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  1. DIGGOO:
  2. yeah but i only wanted the one fish
  3. [3:04pm] DIGGOO:
  4. i asked her out
  5. [3:05pm] DIGGOO:
  6. she said okay and asked if i meant as friends or something more
  7. [3:05pm] DIGGOO:
  8. and i told her how i had feelings
  9. [3:05pm] DIGGOO:
  10. then she misunderstood something
  11. [3:05pm] DIGGOO:
  12. and after all she said we could go as friends
  13. [3:05pm] DIGGOO:
  14. but of course it would be just make me feel worse
  15. [3:05pm] DIGGOO:
  16. so i said to forget it
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