cost of some Tidal Points.
  108. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  109. Why Do Folks Keep Callin' Me a Sword Saint? - Skills are disabled when you are in heavy armor
  110. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  111. Current Skills?
  112. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  113. ) Shax Gonna Give it To Ya - Word has started to get out about a certain goblin with a giant sword. The word on the streets is that she is an expert swordswoman, as serene as a tornado, with motions as fluid as diarrhea. Passive increase to swordsmanship! Your legend has started to grow.
  115. ) The Non-Stop Pop Pop and Stainless Steel - Physical training has given your body the endurance to fight on far beyond your normal limits! Extreme boost to HP and Stamina, as well as giving you a gold necklace with reckless diamonds.
  117. ) No Matter How Many Cats I Break Bread With... - You get a large damage bonus to anyone you've had diplomatic relations with! The more they like you... the more you can hurt them. You'd never need this, though, right?!
  118. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  119. Available skills:
  120. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  121. ) First we Gonna ROCK - The start of a combo chain. A dash forward with your sword lowered like a lance at super-goblin speed.
  123. ) I Ain't Got It So You Can't Get It - You're able to preemptively read where an attack is coming from, letting you parry something on instinct. Massive boost to defensive skills!
  125. ) Cause I am Right So I Gotsta Win! - Your determination has gone beyond that of a normal warrior. You're able to ignore even fatal wounds! They'll still, you know, kill you. But they won't stop you from fighting on. You now have a ridiculous tolerance for pain.
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