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  1. This is mostly very private venting.
  3. This is a story of an asshole. It could double as a warning. We will refer to said asshole as "D".
  5. D is a person whom appears nice. D is friendly to you, D will listen to you vent and offer you advice. D will coddle you and shower you with affection until D moves onto someone else. But before that, D will engrave themselves so deep into your social circle and psyche that you will find yourself, at the end angry and wary of letting D go lest they passive aggressively "weep" about it.
  7. It will begin with D becoming your friend. Maybe you will RP with D a little. D will private message you, I'm you even. Soon D will monopolise all your time. D will give you kind words such as "I love writing with you" or "my day feels empty without talking to you".
  8. After you disclose personal information, D will compliment your looks. D will send you a private message telling you they have a crush on you maybe. D would "totally date" you if not for "whatever reason".
  10. If you decline, D will put In the effort to get reciprocation. And then D will abruptly move on because you have become "clingy".
  12. When you are confused as to why D seems to have less time for you or seems to blatantly ignore you and you CONFRONT D about this, D will go behind your back and call you crazy.
  14. Chances are you know D. If this sounds familiar, I suggest immediate distance. D is exhausting.
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