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  1. Adrian
  3. Welcome to Customer Service Live Assistance. Your feedback is important to us. You may rate this chat at any point, to help improve your customer experience.
  4. derrick
  6. 5d1829796 5304
  7. Hi, I see my game of throne prop was marked as a loss on a technicality. i have prepared a small list of reasons why this does not make sense and is not fair and is even cheating a little bit
  9. 559294949-1
  10. 8001 Bran Stark sits on the Iron Throne
  11. -----------------------------------------------------
  12. sitting on the iron throne is a position not activity in a specific chair
  13. as you know the bet was for who rules over the kingdoms at the end of the show
  14. -otherwise, the last scene would need to cut out exactly as someone was physically sitting in that chair. Even if it was a cripple who could not easily move chairs.
  15. -There is no mention of whether a new “iron throne” is ever built
  16. -additionally, when there was no “doesn’t sit on the iron throne option for anybody even after the leaks (which included the destruction of the chair,) so it was just a free shot at the customers if interpreted only as betting on a specific person to be sitting in a specific chair in the last frame of the show.
  18. -----------------------
  19. those are some of the reasons why this grading does not seem right or fair.
  20. Adrian
  22. Your bet says: Bran Stark sits on the Iron Throne. Your bet doesn't say anything about becoming king of the seven kingdoms. By the time Bran was elected king , the Iron Throne was already destroyed. Your bet was graded correctly.
  23. derrick
  25. right but that's what sitting on the iron throne means, ruling over the kingdoms. being king of everything
  26. not if a specific person would be in a shot sitting on a specific chair
  27. Adrian
  29. The bet is graded correctly.
  30. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
  31. derrick
  33. yes, this still
  35. so I am assuming all the bets for anyone to sit on the throne were graded as a loss
  36. Adrian
  38. The bet in question is graded correctly. The status won't change.
  39. derrick
  41. i have questions still
  42. though it should at least be a push if it was impossible to win
  44. the bet moved from +750 to -550 after the leaks even though the leaks included that the chair would be destroyed. with something like -999999 on the other side. an unwinnable bet offered
  45. i just want to at the very least get my questions answered on paper here so i can use it as proof on some dispute mitigator site like SBR forum or something like that
  47. your extremely only literal translation does not make any sense for the reasons listed above so i am just trying to get a few questions answered
  48. were all the bets on who will sit on the iron throne graded as a loss
  50. he's obviously being referred to on other websites as who is sitting on the iron throne at the end of the show, despite the fact that the actual throne was recently destroyed and he's in a wheelchair anyway.
  51. not that theres an official site to use for grading stuff like this.
  52. Adrian
  54. Just a moment please.
  55. derrick
  57. thanks
  58. take your time
  59. Adrian
  61. I will transfer you to the manager.
  62. derrick
  64. thanks
  65. Adrian
  67. You're welcome. Have a good night.
  68. derrick
  70. you too
  71. You have been transferred to: Percy.
  72. Percy
  74. Greetings!
  75. derrick
  77. hello Percy
  78. Percy
  80. I am the manager.
  81. derrick
  83. alright, to me this wager is more complicated than you guys are making it seem. please read what's been said so far if you have the time
  84. and if it lets you.
  85. Percy
  87. Your bet is very clear. Bran Stark sits on the Iron Throne. Did he sit on the Iron Throne ?
  88. Yes or no
  89. derrick
  91. yes he is who was left sitting on the iron throne at the end of the show. but this whole technicality is about whether he was pictured siting in a chair in or by the last frame of the show seems a little silly to me
  92. Percy
  94. Yes, then give me the time when that happened so I can go and check it out
  95. derrick
  97. i listed many reasons above why he should be considered to be sititng on the iron throne
  98. as my translation is the only one that makes sense for someone to even bet on
  99. Percy
  101. You didn't bet on what that meant. Your bet is that he sit on it
  102. derrick
  104. and especially at the odds for which they were offered
  105. Percy
  107. So, did he sit on the Iron throne ? yes or no ?
  108. derrick
  110. i think you always bet on what it meants. if you bet something total bases. you dont really mean the total bases
  111. it means a specific accomplishment referred to as total bases
  113. yes he was who sits on the iron throne when the show ended
  114. but he was not pictured or shown sitting on an or the iron throne itself because it was destroyed
  115. now after your super literal translation which seems more than unfair and possibly like free shots has ruled my winning bet a loss, it seems that it was not possible to win in the first place
  116. Percy
  118. These are props which are very specific. Everything needs to happen as the wording says. By the time Bran was elected king , the Iron Throne was already destroyed.
