Harry Potter 2 Gamecube 100% Route Ver. 1

Jan 5th, 2015
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  1. Harry Potter 2 GC 100%
  3. These notes assume that you are familiar with the game and the any% route. If you are unfamiliar, watch TheRobMan07's WR video for an idea of the route and read VGM5.0's guides for the tricks.
  5. This route does not require you to collect beans on your way through the school, as the beans are gotten from a farming room on the second floor, in the secret passage, where a maximum of thirty beans can be gotten each time you enter the room. Obviously, you should also try to collect any beans that happen to be in your way.
  7. When the guide says to "Farm for xx beans", this involves going to the room which is the first door on your right if you enter the secret passage in the second floor. This room has three chest which can each give you a maximum of 10 beans, for a maximum of 30 beans each time you enter the room. You can keep exiting and re-entering to reset the chest, for infinite beans. The number of beans you get is quite strict, and doesn't leave room for error, such as being hit by many enemies or losing any mini games, so if you get low on beans you can always either return to this room or fly through the rings in the sky if you are outside (although this is very slow and RNG dependent).
  9. For Gnome Dunking, Gnome Tossing and Broom Racing, you have to talk to Neville who can be found outside the Main Door into Hogwarts.
  11. Smash jar
  12. Knock down Gnomes
  13. Grab Card #3 from chest in Barn
  14. Grab Card #1 from chest in Barn
  15. Defeat Washing Machine
  16. Grab Card #59 from chest in Gnome Throwing Garden (Opposite side to where you throw the Gnomes)
  17. Beat Fred's score (Card #8)
  18. De-Gnoming
  19. End of Burrow (4 Cards)
  21. Lumos Spellbook
  22. Defeat Imp and Feed Hedwig
  23. Grab Card #98 from chest behind wall on right after climbing up into attic after Hedwig
  24. Grab Card #5 from chest in outside alleyway alcove
  25. Exit into Diagon Alley
  27. After book, go to leaky cauldron
  28. Get Card #27 from chest through barrel in barrel rolling room (barrel is on side of room next to the barrel spawners)
  29. Get spellotape
  30. Leave
  32. Go to gambol and japes
  33. Grab Card #32 from inside chest behind bookshelf to left of front door (Lumos)
  34. Grab quill
  35. Leave
  37. Go to Magical Menagerie
  38. Get Card #28 from chest near Fireplace, grab scales
  39. Leave
  41. Head to gringotts and get spare sickles to add up to 8 from the barrels
  42. Buy potion vial, fill at cauldron
  43. Go to Book Shop
  45. Done Diagon alley (9 cards)
  47. Whomping Willow Section 1 as normal
  48. Defeat imps
  49. Climb up log opposite to hedwig, walk across log, open chest, card #4
  50. Return to hedwig
  51. Edge along wall to right, open chest, card #6
  52. After getting this card, it is easier to just jump down and climb the log again, rather than wall sidle back to the Hedwig stand
  53. Defeat wolves
  54. Once at the top of section 3, next to the cauldron, go to the left, jump across the gap, and open up the chest for card #7
  55. Defeat Whomping Willow (12 cards)
  57. Grand staircase, secret passage, second floor
  58. Farm for 50 beans
  59. Staircase to 7th floor, gryffindor tower
  60. Fred and George's shop
  61. Buy wallet and one card (when it says buy a card from Fred and George, any card can be bought) (0 beans left)
  62. End day (13 cards)
  64. Accept lost and found quest
  65. 3-2 shortcut, get card #98 in chest
  66. Farm for 100 beans
  67. Gnome Dunking card #18
  68. Gnome Tossing card #15 (90 beans left)
  69. Herbology greenhouse, card #14 in chest outside to the right and potion kit inside opposite the potion cauldron + beans from plants
  70. Flying lesson (repeat until Distinction)
  71. End day (17 cards)
  73. Lost and found (card #45)
  74. Go outside, Get Merit badge through door opposite Common Room + Extra beans from pots if needed
  75. Fred and George, Buy 3 Wizard Cards
  76. Lost and Found (card #46)
  77. Farm for 100 beans
  78. Marauding with Monsters (22 cards)
  80. Enter 1st Floor, go into classroom next to transfiguration, walk down right hand side to avoid hand and grab Telescope
  81. Herbology greenhouse
  82. Diffindo
  83. Uproot both snappy plants in greenhouse by flippeddo-ing them, and then picking them up and throwing them, for card #72
  84. Return to Gryffindor
  85. Diffindo tapestry
  86. Card #65 in chest in alcove behind tapestry
  87. Fred and George, buy alohamora (0 beans left)
  88. End day (24 cards)
  90. Lost and found (card #48)
  91. Expelliarmus challenge (use skip in first room)(Expelliarmus Over Lumos)
  92. Duel Draco
  93. Farm Room for 100 Beans (Diffindo Chest for Card #74)
  94. Gnome Dunking, card #13
  95. Gnome Tossing, card #16
  96. Broom Racing, 6 cards (#22, #24, #25, #26, #27, #30) (30 beans left)
  97. Greenhouse, get Neville's Toad inside by first knocking it out with Flippendo
