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  1. <!-- Recent Location Start -->
  2.           <div class="recent-location" *ngIf="recentLocations.length > 0">
  3.             <div class="recent-title" style="color: #fff !important;"> Recent locations</div>
  4.             <div class="recent-search-block">
  5.               <div class="example">
  6.                 <mat-card style="overflow-y:visible" *ngFor="let location of recentLocations.slice(-2).reverse()">
  7.                   <label style="cursor: pointer;" (click)="getLocation(location)">
  8.                     <i style="font-size:15px;margin-right: 6px;" class="fa fa-map-marker"></i>{{location?.name}}</label>
  9.                 </mat-card>
  10.               </div>
  11.             </div>
  12.           </div>
  13.           <!-- Recent Location End -->
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