  119. derrick
  121. yes but he was the one who has the iron throne, whether he physically sits on that one or not. it makes no mention of whether the iron throne would be rebuilt and if it's super specific then he sat on many iron thrones including his wheelchair and also even did it as the king of the kingdoms
  123. but thats just a title. as it was offered and bet
  124. Percy
  126. You didn't on a "meaning". Your bet was that he sit on the Iron Throne. He didn't.
  127. derrick
  129. what if the throne was not destroyed but they didnt show him sitting on it
  130. he did though. thats what sitting on the iron throne means. literally nobody cares who sits in what chair.
  132. there were very few depictions of anyone sitting on it through the whole 8 seasons if you mean that chair specifically
  133. if it's no then it's no. but i hate that ruling and think it's unfair and i have a few questions about it.
  134. Percy
  136. He didn't sit on the Iron Throne.
  137. derrick
  139. but he did
  140. and does
  141. and will forever because the show is over now.
  142. Percy
  144. Give me a time when he sit on it
  145. derrick
  147. since he was declared king to present he is said to sit on the iron throne. it is not about showing a character sitting on a chair
  148. thats what's referred to as sitting on the iron throne
  149. Percy
  151. He became King of the 6 kingdoms not even 7 as north declared independence. So things changed. He never sit the Iron Throne because there was no longer such thing.
  152. derrick
  154. I hear ya. i just dont like it. but the bet was king of everything and sansa even mentinoned that the north had been an independent kingdom for 1000 years
  155. Percy
  157. Your bet doesn't say "king of everything " otherwise you would have a case
  158. derrick
  160. but whether you count that or not, he's still ruler over everything and the iron didnt evaporate and was even likely made into a new throne. it doesnt address this at all.
  162. yeah i know., thats why we're in this situation
  163. a bad one for me it appears
  164. so did everyone lose this bet or not?
  165. all the bets of this nature
  166. i saw the "doesn't" side was -9999999
  167. or something like that
  168. Percy
  170. Yes many lose it unfortunately
  171. derrick
  173. im not asking about many but all
  174. it seems you took a free shot at the bettors
  175. Percy
  177. But that's the risk for betting a prop on a TV show
  178. derrick
  180. this was a very unlikely bet and bad odds with this literal translation
  181. that is A risk, true.
  182. did Everybody lose
  183. regardless of who they picked to sit on the throne. since the other side was not even available
  184. every single person
  186. we only have this issue with the very literal translation
  187. by the way.
  188. Percy
  190. there was no throne so yes
  191. The dragon killed your options
  192. not us
  193. derrick
  195. alright. well i'm gonna try to see if sbr or someone can mediate this
  196. that is a cogent enough point.
  197. alright well i guess thats it for now. thanks for your time.
  198. Percy
  200. I think I was really clear
  201. derrick
  203. so do i. thats why this is so unfair
  204. it clearly was not about who was sitting there physically
  205. Percy
  207. Your wrong and you know it.
  208. derrick
  210. that doesnt even make sense
  211. ha. i disagree. but alright, sir
  212. it seems like you're cheating to me and that i've been cheated
  213. i promise that is how it feels to me.
  214. Percy
  216. You should complaint to HBO not to us .
  217. derrick
  219. yeah i hear ya
  220. Percy
  222. Is there anything else I can do for you ?
  223. derrick
  225. yeah do i put my email address in the bar that pops up after i click the envelope to send this chat to my email?
  226. Percy
  228. yes sir
  229. derrick
  231. it doesnt say if thats what that is for
  232. ok thanks. thats all then
  233. Percy
  235. Have a good one !
  236. derrick
  238. wait
  239. one more question
  240. if the iron throne has not been destroyed, but they didn't show him sitting in it. which way does it get graded then?
  242. never show him or reference him sitting in it.
  243. Percy
  245. That didn't happened so no point on discussing that.
  246. derrick
  248. there is a point though, because if it didnt or wouldnt grant the win in that case, you would have more of a point
  249. like i said, it was about who sits on the throne at the end of the show
  250. so if nobody was physically sitting there when the screen faded out, then we could've all still loss hypothetically
  251. supports the taking a shot theory
  252. Percy
  254. Your bet says he sits on the Iron Throne. So you need to see it sitting on it .
  255. derrick
  257. and if it would've been graded as a win, then it supports my claim that it means the king of all the kingdoms
  258. alright thanks
  259. thats really all now. have a nice night
  260.  Read
  261. Percy
  263. Have a good one!
  264. Chat closed.
  265. Start the chat again
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