Chapter 7 Script Fixed

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  1. Marth: Lefcandith Valley... I can see why this is considered a dangerous place. Still, we have to press on.
  2. Hardin: Prince Marth, I have a request of you for the coming battle.
  3. Marth: What is it?
  4. Hardin: When facing Princess Minerva... Do not kill her. She might be an opposing commander, but she is not without reason. I'm certain she'd fight on your side if she were given the chance.
  5. Marth: This is strange coming from you. I thought you despised the Macedonians.
  6. Hardin: I despise the corrupt rulers who ordered this war. Minerva might have an important title, but her influence extends only to the Whitewings.
  7. Marth: I see... I will give orders to the men to avoid harming her if we clash with her on the battlefield.
  9. Minerva: General Harmein, I cannot abide by these tactics of yours. Let me attack the rebels head-on, and keep my pride as a knight of Macedon.
  10. Harmein: Ah, you mean the same pride that cost us all those soldiers back in Aurelis? I think not, Princess. If we're to regroup, we need to buy time. My tactics are necessary.
  11. Minerva: If we resort to such cowardly manuevers, then our victory will hold no meaning.
  12. Harmein: This victory will win us the war. If you're willing to sacrifice soldiers for a meaningless sense of pride, you're less fit to lead than I thought.
  13. Minerva: ...
  14. Harmein: The Emperor himself has named me commander of this post, Princess. Either obey, or accept the consequences. Your little sister is still under our ward, is she not? What a shame it would be, if we decided we could no longer care for her...
  15. Minerva: Enough! ...I will obey. But the Altean knights are smarter than you give them credit for. They will prevail here, and you will regret acting so rashly, General.
  17. (chapter begins)
  18. Man: Who're you?
  19. Bantu: I'm just a simple traveler. May I rest here, young man?
  20. Man: Hmph, I'm not one to take in beggars off the street. If you want to stay, show me some coin first, geezer!
  21. Bantu: Of course, here you go.
  22. Man: Th-This is a lot of money! Just who are you anyways?
  23. Bantu: Like I said, just a simple traveler. I assume that will be enough to cover expenses, yes?
  24. Man: Y-Yes! There's no harm, stay as long as you'd like!
  25. Bantu: ...She doesn't seem to be here, either. Where did she go...?
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