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  1. Proto-Lang dictionary
  3. Infixes:
  4. Noun Inflectional:
  5. e, actor
  6. d, owner
  7. ik, receiver
  8. ud, action place, place of action
  9. v, place of reception
  10. i, tool
  11. a, receiver, differs from ik because this is not physical
  12. Verb inflectional:
  13. p, individual
  14. uk, continuous, ongoing, implies movement forwards
  15. ad, sporadic but regular, same movement forwards as uk
  16. ig, beginning
  17. eg, end
  18. u, possible/possibility
  19. Animancy:
  20. ed, Intelligence
  21. iw, Active
  22. ag, Inactive
  23. Other:
  24. o, parent noun
  25. ak, consumable(able to be caused to ended/to be ended
  26. od, great/more
  28. Roots:
  29. ban, Fire/heat
  30. war, Water (affricates function both as plosives and fricatives in this conlang)
  31. jen, Not or opposite
  32. sav, end something ongoing
  33. hun, to a question, interrogative enclitic
  34. siz, sweet/pleasant
  35. son, sound
  36. jun, love
  37. hob, object/physical
  38. sum, similar/like
  39. bul, Subclause indicator
  40. hav, thought/head
  41. fan, one which moves
  42. jew, eyes/see
  43. wan, bad/unhappy
  44. zal, tall/large
  45. fol, cold
  46. saj, far or distant
  48. Complex roots:
  49. jukun, lover/family member
  50. jpun,  sex
  51. hukob, world/presence
  52. sakiz, desert/sweet food
  53. sodon, loud noise
  54. sa'on, speech listening, listener(kinda works as you)
  55. sikon, speech listening, listener(differs from saon because saon requires the hearer to understand what is going on)
  56. hdav,  one who is wise
  57. fedan, human
  58. ju'ew, sees something that might((the object) seems)
  59. wiwar, waves/churning water
  60. zodal, sky/heaven
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