bunny hopping video script v 1

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  1. bunny hops are a way of chaining together R jumps to build speed, which is useful when you cant boost or dash.
  2. Normally when you hit the ground, you come to a slow stop. if you hold R you actually stick in place without sliding at all, but if you hold r and L when you land, you'll slide a bit when you hit the ground.
  3. this slide is what allows you to maintain speed between jumps. every frame you waste sliding on the ground before you jump again will result in more speed loss from the friction on the ground
  4. jumping too early will mean you'll miss your bunny hop completely, and jumping too late means you wont maintain much speed.
  5. a bunny hop loses too much speed if you dont jump on one of the first three grounded frames
  6. because bunny hops work based off of maintaining momentum by sliding, they are affected by slopes.
  7. bunny hopping up a hill will result in less speed maintained than flat ground, while bunny hopping down a slope will result in additional speed.
  8. in order to take advantage of bunny hopping, you must get around the movement speed limit. basically, arbitrary friction is applied to speed in the direction of samus' front and back. however, no speed cap is applied to samus' sides, so if you turn sideways and hold R and forward on the stick and time your L and B presses, you'll continue to speed up. after killing flaaghra and ghosts, sun chamber is a great room to practice this, since this will cause you to curve in a big circle.
  9. to bunny hop in a straight line, slightly adjust your angle in the direction you're moving every time you hit the ground.
  10. remember that elevation changes will result in a different timing, so you might need to practice specific bunny hop strats separately, like twin fires tunnel, for example.
  11. keep practicing, missing bunny hoops is slower than nopoor going for them at all, and missing one almost always loses more time than it would saves so a 50% success rate may feel good but you're better off doing none. that doesnt mean give up, it just means spend more time practicing, and you'll get it eventually.
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