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  1. First 2 Eyes - G1 takes left buff, G2 right
  2. Wave 1 - (1 Eye, 3 Tentacles, 1 Maw)
  3. Everyone apart from G1 kills eyes and tentacles this wave, You go Eye, wait crash - tentacle - tentacle
  4. Group 1 kills the Maw once there buff runs out and picks up the Maw buffs
  6. Wave 2 - 3 Maws, 1 Eye, 1 tentacle
  7. Kill tentacle, dodge Death throes.
  8. Kill 2 maws at SAME TIME
  9. Group 1 and 2 can stay out and hit eye, everyone else kill tentacle (you HAVE to beat the crash), either die at same time or make sure they're 6 seconds apart at least.
  11. Wave 3 - 3 eyes, 1 maw, 1 tentacle
  12. Windrush over, kill 2 maws
  13. Go over to the eye-tentacle-eye clump, only DoTs on eye near the maws you just killed.
  14. DoT classes stay out and kill eye, everyone else go kill tentacle, the eye and tentacle MUST die at same time.
  15. Kill the other eye (The one near the maws doesn't have to die, can still leave it alive)
  17. Wave 4 - This is where you start FFA'ing a bit. 2 Maws, 1 eye, 1 tentacle.
  18. Kill tentacle thats to the left of the entrance, you MUST beat the crash. From this point on just decide what to kill on the fly, there's a tentacle in the north of the room that you can debuff and try beat the next crash but if you can't just stay out and play safe. From this point on your basically making decision on how comfortable you feel. You can kill maw's for fast debuffs if dps have CDs coming up and you don't think you can kill a tentacle before crash. But your priority should always be to kill a tentacle. Tanks should be really vocal with there buffs here and whoever's making the decision should be really vocal with tanks about when buffs are coming and what you want them on.
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