Selective Taxes

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  1. I'd be more interested in getting a job if it, when it came time to pay taxes, I could pick and choose what I wanted to contribute to. But since the government just does whatever with our money, things that I don't support, I refuse to contribute. I'm not going to help a bunch of awful unlawful people ruin our life and the world. Simple as that, without any obscenity.
  3. But of course, then you would have to be able to actually trust that they aren't just arbitrarily facilitating your perception of being able to select what you contribute to, when they really just take it all and use it for whatever, anyway.
  5. Pathetic. GET REAL FOLKS! I don't care about your PATHETIC squabbles you nazi trash, you either do right or you die.
  7. -sinister grin-
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