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  1. <component name="ProjectCodeStyleConfiguration">
  2.   <code_scheme name="Project" version="173">
  3.     <JetCodeStyleSettings>
  4.       <option name="CODE_STYLE_DEFAULTS" value="KOTLIN_OFFICIAL" />
  5.     </JetCodeStyleSettings>
  6.     <codeStyleSettings language="JAVA">
  7.       <option name="SPACE_BEFORE_CLASS_LBRACE" value="false" />
  8.     </codeStyleSettings>
  9.     <codeStyleSettings language="kotlin">
  10.       <option name="CODE_STYLE_DEFAULTS" value="KOTLIN_OFFICIAL" />
  11.     </codeStyleSettings>
  12.   </code_scheme>
  13. </component>
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