Rap Notes For Rapping

Rapp_GoDD Aug 24th, 2019 61 Never
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  1. My rap is so ridiculous I'm quick with  the sickness people tend to like it
  2. wanna be my sidekick I say that's ok you just go your way And I'll go mine, stay in line his jumpshot wet like mine eating lemon lime playing with slime stay on my grind some people call me prime time because i know how to rhyme my rapping don't waste time rapping like busta rhyme sleeping like its my bedtime calling my mom on facetime stupid people do stupid crime then the receive jail time always gotta keep a chain on my neck for the people with disrespect gotta go get my check some things i gotta ressareck walking down the street  rapping to my beat got the heat on my feet some people i had to defeat playing basketball like an athlete sitting in a car seat in the stadium we compete running got my heartbeat pumping got my legs jumping got camels humping Tupac in the west side to bad he died i sat there an cried sat on the side Biggie shot four times droppin his dimes it was sad times his rhymes were crazy after that i got lazy bloomin like a daisy clouds becoming hazy chain hanging low switched up my flow you might be thinking im rapping slow took me 12 years to grow ice becoming snow my bars are the same traveling around the world with fame stay on my game stay in my line aint nothing the same putting people to shame my money i had to claim i happy about what i became by bars are insane not lame gotta big brain knowledge i had to gain sitting on the plane having a layer of cells call it membrane walking like my cane hanging like my chain had to take the blame it put me to shame had to switch to my main on the heat like dwayne swirling up like a storm or a hurricane fears i overcame took me years to train my bars i had to reclaim spitting fire or flame
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