Rabit Doubt- Beautiful Character

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  2. ♛ PART ONE: DON'T CARE ㅡ GOT7 ♛
  3. username:
  4.     smolpando
  5. password:
  6.     really really
  8. character's name:
  9.     Choi Hyo Joon
  10. nicknames: please at least one. explain where he/she got it from.
  11.     Joonie- his mother came up with this name and has been using it basically ever since he was born. Only his mom really calls him that but his friends sometimes teasingly call him that.  
  12.     Mr. Prince- his younger sister came up with this nickname. His sister used to believe HyoJoon was her prince charming and so started to call him that when she was just 7 and he was 14. She still calls him that from time to time.
  13. height: (cm)
  14.     181
  15. weight: (kg)
  16.     65
  17. age: (match slot)
  18.     23 (almost 24)
  19. birthday:
  20.     July 4, 1993
  22. slot:
  23.     Beautiful
  24. back up slot:
  25.     Dreamin
  26. face claim:
  27.     if possible, give me their instagram name: Shin Yong Guk ( yg kplus model) insta: doesn't have an account but theres pics of him
  28. back-up face claim:
  29.     Choi Yeon Kyu (also a yg kplus model) insta: _chyk
  31. ♛ PART TWO: BABY DON'T LIKE IT ㅡ NCT 127 ♛
  32. personality: at least 6 full sentences. should match the slot.
  33.     Choi Hyo Joon is terribly self centered and embraces this part of himself wholeheartedly. He puts his need first and foremost and feels that putting your needs before others is essential to human survival. In efforts to hide his guilty conscious he surrounds himself with people who serve to boost his confidence, something already soaring through the roof. He loves attention, seeking it where ever he goes and it's quite easy with his charasmatic persona and handsome looks. But when people get to know him his excessive selfishness is very apparent and his disinterest in others heavily shows with sly remarks and bored looks. Most people keep him as a friend for his money and popularity and Hyojoon is well aware of that. He's had a few girlfriends (he's not as a big of a player as you might expect) but was never serious about any of them. Every time a girl asked him out his answer was "sure why not." There's a small small part of him that probably wants to fall of in love and this in someway motivated him to actually try with each of his girlfriends but in the end all of them disinterested him. He's not all that heartless, he genuinely cares for his family and his close friends but chooses to show it in very subtle way. He's also naturally gifted with smarts that he used to his full advantage when he was in school. He's hardworking and will do anything to achieve his goals.
  34. background: at least 5 full sentences; try to find an explanation for their weakness.
  35.     HyoJoon was born into a rather sophisticated and wealthy family. His father is the owner of a rather large corporation, keeping busy most of the time and rather distant with his kids. However HyoJoon's mother, Choi So Ra, stayed at home and became a huge influence on the HyoJoon we know today. Sora was the first to implement ideas in Hyojoon's brain that caused his self-centered personality. She told him that he was better than the other kids, shouldn't care so much about others, and think for himself. As a kid who blindly trusted his mother he believed her and acted accordingly. His selfishness would cause fights between him and his classmates and was sent to the principals office multiple times. By the time he was 7, Sora, now pregnant, realized the full impact of what she said to her son. Sora told him to start caring for others and began to reverse her teachings before. But for the most part Hyojoon remained unchanged and as he got older and older he continued to see himself in the limelight.
  36. family: list their family and briefly explain their relations to each other.
  37.     Dad: Choi Sung Hoon- Busy with work Sungwoon has never devoloped a close relationship to his son. Even so Hyojoon respects his father and hopes to take over the family business just like his father always wanted. However the negelect Hyojoon received from his father as a child makes him weary and overpowered when facing him.
  38.     Mom: Choi So Ra- Hyojoon genuinely loves his mom a lot. The one person Hyojoon actually trusts in his life is mother. Sora loves her son like any mother would, however she has distanced herself from him because she blames herself for Hyojoon's self centeredness and is afraid somehow she'll make it worse.
