Current Tactician x Former Thief A

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  1. [01:22:14] <DevaliousL> The tactician would wake back at his desk once more. Face still a bit red even now, he'd wipe away the tears and pick himself up to start the day. "Alright, back at it again. I can't falter now, I will get a lead..." Heading out into the town, he'd stay true to his newly formed route that made it damn near impossible for anyone to find and or follow him. He'd visit secluded areas in town, asking various townsfolk about recent rumors before heading to the outskirts of town to plan his route. "Damn..I've still not found a single it truly impossible?"
  2. [01:22:14] <DevaliousL> If for some reason, a certain former thief were to be crossing by this part of town, they'd spot Lucas leaning up against the wall near the town's entrance. A vacant stare upon him as he gazed out at the open field. As far you're aware, it's been days since anyone had last spotted him.  He'd been talked about at dinner maybe once or twice, but it appeared for the most part he didn't wish to be distrubed. A strange thing, that.
  3. [01:22:22] <DevaliousL> Well, wether or not you decide to appoach him is ultimately up to you. He doesn't look to be in the best of moods, but perhaps he could use a little cheering up.
  4. [01:22:25] <DevaliousL> (Didn't mean for it to be that long, but okay)
  5. [01:24:48] <Flamy> A few days this Acaian could understand. Some men needed some time alone. But several? No, that was NOT OKAY WHATSOEVER. "LUCAS!" Edwin ran to the tactician, hoping that they would not run away.
  6. [01:25:28] <DevaliousL> "Ah.." he'd turn his head, albeit a bit slowly. "Edwin is it...did you need something from me?"
  7. [01:25:42] * DevaliousL is now known as ``Lucas
  8. [01:25:46] <``Lucas> (Much better)
  9. [01:26:49] <Flamy> The Trickster was not amused at all. "Yes, I need something from you! Why haven't you been around at all? What happened?" Two too many questions.
  10. [01:28:40] <``Lucas> "It's nothing...really, I've just been lost in thoughts lately.." He'd once again turn his head to look elsewhere. Back to the distant fields it seemed. "You needn't be so concerned with it, I'd rather not talk about...." He froze for a moment, and the spark of light seemed to reach his head. "Hold on.."
  11. [01:29:11] <``Lucas> "Edwin!" He'd call out a bit louder than expected, approaching him rather suddenly as well. "I have...someting to ask you."
  12. [01:30:02] <Flamy> "Fire away, my fellow Acaian," Well, he seemed to be alright right now.
  13. [01:31:16] <``Lucas> "It's...well." He'd stop for a moment, collecting his thoughts for something big. "We may not have been traveling long together Edwin but...I believe I can trust you with this information. After may very well be my last hope in this matter." A bit vague with that he certainly was. Plus it seemed like he'd dropped all notion of formality.
  14. [01:34:26] <``Lucas> "But have to promise me something. If you can agree to those terms..I'll tell you everything I can. Be it my history or the things I've done..I'll gladly answer it all, this means more to me than you could ever know."
  15. [01:37:41] <``Lucas> "We'll call it...a gamble of sorts. I'll explain my plea...but you must swear yourself to secrecy. Think you can handle it?"
  16. [01:39:44] <Flamy> "Of course I can. I might not be a thief anymore, but... I'm still the Edwin you know," Taking this a little more seriously, Edwin nodded. "Do tell."
  17. [01:43:43] <``Lucas> "..Right, you're no longer a thief. But perhaps I can change your mind on that temporarily?" Now things were getting to be a bit suspcious. "You may be skilled in the art of thievery, but how is your informational gathering skills? Surely you've had to have made some connections to the underside of world." His voice sounded a bit desperate. Still, he continued. "I...made a mistake's something I may live to regret for the rest of my life. I want to fix it...but, I'm afraid I can't do so on my own." He'd give the former thief a piercing stare as he wrapped things up. "I need you to help me find someone...a man named Krauss Dunois."
  18. [01:45:06] <``Lucas> Perhaps you might not have heard it from him anywhere. But officially Lucas' full name is Lucas Dunois. A suspicious detail you might find if you'd heard Lucas introduce himself in full previously.
  19. [01:46:30] <Flamy> "Espionage? Well, it's not that different from thievery, right? Still... who might this 'Krauss Dunois' be? An old friend? Eternal foe?" More like now things were getting interesting!
