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@rileymodz1 prices and questions

RileyModz1 Jun 19th, 2017 169 Never
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  5. --- PRICES ---
  6. -Co host $7 an hour
  7. -BO2 Recovery $5
  8. -Gta V money drop $3
  9. -Gta V recovery $8
  10. ------------------
  11. Some common questions
  12. - Can I mod Xbox one? NO. Xbox one modding is not possible and that means that I can not give you a GTA V recovery for Xbox One. You can not transfer your 360 account to the Xbox one either. For Black ops 2 the only reason that Xbox one users can have the mod menu is because the 360 modders are co hosting them on the same server.
  13. - I do not take anything except PayPal and possibly a Xbox Gold card depending on the length. I don't take Amazon, ITunes, Xbox cards ETC.
  14. - How do you mod? I bought a modded Xbox 360 that has a special chip soldered the motherboard. Referred to as an RGH ( reset glitch hack ) - How much was your RGH. I sent my RGH in for $50 to davisornaw but I had to pay for shipping and other expenses. Full consoles not sent in range from $110-$200
  15. - How do you un ban your Xbox when it gets Console banned? In order to un ban your Xbox, you must buy what's called a KV (key vault) for anywhere from $3 to $5 (prices range) it's basically your console identity that Microsoft bans.
  16. - Do I mod for free? No I will not waste my time on you. I do not want to hear any of your wild excuses either because I don't care and I don't have time to do stuff for free.
  17. - Where did I buy my console from? @davisornaw
  18. -Do you need my Microsoft email and password to do a recovery? I need your email and password to do a GTA V recovery. For a black ops 2 recovery I just need your Gamertag. Or I can sign in to your account and it will be more convenient for me.
  19. -if I made any mistakes in this or you want me to add something just DM me. I will refer you to this if you dm me asking a question I answered
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