  39.     Younger Sister: Choi Yoo Jin- 17 years old, Yoojin love and cares deeply for her brother but she's convinced Hyojoon doesn't feel the same way. Once upon a time both siblings were really close, but after high school Hyojoon closed up to her and became cold and distant from her. But in reality Hyojoon would do anything for her, he just hasn't gotten the chance to show it.
  41. 1. Girls
  42. 2. Books (secretly kinda nerdy)
  43. 3. Phone
  44. 4. His face
  45. 5. Clothes
  46. dislikes:
  47. 1. Bugs
  48. 2. Loneliness
  49. 3. Dirt (lil bit of a clean freak)
  50. 4. Clingy people
  51. 5. Pizza
  52. habits: optional
  53. Working out
  54. trivia: random facts about your character that i should know, at least 3
  55. 1. Has a black belt in karate  
  56. 2. Gets colds pretty easily
  57. 3. Has a really good fashion sense
  60. how do they act around the other players: at least 5 sentences.
  61.     He would try to get along but also try to take charge. At first he'll show somewhat of a charismatic character. He'll want things to go his way so anyone who disagrees with him, he might not be so friendly with them and will distrust them.  
  62. He won't be the type to show sympathy to the other players at first but I think as time goes on he'll a bond with a few of the characters. After a while he'll let go of a bright personality and be more sarcastic and disinterested in associating with others.
  63. can they handle pain: yes/no
  64.     yes
  65. can they see blood: yes/no
  66.     yes
  67. are they afraid of dying: yes/no
  68.     yes
  69. are they good liars: yes/no
  70.     yes
  71. any ideas for interactions between the characters: at least 2, can be in list form.
  72. 1. Paradise trying to interfere in his life and trying to find out Hyojoons backstory and so Hyojoons gets mad and they fight
  73. 2. (This is random lol) sofa and Hyojoon have a food eating contest
  75. love interest:
  76.     bling bling
  77. back-up love interest:
  78.     sofa
  79. how do they act around their love interest: at least 5 sentences.
  80.     At first he would just flirt and mess with her for the fun of it but as they get closer and closer he would realize that he can't have her die. He would act overprotective with her and would act embarrassed if she pointed it out. He's not used to genuinely liking someone, so when he finds out that he likes her at first he'll avoid her for a little while and probably embarrass himself while he's at it. He would try to act really cool around her but will ultimately fail by acting really cringe worthy. But if bling bling is mean to him he won't exactly tolerate it, probably causing a lot of arguments.  
  81. how would they react to their love interest dying: at least 4 sentences.
  82.     They would literally be an emotional train wreck. He would cry, much to his own surprise, and would probably isolate himself for a while. However, after his grieving period, he would become obsessed with trying to find the murderer. It would motivate him more than ever and will do anything to seek revenge. It would probably be his first time to actually show some selflessness.
  83. ideas for interactions with love interest: at least 2, can be in list form
  84. 1. flirting, tons of flirting (that fail and are embarrassing)
  85. 2. he'll try to woo her on a date, literally everything will go wrong, probably will like spill juice on her or something
  89. rabbit doubt username:
  90.     royaljoon
  91. how many hours do they invest in the game each day: (h)
  92.     2-3
  93. for how long do they already play: give months or days
  94.     14 months and 3 days
  95. are they bad or good? bad/good
  96.     good
  98. profile message: make it short, 1 or 2 sentences. this is your character introduction as it is the description of your character on their profile.
  99.     I'm the king of my own universe. You can't take me down.
  101. ♛ PART FOUR: MY TYPE ㅡ IKON ♛
  102. extra: optional:
  103. why do you want to be accepted:
  104.     I'm really excited about this. This is the first time I've applied to an apply fic like this,I've recently applied to another too but the form was not as long as this. I worked really really hard on this form and I hope my form gets accepted. I'm really genuinely excited to experience how an apply fic works. Your concept is so unique and cool so I really can't wait XD.  
  105. what do you always wanted to tell me (hee):
  106.     I don't know you but you seem like a super cool and creative person! Also because of this fic I've checked out the rabbit doubt manga which seems super interesting so I want to thank you for introducing me to such a great manga!!
  109. ㅡ rabbit doubt, 2017
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