  20. [01:49:54] <``Lucas> "He' brother." Here comes the downcast look. "Truth be's been years since I heard from him. He'd been gone a long while even before I set out from Acaih..." He'd start to look even worse for the wear as he went on. "My brother...he's..well, I really don't know what to say about him. He's a bit of a wanderer like me, you see. He decided he wished to see the world one day, and just left." At least, that's what he was told. "The reason I need to find him is...." Now for the big reveal. "A long time ago...there was a girl I was quite fond of. She was the light of my life back in the old days in Acaiah...I still remember her smile now." A sigh to pass the moment. "However, time moves on and feelings fade...I dare say my hearts been captured again but...there are things that need to be dealt with first."
  21. [01:52:37] <``Lucas> "Before my brother left, he made a bet with me...I was to find him, a year after he'd left. For some time I didn't understand what he meant, but eventually I realized it..." His voice was bit hollow now, seemed it was taking a lot just to speak about this. "This girl I knew...though she was my first love, it wasn't meant to be...her affection was reserved for my brother you see. It was only a few months after his
  22. [01:52:37] <``Lucas> depature, when she decided she would set off to find him...I tried to warn her, but unfortunately she left before I knew it."
  23. [01:53:38] <Flamy> The Trickster took a deep breath, and placed a hand on Lucas's shoulder. "So you seek closure." Edwin would ask who this new person was, but that wasn't important right now. "Then I shall help you, my friend. Have you any... leads that I may work with?"
  24. [01:55:36] <``Lucas> The sudden hand on his shoulder shocked him...but soon after he felt relieved. "Something like that anyways...there's something I have to ask of my brother...and depending on his answer, It may lead me to battle." He'd pause for a moment, before deciding to not delibirate on it further. "As for leads..unfortunately I've turned up nothing. I've been at this for's starting to feel hopeless now..I really don't want to leave her waiting.."
  25. [01:55:48] <``Lucas> He would refrain from naming this mystery girl.
  26. [01:55:53] <``Lucas> It was sort of obvious to most though.
  27. [01:56:00] <``Lucas> You'd need only look at the course of recent events.
  28. [01:57:19] <``Lucas> "My brother is a swordsman, his fighting style should reflect his homeland of Acaiah. I've heard many rumors of strong swordsman in these lands..but none of them amounted to anything."
  29. [01:57:57] <``Lucas> "He's the type to prove himself...he has a habit of making his presence known wherever he goes..."
  30. [02:00:57] <Flamy> "Hrm... experienced swordsman whom I can only assume trained you rather gruesomely, and would make himself known..." Sadly, Edwin never really got proper training... well, except for using swords. He had some actual experience, but most of it had been really just improvisation. Must be why he sucks. "Well, Sirrolantia is a large city, so I'm sure we could
  31. [02:00:57] <Flamy> find someone talking about it..."
  32. [02:01:54] <``Lucas> "I've certainly tried my's been days without any true leads."
  33. [02:02:12] <``Lucas> "But I'm not all that experienced when it comes to these sorts of things, so there's no telling what I've likely missed."
  34. [02:03:37] <Flamy> "You've come to the right man, Lucas Dunois," Don't trust him on that. He's really doing this for his ex(?). "I shall find what I can about him."
  35. [02:04:39] <``Lucas> "Edwin..." His eyes had nearly grown tear-filled, but alas, he managed to bite the feelings back. "You have my thanks..friend. I feared the worse..but your words certainly leave me a bit re-assured."
  36. [02:10:38] <Flamy> "Hah, no worries, Lucas," Edwin grinned at the tactician. "Now then, how about we return to the others? I'm sure they're all worried about you being gone for a good while." And her, one could suppose!
  37. [02:11:18] <``Lucas> "Go on ahead without me, I'll catch up in a have my word on that one."
  38. [02:11:20] <Giantree> Elsewhere, alone in her room, Eileen sneezes.
  39. [02:16:34] <Flamy> With a nod, Edwin makes his journey back. "Don't take too long now. I heard tonight's dinner isn't going to be good cold!" Was he implying that Lucas would take that long? Wow, rude.
  40. [02:19:25] <``Lucas> Alone once more, the, Lucas stares back out at the field. This time with a bit of a smile. "Thank you Edwin...truly." He'd speak to himself a bit after, reminding himself where he was, and why he was fighting. After passing some time like this, he held out a small notebook. Seemed it was the one from before (Not the pun one). Holding it back in his arm, he set his sight beyond, and threw the package of notes off into the distance. Far enough that it was no longer within sight. (Dude has a killer throwing arm). With a light clap to bring that part of him to a close, he'd turn to face the town, headin back in to meet up with the others now.
  41. [02:20:05] <``Lucas> (And that's a wrap for me)
  42. [02:20:17] <Flamy> (Same! It's 12:20AM.)
  43. [02:20:32] <Flamy> > Lucas and Edwin have attained a Support Rank of A!
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