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  1. A server owned by the old owner of SCP: SL Moon.
  2. Discord:
  4. 1. No teaming.
  5.     • Only team with teams you are supposed to team with.
  6.          • Including (but not limited to): D-Class with Chaos, Scientist with MTF, etc.
  7.          • Chaos can team with SCP's, although, they don't have to team with SCP's.
  8. 2. Don't micspam.
  9.     • This will most likely result in a mute, so please don't micspam.
  10. 3. No racial slurs or sensitive topics are allowed.
  11.     • This will most likely result in a mute or a ban.
  12.     • Sensitive topics include (but are not limited to): 9/11 jokes, suicide jokes, etc.
  13. 4. Teamkill is allowed, but do not mass-teamkill.
  14.     • If teamkill is committed too often from one player, the player will be banned temporarily or permanently, depending on how many people were killed.
  15. *More rules will most likely be added in the future, so please check back.
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