  98. Quidditch Practice (repeat until Distinction)
  99. End day (34 cards)
  101. Lost and found (card #49)
  102. Fred and George, buy last card (0 beans left)
  103. Night 2 in the restricted section is exactly the same as Any%
  104. Farm 100 beans
  105. Gryffindor tower
  106. Talk to hermione
  107. Go to Fred and George, Buy potion vial (0 beans left)
  108. End day (36 cards)
  110. Transfiguration
  111. Avifors challenge (Open the chest to the left of the skurge covered entrance in the dark room in the centre of the platform room full of ghosts for card #85)
  112. Farm for 100 beans
  113. Gnome Dunking, card #21
  114. Gnome Tossing, card #17
  115. Broom Racing, 3 cards (#31, #33, #34)
  116. Hagrids hut, measuring scales in bush to back right of area
  117. Quidditch match
  118. End day (42 cards)
  120. Lost and found (card #50)
  121. Go to Fred and George, Buy pellet and balloon expansions (0 beans left)
  122. Secret passage 4-2 wizard hat (in farm room), farm 100 beans
  123. Girls bathroom (43 cards)
  125. Dungeons
  126. Get both cards in maze (#86 and #43 in two chest on the Draco side of the maze, one is in the corner on the other side of the wall that is next to the Draco door, the other is around the wall in front of you as you leave after talking to Draco)
  127. Talk to Draco, escape
  128. Return to hermione
  129. End day (45 cards)
  131. Lost and found (card #51)
  132. Use 4-2 Secret Passage, getting both cards on way down + farm 100 beans
  133. Charms class
  134. Incendio challenge (Use skip in double Gargoyle room)
  135. Get 3 cards in charms classroom (one on left of door, one on right of door, one behind chalkboard at other end of room, incendio and alohamora need to be equipped) (#90, #44, #42)
  136. Girls bathroom, card #13 in chest behind pillar on other side of sinks, card #41 in chest in one of the stalls, skurge needed)
  137. Ground floor grand staricase, cards #68 and #67 (skurge and incendio needed)
  138. Entrance hall, Gloves and card #76 in room on other side of staircase (alohamora needed), and card #89 in chest at end of corridor at bottom left of staircase
  139. You don't get a card from Gnome Dunking
  140. Gnome Tossing, card #19
  141. Broom Racing, 3 cards (#34, #84, #37)
  142. Quidditch Pitch Exterior, card in chest behind rocks right next to warp, incendio needed (#53)
  143. Quidditch match
  144. End day (62 cards)
  146. Lost and found (card #52)
  147. Enter Floor 6, classroom straight opposite stairs, grab book near front
  148. Hagrids hut
  149. Forbidden forest
  150. Card #66 in area 1 between two webs in a cave
  151. Area 2 cards: in alcove to left after first ramp down, in chest, #62, above you on a ledge partway through the action with the separated platforms you have to jump across, in chest, #63, in chest right at the end, #64
  152. Defeat Aragog
  153. End day (67 cards)
  155. Lost and found (card #54)
  156. Secret corridor, floor 7 under bookshelf to left of Gryffindor entrance, card #100 in Incendio chest
  157. 6th floor, both chests in both classrooms (#31, #83, #70, #71) (Diffindo and Skurge needed)
  158. 5th floor, classroom opposite stairs, both chests (#88, #79) (Alohamora needed)
  159. 3rd floor, classroom at end of corridor (#73), 3 in datda classroom (#95, #57, #93) (Skurge and Alohamora needed)
  160. Library, Right stairs, avifors room, chest in opposite corner to door, card #9, skurge room, chest straight in front of door, card #10
  161. Grab book in alcove next to hermione on right hand side of library
  162. Farm 100 beans
  163. Quidditch match
  164. End day (81 cards)
  166. Lost and found (card #55)
  167. Chamber of secrets
  168. Basilisk fight
  169. Library, left stairs, diffindo room, chest on left of door, card #11, incendio room, chest on left of door, card #12, Grab spider next to wiggenweld
  170. Trade with girls outside Gryffindor, near bookshelf (#94 and #81)
  171. Lost and found (card #56)
  172. Fred and George, Buy bean bag, balloon upgrade and two wizard cards
  173. Farm 150 beans
  174. Fred and George
  175. Buy last upgrade and 3 wizard cards
  176. Trade 4th floor (#78, #61, #75)
  177. Get both cards on classroom next to bookshelf on 4th floor (#82 and #99) (Incendio and Skurge needed)
  178. Farm 150 beans
  179. Trade on 1st floor (#23, #36, #2)
  180. 1st floor, get five cards (chest in side corridor (#96) (Diffindo needed), two in each classroom around the corner (#91, #87, #84, #77) (Alohamora, Skurge and Incendio needed))
  181. Gnome Tossing, card #20
  182. Broom Racing (get 20 beans from farm room before final Broom Racing) (#38, #39, #40)
  183. Talk to dumbledore (Card #101)
  184. End of game (110 cards)
  186. The reason that this guide ends with a count of 110 cards is that it also counts the duplicate cards as new cards, so that you can just count the cards you get throughout the run as you go along.
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