Nine-Tails - A New World App

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  1. -Byond Key: A New World
  3. -IGN: Menma
  5. -Discord Name: antiSOCIAL
  7. -What unique/s do you want: Kyuubi//Kurama// Nine-Tail Bjuu
  9. -Why do you need this unique to improve RP: Currently the side of good or (heroes) have just taken crippling loss with the death of Goku and Yamcha and the capture of Gohan. In order to provide sturdy to support, I believe this particular unique is necessary; not only will it help statistically in the side of good's overall fight, but give other custom characters incentive to develop, roleplay and apply for particular uniques thus adding diversity and drive.
  11. -Do you have any outside activities such as school/work that stops you from being on during times of the day: No
  13. -Now I would like you to write me a roleplay involving this rank:
  15. Suffocating darkness-- it churned with an ominous presence which loomed amidst the shadows. He could feel he was lying in a tepid liquid though the origin and compound escaped him. "Where am-"
  17. His thoughts were interrupted by a warm mist which fell upon him. It was a thick and humid gust which smelled of saliva, almost as if a hot br- Breathe, it was a breathe! The thought of anything vast enough to deliver such deep breathing brought worms to his stomach-- there was an immediate acceleration in his heart rate: this was dread, a sickening plague that seeped into one's mind and planted doubt in the furthers reaches of the inner psyche. Frantic, Menma hurriedly shifted to his feet, darted and was caught by some musky obstruction. Strange appendages prodded at his features, it was thick like twill and took him little to no time to realize that what he was snared in was covered in fur.
  19. "If I devoured you now, would it sate me, rid me of this prison and the inevitable, festering rot which ensued?" It was a callous rumble, a voice so stricken with malice it raised the hairs on the back of the boy's neck. Speech felt beyond him, an insurmountable task requiring of the most daunting exertion of will one could muster-- he had none of it. "Y-y-y-you..." he stammered, fidgeting in the grasps of the behemoth. No evident escape existed anywhere and the beast only drew closer.
  21. What met him, was a wicked snarl, crimson iris fueled by rage, and a mane of Gamboge draping the creatures frame and countenance. It was then that he correlated the face to the voice and to the identity-- the beast within. He thrashed about, guaffs of triumph reverberated through the chilly, gloom air, amplifying the sheer terror of fatality.
  23. "What do you want?!?! What!?! WHAT!?" Menma hollered incessantly, a vice grip the monsters retort. With a hysterical slowness the two were eye to eye and then, it uttered the most myopic, instinctual response one could imagine for an animal-- "To live..."
  25. --Menma was devoured.
  27. There was an objective change in the boy notable from the previous state. Bubbling liquid in a harsh Vermillion enveloped his ankles, clinging to him like a parasite whilst it consumed and added to his mass. The way his body inhumanely contorted back to standing was almost sickening, like a reanimating corpse operated via string. Even lines once accenting his features grew rigid and thick, verdant gems were now those same hate filled irises, and the canines of a predatory creature grew in place of more humanistic ones. He'd changed, and the torrential wave of energy ebbing from the epicenter, the boy, was raw.
  29. "AAAAAAAAARRRRGGH!" A cry as he writhed on his feet and blitzed forward. The fury which followed would remain unconstrained.
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