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  1. i am formally requesting the addition of these bugs to the known issues thread - it currently includes none of them (this is a reorganized+updated list):
  5. 1. [COLOR="WHITE"]the jarring / recoil bug as mentioned here:[/COLOR]
  6. 2. [COLOR="WHITE"]items can be equipped twice, ie: 2 prox mines and 2 he nades etc... some have reported this is due to the gold pack equips.[/COLOR]
  10. 1. [COLOR="WHITE"]when pressing fire before releasing the sprint key, the gun jams. every... single... time... even a split second before... (has nothing to do with ADS)[/COLOR]
  11. 2. sprint cannot be initiated while a strafe key is pressed. ie: holding left+forward then pressing run, does nothing. must release strafe, then press run. this is extremely unintuitive.
  12. 3. pressing the sprint key while it is already pressed (via autohotkey for example) will cause you to ADS instead... really? lol sprint+sprint = ADS... ok...
  13. 4. nades cannot be primed while sprinting. this also applies to some other gear/deployables.
  14. 5. nades sometimes disappear and don't explode, often when they fly into a wall or a floor.
  15. 6. nades sometimes cannot be primed and just slip out of your hand instead (possible sprint bug)
  16. 7. after using a gear item, your weapon should switch back to one you were last using. currently it always switches back to your primary, forcing another switch in bad situations.
  17. 8. the setting 'auto weapon switch' should switch when your current clip reaches zero, not when your total ammunition reaches zero. currently it is a useless option.
  21. 1. [COLOR="WHITE"]spectator count (+0,+1) tips hackers off. remove this feature or make it visible to server admins only, but remove ASAP.[/COLOR]
  22. 2. in the clan tab, make members the default tab and move it to the left. i don't need to see information every time i want to see the member list...
  23. 3. items from the store have the 'use now' option selected by default even though settings/accounts/auto-equip is set to disabled.
  24. 4. settings, server browser and customization pages have no 'back' button in lower left hand corner. escape still works. this occurs on all mentioned pages after you visit the settings page twice.
  25. 5. scrolling inventory and other dialogs, writing mail, etc... are all interrupted when the chat window gains focus upon receiving a new line.
  26. 6. node hacking ui widget shows up in place of your crosshair, making it impossible to aim properly from behind a node.
  27. 7. cons elo-tech (and other scopes) are missing dark textures on some maps, not on others (dynamic lighting disabled).
  29. ---- HRV GLITCHES
  31. 1. [COLOR="WHITE"]pressing sprint+ADS at the same time while leaving HRV 'toggles' ADS, even after the ADS key is released (and toggle is disabled).[/COLOR]
  32. 2. if you exit HRV at the same time as someone is deploying a holo-decoy, and possibly looking directly at it, then it will remain 'glowing' thereafter.
  33. 3. sometimes if you exit HRV with the sight pointing at a player, possibly during their death animation, their name remains above your crosshair until you die.
  37. 1. spawn fixes. spawns can be controlled on small maps, and are easily predictable even on larger ones. you can, in effect 'run' the spawns.
  38. 3. stair glitching / especially evac near A capture point or right beside any KOTH node... no interpolation done for vertical movement.
  39. 4. sometimes, when struck with shurikens that are on the ground (possibly on aoe's edge), you hear the stun sound and see the visual effect, the screen stops 'swaying/bobbing', but you can move at normal speed.
  40. 2. tomahawks can only be thrown and picked up twice when lodged in an enemy, sometimes less.
  41. 5. on deadlock, corpses sometimes glitch in between the buildings.
  42. 6. elevator glitches. sometimes don't activate. sometimes activate constantly. they are possessed.
  43. 7. when picking up weapon, or switching weapons, t-frame animation occurs (sometimes it remains stuck afterward). refernece:
  45. --- GRAPHICS / TEXT
  47. 1. silverwood ch-x25 description says 3x zoom, stats actually say 4x.
  49. ---- CRASHES / HANGS
  51. 1. users with low video ram report out of video memory. however, can be reproduced on any system by quickly joining/leaving 50+ games as a spectator.
  52. 2. view last match often causes a crash. appears to be a video driver hang.
  53. 3. alt+tab in DX11 mode is bugged. it keeps setting it back to windowed/fullscreen mode? also overlays the windows cursor in the BLR ui. not transitioning properly. DX9 works for the most part.
  54. 4. menu memory leak:
  56. ---- SUGGESTIONS
  58. 1. [COLOR="WHITE"]we need more maps. ultimately, the number and quality of the maps are the only things that will keep people interested, besides the variety of guns and equipment. i'd say maps come first however, there's already so much gear i could shit a rainbow.[/COLOR]
  59. 2. [COLOR="WHITE"]prox mines should deal 220 damage PBAoE, roughly 200 dmg on average at a slight distance, so they leave you low health, not dead. 170-180 further away, so they can still damage speed builds when they dodge it. they should be a heavy deterrent, not a kill. they can be placed in some very annoying locations in chokes, and also spawnpoints. or they can be thrown around corners, making for cheap kills which dont suffer from drawbacks like grenade priming time and warning sound.[/COLOR]
  60. 3. depot either needs a 15-20 second cooldown timer (visible above each depot) or as someone else suggested: make health from depot regenerate over a period of 3-5 seconds, and have gear slots re-armed using the heavy weapon refill instead of ammo refill.
  61. 4. default for 'recoil reset' should be disabled, default for 'spectate through death' should be enabled, default for 'hrv toggle' should be disabled
  62. 5. disable chat access for level 10 and below (or xxx zen transferred). hackers spamming global with links again. also, alt account spammers posting obscenities/racist material.
  63. 6. trade dialog
  64. 7. armor/equipment loadouts
  66. ---- S+D / LMS / LTS BALANCES
  68. 1. alternate offensive/defensive rounds in S+D instead of 5 defensive then 5 offensive. (fixed?)
  69. 2. revival injectors should be off limits. heal injectors are ok. to prevent a team from getting 3-4 men up at the end vs only 1.
  70. 3. killcam should be disabled, or possibly locked to your player for the duration, then switch to your team.
  71. 4. should really disable 3rd person spectate and implement 1st person for these modes as well :\
  72. 5. lots of S+D bomb locations are in bad spots, with depots near them favoring the defending team.
  74. ---- FIXED
  76. 1. now slightly easier to obtain data nodes of higher quality through various reward systems, node packs and chance packs.
  77. 2. grenade/AOE effect physics were improved but not completely fixed.
  78. 3. turret/assault bot AI was improved considerably.
  79. 4. stats were fixed (for the most part), and expanded to infinity and beyond.
  80. 5. sounds not playing. ie: footsteps, firing/reload sounds, etc...
  81. 6. countless OS bugs patched.
  82. 7. when adding multiple mail attachments, they don't show up in the mail window.
  83. 8. First person spectate (in the works).
  84. 9. spectator UI respawn/revive glitch (known issues).
  86. also, despite the fact that some of these items may appear to be suggestions - they are not - ie:
  88. clan tab - most people expect it to be the default tab and will consider this a bug regardless of how you classify it, etc...
  90. spectator count - is a bug because it allows hackers to circumvent the only mechanic made to spot them - spectator mode, etc...
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