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  1. >Meloetta a Ash's Hat OTP
  2. >inb4 isn't correct, doesn't follow canon, etc
  3. >inb4 >implying Pokémon have genitals
  4. >inb4 Meleotta is a 'girl'
  6. Just enjoy it and apologies for any mistakes.
  8. ---
  10. Tiny paddles reached for took the hat away from the navy-haired boys’ head. Meloetta paused, mouth in an ‘o’ shape before it curved upwards into a sinister smile, already plotting what to do with it. She’d hide it, yes, precisely! She’d hide it away from the boy and then he wouldn’t know what to do without it! He’d need something to ‘replace’ it and… she could be it! There’s no way he’d ignore her then, he’d just have to hold her and keep her close and muzzle her and…
  12. The little half-psychic Pokémon turned invisible and floated away, hair trailing behind her and disappeared back between the trees, into the forest. She’d find a good hiding place, where that boy wouldn’t even think of looking and she’d put the hat there! Perfect! The little Pokémon hopped from branch to branch, delving deeper into the wood.
  14. First thing’s first is that she’d have to find the perfect place to hide it; beneath a rock, inside a bush with little crawling caterpillars, in a little hole with leaves on top? No, even better! Meloetta stared up at the tallest, thickest tree in the entire forest that stood proudly, covering a huge area and blocking out most of the sun, making a dapple pattern on the grassy earth below.
  16. She flew upwards, into the hollowed-out most part of the tree. Inside the tree’s hollow, was a tiny nest made of straw, twigs and old crunchy leaves mixing with some fresher green too. It was presumably a Hoothoot’s nest and not wanting to disrupt it, Meloetta pushed the nest aside just a little and set the hat down right in the middle and sat on top of it, one leg on either side of the hat, looking out over the forest below.
  18. From where she was, she could just make out parts of the group and she focused intently on the little, messy-head of black-blue hair she could just make out through the leaves. Her lips curved into a mischievous smile and she brought her two dainty paddle-like hands to her mouth and laughed, shifting on the hat and moving back and forth on top of the little bump at the top of it.
  20. Meloetta could barely contain her excitement, watching the small group of people converse and talk amongst one another. The boy reached up to his head and went to re-adjust his hat but couldn’t find the familiar peak of the baseball cap and frowned. It was gone from his head, he couldn’t believe it! Meloetta laughed again and jumped up, rubbing once again against the hat and leaned forward, hands resting on the brim of the hat.
  22. She watched eagerly from the great height of the tree she sat inside and thought once again about the boy. How she would be able to lovingly wrap her arms around one of his and stare up at him with loving, affectionate eyes. How he’d set her around his shoulders and hold onto her delicate white legs and trek across Unova together, seeing the great sights of the land with one another.
  24. She’d have a new group of friends too; that Oshawott and that Piplup. Even if it seemed like they didn’t get along together, she certainly enjoyed their companionship and Pikachu’s too! A new family, new friends and someone who would care for her and love her forever! It was perfect! And it would all come about simply from a missing hat.
  26. Meloetta sighed happily and leaned down over the hat, around half her size and hugged it close to her body, inhaling and taking in the scent of the boy. Her eyes closed tightly and she smiled to herself and rocked her body once again, crotch passing over the little bump of fabric, similar to a button, on top of the hat. She sighed softly and her smile slowly faded from her face.
  28. She bit her lip and frowned, rocking her body forward once again over Ash’s hat. She passed over that tiny bump again and repeated the motion, passing and rocking over it time and time again, finally letting a soft sigh slip past her lips. Her body bucked and hunched over the hat, clinging onto the hat as tightly as possible. Her body moved against the hat, heat beginning to burn up through the tiny Pokémon’s body.
  30. Her brow furrowed and she let a melodic little moan slip past her lips, up her throat. Her eyes opened and her head was spinning, the outside sunlight hurting her eyes; they’d been closed for so long in sweet, virgin pleasure. Meloetta could still see his red shoes and blue shirt and she watched him through the leaves, still rocking her body forward against and again.
  32. Her verdant hair clung to and stuck to her pale, creamy forehead with sweat. She moved her hair from her face and panted for breath, coming out ragged and out of synch. She continued to grind and bump against the hat, gasping and moaning, her tiny body trembling in burning pleasure. Her pale pink lips parted and she frowned harder, feeling a sensation starting to build within her tiny body.
  34. Something was building up inside of her body and she didn’t know what it was but it felt so good, the Pokémon didn’t want to stop. Meloetta helplessly and desperately moved her body against the hat, bumping forward in need and sighed heavily, frowning hard as her body bucked. Her body burned on the inside with heat but she let it all out with a long, melodic moan of pleasure, singing throughout the entire forest.
  36. She panted and collapsed against the hat, opened her eyes and blinked a few times against the bright sunlight. His shoes were gone; he’d moved on to look for his hat. Meloetta pushed herself up on thin, shaky, post-orgasm arms and shakily sat at the edge of the tree. She’d have to go and look for him now herself. She took deep breaths and got her breath back, wiped her sweat-slicked forehead and the rosy colour drained from her cheeks.
  38. She jumped down from the hollowed tree, turned invisible and sought after the dark-blue-haired boy and his friends once again.
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